Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nervous Warren Buffett is Refreshing

The usually boring bean stacker Warren Buffett was on Charlie Rose's show last night. But he was animated and nervous. He fidgeted in his chair. It was refreshing to see this collector of certificates work up a sweat. He never had to sweat for his billions. He just collected others sweat in the form of equity certificates. How nervous was he? Well he was so nervous that he wrote an article in the op-ed section of the Wall Street Journal asking Congress to tax him and his mega wealthy friends more! Gee he must be nervous. He spoke of the miserable job members of government were doing in closing the huge budget gaps. He opined that a few extra bucks from him and his glutinous pals wouldn't be missed and could help. Not fooling me Warren. He is really worried that his whole stack of stock certificates might become worthless if the U.S. had a financial collapse. And then his whole hollow life would have come to naught by anyones calculations.

Poor Warren. He doesn't know that the real cause of the deficits is the failed philosophy of democracy. He kept on crowing about the power of "printing money"as the ultimate rescue of the United States and its democracy. The man's a bore.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Remember Project for New American Century? PNAC for Short

Whatever happened to the Project for the New American Century? It was formed in 1999 shortly after then president Bill Clinton ordered a war of choice against Serbia. He authorized 37,000 bombing missions! Why? He said it was to stop Serbian "ethnic cleansing"of Muslims. But it probably had more to do with getting his name off the front page with super blow-job operative Monica Lewinski. Anyway the farting and belching American electorate/couch-potatoes were more interested in sub sandwiches, beers and an occasional joint while watching sports or Seinfeld. In short they didn't care or did not notice.

But social bacteria like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol and fellow Zionist- strain pathogen Paul Wolfowitz along with other members of the American Enterprise Institute central casting of NEOCONS had an idea. If Clinton's barbarism in Yugoslavia didn't bother the slobs of America then why not form PNAC and take barbarism on the road? All they would need was "provocation" real or imagined. Well then came 9/11 and the rest is history. But on the way to world domination PNAC and hapless America ran into Afghanistan. The Iron Age country seems to be killing U.S. troops at will lately.

The take away lesson is money and arrogance can never beat an occupied peoples will to survive and prevail.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rioters in London Need Flag and Advanced Arms for Credibility

What's the difference between Muslims rioting in London and the British invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? The Brits had a flag and advanced arms which by definition made their barbarity a state sponsored legal action enforced by thoughtful lethal tools . The Muslim rioters have no flag and rely on vandalism and crude-pick up weapons.

Oh there's one more big difference. The British armed forces did more damage and killed more people.