Monday, November 26, 2018

European Union Collapse

The European Union is a modern day version of empires long past.Empires by definition are occupiers. It follows that occupiers eventually lose their power and go home.There are not enough Euros to make the French like the Germans or the Italians agree amongst their own. There are not enough Euros to make the Europeans as a whole like or even tolerate African immigrants/illegals.Consequently a collapse of the EU is coming shortly. There is a limit to fiat money transformative powers.The collapse of the EU will be a text book example in the future.

Sunday, November 04, 2018


Like all entities, Facebook has two faces. One face is the social media forum where people exchange thoughts . Those thoughts can be wholesome or an open sewer of hate. That's pretty much mirrors the human species who at best is lovable and generous and at worst a mean monkey who is capable of anything as history has well documented. I think that is on a whole fair evaluation.The other face is the harvesting of members profiles and then monetizing that info by selling that information to a third party who literally can do anything with it. From a " legitimate " tailored sales pitch. Or a viciously edited or misquoted or outright lies to a constructive criminal conspiracy to slander or criminally implicate the Facebook's other users. In this regard Mark Zuckerberg is worse than Shakespeare's classic Jew in "The Merchant Of Venice". Shylock wanted what he was owed. Zuckerberg sold information that didn't belong to him. That information was used for criminal purposes. Ergo Zuckerberg is part of the crime and by definition a criminal.