Monday, June 01, 2015

Annie Liebovitz & Bruce Jenner's Body Parts

Bruce Jenner is working through his confusion of his own sexuality.But not in a quiet way.He's rumored to have agreed to a photo shoot for Vanity Fairs cover.Famed photographer Annie Liebovitz will do the honors. She's known mostly for stripping her subjects as much as possible and then snapping the shutter.John Lennon ( Lennon was killed on the day of the photo shoot)and Yoko Ono, Cyrus Miley (15 years old and caused severe criticism)and Marilyn Monroe are some of the people who posed in a draft.She asked Queen Elizabeth II to remove her crown for a state portrait but the Queen stormed out of the room. I guess Annie figured if she would remove the crown Elizabeth might be persuaded to wear a decolletage gown. Annie comes from East European Jewish parents.Father was from Romania. And mother from Estonia.When asked about her religion/ethnicity, she replied," I'm non observant but feel very Jewish." So fittingly Annie has a profession that bloodlessly sells body parts.

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