Monday, October 28, 2019


While we were in the dark because PG & E turned off the power due to it choosing prudence. Governor Newson had a bright idea.Get Warren Buffett to buy Pacific Gas And Electric out of bankruptcy and get our state operational. Of course you can trust Buffett.I do. I believe he makes good deals. That's how he became one of the worlds richest men.But he doesn't do favors. Particularly to pencil neck governors who have no talent. Newsom's only achievement of sorts was backing into Gordon Getty's billion through a family connection. Then he parlayed that into spending other wealthy people's money in bidding for votes from "victims"in the California state. Along the way he got a seat at Hollywood's free lunch table by letting them all get married. The outcome of that liason is yet to be seen . Hollywood moguls love interest versus Gavin's sanctuary city policies. It's this way. Do you think illegal criminals from south of the border will respect the LGBTQ in Hollywood? Mama in ole Mexico never taught about weird relationships.Actually Buffett made a statement about California real estate in 2018. He sold his property in Laguna Beach for $7.5 million. He reduced the price from $11 million when it was priced in 2017.Maybe Warren wanted out of Cal real estate because the date of Gavins taking office from the other profile-in doubt Jerry Brown.I'm feeling anxious. Gavin in Sacramento. The gods above might figure we California voters don't care and for that frivolous attitude they might send a big earthquake. I didn't vote for Newson or for Brown.

Sunday, October 27, 2019


The popular narrative in California's wildfire holocaust is that Pacific Gas And Electric should be vilified for profiting from electricity sales and distribution while at the same time it creates sparks from its equipment that creates an inferno. At the same time in this progressive infested state is that California already has more "social policy victims" per square inch than all the causalities from all the wars that have been fought at any time and at any place.Some Californians would be less upset if PG&E would disappear and a government bureaucracy would take its place and make no profits. One could count on no profits and probably more expenses in a state run business where no one is fired or criticized. That fall back position is a kind of schadenfreude substitute that mans id defaults to on these no-win situations.But would that solve the problem? Could government do a better job? Please think a bit longer before jumping into the fire from the frying pan.Here's my rhetorical question. Should electricity be in the wilderness? Shouldn't electricity be confined to urban treeless areas where only humans can receive the upside and the downside of its transformative powers?