Friday, June 26, 2015

Stem Cell Humans And Democracy

I hope I'm wrong.What happens if stem cell research comes up with a different type of human?You know, even more freaky than the trannies that civil rights attorneys are trying to pass off as normal/acceptable. I can't describe them because their visage is still in a petri dish some where. But safe to say they will expand the envelope of freakishness in the direction of unacceptable to reasonable/normal people. For example, the new stemmy will live longer, thus making worse runaway population growth.Maybe be bisexual so sex is always handy.Stemmy would necessarily be liberal with other peoples money through taxation. Sounds like a democratic party dream member.Brain power and or critical thinking would be surrendered to a central government.A virtual reality head set would be the medium communication.It wouldn't need a house. The head set would provide a vision of reality.But property taxes would still be collected!I could go on.So what should we do if it comes to this?Since they are not humans. Then killing them would not be murder.It would be more akin to pest control.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Confederate Flag versus NAACP

What symbol or organization does more to stir up trouble between blacks and whites?Today the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People called for the bringing down of the Confederate Flag.It waves over the capitol of South Carolina.It's one of the responses to the massacre of nine people in Charleston.According to the NAACP the flag creates and perpetuates racism.How many attorneys or politicians salute the flag? On the other hand how many attorneys or politicians bow to the NAACP?The flag is passive. The NAACP is active agitation.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Amnesty International: Misleading And Biased Report

Amnesty International released a report today. In part, it stated, "All fifty states and the District of Columbia fail to meet international standards for the use of lethal force."I believe AI has been biased in their report and has mislead the public.Amnesty bases its findings on the single fact that the arrested/shot individuals were wearing normal clothes. And therefore the arrested/shot were assumed to be innocent/guiltless.I would point out that the "victims"were wearing normal clothes as a disguise.Beneath the fabrics they are savages who have not been taught right or wrong by their savage single parents.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush For President?

Jeb Bush announced today he's running for president.Any one tell his brother Neil?Neil's the brother that makes George W. Bush sound like Shakespeare.Geroge H.W. Bush and wife Barbara have six children.Next month on July 17, 1918 will be ninty-seven years after Czar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra and their five children were executed. They were killed by Bolshevks at Yekaterinburg. Yakov Yurovsky on orders from the Ural Soviet did the deed.I don't like what happened to the Romanovs. But I can see where the revolutionaries where coming from.The Bush Family reminds me of the Romanovs and how things change.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Slaves Choice

As a slave would you rather answer a door of a mansion wearing fine clothes and schooled in proper behavior? Or would you rather answer a door in a ghetto and maybe its a policeman or your drug dealer looking for cash to pay the bill?

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Retail Sales Slow Because Of Sharing Community

Everyone is hoping for growth. The real hopers are the retail outlets who have much debt. But with the phenomenon of "sharing community" who will buy and who will just share or buy second hand?How many families of taxi drivers will spend less because of Uber etc?Why buy a car when you can hail Lyft or Sidecar etc? Want clothes and aren't fussy? Check out Ebay or Craigslist.Commerce will still exist. But how much will be barter? Why buy a home? Share a roof with other renters.Why pay for government its too expensive?Barter and avoid paper trail to taxation.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Annie Liebovitz & Bruce Jenner's Body Parts

Bruce Jenner is working through his confusion of his own sexuality.But not in a quiet way.He's rumored to have agreed to a photo shoot for Vanity Fairs cover.Famed photographer Annie Liebovitz will do the honors. She's known mostly for stripping her subjects as much as possible and then snapping the shutter.John Lennon ( Lennon was killed on the day of the photo shoot)and Yoko Ono, Cyrus Miley (15 years old and caused severe criticism)and Marilyn Monroe are some of the people who posed in a draft.She asked Queen Elizabeth II to remove her crown for a state portrait but the Queen stormed out of the room. I guess Annie figured if she would remove the crown Elizabeth might be persuaded to wear a decolletage gown. Annie comes from East European Jewish parents.Father was from Romania. And mother from Estonia.When asked about her religion/ethnicity, she replied," I'm non observant but feel very Jewish." So fittingly Annie has a profession that bloodlessly sells body parts.