Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees At CME Conference: What's For Lunch?

Hillary Clinton was paid $450,000 for a forty-five minute speech at Ritz-Carlton this past November 17, 2014. That was actually a long time when one considers that the CME Global Financial Leadership Conference was paying her a bribe. And CME knew that she had nothing to say. Maybe many attendees availed themselves of the bar or restroom while she spoke. Normal bribes come in envelopes without fanfare. But since Clinton is a possible president-elect in 2016 the CME wanted the appearance of propriety. CME is one of the many umbrella financial organizations that is fighting Wall Street reform. Why? Reform is bad for business. Stealing becomes harder. So if Hillary gets in then CME will have some credit with the new president. Heaven forbid! Speaking of stealing and commodities, Hillary way back in 1978 was under investigation for turning a $1000 investment in cattle futures into a $100,000 profit. At that time hubby Ozarks Caligula Bill was governor of Arkansas. There was an investigation but it went no where. At least one lawyer in every litigation is an accessory to the crime after the fact. Getting back to the $450,000 speaking fee. I dare say that the sum of money is tiny. it amounts to lunch money for Wall Street criminals. Easily financiers pay that sum or less for cocktails and a salad every day. Hillary is the "go for" who also delivers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walmart Versus Ashton Kutcher :Money And Morons And Reality

Todays Twitter tempest pits $474 billion gross sales giant Walmart against Two And A Half  Men star Ashton Kutcher who only earns app. $20,000,000 per year. Ashton is calling out Walmart for caring about profits over employees wages. Fact is Walmart makes app. 3.62% on those almost half-trillion gross sales. It leaves them with app. $17 billion in net profit.Where did all the other part of the gross sales go? They went for operating expenses which includes tens of billions paid in salaries and goods that people actually can  afford . Does anyone think that Ashton gives away app 94% of his earnings to salaries or goods and services that people need to survive? I guess if one watches Two and a Half Men then the concept of questioning thought does not apply. BTW. Ashton is guessed to be worth about $140 million. Looks like the son of divine law has his first schkel and has not the moral standing to crticize Walmart about relative value to society.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bloombergs Billionaires List: Don't Have Time To Count

According to Bloomberg News, the 200 members of its Billionaires List , which collectively have amassed $ 3 trillion in assets, saw that total grow by $7.9 billion yesterday. I'll wager that most of the members didn't know because they were in route to some place for some time for more of the same.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Germany Remembers Kristallnacht: Jews Night Of Broken Glass

Seventy-five years ago today marked the date that Jews were openly persecuted in Germany. Hundreds of synagogues were burned, stores and homes were ransacked, over 1000 Jews were killed and 30,000 were sent to concentration camps. Today groups in Germany are remembering that awful event. Tours of neighborhoods with bronze plaques embeded in the sidewalk show many ground zero addresses. Last week a poll of European Jews was released that indicated that 75% of the respondants believed anti-Semitism is now surging on the continent . Also the poll indicated that close to 30% of the interviewed were considering emigration to safer locales. Have the Jews any explanation for the events of Kristallnacht or why the anti-Semitic feelings persist to this day 75 years later? It hasn't got any better so it may get worse if these issues aren't dealt with honestly.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Mama Pelosi's Big Tits And Her Progressive Policies

Oh those big tits of House Democratic Minority Leader and former Madame Speaker, San Francisco's own Nancy Pelosi. In metaphor and maybe incarnation, she can nurse all. But she chooses only ultra -liberal and progressive minorities to suckle. The trite poppy cock nursers are the latest ,newest disenfranchised that are held up to the rest of us as examples of cause celebre that we are told we must long for their just respects before we can breathe easier in America. She started her political career by favoring Chinese voters in S.F. How? She argued for human rights in mainland China. It was 12,000 miles away. But the Chinese here got the message. Vote for Nancy and she will work to get your relatives to come to the Bay Area. From there she helped illegal Mexicans to stay comfortably in "sanctuary city" San Francisco. Presently she champions gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and soon-to-be-named additional offshoots of that queer tree when and if the new sub species can be properly identified and named to the pantheon of odd balls. Mama Pelosi's parents are dead. She was not a product of surrogate birth by way of a homosexual relationship. So why the need to empty herself of her mothers milk to support gays, Chinese and illegal Mexicans? It's about money and power. This Lady Madonna has to eat .