Saturday, May 28, 2016

Captain America : Free Of Guilt

Captain America's franchise appeal is his freedom from guilt. He doesn't have cause celebre associates. No blacks, jews , hispanics , homosexuals, transgenders, emasculated whites, feminists and charactures of all other races. He isn't politically correct or think much of civil rights.He's a breath of fresh air to the crowded stage of legalistic humans that exist only to drain vitality and money from the strong. I don't think the creators of the modern edition knew that part of his attraction. Marvels Comics character originally created in the 1940's didn't experience the guilt merchandising by minorities and their attorneys and political reps in government and in education.So now the beaten down straight white man and woman have a new influence to take some strength and inspiration.No revision of history. No bias in history.Just action based on the times without guilt. Only survival counts.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Whims Are Not Rights

It started with the whim"....all men are created equal..."which is included in the second paragraph of the Declaration Of Independence.It was the rational for the founding fathers to object and revolt English rule.But if they really believed it why then did they wage a genocide on the native indians? No. It was lawyer talk.In this usage it was fancy. We are in fact known by our differences. But the seed was planted. From that seed came the Civil War which ostensibly was fought to free the kitchen help whose immediate relatives were still in Africa eating termite larvae.But they were our equal.The real cause of the Civil War was tariffs and taxation and growing power of central government.Then came the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The blacks we freed had many children who thought it would be easier to get ahead if they burned down parts of urban cities and demand to be left alone in their pursuits. But those pursuits cost money and please keep the checks coming --or else.The Civil Rights Act carried additional protected classes who wanted some of this respect. Aretha Franklin covered it. And now a queer too far has demanded it's rights. The notional transgender sans operation wants its whims made into rights. Sorry.Not in my space.There exists more technology and legal apparatus and fiat money than good or wholesome ideas on how to use them.There exists 7 billion humans---too too many.Many will have to keep their whimsy to themselves. Maybe Zuckerbergs Oculus head set would do?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hollywood And The F Word

I walked out of Money Monster last night. I walked out of The Big Short a month ago.Both Hollywood treatments of Wall Street scandals and indigenous characters were devalued of entertainment value for me because of the constant use of the F..word.George Clooney headed up the Jodie Foster directed film.Actually Clooney opened the picture in the head. Talking through the bathroom door to a dilapidated Julia Roberts.Her enormous mouth is only good when smiling. She didn't smile at the door of the rest room. From the start to fifteen minutes later when I threw in the towel the F.. word was in constant use. The same was true of The Big Short which lasted for me one half hour.What is it about the F..word? That present day Hollywood writers resort to its use gratuitously ? Well. It pads the script . A writer can count on the countless use of the F..word to fill out the dialogue.Director John Ford said acting was in the eyes.Maybe when one can't act they substitute expletives for dramatic acting effect.Bathroom scenes are another standard for placement in modern movies.I wonder why.Do Hollywood soirees include following guests to the restroom to keep continuity in the conversation? Maybe when screen writers combine the F..word with bathroom scenes, vomiting and gratuitous sex it adds up to sign language. After all our schools don't teach critical and nuanced thinking so vulgar sign language at a ultra low level makes contact with the morons that pay to see these kind of Hollywood movies.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

LGBTQ Parade: Who or What's Left In Closet?

Hurry, hurry hurry. Come see what or who next will come out of the closet. Remember the campus stunts of how many students could fit into a small car?I think the record is twenty.Now the LGBTQ community is stunting new combinations of its homosexual base. The calculus in theory could combine infinite parsing of the human sexual orientation. And they have not tapped stem cell concoctions yet.They have reached this alphabet by mere legal machinations, judicial activism and political pandering. Who is left in the closet? The latest entry into the sexual super combo is the transgender who only has to state an identity of choice. In theory it may only be for a day. But to hear the progressives tell the tale that notional signal by the tranny demands deference.So Harvard can field a track and field team that may include trannys competing in both women and men events at the same time. Of course the scheduling will have to change so that a conflicted transgender won't be required to run in both the men and women event the same day. That would conflict with equal protection for conflicted entries.We have 7 billion people on the planet. Trying to make room for innocents is tough enough.Trouble makers can easily be excluded.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Angela Alioto Represents San Francisco Values

Civil Rights Attorney Angela Alioto is running again. No.It's not from her past. She should.But as a attorney/politician/czar of the homeless people in San Francisco/champion of freaks in the LGBT community/poster shrew for cause celebre San Francisco minorities who she represents on contingency to shake down legal citizens who were just trying to run a business.Ang is running for County Central Committee of the democratic party.She says, " I represent san Francisco values". Oh.What are those values today?Any new illegals crossed into S.F City and County border that we have to change settled law so they can be shoe horned in? Or was a new LGBT stem cell petri dish life form developed and was patented by Castro Street Partners LLC for their plan to become a majority?Or does she want to push voting rights be attached to birth certificates with the provision that parents can vote for the infant until he/she/it becomes 18.That birth right voter registration would naturally select for cause celebre minorities which vote for people like Ang. There is a connection between San Francisco values and being born.If you were born yesterday San Francisco values are very comfortable.

Trump And Gingrich? Sensitive Material Warnings To Liberals & Progressives

Sensitive material warnings were reserved for serious subjects. An example would be animal abuse. I support PETA , People For Ethical Treatment Animals, which includes a monthly check and my own response to email campaign to animal abusers.Now sensitive material warnings are routinely used to warn weenies at universities and social media news venders about perceived social missteps in reporting on the freaks within our midst.An example would be not treating transgender people as worthy of consideration for adoption or not hiring one as a dress model.Well here's my warning about Donald Trump's possible choice for Vice President. Warning: Material that may be offensive to progressives keeps popping up and here goes another pop. Newt Gingrich may be chosen to run with The Donald.Many of you may not know that the former Speaker of The House was the reason for the prosperity during Bill Clinton A.K.A Ozark Caligula presidency. Bill and Al Gore won the election because Ross Perot split the republican vote. Clinton's first policy gambit was to propose a BTU tax.Long story short because of that proposal the democrats lost both the house and the senate and Newt Gingrich became Speaker and implemented the republicans "Contract With America". It was made up of ten points that included balancing the budget. And so it happened that way. Lying Billy after a few years started to claim that the ideas of conservative approach to government was his idea all the time.But with an articulate Newt Gingrich exposing Clinton's false claims Trump could not do better to shoot down Clinton's wife who feels smug about Bill's revised place in history.Hopefully the bitch will get indicted before those debates. I wonder how red her face will get and how high her squeaky voice will get when she gets the news.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Transgender, LGBT, GMO, FDA & Civil Rights

North Carolina in March of this year passed the "Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act".It "Requires transgender people ( and everyone else ) to use public restrooms according to the biological sex on the birth certificate."That's straight forward.But there are many people who for one reason or another can't play it straight. Transgender people would rather take a refined meat cleaver to their body and remove unwanted reminders of who they are. In addition the mutated tranny uses hormonal drugs to grow new bodily signs of the adopted sex.And guess what? He/she/it wants no questions asked nor any restrictions on he/she/its freedom of movement.Well....I object along with the North Carolina legislature and dare say many others in America. The LGBT community is in the forefront of backlash. That acronym covers other non straight people.Normal non straights have been around. But transgenders are new on the block. Smug LGBTs think they can grandfather T's as acceptable social entities.Don't think so. In fact it may cost the LGBs some political clout.Transgenders are freaks. Lawyers or politicians all of whom can't play it straight can't make transgenders acceptable by hocus pocus civil rights laws. Transgenders are properly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.Considering the extensive alterations to transgenders in both surgical and drug related procedures they more resemble genetically modified organisms. And that's where the FDA should come in.Stupidity should be restricted/eradicated when public health both physical and mental are jeopardized. And that' where we are at.