Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make The World Safer-Boycott & Sanction Israel

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Israel's attack on Gaza. The Zionists killed over 1300 trapped Palestinians. The only weapon that was not used was one of their 200 nuclear devices. It would have been used but Gaza is too near. In a related event a Nigerian man tried to blow up a Northwest Airline over Detroit. It would be a symbolic and lethal attack to an American airplane and its passengers because of the U.S. support of Israel.

Israel is not worth supporting. The country should be boycotted, sanctioned and Israeli investments should be avoided. The Zionists have been a caricature of uncivilized behavior long before the Nazis showed up and have only gotten worse over time.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Italy Comments On Government & Religion

Last week Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was assaulted and suffered a broken nose. Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI was knocked down while leading religious services in St. Peter' Basilica. Both assailants were off the street individuals. Nothing points to an organization or a conspiracy behind the two attackers. All this added to the events in Iran where the government is seriously disconnected from its people and it looks like developing trend.

What's this all mean? On its face it looks like two deranged people exercising an anarchistic attitude. If these violent incidents continue and also spread to more countries then something deeper is at work. I.E. a revulsion against extremes and caricatures of power who are bigoted or consumed with only self interest.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If SFUSD Is The Face Of The Future, We're Doomed.

Last night, I tuned into the local TV feed of a San Francisco Unified School District Board meeting. It was certainly educational. But the Board didn't talk about education. It talked about a lack of diversity in SF classrooms. The acting chairwoman was bemaoaning the fact of an overwhelming majority of African-Americans, Hispanics and Somoans filling the desks (some of the 5th grader Somoans really fill the desks because of their obesity). Those three races in one classroom sounds like a diversity from hell. The African Americans would walk around the class while the Samoans would sleep and the Hispanics would be texting their  plans for their next holdup.

The attendance was sparse. This was inspite of free interpretors being offered at the meeting which included Arab, Vietnamese, Samoan, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog (Flipapino). Only 2 white guys addressed the Board and complained about their children being bussed across town to dangerous neighborhoods for schooling. They wanted to know why they couldn't use the schools in their neighbohoods. The Chair didn't answer that question.

Just another day in the SFUSD. Everybody talks but nobody listens.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Greece, Democracy & Standard & Poors

Standard & Poors reduced the credit rating of Greece's debt. Greece came up with the idea of democracy. They have never lived within their budget since that ancient time. They only deferred the bills. Now S&P is calling them out on their failed social scheme. Look for more riots but only during the work week. The sons and daughters of democracies cherish their weekends. 

We need a return to a work standard not a political standard.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Et Tu Berlusconi?

Prime Minister of Italy ,Silvio Berlusconi got a broken nose, split lip and broken teeth from a voter in Italy yesterday in the city of Milan. That was Berlusconi's home town. In these days of would be empires e.g. , al Qaida and the United States which are projecting their aspirations among the remains of former empires -Italy's Roman Empire being the most famous- the assault on Berlusconi is worth noting. 

A quick look of Berlusoni's history on Wikipedia involves about a 2-3  foot scroll down of mostly allegations of criminal conduct without convictions. The allegations range from collusion with the Mafia in assorted schemes through corruption and bribery of the police and judges to tax fraud and criminal accounting techniques. His personal moral rap sheet is another matter.

But Berlusconi on a number of occasion has used his postion as head of state to pass laws in Italy's paliament to protect himself from prosecution and conviction. In two or three court battles the proceedings were stopped  because of a statute of limitations law that was passed by his majority in parlaiment while the court was in session.

One can understand the frustration of Berlusconi's assailant. One can hardly understand why there was only one such incident in Berlusoni's long tenure. Anyway, Berlusconi got off a lot easier than former empire dreamers Julius Caesar and Benito Mussolini did. 

All empires dissolve because of corruption. There will always be corruption . But the best way to limit it is to have more power locally so the corruption can be accessed and stopped more quickly and easily. I predict that this physical voter activism towards deseriving unindicted criminal politicians  will gain more popularity. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are on many short lists if opportunity provides an opening.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods: Barter Is Better Than Cash

All of Tiger Wood's earnings only enabled him to barter a physical transaction betwee the 10 and counting counter- barter women. Women continue to hold the trumps with their rumps and bumps.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Change" In Washington

"Change" has indeed come to Washington. Obama's electioneering mantra has been fufilled. But the change is in fact the reality it's gotten worse in government. The wars are expanding, the deficits are exploding and the Congress has only enhanced their control over personal lives. What's to be done? Boycott Washington is the plan. Vote libertarian.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Power Brings Out The Best And The Worst In People

In 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize for his powerful, successful,  non-violent leading of the civil rights movement in America. In 2009 Barack Obama, who is the first Africa-American president, won the Nobel Peace Prize whilst expanding the Afghanistan war.

King, a minority, non-violent leader, set up the opportunity for Obama, a minority to become president. And what did the first minority president do? He took the unprecedented power and became like the majority of greedy presidents who project increasing arrogance. King would disapprove.

Why Poll Morons?

"Let's take a poll"is the age old semi-scientific standard for determining the validity of most any idea. "Garbage in garbage out"is an age old comment on "scientific and semi-scientific"tests.

A recent" The New York Times/CBS News Poll" found these two results among some of the answers.

QUESTION: Do you approve or disapprove of sending an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan in the coming months?

ANSWER: 51% Approved; 43% Disapproved; 6% No Opinion.

QUESTION: Do you think sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan will make the U.S. safer from terrorism, less safe, or wil not affect the U.S.'s safety from terrorism?

ANSWER: 39% Safer; 8% Less Safe; 45% Will not Affect; 8% No Opinion.

In short, the results indicate that the majority think the troops should be sent but the majority also concludes that troops will fail.

I thought that the criminals and the morons in Congress were the basic problem. I was wrong. It obviously goes deeper than that.

P.S. Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize simultaneouly with Marines leaving for Afghanistan.

P.P.S. Chaos will follow the human spiecies.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's Getting To Be Too Much !

It may be obvious. It may be a little bit late to say it. But in America today, it's all getting to be too, too much for one person or one country to handle or enjoy. Whether it's two wars of choice or a golfer earning 100's of millions to hit a ball or convicted phychos being pardoned by serious presidential candidates from prison to kill 4 police officers etc., etc. it can't last. What's to do? Know your friends. Support them and your family and learn a skill that you can barter.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Why We're In Afghanistan

Finally Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made it clear why the U.S. is in Afghanistan. He was giving testimony to Congress as a follow up to Obama's order to send an additional 30,000 troops into the meat grinder . He said, " The U. S. must win in Afghanistan because the Taliban defeated the Soviet Union. They were the only other super power at the time some 20 years ago and if they [Taliban] defeat the United States now then they will win a great symbolic victory and become unstopable."

Consider that the old USSR was defeated because it was in a country that it shouldn't have been. Also the U.S. helped the Taliban defeat the Russians. Now we have traded postions with the Russians and the British before them and Ghengis Khan before them and Alexander The Great before them. The take away lesson is that empires don't work for long. In the end they have to go home. But people like Gates and Obama and all the criminals before who indulge in empire building get paid too much for mischief and more importantly never appear at the front lines to catch bullets.

And if the Taliban want to be foolish also then will be made to look like fools also if they show up in the U.S. For now the American effort in Afghanistan has only created more blowback to the foreign invaders.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Maurice Clemons Story

The story of Maurice Clemons is too preposterous to be a book. Clemons could only achieve reality and credibility in everyday normal American life. This is the culture that we want to export to the world? 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tiger Woods: Another Victim Of Racism

Consider the racist treatment of Tiger Woods. How many fire hydrants are hit every day by white people? Do the white people get national attention? Why does the press talk about Tiger's SUV? Is it to remind people that O.J. drove away from the scene of the crime in a SUV also? That's a cheap shot. Talking about shots, where's Tiger's golf glove? Does it fit? O.J.'s glove fit. If the glove fits then wear it I always say. Is Tiger being unfairly treated because of the way he abuses white golf balls? People have noticed the color of the balls. Why no black balls? Could Tiger hit and find a black ball as far as a white ball? Tiger knows when you have a job to do one can't find a black. There's something about color. We can't deny that fact. Yet if we talk about facts then we turn off people. The Florida Highway Patrol wants to talk about facts but that could be racist. What about Tiger's white wife ? How come she can bash in a SUV window and not get questioned? That's a double-standard. 


O.J. breaks silence and reaches out to brother. O.J. says, " Come home Tiger. Stop playing Uncle Tom on the links. Help me break out of this Nevada cracker box. I know this S&M place with multicultural chicks...."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barack Obama Had Two Daddies

"Like father, like son".

Barack Obama, our president, was born in 1961. That was roughly the start of the Civil Rights movement. But it was sometime after the start of loose living, drugs and racial and gender sexual experimentation. Obama's hereditary daddy was some black dude from Kenya. Obama's mommy was some eager white gal from Kansas. Daddy went on to other eager gals and mommy just went on . So who raised Obama? Well if he's like most other people or organisms he would be influenced and somewhat raised by his surroundings. These influences include his state, his schools and the morals, customs and politics of the times.

President Lyndon Johnson was in office between 1963 to 1969. Johnson fathered the Great Society which include massive expansions of the federal influence in private lives. These oversized and expensive influences took the form of Medicare, Civil Rights legislation and an expansion of the Viet Nam War. Sound familiar? Were the policies and legacies of Lyndon Johnson a quasi artificial insemination of all the Obama type children that followed? Is Barack Obama part natural and part governmental fathered? Is Barack Obama a cultural product of daddy # 2 Lyndon Johnson?

So what's that mean? Well if B.O. is any example then this new race of Great Society culturally inseminated are weak but addicted to money and control.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is Normal An Obsolete Word?

Things change so quickly that the word " normal" loses its meaning except when used to describe those same quick, never ending changes. Money contributes to the cause of our new "normal". There has never been more in circulation yet there is more poverty and more uncertainity. Money is too expensive. The strings attached to its use by the issuing governments are counterproductive and tend to enslave. Some of the strings include interest and taxes . Our government has never spent more yet it has never been held in lower regard.Barter is more efficient and puts the individual back in control.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cartoon Culture: Oprah Winfrey & Sarah Palin

What's the score in the American culture war? Well the liberal caricature Oprah Winfrey lost in overtime and over exposure last week. She announced the cancellation of her show in late 2011. It's because her ratings have been cut in half this past 15 years. That hurt her more than someone taking her potato chips and Coke.  Winfrey had a lot to do with the liberal caricature, poster boy,  Obama getting elected.

Significantly Oprah's guest last week was  Sarah Palin. Palin announced a new book and an implied a run for the presidency. Palin is the potser girl and cartoon person for the conservatives. She is going up and Winfrey is going down. If Palin goes all the way up we all better look out below. An air-head discription of her would be generous and less threatening than the truth.

Can't we ever get somebody in between ? Where's the poster person for moderate politics? Only morons think with one half of their brain.  Cartoons and caricature are for the funny papers. They don't belong in office.

P.S. My book is at the editor.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I'm Writing A New Book

I'm writing a political fiction. It's not a love story. For the duration, my production of blogs will be reduced. Thanks to all for your interest.

Barry Leonardini

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rep.Joe Wilson & Fort Sumter

Joe Wilson is from the state of South Carolina. It's the state where Fort Sumter is located and was fired upon by Confederate forces starting the Civil War. Rep. Wilson fired a rebellious remark at our hybrid Communist/Chicago-style president and was criticized by some. Telling the truth is always welcome except in decadent societies. Will the South rise again? Before the story of America is finished, all points of the compass will rise up against Washingtons arrogance.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Does Germany Remind Zionists: It Could Happen Again?

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu was in Berlin yesterday. He was talking about increasing sanctions on Iran. He didn't mention that Israel had any intention of speeding up the creation of of a Palestinian state and easing the slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people. While he was there, he was given a yellowing parchment of 29 blueprints of the death camp at Auschwitz. It included details of gas chambers, crematories, delousing facilities and watch towers drawn to scale. The plans were found in an apartment last year.Natanyahu went through the customary outrage drill. It's very dark theater that still sells tickets to the uninformed of which there is less and less every year. I think the Germans are getting fed up with it also.

Do you think maybe the Germans are reminding Natanyahu and his Zionist thugs that it could happen again and these plans show how it was done in the past?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morons & Foxes In San Francisco

Come to San Francisco and see the morons lead the foxes on a merry chase that the fox has pre-scripted the moron to play the lead.I.E. We have naturally occuring morons who are serviced by sly foxes who would seem to be acting in a moronic way but in fact are in charge of the larcenous scheme .And then there is the eclectorate who fund this madness and seem to be OK with the idea of $1458.00 ambulance pick ups.

A recent example is a 41 year old habitual drunk named Kenny  who cost SF over $150,000.00 last year because he was peeled off the pavement in a druken stupor over 100 times. He then was ferried to a hospital for detox at the City's expense and then released to go home to his City provided digs wher he waits for his monthly allowance of $400.00 cash so he can again buy beer ad nauseaum. His food, when he rembers to eat is provided by the City.

What came first, Kenny or the $1458.00 ambulance ride? Kenny came first. In the old days, bums like Kenny would have been found drunk and then lumberd into the back of a paddy wagon . Next day he would be tried for public drunkeness and probably vagrancy and if he had no SF home would have been escorted to the county line. But there's no money in that for City Hall executives and their co-conspiring public unions. With SF awash in revenues, Kenny could and should be turned into a profit center for City executives to build up political patronage jobs so votes could be counted on. Enter the $1458.00 ambulance ride.

But wait thre's more. Kenny really doesn't cost the City $150,000.00 per year.If Kenny died and didn't get his freebe ride the City budget would still be out of pocket the $13,000,000.00 buget per year for ambulance service. The drivers and the rolling stock are now a fact to be funded until the voters take back the City.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

US Drone Aircraft: For Cowards & Bullys

America use of drone aircraft to kill from afar enables a whole new group of cowards and bullys to enter warfare. We will be starting a lot more "preemptive wars". And we will someday meet our Nemesis who will present us a bill to pay in at least equal destruction.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Afghanistan Democracy: Can They Afford One?

America is one of the richest countries on the planet whith a per capita income of app. $48,000.00 per year. In spite of this wealth we are a debtor nation. Our democracy continues to generate new entitlements to any legal or illegal that can yell. And all these entitlements are expensive.

Afghanistan is having another election this weekend. Our politicians are seeing this as progress. How can Afghanistan afford a democracy when the per capita income is about app. $450.00 per year? Will their politicians work for free? Who will be given a subsidy with so little to spare? 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama Talks to Veterans of Foreign Wars

President Barack Obama is in Phoenix today trying to drum up support for his Afghanistan War strategy.He will address the Veterans of Foreign Wars. These guys are mostly old. They range from late the 60's to the 80's. Pathetic. The oldest won the second World War but the younger lost in North Korea and Viet Nam. Which was appropriate. The yet-to-be vets lost in Iraq and are losing in Afghanistan. 

Obama's speech will be familar. We have to make the world secure for democracy.Part of that "democracy"includes the US supporting Israel's slow motion genocide of the Palestinians and America's policy of preemptive war.Sorry pres most people don't like war and increasingly they don't like you for being a stooge of the military-industrial-complex and Zionists.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bad News: We Only Have Ourselves To Blame

Sorry to break it to you boys, but the start of "white male suffrage" in the early 19th century brought the consequences of this crazy democracy we all now suffer through. The Federalist Party collapsed in app.1820.The Federalists held that only white male property owners could vote. But with Maryland's liberalizing who could vote in 1810 and other states following, the election of Andrew Jackson over John Quincy Adams was the first "democratic election". Then came woman sufferage and now illegals sneak a vote. 

Of course the seminal moment for ruinous democracy is the disconnect from property ownership and the right to vote. Because it's only a matter of time before the masses out populate and out vote the haves and give it to the have nots. And this includes taking from US citizens and giving to people around the world.

Don't let them vote your gun away. But I think no one trusts the government so when push comes to shove, the haves and the have nots will team up to shoot the politicians. It will be great fun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Insurance Companies and Government and Obama Reform

President Obama was pushing his health care reform at a town hall meeting in Belgrade, Montana today. He said, " Insurance companies are holding America hostage". Well if they are they have Congress' help. Because the insurance lobby is one of the biggest bribers in that outlaw town of Washington, D.C. Also the lawyers bribe Congress to let them  second-guess doctors and hospitals on care and drive costs up by forcing defensive medicine and no-caps on judgements.

Methinks that sans government people could better defend themselves.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Presidential Medal Of Freedom: Harvey Milk

Yesterday President Obama awarded a Medal of Freedom  to sixteen diverse recipients. Included was San Francisco Supervisor, homosexual activist Harvey Milk who was assassinated in 1978.Milk did much to spread the homosexual movement. Of course HIV/AIDS infections and deaths tracked his questionable "progress" with gruesome statistics.

Nazi Germany targeted homosexuals. America gives homosexuals awards. Neither is appropriate.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deficits Don't Matter?

The spending monkeys in Washington have been spending trillions trying to keep the economy afloat. They have been doing this since the Reagan years. Remember "deficits don't matter". That's partially true. If one is on the receiving side of deficit spending then deficits don't matter. But one who doesn't get the benefits but on the contrary has to payoff the deficits for years to come then deficits do indeed matter.Government employees, politicians, Wall St, banks, special interests foreign and domestic ,military-industrial-complex etc celebrate deficit spending. Most everyone else pays the tab.

Nothing lasts forever. When we do finally go broke it won't make much of a difference to most people unlike the privateers who have been gaming the system.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time For Backlash Against Congress

When someone is legally stealing they should not be comfortable. I'm talking about members of Congress. Their stealing of our future by auctioning off our rights to the highest bidder cannot continue. Congress passes laws which make their actions legal. But that does not make the laws moral. For instance, the Iraq invasion was not moral or justified. Yet the House funded the desires of the military-industrial-complex. The bailout of Wall Street bankers after they recklessly undermined the security of the US should not have happened. The potential seizure of the health system by Washington and the roving lawyers should not happen.

The least all of us can do is make the lives of members of Congress, lawyers, military-industrial-complex operatives not pleasant within legal limits. This includes peer pressure. Whether it takes the form of simple, nasty but purposeful e-mails or piketing their homes or snubbing them in public. Keep it legal for now.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Can't Stand These People

Some of the people I would love to see dead or missing were reinforcing my opinions about them with their individual responses to the Obamacare backlash. Senator Barbara Boxer, the Jew who can't get past her ethnicity was quoted ,"These town hall agitators are professional". Jews talking about etiquette?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Italian greaser who can't wear the same clothes twice because of her staining capability mentioned, " The disruptors at these meetings are Nazi-like ". Hey Bag, go check your mail bag for the new bribes.

And what about President Obama ? Our grinning monkey talks about "...lies and misinformation about his healthcare proposals.." So the top lying politician wants to speak about other's "lying"?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Keeping Up With The Competition

The affairs of the human race include competition for power. In that pursuit all races engage in racism whether purposely or not. Therefore racism is just about keeping up with the competition.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor: We Could Have Done Better

Newly confirmed Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a Hispanic. She looks like a field hand through no fault of her own. But she favors low class people by choice and identification. Not all Hispanics look like field hands. On the contrary they can be extremely handsome. Not all Hispanics favor low class people.

We could have done much better. It's time to upgrade the population rather than be defined by the latest off- the- wall, odd- ball special interest. And this includes retrofitting our out dated notions of obligation and equality.

How To Have Fun & Purpose In Your Old Age

The new health care bill that is being debated includes many promises. All of them expensive. One of the ways to keep the costs under control is to ration medical care to the aged. This includes counseling older folks about ending their lives when they are chronically ill. There is also the provision that precludes aged, sick people from paying for their own life sustaining procedures. This tantamont to a death sentence issued by the government. 

How much of all this talk and proposals are real or taken out of context is unknown to me at this time. But if the government really means to get proactive about eliminating old people from health care. Then "old age"has opened up some new and exciting vistas that will certainly shake off boredom.

Forget the new set of golf clubs or the extra martini. It's time for a gun and target practice.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama: No Lobbyist Left Behind

Give a monkey a money printing machine and a worldwide communication ability and what do you get? Presto, chango Barack Obama appears. Obama has taken Bill Clinton's permanent campaign and Bush's reckless foreign and domestic policies and added steroids. Trillions here trillions there, no lobbyist left behind and added a multi-cultural after burner to the agenda.

Whoppee, it's easy. Money is the answer. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iraq Warplanes Request:Here We Go Again

The great peacemakers and warmongers in Washington are looking favorably on Iraq's request for a purchase of 18 F-16s. America's leaders rotate between war and peace because its good for business overall. Iraq is proposing an initial purchase of 18 in what could eventually total 96 warplanes. Iraq's leaders would rather spend money on planes than repair the infrastructure or help displaced people. The poor people of Iraq get no respect from their government or our government. It adds up to another victory for the military-industrial-complex. Iraq rearms, Iran responds, Israel responds, Turkey responds etc etc. and the US sells arms to all .

People of war should not be mourned when they die. They fulfilled their destiny .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shut Down Congress

Times up. The grinning and spending monkeys in Washington should empty their pockets call a cab a get out of town before it's too late. The biggest grinner and spender is Obama. The president and Washington have become caricatures of the irresponsible homo frivolous. More and more money being spent on more and more projects in this country and around the world that benefit a very few at the expense of very many. And we have to borrow from all to pay for this nonsense.

The French took care of their royalty with the plunging blade. Wouldn't that be fun?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Goldman Sachs: Equal Opportunity Employer

Goldman Sachs continues to maintain a 20% allotment of white and other non- Jewish employees. Most of them are assigned to public relation slots. They are the "face" of Goldman in public venues. Whites come in handy when Goldman is summoned before Congress. It's an image thing. There is so much baggage and so little time or inclination to clean it up.

Of course Yankees like Hank Paulson could teach Shylock a thing or two. And let's not forget Congress. For every theft by Goldman Sachs there was an equal amount of doors cracked open by Congress so Goldman could enter.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

CIT Failure Would Be Mistake

Ignoring CIT and the small/medium size business' it serves would be a tactical and financial mistake by the Obama Administration. It would be a breaking of faith with small and medium sized business. These are the job creators in the past, now and in the future. The app. 1,000,000 accounts that CIT serves would not easily, if at all find a replacement. Big bank business models are not geared for CIT-type accounts. Consequently bankrupties would follow for some of those accounts and include others in their greater spheres of influence.

The chump change of $4 billion that CIT needs is relatively nothing compared to the hundreds of billions that already have gone out the window to the constructive criminals at AIG,B of A, Citigroup, GM and Chrysler. Small business built this country. Small business owners ran for office . Now many of our politicians are lawyers or people who never had a real job. This results in leadership that doesn't get it or worse get it but are paid to ignore it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supreme Court Racial & Gender Comments

Sonia Sotomayor looks like she is going to get a pass on her racist "wise Latina"preferential comment. Also her racist affirmative action credentials demonstrated in her ruling against the white firefighters in the "Ricci Case"certainly leave no doubt that race matters in her decisions.

Let me say that Sonia looks better than the Jew Ruth Bader Ginsburg but less attractive compared to the black Clarence Thomas. That comparison has nothing to do with the law nor does affirmative action have anything to do with the law.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheney Deserves Torture With Legal Fees

Cheney is in the news again. This time he's accused of ordering a CIA "couterterrorism"program kept secret from Congress. I hope they nail the SOB. In the old days one could challenge guys like this to a duel and get some quick satisfaction. But today Cheney hides behind layers and layers of legal manuevering to avoid prosecution. Basically it's a de facto innocent until proven broke strategy . But I'd settle for his  bankruptcy from legal fees. He values money and power more than his life anyway.

I don't like lawyers. But I don't like Cheney more. Get an asshole to go after an asshole.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michael Jackson: Hermaphrodite

Noted composer and musician Quincy Jones remarked on the late Michael Jackson. He said,"He [Jackson] took dancing to another level from where Astaire and Kelly left it."

But Astaire and Kelly danced and accomodated partners. Jackson didn't. Jackson was really a one-man exhibition. To be more accurate, the "man" is somewhat hidden by a hermaphroditic visage. I.E. After much time and money Jackson became a Diana Ross look alike. He was a couple-both man and woman. He achieved uniqueness. Many would say he became a freak. 

Freak is not too harsh. Consider Jackson partially changed his sexual appearance with the Diana Ross ploy and engaged in bisexuality which included charges of child molestation. I'm sure death was welcomed by him.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin: Governor Drop Out

White, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will drop out of her job one year and a half early and challenge black stay-in-office President Barack Obama in 2012. That's the message in her"..moving in new directions."statement yesterday.

She got a lucrative book offer from Rabbi Rupert Murdoch's HarperCollins and learned how to talk on Saturday Night Live. So what more does a spending and grinning monkey need to have or know about winning American elections? George Bush Sr. was accused of having a "Silver foot in his mouth."by the late Texas Governor Ann Richards. That's more than Palin has in her mouth.

In the interim, Palin will tour the country making speeches to pay her legal bills and to build a war chest for the 2012 presidential run. Palin wants to help the country move forward. So she quits her job!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Don't Worry

Don't worry America. Every politician is working for the individual. The politician will spend all the money that they can tax away from everyone else to make sure the individual is happy and by implication will vote for that politician. Only everyone else has to worry.

Democracy is failing in America like it failed in Greece some 2500 years ago. For starters vote libertarian. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

America's Democracy: Latest Examples Of What's OK

While we slept our democracy was taking new shapes. Al Franken defeated Norm Coleman. Franken now will go to the U S Senate to represent Minnesota. Some choice. Both guys are Zionists who have and will continue to keep Israel afloat at the expense of U S prestige and treasure. Can it get any better for the Israeli lobby? The lobby backs the 2 guys that are running!

Meanwhile President Obama is taking the democracy to the next evolutionary step which cracks open the socialism door. Trillions of dollars passed out to the largely unworthy and making more ever more dependant on central planning. Also Obama is sending an affirmative action poster girl-Sonia Sotomayor-to the Senate for approval to serve on the Supreme Court.

The homosexual crowd not satisfied with social acceptance now  marry and also adopt unsuspecting children.

Also while we slept, some legal or illegal immigrant came here and lowered the bar for equality status in our country . It may be a 3'8'' Philipina, transgender, pregnant, obese diabetic, bad teeth, blind and argumentative  who needs a face transplant who is fleeing her country because of discrimination. Yea, I can see that country's point. But she is the new gold standard by which all future applicants are now measured. And she may get that face transplant for free.

The good news is California's broke. This beautiful state is largely the recipient of the worlds human overflow. But without the do-re-me(money) the state will have to stop a lot of the silly equality entitlements for these strange strangers that come here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking News

Jacko is gone. How about mummification for the King Of Pop? All that plastic surgery nearly did the job already. Bill Clinton is determined to head the Michael Jackson grief conga line. Maybe Bill could pre-record his own eulogy now and then pre-announce it at a Jackson Celebration of Life event.

Bernie Madoff will be sentenced on Monday. Professional Holocaust exploiter Elie Wiesel was big loser of Holocaust writings royalties that he invested with the Ponzi schemer. Losing relatives in the concentration camps is one thing but losing money really hurts.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where Are The Indictments For Financial Meltdown?

Will anyone go to jail for the financial misdeeds and meltdown? No. Because the heretofore criminal financial manipulations were made legal by the legislation that Congress passed. Wall Street and the bankers bribed our reps. Congress is largely a criminal enterprise. Don't forget .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lincoln, Obama, UAW & Civil War

Abraham Lincoln was quoted, " These capitalists generally act to fleece the people". What would Abe say about the United Auto Workers?

Obama ,who likes to invoke Lincoln, said something about the UAW . He fleeced the capitalists by giving the UAW more of Chrysler and General Motors than the bond holders after the federal bailout. That's an ironic metaphor for the North usurping states rights in the South by way of a Civil War.  A reversal of South Carolina firing on Fort Sumter.

Prepare for the future. The government is getting more aggressive.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran vs. U.S.: Who Will Prevail ?

" Allahu Akbar " means " God is Great "in Arabic. The reformist oppostion shouts that phrase from the rooftops in Tehran, Iran.  But the  ruling, elite clergy also invoke Allah. So both do agree on one major point.

In America the opposing democrats and republicans do agree on the implied major point of U.S. government. It is the implied jingo of  "In Growth We Trust".

One civilization is rooted in heaven and the other is rooted on earth. One civilization will fight and die for god while the other will fight and maybe die if paid enough. We need better goals to defeat the low- cost oppostion Iranians. A better goal and an immediate victory in foreign affairs would be for America to stay out of Iranian affairs.

The U.S. will have peace when there is money to be made in peace. There will be some peace when we can't afford some wars. It's our choice.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tehran Police Uniforms:Why Written In English ?

Todays front page of The Wall Street Journal shows a club-wielding Tehran, Iran policeman beating a man in front of Tehran University. The graffiti on the wall behind the combatants is written in Farsi-the language since the 9th century. Yet on the back of the police officers uniform are the words "Police" written in English not Farsi ! 

Looks like propaganda by the WSJ and others served up for dummies. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What If Congress Disappeared?

There's an assumption that one of the missed targets on September 11, 2001 was Congress and the Capitol. The United Airlines flight that crash landed in a Pennsylvania field was to have done that chore.

Congress now has an approval rating lower than the infamous Dick Cheney when he left office. Congress' approval rating is grasping to a 12% mark. One wonders if Al Qeada took out the 545 spending and conspiring monkeys of our Capitol how many real tears would have been shed? We will never know.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Culture Matters: Egypt Vs.Israel

President Obama was in Cairo, Egypt yesterday . He was shown the pryamids. Last month he visited Israel . He was shown Yad Vashem, the Holocaust History Museum.

Egypt has pride. Israel has no pride.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

GM Plans Presidential Cadillac Model

General Motors is planning a special edition of Cadillac. It will be called the "Presidential Limited ". Only 100,000 will be made. Considering the vast sums of money that President Obama has given the greatly diminished auto giant, it's a small token.

The Caddie will be somewhat retro in style, accessaries and colors. Style- wise it will resemble the "fin tail" Cadillacs of the late '50s and early '60s. The colors will be in African Union light greens and yellow with a purple colored Fleetwood in a very limited edition. Accessaries will include, leopard -skin seat covers, jeweled mud flaps and fluffy steering wheels. The car screams "Pussy". 

Word of the car leaked to President Obama. He was heard to remark, " Sounds like a Polish delight".

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bush & Clinton: Nerf Presidents

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were in Toronto, Canada last night. They were both paid to show up and talk their contrasting political views. Well they showed up. But the expected contrasts didn't. There would have been more animation and interest if either spilled a water glass on stage.

Welcome to Nerf politicians. Two overpaid foam rubber men who would do anything and have to get elected but privately only believe in money and wont sweat an uncontested or ungraded debate. The commentator should have sprung a "winner take all" purse of $300,000 to the winner of the debate as per the audience vote. That will be the day.

Short of that, the audience should have been peppered with a couple of shoe throwers or rag heads with grenades. One can only dream when reality is so boring and decadant.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ignore North Korea

How about ignoring North Korea? It would be a Trojan Horse ploy in reverse. One evening the U.S. would pull its front line troops from the North/South border. By morning thousands of American forces would be at least 100 miles away. Over a period of weeks the U.S. garrison of 37,000 would be brought home and immediately spend their payrolls on our own soil. Leave a note to Kim Jong Il stating we no longer care about the actions of North Korea and as far as we are concerned his people can all starve to death. Also if he wants to nuke Japan so be it. We been there done that.

Kim Jong Il and his father before him are the mirror image of American foreign policy. Without our foreign policy Kim would be shucking clams on the coast.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Paul Krugman: Economist Or Politician?

As Jimmy Durante sometimes said, " Everybody wants to get into the act". 

Give an economist a Nobel Prize and suddenly he wants to parlay himself into a bleeding-heart liberal politician and maybe run for the senate. Like we need another Jew in the senate. Krugman's piece in todays NYT says that California's budget problems started with the passage of Propostion 13 in 1978. Prop 13 was a property tax limitation initiative and also required a 2/3 majority vote by the legislature to raise income taxes. It passed overwhelmingly. I paid property taxes pre-Prop 13. I kept up with the never-ending increases. But many could not. Many older people lost or had to sell their homes because they couldn't keep up with taxes.

Krugman wants Propostion 13 repealed. He presumably wants unlimited tax and spending in its place. He sounds more like a bleeding-heart liberal politician than a disciplined economist who is guided by prudent, realistic policies.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

San Francisco Bay To Breakers Race: Alternative Reporting

About 70,000 random-urinating runners were in San Francisco's 98th Annual Bay To Breakers yesterday. The smelly majority were joined by what passes for elite dignataries for the 8 mile course. Mayor Gavin Newsom ran alongside Senator Dianne Feinstein. 

There was a group of Central American illegals who gave out free meth. Handicapped were out in force with an estimated 600 wheelchairs. Police and fire crews were accomodative. Maybe because the police and fire crews were all listening to iPods which had recorded memos from their various union steering committees on how they wanted the City to declare bankruptcy before they would give back on wages and benefits. After all the UAW workers at Chrysler are going to own 55% of the company after it emerges from UAW- caused bankruptcy proceedings. The police and fire unions think they can get title to half the City's real estate.

The World Health Organization was busy collecting urine samples off the pavement. The WHO has a thesis that within a few decades the residue of drugs in U.S. urine will contaminate all the groundwater water in the continental U.S. which will necessitate a draining of Lake Victoria and other bodies of water in Africa  to provide drinking water for America.  

On a lighter note, both Newsom and Feinstein were run over and killed by two "Hummer-Class" wheelchairs that were operated by "350-pounders" who were distracted by in route refueling of pizza. Feinstein's husband, Dick Blum retreived the Senators cell phone and credit cards but refused to identify the body. He avoided burial expenses. Newsom's body decomposed so quickly that only a leased pair of shorts from Gordon Getty Enterprises identified his remains.

There were 10 same-sex marriages during the race. But 2 divorces of those same marriages took place before the race could be completed. The Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Association began hurling excrement at the straights who they blamed for the 2 divorces. The straights chanted, " More AIDS, more AIDS" as they headed to the surf to clean up.

President Barack Obama has commited to running next years race. He has not decided whether to represent the secular or the spiritual world.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Breaking News: Pelosi Talks About Torture

" Good morning. 'Torture, what did I know and when did I know it?' Does that sum it up? Waterboarding? Big deal. When you have had as many hair dye jobs and rinses as I have had waterboarding seems comparable. What about my Botox injections, hair removal, face lifts, tucks, birthing ordeals, being groped by high schoolers and older guys who looked like some of the detainees and now hear rumors of Paul's affairs? Yea there is a little 'it's my turn now'. When the CIA briefed me on torture these are the images that popped up in my mine.

I'm off to Iraq because it's too hot here."

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hamid Karzai and Hillary Clinton Conversation

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan pulled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aside for a quick private conversation at yesterdays state visit.

Karzai: Hey Hill, I need more money. These civilian deaths in my country caused by U.S. airstrikes are getting my people very upset and I have an election coming up and my expenses....

Hillary: Yeah,yeah,yeah ya want me to play a violin ? Bury the fuckin' dead and tell those rag heads to tape an aspirin to the wounds.

Karzai: I WANT MORE MONEY BITCH. It's going to be an additional $10,000.00 per month.

Hillary: OK, OK . Same deal? Bill's foundation gets 10% of the increase via the Afghan woman you send him each month?

Karzai: No problemo.  And I'll throw in a "no grouse" vow for deaths under 5 per U.S. airstrike.

Hillary: Bill says the Afghan woman is very experienced and novel orally speaking. I want some of that. 

Karzai: I've got a person in mind. She's yours.

Hillary: Fuckin' Americans are so stupid. We should have surrended in Afghanistan years ago but the U.S. citizens love to hate someone. So Bill and I will service the account. Later Hamid.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swine Flu Scare At AIPAC Convention

The AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) convention/political power display is now playing in Washington. Half the members of the U.S. Congress (this is true) is in attendance along with the Jewish delegates. But last nights events were more than the AIPAC delegates planned for.

A Hamas waiter spiked the Kool-Aid with a culture of swine flu. The Kool Aid appeared on the dinner menu as a "Free, confiscated Palestinian Childrens Treat" . It proved to be irresistable to the delegates. But the swine flu had no effect on the AIPAC members! What's that tell you about AIPAC and its members? The Hamas waiter fled in disbelief vowing to use only hygenically prepared Kool Aid next time as the logical alternative for use against aliens.

The entertainment included a Dreamworks skit. A satellite feed from Ariel Sharon's hospital room was seamlesssly added to computer- animated characters of Jack Warner of Warner Bros. escorting Marilyn Monroe to Sharon's bedside who is still on life support (this is true)from his seizure more than 3 years ago. Since he was the PM of Israel at the time , he continues to collect a salary which delights his eager family.

Another Dreamworks skit involved a simulated piano wire hanging of Bernie Madoff. The delegates actually responded more favorably to the Madoff fantasy. The Madoff presentation was followed by a business infomercial describing the advantages of giving money to Israel and buying land through the Israel/Palestine Land Development Company. It's all tax deductable. Israel is a tax haven. The IRS code provides that a U.S. citizen who also has a dual Israeli citizenship can satisfy his or hers tax obligations to the U.S. by paying the same amount to Israel (this is true). I wonder if Bernie Madoff knew this?

What great fun was had by all. And it will continue until everyone gets fed up with AIPAC and deports or jails treasonous individuals.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Michelle Obama: Overdosed On Epic Symbolism

Epic times, epic proportions, symbols, revenge, false values are all just too much . Why only today First Lady Michelle Obama, who herself is a first in this storied America turned epic Kabuki Theater, will dedicate a bust of abolitionist Sojourner Truth who was a 19th century slave turned woman activist. Some of the other epic symbols of woman power will be there i.e. Nancy and Hillary etc. .

America can do the guilt pageantry flawlessly. Why can't the U.S. balance the budget? Why can't the U.S. mind its own business in foreign affairs? Why can't we make a car that our people want to drive and can afford? No, we have made a caricature of the principles of democracy  as a nation and now largely live our public lives in the pursuit of symbolic gestures. Schools, government and our legal sysytem to name a few exist it would seem, for the active purpose of making the heretofore slaves of history or slaves of poor intellect much more comfortable than they deserve.

Michelle et al's finger wagging which is full of guilt for all is yet another waste of time and an empty banal gesture. I don't know where in Africa Sojourner Truth's family came from or where Michelle Obama's family hailed from either. But it was their lucky day when their African relatives sold them into slavery and they wound up in the U.S.A. How about it Michelle? Eating termites on a convenient stick in Africa is not like being First Lady? Get off your guilt peddling pedestal.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gavin Newsom Governor's Race Website

" Hi, I'm Gavin Newsom and I'm running away from my mayors job and running for governor of California. My plans for California and philosophy in general can be summed up in Cole Porter's hit "Anything Goes". That's why you can hear his song in the backround. I believe that California's borders and laws are virtual and consequently left to interpretation. All peoples are invited. Now that's a simple a message.

Please hit up Twitter, My Space, Facebook and other popular web sites to read and hear my message in 32 different languages including Yiddish and   trash- rap- gangsta dialects. Also I appear in frontal nudity on a restricted porn site together with my wife and selected members of the gay/boy, lesbian/girl benevolent societies.

Keep in mind that this is only a start. Together we can take it all to the next level. Vote Gavin Newsom."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rumsfeld and Cheney Conversation

Don: Looks like Obama and AG Holder want to come after us for torture.

Dick: That's graitude. After making the country comfy for blacks by destroying our education system and banning critical thinking among white students now they want to preach morals to their betters.

Don: That's irritating. Torture? How about 40 years of political correctness torture? All are equal? What a crock. What's George think?

Dick: I havn't told him what to think yet.

Don: He's writing a book?

Dick: Now that's torture. 

Don: How's your heart Dick?

Dick: What are you getting at?

Don: Fight political correctness with political correctness. You know. Get a wheelchair. Strap an oxygen bottle to it. Be escorted by some uniformed contractors. Try to look like Lord Nelson did. Sling your arm. Wear an eye patch. Get sympathy form congress and the American people. Turn in your bird shooting guns. Kick a Jew and then embrace the same Jew. You know something for everyone. Broaden out.

Dick: How about me being a witness for the prosecution?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tom Brokaw : Union Recruiter?

One can pay a news reader millions per year in salary but that doesn't necessarily make the news readers personal advice worth taking.

Tom Brokaw for example wrote an op-ed piece in todays NYT pushing the idea of consolidating New York states 10,500 local governments into one large agency administered at the state level. What could possibly go wrong? How many people in New York would like more central control from Albany? Governor David Paterson for one would like it. And I'll bet the labor union bosses that put Tom up to the op-ed piece are at least one other.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goldman Sachs and End Times

And it came to pass that a Goldman Sachs broker committed suicide. And all knew that the end times had arrived.

And it came to pass that the New Jerusalem provided a new stock exchange to replace the rapture of the old New York Stock Exchange which was cleared of the homeless.

And it came to pass that the Speaker of the House Pelosi was led by the 16 Jewish Senators to the steps of the White House which was inhabited by a black man. They shouted, " B.O. must G.O.".

And it came to pass that BO did indeed go . 

And it came to pass that Mayor Bloomberg was lifted up helped also by his elevator shoes to become the rabbi/president of the New Jerusalem.

And they all shouted, " What could possibly go wrong now?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Women's Rights Laws: Islamic vs. Democratic

The fair sex in Afghanistan are furious about recently passed Taliban-friendly laws regarding men's veto rights over women's preferances in conjugal and personal matters. Simply the men are the roosters and can demand sitting rights on their hens when they want without regard to the hens appetite. Also if men think that the proper role for their wife is barefoot, pregnant and shut in then so be the will of the bearded one.

Of course this is well over the limits of a harmonious marriage relationship. Our western democracies threw out such bad behavior ages ago. But look what that liberality got us. Women like Hillary Clinton, Barbra Striesand, Whoopi Goldberg and Madonna are given freedom to roam and influence others with their bad behavior. And the further fallout is the children that sprang from a decandant philosophy of social rights both for men and women. 

An example of that decandance would be the kike Woody Allen. He's in the news today because he's suing American Apparel for using his unauthorized image in Hasidic hair style and clothing. Woody is the guy who was tried for molesting his 7 year old adopted son. He also married his former wife Mia Farrow's adopted daughter. He was having an affair with Soon-Yi Previn while married to Farrow. Ironically he got an Oscar from the other kikes in Hollywood who continually piss on what's left of the important parts of American culture for his women's picture "Annie Hall". 

Somewhere in the middle of Islamic and democratic laws of society is where we should aim to be. But there shouldn't be a place for Woody in any culture.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unmanned Aircarft Murder

According to well publicized specifications capabilities of modern unmanned drone aircraft, facial features can be determined from a height of 35,000 feet. That's a startling capability. Actually the old, manned, unarmed U2 spy planes of the late 1950s could do the same feat from 18,000 feet.

Recent "accidental" deaths of men, women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan inflicted by U.S. unmanned aircraft beg the question, " Why are beardless humans being targeted along with bearded 'militants'?".

These are not the values and deeds that will bring peace.

Monday, March 30, 2009

San Francisco Culture Is Still Sliding

Here's the latest bombast of cultural decay in San Francisco. This putrid policy assaults the school- going youth. School Superintendent Carlos Garcia whose own backround grew from all-is-good petri-dish wants to "revolutionize the San Francisco school experience". To that end ,he's co-opted the retro  psychedelic "Jimi Hendrix Experience" album cover to put on the City's 51-page educational guide for the current school year. Mr. Jimi was a great guitarist in the 1960's , but he also had a militant message and actually died from a drug overdose at the age of 27. Is he the man for the message? What message? Probably for Superintendent Garcia's message he's perfect but that begs the question is Super Garcia's message the correct message for young or old ? NO !

Superintendent Garcia and other politicos like Mayor Newsom are part of the San Francisco political machine. That machine is largely controlled by San Fran's 2 mommies- Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein.  Garcia and Newsom don't do things that Feinstein or Pelosi don't approve philosophically.  And of course this "cover" is front and center while the Mexican drug-cartel wars are playing out on the U.S. border and S.F. is still a sanctuary city.

Pelosi lives about 5 blocks to the northeast of me and Feinstein lives about 7 blocks to the southwest of me. If I stood on a tall building and the day was clear and if both mommies from hell were looking in my direction, I could flip them off.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Questions About North Korea & Condi Rice

Defense Secretary Robert Gates was on Fox News Sunday. He said, "The U.S. can do nothing about a North Korea rocket [launch] even though it's a step toward developing an intercontinental ballistic missle that could carry a nuclear warhead". Gee Bob why is this part of the "Axis of Evil"given a pass ? The other parts ,Iraq and Iran, have been invaded, sanctioned and threatened. And they do not have a nuclear weapon as N. Korea does. Could it be that N.Korea was included in the"axis" trio as a red herring? Looks like the U.S. values Israeli security over Japan and South Korea security. As long as those AIPAC checks flow to Congress and the executive branch Israel is safe. But nothing lasts forever. Bye bye Israel.

What ever happened to Condi Rice? Has she voluntarily resegregated herself into a more appropriate non high- profile society? Obama doesn't want a photo-op either. She's too retro in more ways than one.

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Styling And Jive From Barack Obama

Barack Obama comes styling into the news conference and starts jiving about how he is going to personally fix the Afghanistan/Pakistan mess. He's going to send in more troops and increase the drone aircraft strikes in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. These increases come despite the fallout of increasing civilian casualties in both countries from American and NATO missions.  A few days later a suicide bomber blows himself up in a Pakistani mosque killing 50 worshippers. I would say that's the al Qaeda/Pakistani response to the "new" Obama strategy. This is happening while the Iraqi situation has yet to be stabilized and bombings continue there even after Bush/Cheney have declared "victory".

Looks like Iraq , Pakistan and Afghanistan are now all in the same state of disrepair. But Obama plows ahead with more rhetoric and arms and troops. But Pakistan is a country with WMD. So what happens if an al Qaeda sympathetic government gains power by popular vote? Is it all worth it for the U.S. to be so far from home getting involved in ancient tribal relations for the benefit of American empire and pro-Israel damage control? Of course it's not worth it. Afghanistan is the "graveyard of empires" and Obama's hip- hop approach is no better than the moron Bush's approach. But these two presidents are merely the faces of the military-industrial-complex and the Zionist's lobby.

Speaking of Zionists, Stuart Leibowitz a.k.a. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is being groomed for a run in politics. Considering the alarming rate of devolution in America he has a good chance of being sworn in as president in 2016.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AIG Bonus Issue Is Just A Red Herring

So how does one run across the backs of alligators without getting eaten? First chum the waters with some red meat and while the critters are munching on the screaming bait you hot-foot across their backs.

Now use "AIG bonus issue" for the screaming red meat and use the snarling congressional panel for the alligators and the hot-footed one will be Goldman Sachs a.k.a. Government Sachs who will escape the glare and jaws of government, public and the news media.

Cui bono? Who profited from the enabling Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000? Goldman Sachs et all were the ones who introduced these financial derivatives products from hell that took down brokers, bankers and now threatens the world financial system. The products by law couldn't be regulated or have oversight by any agency including state gaming commissions! They planned well. The bonus babies at AIG are mere fodder at $160 million. AIG alone cost the taxpayers $180 billion for being Goldman Sachs' favorite customer who would say "yes" to any product that Goldman proposed.

But Goldman needed help from the federal government to get the Modernization Act of 2000 into law. For that job they recruited former Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana and others. So government was equally criminally irresponsible for passing this law. That's why the bonus babies at AIG are being scapegoated.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jesus Talks To The Pope

Jesus:  Pope Benedict, this is your lord speaking.

Pope:  Did you get an appointment?

Jesus:  Since when did I need an appointment? Don't bother to answer the rhetorical question.

Pope:  Please cut to a short message. I'm on a recruiting mission in Africa and I'm tired.

Jesus:  I want to clarify my message and your mission. When I commisioned the original apostles to help the poor and sick I didn't say to PERPETUATE the poor and sick.

Pope:  Say what?

Jesus:  Condoms are the way to go. It's a humane way to mitigate the growth of the poor and sick.

Pope:  Well it's this way now. When you were last here there was only a few of your followers. Now the church has grown and we need more of poor and sick people to spread amongst the new gullable recruits. I.E. we need more of the poor and sick to open a yawning gap of people to make this church, which has become a quasi financial derivative incarnation of your teachings to survive. I want swarms of starving and sickly and mad people behind me who have nothing to lose so that I can march on the capitols of the world and reestablish a kind of new shoddy type of Roman Empire based on the base motivations of mankind.

Jesus:  Now I finally see what Satan was talking about.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stop Rebuilding World Trade Center

The sixteen acre Manhattan site that is to be the Freedom Towers is years behind schedule and now is underfunded by billions. The 9/11 event whether carried out by al qaeda or the Israelis or the C.I.A. was not a validation of American foreign policy in general or Middle East policy in particular. The lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the policy of official torture by the U.S. , loss of personal freedoms pushed by Bush and Congress and all the rest of evil fallout from our government made the original 9/11 pale in comparison. Why make a monument to those mistakes?

Therefore since the hole in the ground is barely at street level why not make a real statement of freedom? How about we make the site Open Space Freedom Park? Freedom from the restless human scourge of land development, freedom from housing theiving brokers and bankers in a too tall building that blots out the soothing rays of the sun, interferes with the healing smell of a fresh breeze and denies a sanctuary for an urban ecosystem.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bonus In The Headlines-Again

In 1932 at the nadir of the depression many WW I vets formed the "bonus marchers" movement . The goal was to get immediate payment from the U.S. government for their military service which ws due in 1945. President Hoover answered "no" . Then Generals Mac Arthur and Patton calvary- charged, bayonetted and tank- prodded the vets back into one of the Hoovervilles across from the nations capitol.

Today the outrage against bonus is for paying a bonus for bad and/or undeserved performance at the financial derivative branches at major banks, brokerage and insurance companies.

One mans bonus is anothers obligation. But one thing is for certain. Don't get in between a politician and his or hers reelection plans.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bernie Madoff's Bait Attracted Peers

By all accounts there was an unwritten but implied rule when one invested money with Bernie Madoff, " Don't ask too many questions or you will not get these remarkable returns any longer because I'll kick you out of my fund". And so the bait of outsized profits attracted people who were willing in effect to turn away from scrutiny or due dilligence of their investments and in effect agree to receive stolen or illegal money with the rationale that if they didn't know then they couldn't be co-conspirators with Madoff.

So in that context yesterdays Madoff "sorry" statement put together with the glaring fact that he refuses to help investigators recover what's left of investors money points to at least an assumption by Madoff that he is at least as moral as his investors.

They largely all deserve each other.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Attention Zionists: Let's Make A Deal

Today The Jew York Times featured the Zionist/Israel lobby's blow by blow take down of would-be President Obama's Middle East intelligence advisor. He was former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. Freeman, Jr. . Mr. Freeman announced his resignation and blamed the "Israel lobby". And what did the Zionists detest about Freeman? Well he was critical of America's uncritical support of Israeli policies and the huge influence that Israel has in our government which has a negative effect on U.S. security. And when one considers Israel to be largely the tangental problem that threatens world wide peace, then Mr. Freeman should be paid some mind. But the Zionists would have none of it.

They even rolled out Steven J. Rosen a former high ranking AIPAC operative to write a scathing op-ed piece a week ago. Now that's nerve. Zionist Rosen, himself, is now a co-defendant in a long running espionage trial for passing on secret U.S. intelligence about Iran to Israel. Lawrence Franklin the disgraced former DOD official is now serving 13 years for his part in passing the info on to Rosen and AIPAC's Keith Weissman.

It's time to show the conniving Zionists in America the deportation door or better yet show them the "gate". Over the entrance gate at Dachau, Germany concentration camp was a sign that said, " Albeit Macht Frei" or " Freedom Through Work". Well to paraphrase 1960s game show host Monty Hall , "Let's Make A Deal, will it be Gate #1 or Gate # 2 which has a get out of disfavor manuel showing how to live in a polite society ?" .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caught In An Unreal Reality

Help! It's March 11, 2009 and the usual dump of unreal news that conflicts with how things really are continues unabated.

Example #1: George W. Bush's publicists announced the former president is about to launch a "lucrative speaking tour". Say what? The moron who couldn't speak cogently about anything save trash talk will be paid 6 figures by private assemblies. The real morons are in the audience.

Example #2: President Barack Obama wants to spend more money on education. Never mind that the U.S. has spent more money on education for a longer period of time than any other country in history. In spite of this money dump our students rank in the lowest percentiles ever since the intergration of schools back in the 1960s. How about paying the would be parents of these dunces not to have children and thereby unclog our school system of statistically proven unwanted and untalented children for a fraction of the cost of trying to educate them ?

Example #3: The U.N. has admitted defeat in its latest 10 year plan to discouarge illegal drug trafficking. Yet in the same breath it anounced a new 10 year plan . People have had a word for drugs long before the words United Nations. What's that tell you?

And what will tommorow bring? Never mind. Stick to the truth and sooner or later they will see it your way.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Students : A New Way To Enjoy Your Mexico Spring Break

Attention spring-breakers headed for Mexico, leave your violent video games at home. Go to Mexico on a real-time violent mission! Help to bring peace to our southern neighbor and partially undo the damage that Spain's 16th century raider Hernando Cortes did to the natives. Go to Mexico to kill the greasy drug dealers and gangs that are killing the locals and holding up the tourists. That's right, tourists are being stolen from in the Mexico City Airport after converting dollars into pesos. The Mexican government has assigned an additional 800 police in the airport concourses to stop this chaos but it persists.

Spring breakers can get a kick and revenge on the scum who travel to the U.S. to game our system and in many cases just to commit felonies. Forget the booze and drugs also. Your girl friend will think you wonderful and wont have to be put in the mood for love when she sees you kill a Mexicorn bandido. So saddle up, tonight we drink tommorrow we kill.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Michael Jackson: One-Man Circus Act

Nineteenth century circus impresario P.T. Barnum would have gone broke against the likes of the low-cost ,one-man circus act incarnated by Michael Jackson. After a 12 year hiatus, Jackson will have a world wide concert tour that some predict will net the "entertainer" app. $400 million. Jackson is a dancer, singer, female impersonator and all around shape shifter.

Jackson looks like a white Diana Ross of the 1960s Supremes singing group. But I don't think Jacko will be singing the Supremes' hit "Baby Love". He was acquitted of a child molestation charge some years ago. I predict success for the tour since he will draw from the ample supply of the non-discriminating and the morally ambivalent.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Non Existing Home Sales Slide

Today the National Association Of Realtors reported their estimate of sales of non-existent homes. The sales were down 5.7% from January level . Actually there was an interesting aspect to the sales figures. Brokers commissions were off by 11.4% which indicated that they were sacrificing commissions to make deals. New non-existing home owners were cashing out of bad stock market investments because they had lost faith in the advice of their stock brokers and because of the Ponzi schemes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

News Release: Caterpillar World Cup Ad Features Bill Clinton

The Caterpillar Co. has signed former president Bill Clinton for an advertising spot during the upcoming soccer World Cup in South Africa in 2010. CAT figures there will be at least 2 billion real-time viewers of the game and the ad.

Briefly the ad will feature CAT's largest Waste Handling Tractor. It's known as the D10 TWH. It weighs in at 70 tons (144,000 lbs.) and has a 580 horsepower. The ad/skit will have a microphone between Bill and the D10. Bill's challange will be to get to the microphone and recite as many good deeds he did during his life. The operator of the tractor will be me. I will have a camera mounted on my construction helmet. The camera will have crosshairs aimed at his mouth. The camera will not have a deep-focus feature so if Bill wants to be recognized he will have to get very close.

Las Vegas bookmakers have published an even money bet that Bill can speak briefly enough to avoid being plowed under. It will be great fun. We all will see Bill either made into hamburger or suicidal with a loss of air time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mayor Newsom Has Plans For New Child

San Francisco's First Couple have announced they are in a family way. A spokesperson for Gavin and Jennifer Newsom made the public announcement.

In keeping with Gav's antisocial personality and refusing to be bound by the norms of convention, the Mayor's spokeperson held the briefing in a slum part of San Francisco called the Tenderloin at 2 AM early yesterday morning. Here is the announcement.

"Good morning. The Mayor and his wife want the voters of San Francisco and California to know that the couple will have a child. Jennifer and Gavin admit to an artificial insemination procedure . This was a compromise to leaders of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community who were consulted before the decision by Gavin and Jennifer to have a child. Gays were adamant that the impregnating be done artificially so the icon status of Gav The Liberator would remain intact. This lines up well with Greek mythologys Athena being the Warrior Virgin. The Mayor and his wife have signed a memorandum of understanding with the gay, lesbian,bisexual and transgender community that the child will be raised alternately by nannies and nannos and none of the above. Fondling will be encouraged as a sensitive exposure to other life styles. In a jesture to broaden his political base and reach out to other groups in San Franciscos community, Gavin has promised to include a breakfast with his child to random arrested people the night before although Gav and Jenn will not be there. The childs nursery will have blunted needles from the Citys needle exchange program so the child will know how to cope with a walk in one of the City's parks. The childs name will be New Age. The effort will try to keep the letters in the first name to under 17 but also incude enough references to multicultural voter base. And to sum up the prenatal announcement Gav and Jenn want all to know how grateful they are for the well wishes and that they are discussing a divorce. Thank you and good morning."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Change Of Fools

Aretha Franklin had her 1969 hit " Chain Of Fools". Now Preacher Obama has Change of Fools. Our government is fast becoming a mega church and trough for all spending monkeys and their wards to feast. Change? No there won't be any change left from the $787 billion spendathon bill. Only additional charges for interest will be left over. But it's already not enough.

The monkeys over on the Black Caucus branch of congress are already swinging mad. They put down their potato chips and huddled together to write a letter to Cash Cow Nancy Pelosi. They're concerned about a $1.1 billion provision in the bill dealing with "comparative effectiveness research". The money will fund an initial 15 federal bureaucrats to gather information on a doctors diagnosis, perscription and treatment. This will already add to the legions of attorneys with their predatory law suits who have been second guessing for years and we all have to pay higher medical bills as a result of their nuisance . The aim of the new government program is to cut unnecessary costs in health care by determining what's a better treatment to use. So the feds throw another $1.1 billion at the cost structure.

The letter reads." We are concerned that 'comparative effectiveness research' will be based on broad population averages that ignore the differences between patients". Notice the Black Caucus uses and hides behind the word "patients". It would have been more honest if the monkeys used the word "races" instead of "patients". But then the sentence would be a less than politically correct yet more honest " ....that ignore the differences between races".


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pope Reminds Of Neville Chamberlain

Pope Benedict XVI will visit Israel in the spring. He hopes to appease the Jewish elders who claim disrespectful treatment by newly reinstated Bishop Richard Williamson. Willaimson speculated publicly that only 600,000 Jews died in the Holocaust rather than the Jewish preferred and widely advertised number of 6,000,000.

Why quibble? Of course the greater number is plausible and probable when one considers that the Zionist met more than its equal in the German Nazi. Just look at the recent accomplishments of the Zionists. In their war of Palestinian genocide in Gaza the Israelis launched over 3,000 bombing raids, offshore shelling by the Israeli navy, artillery bombardment ,tanks and infantry raids against a largely unarmed civilian population. This resulted in 1300 Palestinian deaths , 5500 injured and untold infrastructure loss. This is all in addition to years of collective punishment and deprivation to 1.5 million Gazans in particular and 5 million dispossessed Palestinians in general.

The Pope should visit Gaza. The Palestinians are the ones who get no respect. The Pope acts more like Neville Chamberlain and Britain's "appeasement" of Hitler in the Munich Agreement of 1938. That agreement condoned the annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. Now the Pope seemingly ignores Israel's barbarism and the annexation of Palestinian land by the Zionists in the interest of being politically correct.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Peace Negotiations Between Taliban, U.S. & Afghanistan

Last week representatives of the Taliban, U.S. and Afghani tribes had a round table discussion about the merits of a Taliban rule or a U.S. democracy as a government model for Afghanistan. Both the Taliban and the U.S. were trying to sell the Afghani rep on their own paradigm.

U.S. Rep. : Mr Afghani we want a democracy in Afghanistan.

Afghani Rep. : What will democracy bring and what will it cost me?

U.S. Rep. : First, we will stop bombing you. Second , democracy will bring law and order because we will send our lawyers to train your new lawyers. Thirdly we will show you how to share your wealth with people who don't work as hard as you do. The cost will be about 30% of your present daily income in cash to achieve both goals.

Afghani Rep. : I don't have cash. Can fruits and vegetables and my personal service be used in place of cash?

U.S. Rep. : No a democracy needs cash. We need the illusion of wealth and something that can be put in a sack in case the lawyers and pols have to leave town quickly and start a new democracy somewhere else.

Afghani Rep. : So I give real produce and get worthless paper in return.

Afghani Rep. : Mr. Taliban Rep. What do you want?

Taliban Rep. : All we ask is for you to let your hair grow, don't educate your women and for this we will cut you in on our drug business profits that lives off of the disenchantment of voters in democracies around the world.

Afghani Rep. : Where do I sign?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grinning, Spending Monkeys Buy Huge Headline

The grinning, spending monkeys in Washington have achieved their professional goal of appearing to do good. The $828 billion stimulus bill has got them their headline. They have achieved the politicians refuge and safe postion of the many voting in favor so that no one individually will hang.

The pieces of the stimulus bill include $50 billion for a one time $250.00 payment to receivers of Social Security. What can be done with $250.00 ? Maybe one can see 2 professional sports events. Another $25 billion for a "worker credit" that puts a whopping $13.00 per week for 2 years into the pockets of taxpayers . So why do we need politicians to give us back our own money?

And then there's the "pork". Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has plans for a high speed rail from Los Angeles to Las Vegas that costs about $4 billion. Talk about a "bridge to nowhere", this train is for losers. "All aboard!" Maybe that's another use for the $250.00. How about "8 the hard way" ?

The stimulus headline crowded out the octuplet fiasco headline. That moron who had 8 additional children to add to the 6 that are hanging around already is certainly doing her part to stimulate demand and contribute to the growth of government spending. She should also contact Bill Gates. He regularly gives out money and help to Africans who routinely have 10 or more children who end up having an additional ten who have additional ten.....


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Propostion 8 Intolerance

Consider that most of the homosexuals one has met and disliked or didn't enjoy would have been equally evaluated if the homosexual were heterosexual. I.E. just because one is a homosexual, one's evaluation shouldn't have to be adjusted. If the homosexual is fragile, bitchy and quick to take offense like some heterosexuals then a fair response to both can be avoidance.

Consider It's the cyber equivalent of burning a cross on targeted groups lawn. was launched after the passage of California's Propostion 8 which forbade marriages between same sex couples. Eightmaps. com uses Google Maps of San Francisco, Utah and Orange County, CA to place arrows on the map along with the name, occupation, app. address and amount of money that was contributed by the targeted person for the passage of Prop 8. The obvious invitation to the map reader is to invite the reader to somehow respond to the targeted foe of homosexual marriage with some sort of appropriate or hateful counterattack. Boycotts, hateful emails and postal tricks have indeed followed from the launch of

Consider if some group got a hold of all the HIV/AIDS infected people in America and similarly flagged their name, address and occupation with Google Maps help? What do you think the homosexual community would do ? The bitches would take it to the streets.

Many of the backers of Prop 8 think once a generational change occurs in the U.S. the younger voters will pass same sex marriages. Think again. The qiuck spreading of HIV/AIDS infections may make the same sex marriage movement a one generation phenomenon.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Problem Attorneys : Final Solution

Ira Sorkin is a friend, investor and attorney for Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Sorkin presumably lost money with his investments in Madoff securities. But now Sorkin will defend Madoff against all criminal charges. I don't know what passes for normal friendship between shady consenting Jewish operators but they are still talking. Of course Ira is talking and Bernie is paying. Ira Sorkin is the quintessential form of attorney. Cheating and lying friends will not stop him from defending those same friends so they may delay or escape justice. There is one caveat: "Innocent until proven broke".

Here in San Francisco our Yellow Pages have 76 pages of attorneys ! There is no other professional category in the Yellow Pages that even comes close to that count. This fact begs the question," Are there any barriers to becoming an attorney?" The underlying fact that supports this legal infestation is the legal system rewards delay and by extension this includes rewarding lying and outright incompetence. No other professional pursuit rewards delay. Consequently the carrer attracts morally ambivalent people who can also be incompetent. One only needs an abundance of greed to succeed in the legal profession.

What's to be done to solve this predation? I'm intrigued by an old African rights of manhood ritual. This ritual happened before the European colonials and Bill Gates showed up. The custom was for young men to kill a lion with a spear ( my sympathy is with the lion). Then he would be considered a man worthy of respect from the tribe.

How about introducing a variation on that custom here in the U.S.? To wit, in the pursuit of real-time justice and to shed political correctness young men and women should be encouraged to slay attorneys with a weapon of choice to prove a break from childhood. Maybe a higher mark of ranking could be given if the slain lawyer was Jewish.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Money & Music & Bubbles

The spending monkeys in Congress in pursuit of reelection and mission creep passed the Federal Reserve Act Of 1913. The goal of the Act was "... to provide a ready reserve of liguid assets in case of financial panics". The term "liquid assets" was a clue to the intended or unintended consequences of the Act-I.E. BUBBLES FORM FROM LIQUIDS.

Interestingly in 1919 the song " I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" was composed by Jaan Kenbrown and John Kellette.
Partially, it went like this:

"Im forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high, nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams they fade and die"

In 1958 Stan Freberg composed a send-up of Lawrence Welk. The song was titled " Wunerful, Wunerful".

The song ended with this phrase:

"Help! Help! Wunerful,Wunerful
turn off the bubble machine. Help! Help!"

Monkeys shouldn't use money. It has the disastrous effect of multplying their greedy traits.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dianne Feinstein: Bad Symbol For Obama Presidency

The estimates of the worldwide viewing audience for Barack Obama's inaguration range to 2 billion. And who's face will all those people see first? It will be the face of Senator Dianne Feinstein ,the senior senator of the eternal Zionists in our senate. It's no accident that the symbolism of a Zionist "Calling to Order" and giving a "welcoming speech" went to AIPAC/Israel poster girl. Israel and AIPAC want the world to know that Obama's administration will be in the embrace of these bigots.

The acrid smell of phosphorus vapors can still be smelled in Gaza after the deaths of app. 1300 Palestinian deaths and app. 8000 wounded and the caricature of a war torn urban scene delivered by our "ally"Israel. Yet Feinstein is the first face of America that the world will view.
Feinstein's remarks will be unremarkable. She's not charismatic nor engaging. She will be seen for what she is-the incarnation of AIPAC/Israel flipping the bird to the world and that includes us here at home.

If they ever go after Feinstein, I won't hide her.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama & The Lincoln Comparison

Why is Barack Obama trying to pass himself off as resembling Abraham Lincoln? Lincoln was the president who rejected "states rights" to the point of Civil War. The carnage of the war between the states in todays numbers would be over 6,000,000 total deaths in the Union and Confederate armies alone. The civilian deaths and wounded, loss of infrastructure, damage to private property and degredation to the environment was immensely untold.

Slavery was legal but on its way out. Morality aside, technology was close to making the business model of slavery uneconomic. The Civil War was an overeach by North and South. Does America really want another anarchistic-type president who will use the power of his office for yet MORE central planning and control? Will the majorities he enjoys in Congress insure more central planning is on the way? Consequently will the divisevness in American society only expand along "states rights" issues which include, education, health care and most importantly the legal paradigm that will prevail.

Why does Obama evoke Lincoln? Can't he stand on his own? Is he just playing a part? I 'm nervous.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remember The Border Fence?

One of the legacies of the spending monkeys in Washington will be the environmentally disastrous and expensive U.S./Mexican border Fence. The 670 mile fence was constructed to halt the illegal immigration flow rather than simply enforcing existing laws concerning hiring illegals. Well with the U.S. unemployment rate heading north of 8% the el norte flow of Mexican illegals has slowed considerably and in fact a lot of the illegals are heading south/sur back to old Mexico.

So how can the conservative boondoggle fence project be made into a liberal spending monkey boondoggle project? How about retrofitting the wall with doors that only have handicapped handles and ramps that open on the north side? What about port o' potties and showers on the U.S. side? Custom agents asking, " Anything to declare AND is ther anything we can do for you before you leave?" If the illegals can't think of anything then a booklet can be provided with a departing benefits list. The book includes a right to a needle exchange; G.P.S. device; 50 rounds of cartridges; water; food ; army enlistment flyer with automatic citizenship; condoms; black orphans; "Joys Of Judiaism" book; Senator Barbara Boxer's private number - studs ONLY; the novella "Barbara Boxer : To Be Young, Hot And Jewish At The Domino Club In San Francisco In The 1970s"; an easy to inseminate a woman lifer on death row kit and the little advertised legal benefits to common law spouses that flow from that legal act; a switchblade knife guarenteed to be manufactured in Iran but operating manual is in Hebrew; etc.


Friday, January 16, 2009

New Sitcom: " The Jews Meet The Mother-In-Law"

Seinfeld's producers have quickly marked up a pilot script for a possible new TV sitcom. The working title is " The Jews Meet The Mother-In-Law". The theme song will be the 1961 hit " Mother-In-Law" by Ernie K-Doe. The story is based on the fact that Barack Obama's mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, will be moving into the White House. There she will confront and engage in" honest opinions" dialogue with the numerous cadre of Jews that surround the new president. It's all about race credentials and promises to be great fun. It will be like the 1970s hit sitcom Norman Lear's "All In The Family". Only Marian will be the bigoted African-American and Chief Of Staff Rahm Emmanuel will be the bigoted Jew.

Part of the pilots script has been leaked to the media and I got it. The scene opens in the White House. Mother-in-law Marian Robinson meets Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel outside the Oval Office.

Marian: Hey boy, where's my son-in-law?

Rahm: Shouldn't you be in uniform? There's someone at the door.

Marian: It's the Reverend Jeremiah Wright coming to call, Jew Boy. And you know what he thinks of your kind. I dated Jerry for a while and he got some of his opinions about people like you from me.

Rahm: Listen you tub of shit, don't you pull rank on me. My slave credentials are longer than yours.

Marian: And rightly so. You should be segregated and enslaved. We Africans were minding our business in OUR OWN COUNTRY when we were boarded on ships. What's that on your head?

Rahm: It's a yarmulke you ignorant cow. It's a head covering of distinction.

Marian: Why don't you Jews pay a little more and get a real hat like the fedora the Kingfish wore in "Amos 'n Andy"? The yami is just the remnants of fedora . The stuff that's cut out. Boy you people are cheap.

Rahm: Listen I have'nt the time to bicker. We both know why we are here. It's to get WASP's. So can't we work together?

Marian: I will think about it.

The picture fades out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Do We Need Banks?

Today Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was pleading for more money. He said banks need more capital if the economy is to recover.

Why do we need banks? What's their value-added? Let them fail. They use other peoples assets and skim more than their fair share for themselves. So why not eliminate these bad managers and their stockholders who can't be trusted and let people be responsible for their own assets? I'm sure people can more carefully protect their assets than the over-paid predators that run our banks. Individuals can loan people money and collect interest just as easily as a bank can. And if they can't, then that's their own problem.

There is way too much financial linkage between people. By definition that linkage grows till it fails because of it's unwieldly size. Time for a new paradigm. I suggest a barter system. Let's get rid of the parasites like the greasers in government and Wall Street that script Bernanke's message.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Roland Burris & Al Franken Promise Heath Ledger National Holiday


In what looks like a public relations coup to seat U.S. Senate aspirants Roland Burris from Illinois and Al Franken from Minnesota, both have agreed to introduce legislation for a Heath Ledger National Appreciation Day.

The pre-announcement has lit up Washington phone banks with gleeful calls from morons around the globe for the immediate swearing- in of the 2 politicians.

Heath's legacy writes yet another page.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Day After The "End Of Days"

According to the believers and vendors in all things related to "doomsday", the date will be December 21, 2012 @ 11:11 G.M.T. This date has been gleaned from disparit sources that include the Book Of Revelations, the Mayan Calander , predictions of Merlin and the Chinese philosophy I Ching.

A simpler explanation of the December date would be that the spookiest dates for these northern hemisphere inhabitants are the shortest and coldest days. And therefore any culture or race would become the most fearful during these times and speculate on the "end days". And so scientists will indeed find what they are looking for if they focus on the winter month. But suppose we all don't perish in about 3 years from now? What will we all do?

More relevantly speaking, suppose the rescue efforts of our self serving central planning politicians fails and our democratic way of government goes the way of the Dodo Bird? What we all do? Frankly I will play the cards I'm dealt. Grand economic schemes by thieving politicians and lobbyists shouldn't succeed anyway. I will take care of me and mine.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama Revisits Past For Future Plan

This is what Obama really said at a press conference yesterday:

O: " We are in an severe economic downturn. It was brought on by years of fiscal mismanagement. Simply we have been living beyond our means both in the private and public sectors."

Reporter: " What do you propose to do about this looming meltdown?"

O: " I am proposing to spend massive amounts of money that we don't have to jump start the economy so that we can have breathing room for fiscal responsible policies in the future."

Reporter: " Why not do fiscal responsible policies now so we can avoid making the same mistake again? For instance why don't you stop both wars and make across the board federal spending cuts now? "

O: " I promise to do what you suggest in my second term."

Reporter: " How will the planet redeem all the demands of the new money and debt? Are we not growing faster than forests right now?

O: " I will address that question in my second term."

Reporter: " I always thought that NOW was always a good time for fiscal responsibility."

O: " NOW spelled backwards is WON. I WON. I will determine when NOW is.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Orphans From Gaza: The Next Jewish Holocaust

The 1978 movie " The Boys From Brazil" speculated on Nazi, Dr. Josef Mengele trying to clone an Adolf Hitler reincarnation. The goal was to start up a Fourth Reich and continue the Nazi's policies which included the genocide of all Jews.

That was fiction. But a fact is the kids from Gaza coming to a Jewish neighborhood near you in the not to distant future. They may be orphans or missing limbs or just traumatized by the Israeli genocide of Palestinians taking place in Gaza now. That's on top of the 40 year occupation and slow- motion genocide that the Zionists have been engaged.

Couple all that with the severe world-wide economic slow down, and Zionist infuenced governments around the globe-the U.S. now has 16 Jewish senators and 30 Reps in the House- and all the ingredients are in place for a revisiting of the run up to World War II.

This time let's get it right. Stay out of affairs that are not important to American security. Let the Zionists meet their personal destiny alone.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Condi Rice And The Watermelon Frappiano

Secretary Of State Condi Rice screams at her assistant, " No more watermelon frappianos till I finish with these calls. I'm determined to be assumed as being part of the Israeli/Palestinian cease fire when it happens. Hell the Israelis are running out of targets and I will be left out".

Condi stomps her size 10 foot. She shatters her 8th Ferragamo high heel. Simultaneously picking her ear and nose she dials George. He picks up the phone wrong way around and answers, " Hi Condi". He mostly always answers " Hi Condi" because she's mostly the only one that calls because George is the only one that takes her seriously.

Condi screams, "Switch the phone around". She continues, " George , how can I be seen to be part of the peace process?"

George blurts out an insight," Condi , you will have a tough time being seen because you are black and don't reflect light very well".

Condi slams down the phone and yells, " Get me a watermelon frappiano ASAP".