Sunday, February 26, 2006

London Mayor Suspension & Nazi Remark

Why was the Mayor of London, England suspended for 4 weeks because of a remark? He compared an agressive Jewish news reporter to a Nazi camp guard. So ? Has no one ever met an agressive Jewish news reporter before? How about ABC's Andrea " Shrink-Wrap" Mitchell ? " Sons of divine law " should be told at their bar mitzvah that speaking the truth, even if it is a gentile speaking, has currency in modern civilizations and they would have a better chance of being assimilated. If they really want to be assimilated?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bush Unites Iraqis

Bush has finally brought all sects in Iraq together. They all agree and are convinced that America is the problem and should leave ASAP. Well done King George. Now, how about a Dairy Queen for your golden years?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Remember the Alamo ?

Bush and the criminals that make up his administration have succeeded in finally alienating everyone in Iraq. i.e. we started a civil war and the combatants blame America. But what makes it worse is our troops are now surrounded- just like the Alamo. We can't trust anyone.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tom Lantos & Google : Censorship & Surviving

Recently Tom Lantos, the ranking Demcorat on the House International Relations Committee, insulted representatives of Cisco Systems, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo !. He compared their cooperation with the Chinese government with regards to censorship to the German industrial base cooperation with Hitler's Nazi Party. Lantos also said, " Can you say in plain English that you are ashamed of what you and and other companies have done?". This is a false issue. The fact is that the companies would not been allowed a foothold in China if it didn't agree to the laws of the nation. Those companies being in China will provide the Chinese population the oppurtunity to speak a new language to commincate and avoid censorship and oppression.

Lantos never misses an oppurtunity to twist any subject into a referendum on the Holocaust. Lantos is a survivor of the Holocaust. How did he survive when so many died? Did he cooperate with camp guards and camp rules to avoid death? Is he as guilty as Google for obeying the rules of survival? Lantos is a survivor of the Holocaust. He is not a victim. He should retire from Congress and get a real job. If he is qualified for anything.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Americans : Feeling Strongly Aout Anything?

The Muslims reaction to the cartoons of Muhammed have created quite a worldwide response. They feel strongly about their religion and identity. What do Americans feel strongly about? How about better representatives in Washington? Or better yet, how about less power in Washington and more at home in the states ? Is that worth getting off the couch and creating a ruckus? Revolution is necessary every once and a while.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Send Pete McCloskey Back to Congress

There is a clear difference of choice in the June 6 primary for the Republican nominee for the 11th Congressional District in California. Seventy-eight year-old former Congressman Pete McCloskey is challenging 7-term incumbent Richard Pombo. Pete wrote the Endangered Species Act and help create Earth Day. He agrees with fellow Marine John Mertha of Pennsylvania that America should withdraw from Iraq immediately. Incidentally McCloskey was the most decorated second-lieutenant in the Korean War. He led 6 bayonet charges !

On the other hand,Pombo is the poster-boy for the Bush/Cheney Congressional cabal. Pombo wants to weaken the Endangered Species Act . Its the Trojan Horse to free up government parkland for exploitation by oil, gas and ore business interests. Pombo has the unique postion of being the Chairman of the House Resources Committee. He pimps his influence to the highest bidders.

Send McCloskey back to Congress.

U S & Israel Threaten Embargo of Occupied Territories.

On the front page of the N.Y. Times is a column today, " US and Israel are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster". It reminds of the gallows humor about T V news, I.E. " Missiles launched from Russia aimed at America. Film at 11". so now America will be dragged into an embargo, blockade of the Palestinian people because of their election of Hamas. This reminds of the Cuban Missle Crisis and the action against Japan in China and SE Asia before Pearl Harbor.

The US is going to defy 1.2 billion Muslims not to help their own in the already horrific atmosphere of the occupied territories. This is a looming catatrophe. America should not tie its fate to Israels. We have a better character than Israels.

Israel in N A T O ? NO

The trial balloons are being released. Israel and the United States are talking privately and publicly about having Israel accepted into N A T O . None of the 26 members are on record in favor of this. Even the U. S. is only discussing the "concept" as reported today in the Wall Street Journal.

The problem is simple. What are Israel's borders? A country without borders begs the question: Is it really a sustainable country? The N A T O membership gambit is Israel's attempt to gain legitimacy. This tactic worked for the founders of Israel in 1947 when the U.N. partitioned historic Palestine. But it wasn't until 1948 that Israel engaged in its war of independence that continues till today. N A T O would only bring another layer of police protection for Israel and disturb the region further.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dick Cheney: Accidental Hero

Never mind the original intent or plan. The accidental results portray the Dick as a hero in a nickel-novel. Cheney while hunting, diminutive, fragile and paranoid quail on a friend's 50,000 acre Texas bunker-of-attitude missed the poor bird. Instead the Dick shot one of his few remaining friends. The friend, Harry Whittington unlike the quail is a predator. He is a lawyer. He also is a slum landlord in Austin, Texas. Whittington also find time to be head of the Texas Funeral Service Commission. He was appointed by Dubya. What do Dick and Whit talk about ? Death in metaphors? It seems that Dick deals in death at work and at play. The good news for Cheney is Whittington is going to live. But the real good news is the quail got away. But Dick is grinding what's left of his teeth. " Damn quail got away". Dick needs a victory.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

America Should Talk to Hamas

Russia is making a good gesture by inviting leaders of Hamas to Moscow. France concurs. Bush/Cheney say America shouldn't deal with terrorists. Did Hamas terroize America? No. Hamas has terrorized Israel. Although Hamas has stuck to a self-imposed truce for over a year. But Israel continues its F-16 airstrikes against " aledged" terrorists.

In the 1960s America's government met with Civil Rights activists including some who fomented riots across the nation. I was called up for the riots in Watts and Berkeley. People died and buildings burned. These acts of insurrection led to Civil Rights legislation of questionable legacy. But that's not the point. Ignoring reality only compounds the problem.

Betty Friedan Meet Henry David Thoreau

The 19th century writer/philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, " Most men lead lives of quiet desperation". He probably included himself. But what he did about it was unusual. He left that part of his humdrum and went into the woods. He wrote about his travels and thoughts most notably in " On Walden Pond". He wrote about how our species was being spiritually suffocated by our tools and insittutions. He said, " Be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you... not of trade but of thought".

Recently Betty Friedan passed away. She is most noted for her writing the very popular 1963 book " The Feminine Mystique". She wrote about women's " nameless, aching, disatisfaction" that she termed " the problem that has no name". She was refering knowingly or unknowingly to Thoreau's " quiet desperation" description of the lives of many men.

Thoreau went into himself and reconnected with the natural, apolitical world. Friedman founded NOW- National Organization of Women. She made a political organization of the " nameless, aching, disatisfaction" syndrome. Thoreau found fulfillment in himself. Friedan tried to fulfill herself with others. He moved " in". She told others to " move over". Control of oneself is easier than trying to control others.

Friday, February 10, 2006

N.Y. Times Thomas L. Friedman Unglued : Rants in First Person

It could have been a bar mitzvah gone totally wrong. Friedman in his column today " Driving Towards Middle East..." rants in the first person. He used " I " and/or " me" 9 times in describing his personal demands to isolate Iran and stop it from making a nuclear bomb. He was having a hissing fit. He gave directives to China, Russia, India, Bush/Cheney and even American motorists. Namely stop using Middle East oil and drive Iran and others into poverty. The elevated delusional level of rant was akin to a speech by Hitler or a 13-year old " son of divine law " who got too many Rolex's and not one phone call from a gentile coed !

Maybe things are getting close to getting resolved in the Middle East ? With the " Butcher of Beirut " Ariel Sharon out of the way and his replacement showing some flexibility. Rants like Friedmans and recent equivalents by Wm. Kristol of PNAC and David Brooks also of the Times point to a possible two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian injustice. Todays news of Russia inviting Hamas to Moscow can only be positive.

But sons of Zion were raised on a one- state solution. So when the reality doesn't fit the family's dream story, tempers will flair.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Should Challenge Sen. Feinstein

Cindy Sheehan is considering a challenge to 14-year U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein of California. Sheehan says taking on Feinstein would "energize" the anti-war movement. She's right. Feinstein voted for the war and still supports it.

Feinstein and husband Dick Blum represent in the extreme what's wrong in Washington today. Prior to marrying Sen. Feinstein, Dick Blum had little to show for his other marriages and other business enterprises. But hooking up with Di-Fi made a big difference. All of s sudden a large amount of rich people wanted only Dickie to manage their money! His rumored income is app. $ 100,000,000 per year in fees. He's the guy who with Diane's help was trying to sell the Naval Base at Long Beach, Ca. to China. But the media got hold of the story and the negotiations were stopped immediately.

Feinstein and Blum in the last several years have acquired 3 homes- Wash. D.C. , Aspen, Colo. , & San Francisco, Ca.- costing over $ 31 million in total. Feinstein's senator salary amounts to only $ 140,000 per year. That amount doesn't cover the property taxes on the S.F. property. But that's where Dick's income comes in.

On the other hand, Cindy Sheehan speaks and acts from her heart. She speaks passionately and persuasively about the need to stop this criminal war in Iraq. Having lost a son in Iraq, she is the incarnation of the results of votes by the likes of the Diane Feinsteins in our government. Cindy should run. Her message will resonate with honest people.

Friday, February 03, 2006

N.Y.Times Thomas L. Friedman: Environmentalist ?

Samuel Johnson, 18th century lexicographer and author said, " Patriotism is the last bastion of a soundrel".

Enter N.Y. Times' writer and PNACs Wm. Kristol soul brother Thomas Friedman. Using poetic license we will substitute " environmentalism" for " patriotism" and " scoundrel" with " Zionist". Now to loosely paraphrase Dr. Johnson, " Environmentalism is the last bastion of a Zionist".

Mr. Friedman's last 4 columns point to the evils of " petrolism" and its high price as the source of strength for Islamic militancy. He reasons that without money, the threat from Iran and other anti-American or anti - Israel Middle Eastern countries would be greatly impared. Hey Tom, what about occupied Palestine? They are broke but still pose a threat to American interests and Israel. So as per Mr. Friedman's interest in Americas national security, Israels safety and er, oh yes the environment, oil originating from the Middle East should be avoided. Let's all plunge the Islamic countries into poverty and then there will be peace! Like Iraq.

Why we all mostly agree with Mr. Friedman about the bad results to the environment from oil use, a quicker road to peace would be for Israel to recognize Palestine as an independent state and stop its acts of political and military acts of agression. This is the Palestine that the Zionists erased from the map in a rigged 1947 UN vote.

To loosely paraphrase the 6th century Greek philosopher Heraclitus, " The fate of Zionists is not in the price of oil but in their character".

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hollywood: Occupied Territory & Affirmative Action

The Best Picture nominations were announced today. " Munich", " Good Night, and Good Luck" were based on the problems of the Jewish life experience. ' Capote" and " Brokeback Mountain" dealt with homosexual issues with ground-breaking homosexual recruiting in " Brokeback..". And " Crash" deals with race tensions in the Los Angeles area.

Quite a few other films which were comparitively wholesome and more broadly appealing were passed over. The nominated list reflected an affirmative action agenda toward perennial minority members of Americas society. Who identifies with these misfits? Other misfits and their lawyers? But what about the rest of us?

Hollywood has become an " occupied territory" of minorities, homosexuals and ultra-left leaning liberals who have lost touch with mainstream America. Look at ticket sales. Like all occupiers they will have to go home someday. In this case maybe they will just have to keep their complaints and queer behavior to themselves.