Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Loser Pays" Tort Reform in Texas:Remember the Alamo

Some good news from the maverick state Texas and its Governor Rick Perry. He has also talked about seceding if things don't change for the better. Governor Perry is pushing for a "Loser Pays"a.k.a. "English Rule"in his states push for tort reform. Simply, his version of loser pays would require the losing litigant to pay attorneys fees for BOTH. This would only be triggered if the initiating litigant lost the case. It would slow down frivolous law suits. The United States is the only country that does not have loser pays. We have the American Rule which makes each litigant cover its own legal costs. Because of the American Rule there is a compelling reason to sue all the time for any reason on a contingency basis. It's a full employment act for off-the-shelf-attorneys and and a free- legal- settlement- lottery ticket for plaintiffs. How many jobs have been lost to countries that practice the English Rule/Loser pays system? The American Rule of law created and sustains the legal cartel in this country. Dumb lawyers can and do succed in this monoploy atmosphere of needless expense and delay. How many Politically Correct motivated suits have been tried or settled at tremendous costs to the social fabric of this country? It's almost like one needs a manual on how to talk, act and feel when dealing with cause celebre minorities. Stamp out attorneys. Get your balls back. Bring in loser pays. Remember the Alamo,when straight white males were run over by Hispanics. Well they're still doing it but now they use attorneys. Enjoy bias, enjoy critical thinking when dealing with obvious freaks. Bring on Loser Pays in all states. Or like Governor Perry suggested, lets leave the union.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robert Gibbs Going to Facebook?

Facebook followers are even using Twitter to tweet about the possibilty that former Obama press secretary spokesman may land at Facebook in a similar capacity. Makes sense. Gibbs has already fronted for minority president Obama with his ultra-minority agenda. So Gibbs can do the same for minority,very Jewish Facebook tribe. Finally the striaght white male has a key value- added race certified, bona fide, honky duty, stooging for Jewish media. Hold your nose Bob and don't give part of your salary to Israel for tenure.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hillary Clinton Needs Dildo Not Libyan War

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that's a sad fact, said today that her push for Libyan intervention was based on Bill's intervention in the 1994 Bosnia campaign. Gee, I always thought that intervention was Bill's way of getting Moniaca lewinsky and her famous blow jobs in the Oval Office off the front page. Well anyway, Bill's 37,000 bombing sortees on the little country no bigger than Ohio was the foundation for George W, Bush's preemptive war policy. Bosnia was also the catalyst for the neocon's Project for the New American Century. So the old bag's match up to Bosnia was a bad choice.

Hillary needs to get a dildo and get out of foreign policy. She can leaf through her Wellesley year book. She can remember the other "lugs"(lesbians until graduation) that she shared orgasms with. She's not sharing Bill's bed with his herpes and other possible STDs. The bonus will be to take the dildo's satisfaction as a substitute for her need to project U.S. missles at others . She is just deferring her real needs with this war stuff. Like all people , she and her lusts have grown into caricature. But we can't stand her misplaced desires.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Libya's Next Government: Sympathetic to al Qaeda?

What could possibly go wrong in Libya? Well we start with the fact that it is another country's civil war. That means that one side will win and the loser will hate America but will still live in Libya. Another fact is the fighters in the Iraq War who came from another country, not including ourselves of course,came from Libya. They went to Iraq to kill Americans. Another fact is Col. Gadaffi said the rebels are mostly made up of al Qaeda partisans. Another fact is that in the passed two weeks since we have been involved, there is already numerous cases of deaths of rebels, the ones we are supposed to be helping, by our own fire power. How do those "friendly fire"deaths help the next administration determine who their friends are?

Our spook president got spooked by the potential headlines that could point the finger at him if there was a slaughter of "innocent"Libyans. I don't know if those Libyans who we are protecting are innocent. Frankly, with 7 billion humans on the planet and our flora and fauna collapsing a die back would be appropriate.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hispanics & Asians Top Population Growth

The 2010 Census showed both the Hispanics and Asians part of America's population advanced app. 43% since 2000. Wow. Blacks grew by 11% and whites grew by just 1%. The only good news I can think of is, it's one way of getting the Zionists out of Congress.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Israeli & Palestinians Fight Over Rent

A bomb exploded in Jerusalem Wednesday morning. Twenty-five Israelis were wounded. Some seriously wounded. On Tuesday, the day before, Israeli jets killed 4 children in Gaza and wounded another 4 adults. Looks like tit for tat warfare. It's warfare based on rent due to Palestinians from illegal Israeli squatters in occupied territories. But the Israelis don't want to pay rent. They want the land for free. It seems that Israelis never learn because they can't remember. They can't remember the holocaust, pograms and other anti-Jewish actions since the start of recorded history that were caused by their bad behavior.

Eventually the Israelis will have to move. Too many people around the world want them out. Here's a question. If the whole world agrees to wipe Israel off the map by political or military means, is that a crime or is it just punishment?

Monday, March 21, 2011

OPEN LETTER TO AL QAEDA: Washington is Your Problem

Greetings al-Qaeda,

There is an important distinction that you should be made aware. We civilians in America are essentially share-croppers with our government. They take the fruits of our labor and go into private entrepenuership own their own. Most of our senators are millionaires who have been in "public service" for a majority of their adult lives..They auction our labors and our rights to the military-industrial- complex, attorneys, big pharma, teachers unions, SEIU, Zionists , illegal immigrants and all sorts of other scum.

We don't like our government also. Those people in Washington are the ones you have a beef with. Personally I don't give a fig for governments health. Please leave us civilians out of your plans.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

United States Democracy is Majority of Minorities

Welcome to America. Here we have the unique experience where minorities are in the majority. This includes minority opinions that become law and force all others to conform. For instance, civil rights laws decree who can do what, who can say what and if one doen't do "what" then what can happen to one will surprise and possibly bankrupt you or your individuality can be confiscated.

I'm in the minority now in America.I am a straight white male who is not an attorney. But with my minority status, I am empowered and can now say that racial slurs directed at the new majority of minorities are mostly deserved and accurate. We in the U.S.A. celebrate all the cast offs of real and original self-sustainable races. Losers win in America. Yahoo.

Tea Party & Libya Quagmire: What About Budget?

Welcome Tea Party members to Washington. On your watch, the U.S. has entered into yet another mideast quagmire with the bombing of Libya. What about those budget cuts? Fuck that. Those are history. It's clear that the military-industrial complex still runs Washington and it draws on willing citizens who want jobs to engage in endless war. The only war we legitimately fought and won was our Revolutionary War. Every other war was on balance a loser.

Libya will prove to be another expensive, drawn out affair that is not critical to American security. The Libyans could have won against their Colonel Daffy Duck with guerilla warfare like our militia did in 1776. We didn't need to interfere.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Presidency and Bravery

Does one have to be brave to be president? No. Elections are poll driven competetions. Ergo, a candidate only has to stay in bandwith of tabulated poll results to have a chance to get elected. Two of our recent presidents were attorneys- Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Neither displays courage. Maybe because the job discription of an attorney doesn't include acts of bravery to get paid. One need only run up the billable hours to get compensated. Ah, the joys and payoffs of being linked to the biggest and longest lasting cartel on the planet--our legal system.

We need "loser pays". Too many morons make a living in the law and what's worse, some go on to get elected to office. Stop their license to steal.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pakistan Canned Hunts Getting More Expensive

C.I.A. "contractor" Raymond Davis was flown out of Pakistan today. The State Department paid the families of the 2 killed Pakistanis a total of $2.34 million to drop murder charges against Ray. Price of killing locals in canned hunts is going up. A short time ago, a few hundred thousand would do the trick. I wonder if Ray got photos? Did mounting the bodies have any attraction? What's Ray going to do now? No problemo.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Natures Master Plan: Human IQ Levels Going Down

According to the World Health Organization, IQ's of youth in overpopulated, poorly fed countries are on average 10-15% below youth in adequately nourished countries. I wonder what the IQ's of their children will be? These countries are the ones that are populating the world. In general they have 6-8 children versus the 1-2 children of the well nourished countries. Now that's a truely ticking bomb. To hell with moral obligations. They should only get medical and nutritional help if they stop having children.

Nature is sneaking back to take its revenge on the frivolous primate- us.  We have made our messy presence known to nature on a daily basis ! Mother nature wants less of us. She wants us dumber. She wants us dying sooner. We're supposed to have "wisdom" but instead we have politics that subsidize the unsuitable and have wars because we can not because we should.

Warren Buffett: Needs Reality Check

Nuclear reactors exploding in Japan because of historic earthquake. Bodies washing up on the shore because of the Tsunami. Japans stock market plunges wiping out $267 billion of value. Riots continue in the mideast with strategic Saudi Arabia now threatened with an overthrow by Islamists who despise America. Libya is raging . China's growth is slowing and also there is an undercurrent of unrest. Greedy U.S. politicians continue to ignore potentially ruinous economic issues.

But Warren Buffett who heads Berkshire Hathaway just signed another deal today. The stock market has doubled in the past two years but Buffett now thinks Lubrizol is worth a 28% premium over Fridays close. He pays $9 billion for the company. Buffetts cash horde is reduced to $29 billion after the purchase. Of course more money from his various companies will eventually build up his liquidity again. Or will it? His main business is insurance. That's where the bulk of the cash is generated. But what about the unexpected, like an earthquake, or riots or an attack by Islamists or disgruntled U.S. citizens? Payout will have to be made and business in general will suffer. Buffett is shaking dice with insurance premium receipts.What could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Will the Great Plains Come Back?

What are the odds that the Great Plains will come back in their glorious ,verdant form? Millions of square miles of tall and short prairie grass have been plowed and turned into farms. Millions of buffaloes and other species of flower and fauna have been slaughterd for "progress". Forty percent of the corn that is grown on the former Great Plains now goes into the production of ethanol. It costs more to make ethanol than it fetches at the pump. Only because of subsidies does its manufacture continue. All this waste so monkeys can drive . Would you trade 40% of the corn harvest for a return of the required growing space to be left to return to "nature" in perpetuity? I would.

If you think about it, the odds that a frivolous primate could master technology so well that the Plains could be ruined in its entirety is probably more of a long shot than the Great Plains reappearing after the extinction or semi-extinction of wasteful man.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Day of Rage in U.S.A

What would spark a day of rage in the U.S. A.? The day that the batteries failed.


Turn Off Bubble Machine

The money -making-monkeys at the Federal reserve mentioned today that they have not ruled out further quantatative easings after this half-trillion tranche runs out in June. Lawrence Welk had a champagne bubble machine. Ben Bernanke has his very own bubble-making machine also.

Turn off Ben's bubble machine.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Lady Gaga Fans are "gaga."

Gaga is a slang word for someone who is experiencing "dementia or insanity". The origin of the word is unknown.

Lady Gaga is a "singer- entertainer". Among other amazing facts besides her dumpy tatooed body, is that she has app. 8.6 million fans following her on Twitter. Have any of you tweeters ever scrolled the tweets by her fans about Lady Gaga? If you haven't, don't bother. Because the tweets are rarely over 6-7 words which in essence are the mere typing of her name-period. That's it. And that's all folks.

ERGO, I feel pretty sure about denying breeding rights to Lady Gaga's followers.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

John Galliano & A Brief History of Antisemitism

Christian Dior designer John Galliano was fired for making anti-semitic remarks to a Jewish couple in Paris a few nights ago. What did the Jewish couple say that brought Galliano to proclaim"..I love Hitler ......Jews should be gassed."? Maybe they were laughing over dead Palestinians or praising the Israelis for the slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians. Would that conversation have gotten the jewish couple fired at their respective places of employment if that were picked up by the press?

A brief history of anti-semitism would include the basic fact: There had to be a Semite first.