Monday, January 31, 2011

Humans: How Did We Get Here?

The New York Times carried an article about some recently discovered tools of prehistoric man. They were found in southern Saudi Arabia some 127, ooo years earlier than previously thought early humans left West Africa.

Most scientist use modern values or assumptions when analyzing early fossil records. They assumed that about 60,000 years ago a group of primates left Africa and colonized the world. The scientists would assume that early man was energetic. Maybe. But if todays species and decendants of those early roamers is of any connection I've doubts. Most people I read about stay put and are lazy.

About 225 million years ago all the continents on earth were in one spot. It was a super continent called Pangea. Since then the tectonic plates that supported individuals parts of Pangea drifted apart. Now our maps of our globe depict the latest dispostions. I think that the moving sidewalks of tectonic plates got people around in a rather lazy fashion witch suits our personalities. All fruit doesn't drop far from the tree.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

All You Need to Know About Foreign Policy

Foreign policy in a nutshell: If you can't occupy it, then you can't defend it , then it doesn't belong to you, then it's time to go.

Wisdom doesn't need power or much of anything else.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Silvio Berlesconi Offers Deal

A desperate Silvio Berlesconi, Prime Minister of Italy, has offered a deal to opponents. Silvio has been tied to numerous sex scandals including under age and under- the- table affairs. In exchange for retaining his postion, he will  get a GPS surgicically placed in his body. The tracking systems will also be available on Twitter and Facebook. His movements, pardon any puns, will be tracked 24/7. In fact the pugnacious grease ball has thrown down a challenge to all world politicians/characters to follow his example. Bill Clinton is studying the proposal and has commisioned a poll before commenting. Goldman Sachs is considering making a market on the reliability of the GPS device and publishing the markets on the social networks venues. Mayor Bloomberg has immediately pleaded no contest. He was quoted, " Why would anyone want to know the sex life of a five foot kike.?"George W Bush was napping and didn't return any calls.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Competitive America Requires Critical Thinking, Bias & Discrimination

The Presidents State of the Union was on last night. Our deacon, Barack Obama was preaching. His rolling voice, piercing stares and waving body parts were in the fore. Much like his hero MLK. His theme was , "We have to compete". OK deacon. That's a fair directive.But to really compete, competitors have to have critical thinking abilities that are encouraged. To compete there can't be affirmative action in favor of morons of any color, religion or sex. To compete, sensible, non codified  bias and discrimination has to be allowed to flourish. Hey deacon, can you and your moron groupies compete in that atomosphere?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Olbermann vs Lieberman ?

Neither MSNBC nor Keith Olbermann want to talk about the real reason why Keith was so abruptly fired yesterday. Maybe it had something to do with Olbermann's rant about retiring Senator Joe Lieberman? Olbermann starts by calling Lieberman "delusional" and a "liar" and says "good riddance". He then asks  rhetorically to democrats at large, "What problem do dems have with delusional Joe's policies with the exception of the estate taxes, the Bush tax cuts, school vouchers, gay marriage, homeland security, the public option, the Medicare buy in, privatizing Social security, tort reform and foreign policy choices?"

Could it be that Keith crossed the line and publically criticized a major Zionist politician? Helen Thomas is a recent example.And Keith's heritage is pure German and that conjures up all kinds of stereotypes. If Zionists were a stock, I'd be short.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Michelle Obama's Red Dress

Glory be at the state dinner for China's Hu Jintoa! Did you get a load of Michelle Obama's red dress? She was inside these incredible layers of bold, fuck- you- if- you- don't- like- it- screaming-red-dress that could have been previouly desired/owned by Areatha or Oprah. So here is another unintended consequences of the American Civil War-the poor casualties of North and South who died for nothing. Methinks the dress is much about getting even. During the Civil rights era, white peoples conspicuous consumption was highlighted and criticized by Dr. King and other southern black demagogues as examples of the false values of America's ruling elite and their disregard for blacks who were in need. But give this black a chance and lo and behold, she steals the spotlight from the honored guest with the conspicuously consumptive red dress.

President Obama tried to put the best face on the questionable dress choice. He was heard talking to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, "Do you think Michelle looks too much like a Polish Jew?" Ah the kike and the darky refreshingly play at mock sophistication.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Can You Conquer Boredom? Should You ?

Most everyone can have fun. Most everyone can be sad. But how many can deal with boredom? If one can endure and accept boredom as a legitimate temporay state then one can do most anything. Boredom gets a bad rap. It usually means that one is between projects or goals. Even Hurcules sat down. Treat boredom as a check out time for your personality inventory. Not someone elses idea of acceptable personality traits inventory but your own. Rushing mindlessly into novel adventures to escape boredom is the wrong conclusion.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

African Consumerism: Supermarkets in the Mist

The Wall Street Journal was gushing about the prospects for a consumerism launch in Africa. The subtitle reads" As Disposable Incomes Continue to Climb, Multinationals Shift Focus From Resources [extraction] to Retail". Gee , what could possibly go wrong? Well, how about the continent slowly turns into a Haiti look- alike ? Maybe add supermarkets in the mist without a janitor to pick up in the parking lots. Multiplex theaters that feature R-rated films starring rappers and pimps. Huge freeways along side national parks and wildlife preserves. Establishing welfare roles to cement central power by politicians. African states able to step up in class of arms purchases. In short, it will look more like the West which is not necessarily a good thing.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fidel Castro Saddened at Gabrielle Giffords Assassination Attempt

Jared Lee Loughner attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths and wounded of others at the scene in Tucson ,Arizona drew international responses of shock and sympathy . One was Fidel Castro who wrote an opinion piece in his personal state controlled media. It was titled " An Atrocious Act". In part he said: " ....even those of us who don't share at all the politics and philosophies of the Obama Administration, desire that no children, judges, legislators or citizens of the United States die in such an absurd and unjustifiable way."

But Fidel, isn't this the way you got your job and your personal media when you killed and fought the legitimate Cuban government ? Maybe you should have said nothing and should retire from preaching.

Speaking of broken moral compass preachers. NBC's Zionists producers of "Meet The Press "rolled out Zionist Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat from Florida. Florida? No one in Arizona? Apparently to NBC that wasn't the spin they wanted . Giffords was also a Zionist. The producers fear that Israel has more to lose than the U.S. if a rebellion succeeds or if Israel supporters in Congress are cut down.  Schultz preached , "Rhetoric needs to be toned down". OK. Debbie. When you stop being an operative for Israel and supporting their criminal activities which include routine murders of Palestinians then maybe we will think you more worthy of giving advice.  

Popular speculation for Loughner's attempted assassination centered on his dislike of the Obama healtcare bill and runaway illegal immigration in his state of Arizona. Rep. Giffords was an ultra liberal democrat who supported Obama's policies and was soft on illegal immigration. But I suspect her support of Israel had something to do with the assassination.  A "shaken "and buckled Obama commented on the "tragedy for our country". Maybe the big "O" has a guilty conscience and or is scared . Well, that's life in the political fast lane.

Loughner has severe mental problems. Fidel Castro could pass for normal. Loughner killed six. Castro killed thousands but promised to split the profits . Popular opinion makes one a murderer and one a hero. Why does America support no share of the profit Zionists? We're stupid.