Friday, September 28, 2007

Pity The Jena Six: They Don't Know Any Better

What's the difference legally between the symbolic display of noose on a school campus tree and attempted murder? While you ponder, add what you think the puishment should be for either.

The Jena Six African-Americans think that beating one white boy unconscious and leaving him possibly dead is a justifiable retaliation for the symbolic nooses being displayed. The Six have much support in the African American community and also whites who feel guilty for whatever reason.

Times up.You should have arriveed at an answer. New question: What has the Civil Rights movement done to improve critical thinking and race relations in America?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Israel: Gorged On Hate

Israeli war planes bombed an alledged Syrian nuclear facility a few days ago. What timing. Gee, I wonder if they are serious about the upcoming peace negotiations with the Palestinians whom they have subjected to a slow-motion genocide for the past 60 years?

And then there was the killing over 1000 Lebanese civilians last year in retaliation for the abduction of some Israeli soldiers which was in retaliation for an illegal occupation of Lebanon. And then there was the Israeli/AIPAC influence for the illegal , criminal Iraqi war. And then there is the present push by Israel/AIPAC for a war with Iran.

What makes Israel tick? I think it's hate. The country largely thrives on the breeder reactor of hate. It's their peculiar, signature, nuclear, social glue.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GM & UAW Leadership vs. UAW Rank & File

General Motors has offered the United Auto Workers leadership $ 50 billion to fund the outstanding liabilities of health care costs of the UAW rank and file.The effective triangulation is in the form of a VEBA-voluntary employee beneficiary association. It puts UAW leadership in the sweet spot of managing a $50 billion fund with all the perks and deals that creatively can be made at the expense of the rank and file membership. And it removes GM from any future health care liability. It's a cinch the UAW management can say NO to it's membership a lot easier than GM can. GM nearly went broke saying YES to the UAW.

Monday, September 17, 2007

S.F. Housing Authority: Not At Fault

Are we drawing the correct conclusions from the housing mess at S.F.'s Hunters View? Reports of mold, mice, rats, broken sewer pipes, etc. abound at housing run by the S.F. Housing Authority.

Point: Hundreds of millions were spent constructing and furnishing these publicly funded dwellings.

Point: After some years of said structures being inhabited, hygienic problems arise as mentioned.

Questions: Does housing self-litter? Are rats and mice attrcted to human food not properly stored? Sewars and pipes sometimes get blocked no matter what part of town they exist. Should residents call a plumber for help?

Conclusion: People create messes. Also people who do not understand or appreciate hygiene are doomed to suffer the ill effects of a lack of hygiene. Some residents of Hunters View would do better at an animal rescue shelter.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vacuum Bomb: Correctly Named New Russian Bomb

Russia exploded it's "vacuum bomb". The air explosion is so intense that it creates a vacuum which resonates with the combustion of explosives and vaporizes all in it's fallout area. The name vacuum is appropriate. A lack of leadership or if you will a vacuum of sane, diplomatic leadership leads neatly to a vacuum cleaner approach to all living things.

Monkeys shouldn't have such technology.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11: Lesson

The attacks of 9/11 were not a valadation of our imperial foreign policy. The attacks were more like the rent we must pay for occupying others lands and cultures. Nothing is free.

A Prayer For Too Tall Buildings In San Francisco

The Transbay Authority is about to adopt the recommendation of it's advisory jury and allow the building of a 1200 foot tower high-rise at First and Mission Streets. The objective of the new Transbay Terminal and office complex is primarily to accomodate and in fact nurture an increaase of traffic through the downtown area of the city. You know, "If we build it they will come". So there will be more cars, mores buses, more trains, more people, more noise, more pollution.

Eight hundred of the 1200 foot tower will be new office space. So that will add to the demand of our incresingly limited water supplies and sewage treatment facilities. The builders are throwing in a 5.4 acre elevated park as a chump change tip to the eco-crowd. Let's see, app. 250,000 sq.foot park subtracted from 1.8 million sq.foot project doesn't qualify the project as anything but a eco-disaster.

It will probably get built. But I predict one day it will fall because of the unstable land and the hubris of it's height irresistibly temtps nature. Hopefully the jerks that built it are in the building at the time.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pelosi & Reid Should Go On Hunger Strike

Poor Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, they can't get the votes to end the war. Well why are they in Washington? Get the frickin votes ! Don't blame others. Make use of the bully pulpit that they have access to bring peoples attention to the necessary closure of this criminal escapade in Iraq.

Why don't they announce a hunger strike or play the air-guitar or stop taking AIPAC money for only one month or do a love scene. Anything that will grab the publics attention and keep pressure on the administration and it's war mongering holdouts of both parties to change their postions.

The competition in Iraq gives their lives so they might influence U.S. policies. The least this pair of overpaid and over dressed pair of Congressional fakers can do is try harder and try anything.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Zionist Paul Bremer: American Viceroy In Iraq

After WW II Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Gen. George Patton were made U.S. viceroys in Japan and Germany respectively. Compare the likes of those two to Paul Bremer. Bremer was made U.S. viceroy in Iraq after the invasion. What were his credentials? Bremer is a Zionist and a business partner of Henry Kissinger . Kissinger is close to former Dept. of Defense official Richard Perle who is also a Zionist who together have interests in warmongering in Iraq and elsewhere through the Trireme Organization.

Bremer is in the NYT today in an op-ed piece denying he made the decision to disband the Iraqi army as his first declaration. He claims it came from higher up. The question that he did or didn't is almost besides the fact that he shouldn't have had that high postion in the first place.

An unstable Iraq brought on by a disbanding of the Iraqi army would insure an American presence in the Middle East for a long time to come. And this would be in the interests of Zionists to have Israel's flank protected and also make hundreds of millions for warmongers.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sunday, September 02, 2007

San Francisco Tall Buldings Without Open Windows

QUESTION: Why are tall buildings built on San Francisco unstable landfill that are themselves the debris of former earthquakes?

ANSWER: More money is to be made in the economies of scale of taller buildings.

QUESTION: Why do these same buildings keep out the freshest air on the planet by having windows that don't open?

ANSWER: Buildings cost less to build that have windows that don't open.

CONCLUSION: So San Francisco builders have opted to rely on it's faults and to shut out it's strengths.