Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blackstone Stephen Schwarzman Has A Birthday.

Stephen Schwarzman had a birthday party for his 70th. He spent $10 million . It was in Palm Beach , Florida. The theme was Silk Road. It had camels, Mongolian and Japanese dancing women.We know Schwarzman as the billionaire founder of Blackstone. It's the money manipulating private equity firm that creates wealth out of debt. That's akin to wearing diapers all the time. One doesn't go to the bathroom publicly but at some point the mess has to be cleaned up in private.But then the private moment becomes public and nobody is fooled any longer.Schwarzman bought his 34 room 17,000 square foot duplex 740 Park Avenue digs in Manhattan from the late Saul Steinberg.He was the wonder kin who also parlayed debt to create the highly leveraged computer leasing company LEASCO. He parlayed that to acquire 150 year old Reliance Insurance. He tried to parlay that to buy Disney and/or Chemical Bank. Neither worked out. Chemical Banks tussle with Steinberg was the beginning of the end.Banks don't want to be taken over by debt. That's their own game.Long story short Steinberg went broke and then died in 2012.Steinberg had a birthday party many years prior to the collapse of his debt ladened empire.. It was indeed similar to Schwarzman's lavish conspicuous bash. Saul famously was quoted as telling one or two guests at his party "If I could I would short me."I'm sure that shorting S. Schwarzman is the furtherest thing from Schwarzman's mind. Saul died when he was 73.Saul and Stephen have the same initials!

Monday, February 06, 2017

LGBTQ : Double Counting Fantasy

The initiation and gradual expansion of the homosexual community took time. Homosexuality has existed since there were more than one man and one woman. The initiation and expansion of the brand started in the 1980's. The legal roots was implied in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Activists from New York rolled out the LGBT logo seeing opportunity in the Civil Rights Act.Clever people. I would guess many came from the entertainment industry. Recently "Q" was added as a claim for all present and future homosexuals so to enlarge political clout. Politics is about head count. Ergo the more branded folks the more pols will pick up the phone.In the beginning there were only one man and one woman.The first homosexual was a variation of that nucleus. That is the variation was a form of bisexuality.Everyone else in the LGBTQ brand was just parsing of bisexuality. Therefore the LGBTQ brand should more accurately be reduced to "B" alone. All other letters of the brand is fantasy or deceptive double , triple or more tallies.Naughty, naughty it's not nice to tell lies.P.S. Could delusional LGBTQers demand multiple ballots per individual to leverage their small numbers and get proper legal representations for their confused ideas of sexuality? From the get-go gay rights advocates persuaded our government that their peculiarity was a civil rights issue. Actually their behavior is better suited for regulation through the Food And Drug Administration. The division that regulates Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a stupid piece of legislation.Codified inclusion is worse than codified segregation.The tyranny of the progressives as exampled by the fantasy lgbtq crowd proves The Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be repealed. The quicker the repeal the better.Stem cell procedures has the potential to develop an altered human genome that could ultimately produce a new race. The newly configured genome could be patented and provide a bonanza of royalties to modern day replay of the Mary Shelley book Frankenstein. The LGBTQ crowd taking advantage of stem cell transformative powers would be a next step normalizing their existence. And what would be the profile of this new race? Resistant to HIV/AIDS could be one feature. Another could be emasculation or taming of aggressive behavior to facilitate slavery. Any side effects of the transformed? To be determined. I would guess Hollywood homosexual types would be the initial investors and handle the roll-out publicity of new race technology and its cost and benefits.Hollywood films have done quite a lot already in dumbing down their audience already about homosexuality in society. E.G. Gays have made their personal disease, HIV/AIDS pandemic a source of empathy. How stupid is the public?