Monday, August 22, 2016

Obama's Final Executive Order

What will Obama do if Hillary loses? Dreams of his legacy being continued and embellished will crash on the rocks of reality.But he still will have two months to make a difference. Difference in the form of him exercising his executive authority.Perhaps he could make Hillary and his defeated legions into a protected class?How about issuing Disabled Persons Placards to the losing faithful? At the least they would get free parking . And in the best results could form a new class of voter/ citizen that could achieve any goal with legal fees paid for by pro bono attorneys.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Chicago Story: Where's Investigative Reporting ?

This past weekend in Chicago tallied over 50 shootings and 9 deaths.Gun shootings year to date are approximately 2600 vs last years 2800 shootings total for the entire year.Why aren't there any reps of news venders or magazines that are asking questions of locals in Chicago? For instance. Why do they think these horrendous deeds are happening? What are the profiles of the shot and the shooters? What are the profiles of the mothers, fathers and relatives of the involved? What schooling have they had? Did they learn anything? Do they vote?Do they think the government has helped or hurt conditions in Chicago? Why no remarks from Trump or Clinton or the Johnson of the Libertarian party about how they would address these critical issues? Or are we all to just treat this as new normal?Nothing stays the same. It either grows or dies.Looks like growth of chaos in Chicago is a better bet if no talks about it.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marijuana Should Be Legal

Today the U.S. government or better the Big Pharma Lobby through its official ventriloquist dummy called DEA- Drug Enforcement Administration-refused to reschedule marijuana as an acceptable controlled substance .So Big Pharma can rest easy for now.Customers a.k.a. drug addicts will have to use patented expensive Pfizer, Merck, Galaxo etc officially sanctioned drugs who have lobbyists with perqs and money to give to congress.The charade that marijuana is dangerous is arguable. It's dangerous to Big Pharma profits but not necessarily to rank and file users. Users should petition their reps in government. Ask them to work for blanket national legal distribution.Maybe add a disclaimer that users are old enough to judge what's good for them.Maybe even wear a wrist band so in the event paramedics are called for an over dose. The wrist band will alert."Leave Me Alone I'm This way For A Good Reason".

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump & Guns

So yesterday The Donald mentions the fact of one or more openings on the supreme court that will be filled by either him or Clinton. He also goes on to mention in passing that if Hillary gets the chore gun rights may be curtailed.He further comments that if those gun rights are scaled back gun owners might be upset. That's it. From those observations/predictions the weenies in the media and the progressives/democrats deduce an assassination may be in the crystal ball for Hillary.That's a stretch. Limiting gun rights would be an aggressive act that would be met with opposition. Who would doubt that? But an assassination of the president?Lets face it when adults can't talk about serious topics in public we will need gun rights more than ever.Our nations is largely weenies on both sides worrying about victims both artificially produced or born naturally.We weren't born to worry about victims. We are here to survive in a responsible way and live humanely with others.Any other plan is a scheme for crooks and losers to get something for nothing.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Trump, Clinton Debates: Reaching Victims

The upcoming presidential debates will feature plain talking Donald Trump against the high priestess of political correctness Hillary Clinton.Both will be trying to lure non base voters .Trump has an up hill battle trying to get through to millions who have been dumbed down in pursuit of equality at the schools. Conversely Hillary Clinton has perfected the judicious speaking style when appealing to victims.In general when one speaks to a victim speak slowly without wit or nuance. Trump speaks his mind with wit sarcasm and bluster.That's dangerous. But do we want change. I do.Victims and their supporters are boring and largely disingenuous-trying to game the system.

Burqa: Hidden Attraction In Western Culture

Why is the burqa so maligned in western culture ? A burqa is an enveloping outer garment used by women who follow the teachings of the prophet in the religion of Islam.The Quran states in part " Oh prophet! Say to your wives and you daughters and the women of the faithful to draw their outer garment close around themselves....". And that includes covering the face!Do you think Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan or Hillary Clinton or Sonia Sotamajor or Ruth Ginsburg or Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer or et al of the feminist bitch groups would stand still with humane oblivion? Covering their face and mouth would be worse than bringing back the chastity belt. Our modern day bitches want to be heard particularly when they make no sense. Because they understand the power of repetition in a land where bitch slapping is not politically correct nor legal.So men should break with women on the burqa in public use. Lets not leave out the LGBTQ community.Cross dressing fits their life styling. Never have a bathroom choice problem again. Put the burqa on and feel free to go where you please on bathroom choices. Burqa also dissuades would be gropers because of questions about who is behind the cover all garment.Embrace the burqa.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Zuckerberg- Facebook Moon Shot

It's been less than a week since Facebook's blowout quarter. Chief Executive Officer and Founder Mark Zuckerberg hasn't slept well since then. His problem is "What will I do next?".How about a direct world wide message to announce his plans for mankind? The technology exists. Jeff Bezos of Amazon has Blue Origin which will send and return space craft to the moon. Elon Musk of Tesla has SpaceX which can do similar feats.Mark could steal the spotlight from both those bigger than life moguls by literally going over their heads with a holographic moon shot. How about a ten minute sneak preview of Mark's vision of the future and where we might fit in projected on the next full moon? Zuckerberg could be costumed as the good shepherd. Like Jesus who was also Jewish Mark could communicate directly with his flock. It would be cost effective in terms of audience reach. It would expose virtual reality Oculus users to a shock of reality while not damaging sales. The stunt would cover two distinct markets.The promise of his bar mitzvah would be fulfilled and his mother would be proud.Check your calendar. Mark's face on the moon is coming with the next full moon shot.