Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Inflation Is Poised To Rise Because Of China Pollution

 AKS Steel Holding Company recently announced an across the board price increase on all its steel products of 2%. It cited rising demand across the globe. United States Steel has similar robust prospects. Alcoa and other basic material dealers are demonstrating a turn around in their stock price and the price of the their underlying metal ingots. China's pollution woes will provide a white hot boost to basic metals pricing. Simply the Chinese people can be content with 150 feet visability in cities because of coal-fired manufacturing and utility production or the smoke stacks will be shut down in the interest of public health. With this cutting back of steel , aluminum , copper and other materials and finished goods will come some or a lot of inflation. That will kill equities and may bring down China's highly leveraged real estate , banking and municipalities. But that may be a year away. So in the interim buy steel, copper, aluminum stocks. Later buy massive amounts of out-of the-money puts on the major indicies as stagflation grips the economies around the world.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Plan For Peace In Israel & Palestine

Another death of a Zionist today. A "farmer" was fixing a fence in the occupied territories when a Palestinian sniper picked him off. The Israeli Air force launched two U.S. made F-16s to bombard Hamas training camps in a "surgical strike". Needless to say the surgery was successful but many patients died. Tit for tat.These Semetic monkeys are nonstop. It's been going on for years. Since traditional peace talks have gone no where for a long time, how about we learned to live with this regular barbarism on a less barbaric time frame? The combatants should set aside one day a week for killings and have peace for the other six. Start with Monday as the killing day. Use fifteen deaths on both sides as the cap. They can kill each other any way they choose. But no more. So if F-16s kill a number over fifteen then a penalty will be enforced by international referees that allow Palestinians to kill 3x the amount of Zionists. This method will shorten up the process and maybe get people on both sides familiar with peace at least on six days of non combativity.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Light Comedy: Definition And Goal Of Entertainment

Entertainment takes you somewhere else. It lifts you out of your successful or not so successful hum drum.You will pay for the service.To that purpose, I believe light comedy the best vehicle.By its truthful disarming parts, it blots out the sour and unhealthy. It exists for its own sake. It is not judgemental or preachy but merely demonstrates what a happy life might look like. One stop morality wrapped up in quite satisfying examples. An example would be a picture of a kitten engaging a ball of woolen thread. The eyes are riveted. The claws are digging in or rolling the ball with gentle swipes. All the while the kitten is fixated. Truth which is the soul of wit is written large on the whiskered face. If one could write with that witty intensity on any wholesome subject then success is assured.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Liberals Prove Equality

How do liberals advance equality in a democracy?  They bring forward different examples of odd balls.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Affirmative Action,Low SATs, Mandela And Obama. Is There A Connection?

SAT tests are today. Originally SAT stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test It was changed when the Civil Rights Act of the 1960's was passed to Scholastic Assessment Test. It went from a hard fact test to a touchy-feely -all-inclusive-let- black victims-into-school-test. Nelson Mandela died yesterday.He was a Marxist who is well documented as a terrorist and killer of all races in South Africa. President Barack Obama has used greased rails of affirmative action to reach the highest office in the land. There is a connection between lowering the bars of education and current low academic scores throughout America and the glorification of Mandela the terrorist and the election of Obama. Neither Mandela nor Obama could have come up with the wheel and it looks like a few more years of affirmative action in schools non Africans will have to walk to get around.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Fast Food Strikes: Some Good Consequences

The nationwide fast food strike by workers hits multiple positive targets never mentioned by burger flippers: 1)On strike workers may think twice about having more children, 2) Obese people will be somewhat deprived of junk food, 3) And slaughter houses will not be killing hapless animals.The phrase "fast food" is not an accurate description. Really fast food is raw fruit and vegetables. It's a better healthy choice . It's cheaper. And its animal friendly.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

OECD Global Test Of Students Skip Africa: U.S. Should Skip Affirmative Action For African-Americans

The Organization For Economic Cooperation which has its roots dating back to 1948 released its findings on global testing of fifteen-year-olds. U.S. students fell further in the rankings. In math our students ranked 21st of 27 countries. Similar ranking was posted in science and reading. The 27 countries represent 80% of the worlds population. Nearer the bottom was Mexico. Interestingly Africa was not listed because it wasn't tested. Draw your own conclusions. But here in America we turned our previously world class schools that existed prior to the Civil rights Acts of the 1960's into integrated political labs for inclusion of African-Americans. Consequently the U.S. of A. has moved towards African mentality capability. And lately we have fallen further to accommodate illegal immigrants from Mexico. Its a fact that we have the bottom of the worlds students and one country that wasn't even tested somewhat packing our schools and controlling the teaching agenda. It's no wonder we are devolving.