Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 : Economic & Political Predictions

The basis of the economic predictions is the waning of the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus brought about by 9/11 and the resulting Middle East War.

a) The stock market will decline 20-25%.
b) GM will declare bankruptcy.
c) Job growth will fall below 2005 levels.
d) Home prices on average will fall 7-10%.
e) The government deficit will be higher than expected and the dollar will fall. But counterintuitively, deflation will be a bigger threat than inflation. Cash will be king.

The political predictions will reflect the backlash of voters towards the gloomy economic results.

a) Cheney will leave office. Health will be the reasons given. Rice will be appointed Vice-President.
b)Rove will be indicted.
c) Bush will be impeached only if the House changes hands in 2006.
d) Hillary Clinton's presidential momentum will fizzle further.
e) John McCain will emerge as the Republicans Presidential favorite.
f) Economic stagnation will lead to a drift to isolationist economic policies.
g) We will get a pretty tough immigration reform.
h) AIPAC/Israel will be caught in wide ranging and long term espionage activities.
i) Paul " The Merchant of Menace" Wolfowitz will not convert to Christianity.

Develop and trust your instincts and live a healthy life.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Thomas " Torquemada" Friedman: Holocaust Inquisitor

N.Y. Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman today rants about the President of Iran calling the Holocaust a " myth". He calls for world-wide energy conservation to choke off influence buying by Iranian petro-dollars. The influence he refers to is the oil/gas deals that Iran has with Russia, China and India. With these deals in place , Friedman fears that Iran will now have veto power over any US sanction moves. Friedman sputters, " The whole world seems to be getting bought off these days by oil."

Friedman doesn't mention AIPACs influence on America's Congress and the pro-Israel Iraqi war. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organozations dangles over $ 200,000,000 in front of our politicians each election cycle for passage of pro-Israel legislation. No doubt some of the $2.5 billion the US gives to Israel each year gets recycled in Israel and returns to America via AIPAC controlled PACs.

Iran has oil to sell. What does Israel sell? Holocaust guilt tickets? The Holocaust did happen as did many horrible events in human history. In France, Germany and Austria it is a crime to deny the Holocaust. It is punishable with prison time. In these same countries it is not a crime to deny Napoleon, Goethe or Sigmund Freud existed. In these same countries it is not a crime to deny that Jesus was the Messiah. The Jews should get over their past by planning for a future without the marketing of guilt.

Bush's Security Boast a Lie

Bush constantly reminds people that his policies have kept America safe from terrorist attacks SINCE 9/11. Well, what about 9/11 ? Doesn't it count? It happened on his watch. The Bush family connection to the Saudi Royal family is well known and documented. Could the Bush presidency have been the last straw for bin Laden and his fight with the Saudi Royal family? The attack on the World Trade Towers was carried out by 19 operatives of which 17 were from Saudia Arabia. None from Iraq.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Morons At The Pentagon

Rumsfeld's Doctrine at the Pentagon is to have America able to fight a two-front war with rapidly deployed mobile troops. To that end the Pentagon is considering cutting 34,000 troops from the National Guard. This will save $ 32 billion in costs from 2007-2011. This will enable the development of the DDX destroyer,a new tactical fighter and other futuristic equipment to be afforded. Isn't Rummy familiar with Napolean and Hitler's experiences with two-front wars? What about the lesson of Iraq? After the "shock and awe" of technology there wasn't enough troops to secure the country.

The logo of the National Guard is "The Minuteman". The shift in Rummy's strategy replaces homeland security and disaster help with global empire-building. Mathmatics never changes. Some people just can add .

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Federal Government & Lobbyists are Occupying Forces

Bush admitted to ordering domestic spying. He also said, " Congressional leaders had been repeatedly briefed on the [ spying] program". Sen John D. Rockefeller IV, D-Va. and House Minority Leader Nacy Pelosi, D-Ca. acknowledged Bush's statement of notification.

Al-Qaeda is on the right, democrats and republicans are on the left. What's a guy to do? How about less federal government control and power?

For example, let's use the regional New England states. Could or would the New England states declare war on Iraq? No. Could or would the New England states draft regional solutions to environmental problems that are more effective than Federal drafted laws? Yes. They already have. Could or would the New England states have a better and cheaper educational curriculum than the No Child Left Behind Progarm of the federal government? Yes. And they have already sued for its implementation. Could or would the New England states legalize abortion in their states if abortion was outlawed by the federal government? Yes.

Therefore could or would the New England states demand a " metrics" for a federal influence withdrawal ? YOU BET !

Saturday, December 17, 2005

American Jewish History Month: A Chance to Ask Questions ?

Late Thursday the House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution to make January ,American Jewish History Month. Sponsored by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz D-Fla. it had 250 co-sponsors. She said," Similar to Black History Month in February and Womans History Month in March, American Jewish History Month will present educators with the opportunity and tools to teach diversity and cultural awareness." She also said that she received a commitment from House Speaker Dennis Hastert to personally contact the President and urge him to sign the executive order.

Does Rep. Wasserman Schultz allow for questions to be asked of American Jews during the month of January?

Here are some,

A) Do American Jews in general agree or disagree with AIPAC policies that effectively jeopardize American security in favor of Israeli security?

B) Do American Jews in general agree or disagree that the Israeli seperation wall is similar to an historic South African apartheid tactic?

C) Do American Jews in general agree or disagree there is a similarity between the way the Nazis treated the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and the way that Israelis treat the Palestinians in the occupied territories?

I am looking forward to January. It will be a month of amnesty for questions asked in other months would be considered racist at worse or politically incorrect at best. I encourage others to take the opportunity also. Don't forget to ask your reps in Congress what is more important. AIPAC money or American security?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Hiel Evangelicals, Hiel Zionists, Hiel Neocons

The door slowly closes on individual rights and privacy. The Patriot Act looks like the bulk of it will pass. That would be enough of a critical mass of incursion to organically grow into the Orwellian scenario. That's part of the threat. In the NY Times today is an article about the the National Security Agency having some of the powers of the Patriot Act already. Specifically the N.S.A. has the authority to eavesdrop on Americans and others in the United States WITHOUT a court-approved warrant. The future Orwellian scenario is already here. The N.S.A. authority came from an executive order signed by the little evil moron 2 months after 9/11.

Lika a ball on a roulette wheel that drops into a numbered groove our number is up. But it was not by chance. All democracies arrive at this point. Because democracies follow the money. Wealth is the basis of democracy. Without a pile of value to vote/bid for the democratic process would have no lure.. So money is the name of the game. Like Texas-Hold'em, winner takes all. The shared American winners now are the Evangelicals, Zionists and Neocons. Both parties supported their march to power. Why? Because of campaign contributions and a maintenance of lobbyist influence purchasing. Neither party turns down money from these deep pocket reps of radical religious influence and their military-industrial attack dogs.

Time to give up? No. The beast of tryanny and intolerance thrives on hate and war. American voters should take the war-making ability away from the executive and the legislative branches. They can't be trusted. War should only be authorized by a majority favoring it through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM. The states should get the change started by drafting state propostions to that purpose.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bush And The " Axis of Evil" Deception

Early in the Bush/Cheney presidency Dubya made the infamous "axis of evil" speech. N. Korea, Iran and Iraq were the axis members. In retrospect it looks like N. Korea was only a red herring. His administrations true objectives were centered on Iraq and Iran. Syria will be a footnote to those two major targets. Neutralizing Iran, Iraq and Syria is about providing security to Israel at great risk to American security.

Yesterday two statements were aired that show what dangers to America lie ahead. Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran followed up his " wipe Israel off the map"speech with a denial of the Holocaust. He labeled the Holocaust as the centerpiece of Jewish guilt marketing. Almost simultaneously Bush was being interviewed on Fox News. He said, .." absolutely I would have still invaded Iraq even if I Had known then that Mr. Hussein DID NOT have banned weapons". The gloves are off. Iran now knows they are in danger.Bush has come out of the closet about his intention to invade Iran with or without provocation.

The center of the Middle East problem is the fact that Israel wiped Palestine off the map with the rigged 1947 UN vote. Israel continues to avoid a two-state solution by effectively making many Palestinians live in squalid police state conditions when they are not getting bombed by American manufactured F-16s.

America security comes first. Evangelical, Zionist and Neocon dreams of world empire won't work. Stop funding this war and pull out. In future wars should only be the choice of a majotity voting in a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How Many American's Care About Iraqi Elections?

Gee the Iraqi elections are tomorrow. Jeepers what will be the voter turnout? How will the Sunni's do? What about the Kurd and the Shiites? Anyone staying up late for the returns?

What about some perspective? Elections in America in the past 20 years have only drawn about a 50% voter participation. 2004 was a little higher. This would suggest that no more than 50% of American voters would be at all interested in a foreign countries results. Of that 50% who voted in the 2004 elections only half voted for Bush. So 25 % of voters presumably support an Iraq democracy and would be interested in the returns. But wait. In 2004 Bush's approval ratings and support of the war were double present polls. So that 25 % is more close to 12-15 % of voters who are presently supportive and interested in Iraq election results.

Truly this war has turned into a very special interest affair. Preemptive war is sill American policy. Iran and Syria look like they are the next targets. STOP FUNDING THIS WAR AND PULL OUT.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Charles Krauthammer: More Dr. Strangelove Than Not

Chas. Krauthammer, syndicated columnist wrote a cover essay advocating legalized torture for the Dec. 5 edition of The Weekly Standard. Mr. Krauthammer argues".. that torture is not only defensible in certain very limited circumstances, but in fact morally necessary." This magazine serves as the Neocon/Likudnik propaganda publishing arm of The Project for The New American Century. The editor of The Weekly Standard is Wm. Kristol who is also a co-founder of PNAC and its present chairman.

Krauthammer reminds of the character Dr.Strangelove in Stanly Kubrick's 1960s movie of the same name. It starts with both being in wheelchairs. While this would be normally a point of sympathy or an unmentioned fact instead it may point to a possible origin for both characters dark, tortured and unsympathetic feeling to humane civilized morals and customs. Then again it may not. But who wants to be polite about possible motives of someone who advocates torture. Krauthammer like Strangelove in the movie uses hypothetical situations he thinks will logically force the conclusion of morally condoned crimes. Krauthammer's transparent arguments merely serve up the discredited philosophy of the ends justifying the means. This is where both miss the point of living a humane and just life. Life is necessarily an ongoing process. How you live life is more important than the goals that on sets.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bush Test : An Experiment for a Moron

Yesterday the US walked out of a UN session of 50 delegates discussing climate change in Montreal. The US refuses to to commit to mandated reduction of greenhouse gas emmissions. This postion implies a scepticism of mans influence in climate change. Do we need more studies? No. Never argue with stupid people. Here's a simple test for Bush and his free air and free market polluters. First, go into their garage. Second, turn on their cars engine. Third, close the garage door. Notice what happens.

Those of us who believe in man made harmful climate change haven't anything to lose. Bush et al will either die of the polluted air and not come out or turn off the engine a little wiser for the experience. Here's a thought George. The answer is not in the Bible.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Condi Rice : Twisted Sister

Only the hair is straight. Condi Rice is the twisted sister of the Bush tribe. Comparisons to Tomas de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor of 15th century Spain is ironically appropriate with the word TORQUE appearing in Torquemada and the meaning of torque- to twist- being evident in Condi's statements and policies.

TWIST 1, Denying torture in secret prisons begs the question " Why secret, if not used for unlawful twisting procedures?"

TWIST 2, Condi claims an American Civil Rights movement foundation for an Iraq preemptive war based on distorted intelligence. This twists the fact of Dr. King's Gandhi non-violent approach to social reformation.

TWIST 3, Evangelical Condi's " charge to keep" includes her opting to demonize other religions and governments twists the basic teachings of the Bible to " do good works".

The Inquistion of world opinion has tried sister Rice. She has been found to be devious and untruthful in matters of faith and morals. Her sentence is voluntary. She must let her hair grow out and move back to Alabama.. Life is really simple when you know who you are and where you belong.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Paul Wolfowitz: The Merchant of Menace was Spat Upon

Yesterday at the National Press Club, Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense gave a 30 minute speech about the joys and challenges of his new job. He is the new president of the World Bank. But an analysis of wht happened at the Press Club suggests that the invitation to Wolfy was bait for an ulterior agenda of embarrassing quotes and questions.

Richard Dunham of Business Week, president of the Club started by citing Wolfy's deferment from the Viet Nam War and then went on to cite some infamous Wolfy predictions about the Iraq War; " US forces will be welcome as liberators"; It is wildly off the mark to think that hundreds of thousands of troops will be needed to pacify a postwar Iraq; " It is just wrong to assume that the US would be needed to fund the Iraq War." And from there it got nasty. Questions from the aggressive audience included what was Wolfy's part in the distorted intelligence about WMD and an al-Qaeda connection etc. through comparing Wolfy's behavior to the Nazis and the judgement they received at the Nuremburg Trials.

Wolfowitz was an AIPAC- influenced appointment to the Pentagon. He along with other ultra-Zionists Douglas Feith, Michael Maloof and others look, act and quack Israel's racist's Likud Party line. Specifically Israel's security is the most important American objective in the Middle East. No matter what the cost.

It may turn out that this social abuse and disrespect may be the only punishment that this creep will ever receive but it was something. He should be shunned. American jingoism and McCarthyism carry their own recipe for unwanted intolerance. But allowing special interests like AIPAC and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations through their 50 PACs across America to have America underwrite an Israeli brand of jingoism and intolerance is worse. AIPAC lobbyists should be regulated like foreign agents with questionable motives. They should not be welcomed into the halls of Congres as reps of a quasie 51st state.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Book Of Genesis to Iraqi News : Distortions

" In the beginning God created heaven and earth. So are the assumptions that the two religions who control America's foreign policy are built on-Evangelicals and Zionists.. The Evangelicals follow Jesus the self-proclaimed son of god. who could be described as a 1960s U.C. Berkeley hippy Jew. The Zionists follow the god who gave them Israel. This transfer could be described as a land grab set up by a rigged 1947 UN vote to partition Palestine. But the victors write history.

Now we have Pentagon-paid Iraqi news media propaganda and a "Plan for Victory"in Iraq. Both schemes are the creation of former Duke Univ. political science professor Peter Feaver. He joined the National Security Council in June not with a plan for a winning military strategy but with a hopefully winning public relations strategy for the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld cabal. Never mind last months Cairo meeting on Nov. 21 that Iraqi Sunni, Shiite and Kurds asked for a US withdrawal schedule.

Its obvious that that Bush et al are playing for time. And thats the worrisome part. If thay can make this a wider war with Iran and/or Syria then they won't withdraw. Oppostion forces in Congress have to stop being complicit in the war. Stop funding this war and pull out.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2008 Elections: Team Hillbilly vs. Condi

Hopeful candidates for the 2008 elections include Team Hillbilly ( the Clintons together) and Condi Rice. Any hope for America with either candidate? Domestic issues pale in urgency to the foreign policy catastrophe of Iraq . But on the issue of Iraq both candidates are tied to the foreign policy approach of the present Bush/Cheney administration-pro Israel. Nether will do what it takes to force Israel into a two-state solution. Last month Team Hillbilly was in Israel. They voiced support for the seperation wall and exclusive control of Jerusalem by the Israelis. Both postions are non-starters for peace. The Team did not meet with the Palestinians.

And for those who would pick the ninny Condi, she favors preemptive war and supports regime change in Iran and Syria. Both postions flow from her evangelical roots. Spreading democracy is her " charge to keep" obligation to Jesus. Woe is US. The game of who will be president in 2008 is fixed in favor of candidates who kowtow to Evangelical and Zionist goals.

Powerful lobbies should not have the ability to start and maintain wars. Wars should only be waged through a majority vote through a national referemdum.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Iraq & Viet Nam: How to Avoid Illegitimate Wars

Iraq is a fact built on lies. Recently declassified facts about the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident -alledged N. Vietnamese firing on US destroyers-shows " deliberately skewd" and omitted facts were used to to bring on the Viet Nam War. Sounds like the military-industrial complex was alive and well in the 1960s as today. Nothing has changed? No. Something has dramatically changed. It took 40 years for top-secret report to be declassified and the " skewed information" to be reported. Converesly the lies of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith and others were exposed in a relative contemporary time frame. The reason for this exposure is the internet and world-wide news sources.

The access to the truth will eventually change the way we self-govern. Thorny political policies at the state level are increasingly left to the voters through a state referendum. What could be more thorny than the question of war or peace? With the truth of issues available through the internet and alternative media, the question of war or peace will eventually be decided more accurately by a majority voting in a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

We have always voted for the peace candidate in the past but got more war instead. Next time lets not trust the lobbyist-owned politicians but vote for war or peace ourselves.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

" Svengali" Cheney and His Dazzled Moron

Even the Dick is not sure whether the moron will continue to do his bidding. When he asks for Dubya's attention, the eyes take awhile to focus. But a few key phrases, " You are the wartime president. Bring em' on. Jesus saved your worthless ass, you have a " charge to keep" to spread his evangelical word. Laura will be proud of you. Dad can't stop you."

" The Plan for Victory" smacks of Goebbels-like jingoism. Cheney and the little man refuse to be intimidated. According to the speech, the " Plan" will have American forces shift local police activities to the new Iraqi Army. This will free-up the American forces to probe/provke a wider Iran/Syrian war.

No " Plan for Victory" will justify the deception and crime of the Iraqi invasion. The ball is in the oppostion's court. There has to be closure to this criminal war. Congress controls the purse. That's the key. No funds for the war without a " metrics" for withdrawal. The battle for America starts today.