Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution: Insult And Shun Zionists

It's obvious to most people around the world and to some American citizens that U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East favors the Zionists/Israeli interests. So much so, that George Bush could be rightly called the "First Zionist President". This reality harms the U.S. An example is 9/11. In the interest of returning American foreign policy goals to an America- first philosophy, it is now necessry to have an American grassroots movement that is directed at the Zionists in the U.S. to make them feel unwanted and uncomfortable.

To that point, it should be a New Year resolution of concerned individuals to insult and avoid relationships with Zionists of all stripes. They will have to pay a humane price for freely roaming amongst civilized people. If the Zionists claim discrimination because of this philosophical discrimination then just reply, " Listen asshole, you Zionists are 100% of what's wrong with American foreign policy. And this grassroots blowback is initially targeting only 50% of your numbers. So in a very real sense you are benefiting from a postive affirmative action. That's more than you do for anyone else. Listen up and change your ways or we all will take it to the next level"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton's State Within The Department Of State

Clinton hasn't been confirmed as Secretary Of State but she's out of the blocks and 50 yards down the track already with an unprecedented new, expensive and expansive scheme for running the State Deptarment.

She's picked a brace of Zionists or better put AIPAC assigned 2 of its own to help and/or lead her to Israeli- friendly U.S. foreign policy initiatives. Operative One is Jacob Lew and Operative Two is James Steinberg. The plan is for Lew to work Capitol Hill for the money needed for Hillary's visions. Steinberg will aid HRC in formulating policy with AIPAC's help. AIPAC and other major Jewish/Zionist organizations raised over $8 million to help pay down Hillary's presidential campaign debt. She still had to take a hit for over $ 12 million. Times are tough for the Zionists also.

Establishing a money raising ability along with policy initiatives is a first. It's like having a state within a state. Obama will find out why one doesn't deal with the Clintons. Hillary will be a source of controversy and a distraction.

So now with the U.S. headed into the deepest recession since the Great Depression, Hillary and AIPAC will be competing for scarce dollars for their odious plans while all the rest of America scrapes by. To hell with the outside world and particularly Israel. We have learned about other peoples of the world and their governments the hard way. Best to be just polite and stop sending checks. To that point, oil on the COMEX closed below $36.00 per barrel today. Sure the world wide slow down has a lot to do with its fall from $147.00 . But the prospects of the U.S. bombing Iran has diminished also. And that fear factor being removed also drove down oil. We need more diplomacy rather than saber rattling. The Zionists in the Pentagon and the State Department should be monitored. And if they start beating the drums of war then they should be rounded up and deported .

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dick Cheney's Revealing Comment

Yesterday on a Fox News interview Dick Cheney made an interesting comparison. He was defending the Bush Administration's war policies when he said, " If you think about what Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War.... [he] went far beyond anything we've done in the global war on terror".

He's right. Lincoln was acting more like Saddam Hussein's treatment of the Shiites and Kurds in his over-the-top punishment and occupation of the American South. The Civil War was not justified nor was its barbaric prosecution.
John Wilkes Booth provided some but not off setting justice to that crime. Now there was an actor who could do more than just act.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

2010 California's Governor Race: Romancing The Groin

Who wants to be California's next governor? Well Cal's favorite Jew, Senator Dianne Feinstein has decided to stay in Washington and help Israeli interests. No loss there. But her decision had an immediate effect on the prospects of 2 men who pass for white. Their names are the present California Attorney General Jerry Brown and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. The difference between these 2 pols is as thin as the width of toilet tissue. But fag-hag Gavin Newsom has a slight lead with the homosexual crowd in our state.

Well to marginalize that difference, Jerry Brown has decided not to defend the will of the people, who also pay his sorry ass, in the upcoming appeal by the homosexuals against Prop 8 which limited marriage to an actual man and woman. Brown claims an attack of "conscience" for his deriliction of duty. So now the race for Cal's governorship is a race to the groin or if you will who can be a better, quasi- dick-taster so that he may become a better, guasi-dicktator of California's future.

So the campaign could turn bizzarre. How about the candidates visiting the San Francisco General's HIV/AIDS wards to administer daily baths ? What about reliving closet episodes with potential voters? What about the candidates teaching the possibilities of an expanded sexual experience when they talk about homosexual activity to children in school? How about the candidates dismissing HIV/AIDS as a legitimate argument against homosexuality? Come on boys, "In for a penny in for a pound" let's get to the details of groin politics.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stinko Politics And Culture : Future Look

Given the increasing rate of political corruption and spiraling down of U.S. culture , a future look of how these challenges will be handled is worth a little speculative fantasy. In the interest of continuity and recognition the names will remain the same but the time period will be some 20 years hence. And so...

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich appoints Caroline Kennedy to become Illinois' Senator. Immediately thereafter Blagojevich resigns his governorship and is appointed New York's Senator by Governor David Paterson. Ponzi-schemer Bernard Madoff surrenders to Elliott Spitzer who then is reappointed New York Attorney General by The New Jerusalem Times. Spitzer's first executive order is to drop all charges against Madoff who then becomes the Mayor of New Jerusalem which was formally known as Manhattan. Israel is now Palestine and former Israelis have all moved to New Jerusalem. Gentiles have formed a Hamas look- alike organization.

People can now have an uncensored view of Bill Clinton for 24/7 because of an attached webcam with a link to the internet. George Bush fell off the wagon and now wanders looking for cocktails of mass amnesia. Condi Rice does Colgate Dental Strips ads which demontrates how to fill a gap in a smile and stop being mistaken for Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman. President Obama governs from the center a.k.a. The Peoples And Families Republic Of Togetherness And Borrowing From , to wit the Federal Governments budget is now 75% of America's GDP with the remaining 25% being generated by Oprah Winfrey's Enterprises.
White people who do windows are in demand.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ponzi Scheme Is Similar To Democracy Scheme

Ponzi Scheme :

An investment swindle in which high profits are promised from fictitous sources and early investors are paid off with funds raised from later ones.

Democracy Scheme:

A political/social swindle in which unearned rights are promised to early voters and sourced from earlier earners.

We are not all equal. We are known by our differences.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Real Journalistic Commentary In Baghdad

There is nothing like reporting the truth. Lies, distortions, slants, bias in reporting all fall short of the object of journalism which is to inform and by implication to deliver a kind of entertainment. And there is nothing more interesting than the truth. It always hangs together and is believable while being simple .

And so the lesser forms of expression which include poisoned op-ed pieces, political lampoon, satirical cartoon, no-confidence votes, negative polling results and losing elections pale along side the truthful drama of Baghdad reporter Muntander al-Zaidi. This past weekend in Baghdad he threw his 2 shoes at our coward-in-chief George Bush along with the appropiate description of the U.S. president who has caused the death and dislocation of millions of innocent Iraqis.

Unfortunately Bush ducked and we only have a symbolic attempt recorded for history on video. Next time real journalism makes its way on to the front page hopefully a more effective puncture and punctuating scene will be seen.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oprah Winfrey Should Interview Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Yesterday at Guantanamo Bay, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed pleaded guilty for himself and the other 4 imprisoned al-Qaeda operatives. He said, "We don't want to waste our time with [legal] motions. All of you are paid by the U.S. government and I'm not trusting any American."

It was a rare example of someone taking responsibility for his actions. And the responsibility will amount to an execution. This statement is unlike our overpaid weenie executives from the auto industry or Sam Zell of the bankrupt Chicago Tribune or Bush, Rice and Cheney for the Iraq War crimes or Senator Stevens of Alaska or John Thain of Merrill Lynch or John Mack of Morgan Stanley or Richard Fuld of Lehman and all the other countless "victims" in our weenie society. And that includes all those black dudes who are on Death Row for murder but blame a "racially prejudiced legal system" for their troubles.

Why doesn't Oprah Winfrey do a remote broadcast from Gtmo with Khalid? She could expose her fat, dumb and bored viewing audience to a real person. Redemption is supposed to be her mantra. What could be more honest than Khalid wanting a honest resolution to an ugly affair?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chrysler Should Have Been Allowed To Fail

The shameless auto executives are back begging for more money. They remind of the young man pleading his case before his sceptical parents. "Please just give me one more chance. I will be home on time and I promise to fill up the gas tank this time."

The parents retort," But son you are a mature man now. Some of your classmates have started their own families and they own a home and own their own cars. When will you grow up? We have other obligations."

Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca made a sucessful plea for a government bailout some 30 years ago. And now Chrysler is back but this time with GM and Ford at the same table. Maybe if Chrysler was allowed to fail years ago, GM and Ford would have worked harder and the UAW would have learned a lesson that would have avoided todays mess?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Wants To Be Bitch-Slapped?

Just when it looked like the white- trash Clintons and their trailer-park scandals would forever fade away, along comes a president-elect and bright negro to grant them yet more exposure on the world stage. Obama made a deal with the Clinton's to avoid conflict of interests with respect to Hillary's new job as Secretary of State. Yeah sure, it will be as effective as lobbyist and campaign finance reform. Of course money isn't everything. Bill will be more attractive and available now that his wife is out of town. Amy Winehouse is looking for kicks.

Speaking of kicks, I'm struck by the warm feelings that the truthful cameras offer up when Barack and Hillary are on stage. Could it be that Hillary has finally met a man she can rely on? Would a bitch-slap from Barack be welcome if she opens daylight between her ideas on policy and his?

The U.S. doesn't need more political soap operas in real-time that take the place for much needed meaningful foreign or domestic policies. Our politicians are overpaid and mostly are made up of the criminal class.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Confessions Of Citigroup's Robert Rubin

This past Saturdays edition of The Wall Street Journal had an interview with Citigroup's Senior Advisor and Board member Robert Rubin. I obtained an unredacted copy of the interview from a staff member.

WSJ: Good morning Mr.Rubin.

Rubin: My coffee and bagel are cold. Can you freshen them up?

WSJ: Certainly. Can I call you Bob?

Rubin: For now.

WSJ: Since 1999, when you were brought on board at Citigroup by former CEO Sandy Weill, you have pocketed over $200 million in salaries and stock options. During that same time Citigroup's stock has lost over 90% of its value and now teeters on bankruptcy.

Rubin: So?

WSJ: Don't you feel any guilt? Weren't you overpaid when all things are considered?

Rubin: Hey, nobody saw this problem coming.

WSJ: Exactly. That's my point. You got over $200 million in compensation but still classify yourself with all the other "nobodys"that didn't see the financial meltdown coming. So where's the value-added from you ?

Rubin: Are you anti-semitic?

WSJ: No.

Rubin: What are you up to?

WSJ: Isn't it true that Sandy Weill enlisted your help to drive out of office his co-Chair and 16 year veteran John Reed in 2000?

Rubin: Reed had thin skin. He had a thing about morals and cleanliness. He was a pushover.

WSJ: How did you help Weill get rid of this responsible man?

Rubin: Well off the record. When morals get in the way of money-making, morals go bye-bye. Anyway back to your question, during the week I would have a butt outside and wait for Reed's limo to pull up. Then I would call Sandy on the cell for the tricks da jour.

WSJ: And?

Rubin: Sometimes Weill would rush to Reeds privy and make a mess and not clean up. Or many times he would replace Reeds wife picture with Sandy's own wifes picture. She looks like Sandy in drag. She makes Greenspan's wife Andrea "Shrink Wrap" Mitchell look like Greta by comparison.

WSJ: Anything else?

Rubin: Yea. Hey where's my coffee and bagel?

WSJ: Hey Bob, go fuck yourself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Too Big To Fail ": Not True

When a politician says ," It's too big to fail", what he means is ," My part in the scheme of central planning has turned up another losing result that if allowed to fail will cost me and my fellow politicians our jobs. ". Like the communists, socialists and aristocracies of ancient history the U.S. has become a costly central planning nightmare.

" It's too big to fail" also means we are too lazy or too dumb to change. " Too big too fail" also means that money is the ultimate goal. And so today the Federal Reserve announced an additional $800 billion bailout and government guarentees . This is targeted to backing credit cards, student loans and toxic mortgage purchases. And how will the government pay for all this? The printing press will be smoking.

It's not that easy. The outcome will be a falling dollar and at some point hyperinflation will come around. The foreign buyers of our debt are already looking elsewhere.

Joe Biden's Replacement: Another Zionist In Senate

Vice President Joe Biden is being replaced in the Senate by Manahattan-born Jew, Edward Kaufman. Maybe it's not politically correct to bring up Kaufman's race but since this years election has been largely about race and gender then Kaufman's Jewishness is fair game. Delaware's Governor Ruth Ann Minner choose Kaufman at Biden's request.

Kaufman's presence raises the Jewish/Zionist population of the Senate to 15. That's 10 times the percentage number ( Jews are 1.5% of population) of Jews found in the wilds of America . Why are there some many Jews in the Senate ? Here's a quote from the 1906 "Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion", it goes "... the net which Israel is throwing over the globe of the earth is widening and spreading daily and the momentous prophecies of our holy books are at last to be realized.". Well this creeping infestation of Zionist influence certainly follows the "Protocols" plan. But maybe it's coincidence? Coincidence or not the U.S. gives life support to an Israeli policy of collective punishment and apartheid to 5 million Palestinians.

The Zionists think they are clever and succesful. But if this is so then why are there only 13 million Jews left in the world. Time for the "chosen people" to convert to a better religion or swear off excessive power and money as a life style.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Political Movie Fantasy Based On The "Alien"

In the final scenes of the 1979 scifi thriller "Alien", Ripley harpoons the alien and its attached tether neatly swings the beast into the furnace of the jet thrusters. The alien dies.

As our fantasy story opens, the players are on Air Force One. President Obama is increasingly drousy after drinking a specially prepared drink from his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He just got word that Vice president Joe Biden has been found dead in Fort Marcy Park. It was an apparent suicide. Also on the plane is Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As per the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 Nancy Pelosi would become president if anything happened to Obama. And if anything happened to Pelosi ,Hillary would become president. The camera does a close up of the glass. What was in that drink?

Pelosi suspects and is visably troubled by the sequence of improbable events happening when she's alone with Hillary Clinton at 35,000 feet. Pelosi asks Hillary, "What was in that drink?". Hillary turns slowly. Her face has a look that's menacing and threatening with a touch of gleefulness. Hillary speaks, " Now it's my turn". Pelosi panics reaches for a hidden gun and gut shoots Hillary. The anti-Christ pops out. It's the love-child of Hillary and a Cuban waiter. Hillary was somewhat surprised at the fetus. She looks mournfully at the dead child and then falls to the floor dead.

Pelosi slumps in a chair. She stares at the ceiling . She's exhausted. Suddenly she hears what sounds like a zipper. Someone is walking towards her in mincing steps. It's Bill Clinton. His trousers are around his ankles and they hobble his walk. Bill speaks, " Thanks for getting rid of my bitch. Will you make me Vice President or will you do something else for me?"

Nancy is speechless. The camera fades....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Citizen Buffett

Orson Welles' character Citizen Kane gives it up with his last word ," Rosebud". It was a reference to his boyhood sled and happier times. The "Rosebud" decal on the sled pointed to the promise of spring in the midst of winters gloom.

Warren Buffett's recent autobiography is titled "Snowball". It refers to the compounding of wealth through the dynamic of buying sound companies and never selling. This is Buffett's version of reflection on happier times now that he's nearer the end of his career. Eh!

Buffett has pledged his fortune to charities. Buffett will use his wealth to help many people who sadly shouldn't have been born. These people now suffer deprivation. They will be helped by a man who spent his whole life accumulating more than he needed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prediction: Obama Will Be A Weak, Naive President

Obama's vetting team of Hillary Clinton has been assured by Bill Clinton regarding a potential conflict of interest in his worldwide money raising schemes . Bill said , " I will do anything you want [to avoid a conflict of interest]to help Hillary become Secretary of State". And so you have Bill's word on it.

The perjured, rapist and impeached former president Bill Clinton has given his word. And Obama is set to accept it. I predict Obama will be a weak and naive president . He will be well-meaning, but he will be like Jimmy Carter . Federal government reform and "change" will be put off again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Horses Getting Second Chance

In the late 1700s the population of America was about 4,000,000. That was less than 1/2 the population of todays New York City alone. How things have changed. Now there are app. 300,000,000 of our complaing and overrated species living in the U.S. . Wild horses was one of the animals that we displaced in our infestation. Today there are app. 33,000 wild horses and burros in the wild. In addition there is an equal number in holding pens under the supervision of the Federal Bureau Of Land Management. Well the BLM is worried about the "costs" of keeping the penned herd. And so they are planning to kill app. 7,000 of the herd to get the bill down. Go to hell BLM. Sooner you die than the horses and burros if I had my way.

But Mrs. Madeleine Pickens, wife of oil speculator T.Boone Pickens is riding to the rescue. She is proposing to take all 33,000 horses and burros off the hands of the BLM and put them on a 1,000,000 acre range she now negotiating to buy. And the BLM has accepted her proposal. Now that is good news for a change.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack Obama: Looks Like Personal Nigger To Zionists & Clintons

When is "change"not change? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Well so far Obama's appontments to key postions, and they are by definition "key" because he's doing them immediately , looks like the Zionists and the Clinton wing of the democratic party are still running things. One is tempted to leap to the conclusion that Barack Obama is essentially the ultimate caricature of a "personal nigger" to these political power centers no matter the fact he is president elect.

To recap, Obama's Zionist and/or Clintonite choices for his inner circle includes 4 and most likely 5 with Hillary to be nominated to be Secretary Of State. Those 5 choices are of a possible total of 9 choices of postions that were filled. They include Rahm Emanuel- Zionist/Clintonite; Dennis Ross- Zionist/Clintonite; Mona Sutphen-Clintonite; Gregory Craig-Clintonite and of course Hillary Clinton who is also a rabid Zionist.

The marathon democratic nomination battle between Obama and Clinton was against the backdrop of the outsider against the classic insiders as exampled by Hillary. While in and out office the Clintons not only survived an impeachment but became rich in spite of it and a Monica Lewinsky "stained blue dress", Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and the other bimbos and the alledged raping of Juanita Broderick, Whitewater Scandals, mysterious suicide of Clinton Chief Of Staff Vince Foster and "accidental" death of Secretary Of Commerce Ron Brown , imprisonment of Clinton appointee Webster Hubbell, lucrative commodity "trading" and all the rest . The Clintons also managed to become the respected elders of the Democratic Party. These feats obviously left an impression on Obama. And so Barack wants an insurance policy for his Washington job.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prop 8 :Homosexual Activists And Hate Crimes

Why do they call homosexuals gay? They can be as hateful as anyone else. For instance this passed Sunday in the San Francisco Bay Area, homosexual protesters verbally harassed Mormon church goers. The homosexuals were venting their hate on the Mormons who were among other diverse groups who voted for the successful passage of Propostion 8. That California state propostion limits marriage to only a man and a woman.

According to recent newspaper reports, homosexuals activists across the country are planning protests and civil disobedience because of the passage of Prop. 8. They liken their political cause to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. I don't think so. Codified segregation of the blacks was illegal. Whereas same sex marriage prohibition follows cultural norms recorded in documented history. Otherwise, " What's next?"

Hate crime legislation wasn't around in the 1960s. Hate crime fines and punishment exponentials didn't show up till the 1980s. So these civil disobedience and verbal harrassments and all that will follow can lead to hate crime super punishments for the rowdy and hateful homosexuals.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halliburton & Citigroup: Poor Results For Their Greedy CEOs

Halliburton and Citigroup are stocks that symbolize the criminal greed of the past 8 years. Halliburton represents war for profits. Dick Cheney was its CEO before he was sworn in as Veep in 2001. Using his position of power and the life-long relationship he had with Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Halliburton was awarded no-bid contracts in Afghanistan and in Iraq. I think the war in Iraq was largely for Halliburtons benefit along with other war for profit companies.

How did the stock do in these past 8 years ? Well Halliburton was trading at $19.00 when Cheney was sworn in and now the stock trades at $16.00. So after 4200 American lives, app. 1,500,000 Iraqi lives, 2,500,000 displaced Iraqis and app. $750,000,000,000 and counting in war expenditures and 2 or 3 adjustments to asshole Cheney's heart regulator the stock is down app. 16%. How stupid can some monkeys be?

And then there's Citigroup. Under the direction of former CEO Sanford Weill who took the reins in 1998 when the stock was trading at $25.00 Weill used his connections and money to repeal the Depression- era Glass-Steagall Act which mandated a seperation of stock brokers and insurance companies with banks. The Wall Street meltdown is directly traced to the repeal of this Depression-era firewall banking act. Citigroup's stock was trding at $25.00 when Weill slid in to power. Now Citigroup trdes at $ 8.50. That's almost 60% less in value.

A quiet retirement for these 2 assholes is not what they deserve.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bye Bye General Motors And Ford ?

Today General Motors and Ford were both downgraded by Wall Street analysts to sell. Now they tell us ! The future looks like either bankruptcy or a government- assisted bailout which in either case would leave the existing shares worthless.

The Volkswagen Bug showed up on our shores in the 1950's and the Japanese invasion of cheap, economical- to- run cars joined VW. But GM, Ford and Chrysler didn't take the hint. They continued to build expensive gas guzzlers with high profit margins . They bribed Congress to keep miles-per-gallon requirements at a low threshold and even got the lawmakers to give tax incentives to buyers of trucks and SUVs.

My take on this tactic by Detroit was that the obligations to pay the inflated demands of the United Auto Workers necessitated the high-priced autos. Now this is not the way to meet the public's changing trends toward affordability in transportation choices. Detroit went down the wrong way on a one-way street.

Here's An Excellent Redistribution Of Wealth

The spending monkeys in Washington are looking for additional ways to stimulate the economy. With the constraints of astronomical deficits and the potential for a further collapse of the dollar, here's simple suggestion that already fits into the budget.

Whereas the federal government's budget share of the gross domestic product of $15 trillion is app. 20% at the $3 trillion figure,

Whereas conservative estimates of government employees pay and government spending is app. a multiple of 3 times what it could be done for in the real world economy,

Whereas a targeted economic stimulus is needed more in the hands of people who earn less than government employees,

Therefore all federal government expenditures should be reduced in favor of less costly private solutions including state and local governments who by definition will be relatively more accountable for cost efficient results.

Washington is the problem. The solution will necessarily exclude Washington.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama's Inner Circle : Two Too Many Zionists

" You are known by the company you keep".

President- elect Barack Obama's former pastor Jerimiah Wright didn't like the Zionist Jews or Israel. Yet Obama was a member of Wright's congregation for many, many years. Now Obama has chosen a prominent Zionist Jew, Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff. Emanuel also holds an Israeli citizenship. The pivotol postion handed to Emanuel stems from AIPAC and other Zionist influence. Emanuel is the gatekeeper for presidential appointment scheduling and is privy to policy discussions. It doesn't take much imagination to figure how a conniving Zionist can use that postion to further Israel's ability to shape Washington directives in the Middle East. And just in case Emanuel misses something, Obama has brought another Zionist on board. Dennis Ross will be Obama's senior advisor on the Mideast. Woe is us.

Hey Barack ," Who are you?". First you listened to Pastor Wright's anti-Israeli fiery talks and now you are hanging out with line-bred Zionist Jews. Could you be a very smooth con man? Say it ain't so.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama Has A Loaded Gun

What's the difference between a loaded gun and a one- political- party control of government? Well the loaded gun can kill you. Whereas the single party control ruins you to the point of one wanting to kill themself or kill someone else. And so Obama has a political loaded gun in his hand.

Some of the bullets include wealth redistribution to the point of socialism . Or how about extreme trade protectionism to the point of trade breakdowns on a worldwide basis? What about an expansion of the Depatrment Of Education to finally preclude all new generations from a meaningful classical education? And certainly there are other nasty possibilities when the spending monkeys in congress have over $3 trillion in the budget to spend.

But maybe Obama will be prudent and govern from the center. America needs someone like that. The past 2 presidents included the educated moron Bill Clinton and the plain vanilla moron George W. Bush. We have to do better than that.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Motion Picture "Milk" & Sean Penn

The straight, white guy Sean Penn was in San Francisco last night. He was celebrating the world premiere of "Milk" at the Castro Theater. Penn played the part of the slain homosexual activist Harvey Milk. How straight is Penn? Well he actually married Madonna. Now that's gratitude . But it certainly wasn't customary. When Madonna finally caught her breath she divorced him and went on to bigger and better with the NBA. She also earned her own personal homosexual credentials along the way.

Mayor Newsom was there pressing the flesh. There was talk of maybe using a shirt sleeve to trick Newski into getting more than he bargained for. But best not to compromise Gav who is the"go to guy" when human evolution needs to be turned on its head.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wall Street Journal: Out Of Touch

Sinclair Lewis' character Elmer Gantry said, " I know there is a god because I've met the devil". Which makes me think about the Wall Street Journal. First, the name misses. More acurately it should be titled the Wall Street Urinal because of its pissing on the "better angels" of our culture. For example , today the lead editorial cheers our former Yale cheerleader Bush for the U.S. commando strike inside Syria. Never mind that we are losing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan let's double down and get in a hot war with Syria also.

I think the Urinal is out of touch. The old Wall Street mantra is that "war is good for business". That may be a fact if you win the war. But losing wars is not good for business.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Money For Mexico ?

Our very own insect/alien, Secretary of State Condi Rice just told Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, " ...that the $400 million for Mexico's drug cartel wars is a priority with the United States". The American taxpayer money is for planes and police training. Planes, police training? Why can't the Mexicans fight the drug cartels hand to hand? They can work off their excess population and save us some bucks.

Mexico and a whole lot of other foreign aid parasites are going to learn how to live with less or no help from the U.S. .


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stock Market & Money & Master & Slave

The stock market cries , " More money, I need more money". It writhes like an addict for more liquidity. The former masters of the printing press now become the slaves to the wanton consumer philosophy. The masters which include the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government are slaves themselves to the commercial greed of Wall Street and the wasteful ways of many of the electorate so they dutifully pass out more "free from responsibility" placebos. Get a life jerks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How About a Slow And Local Nation?

Because it's the fate of the frivolous primate to relive unheeded history, how soon will the U.S. and the world reaquaint itself with the depths of another depression?

After the 1929 Crash and the subsequent 20% unemployment , the 1930 Smoot- Hawley Tariff Act was passed to create and save jobs for unemployed Americans. The Act raised tariffs on 20,000 imported goods. Business was against the legislation and over 1000 economists signed a petition urging President Herbert Hoover not to sign it. But he did and trade between the U.S. and others plunged 50% between 1930 and 1932 because other countries retaliated.

The prospects of a President Barack Obama pushing protectionism legislation through a rabid democratic Congress is certainly not farfetched. There are all kinds of policies that can kill jobs and exacerbate a financial downturn. Tax code and environmental policies attached to trade agreements can have the same effect as tariff increases. Of course a reduction in worldwide business activity would bring some benefits. The environment would have less destructive pressure put upon it. Also we here in America would have less melamine-laced pet and human food imported from the filthy Chinese.

A slow and local nation approach would bring relief from the dollar chase of of other peoples values.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wall Street Debacle: A Madame Defarge Moment

Madame Defarge smugly knitted while the guillotine decapitated the French aristocracy in Dicken's " A Tale of Two Cities". Likewise some of us indulge in schadenfreude as the " masters of the universe" on Wall Street are dying from a thousand financial cuts from the falling Dow Jones Averages. The peers of Wall Street like the nobility of France are and were the bigger losers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paul Krugman & Nobel Prize : Money For Free

"What goes around comes around".

And so the example set by wasteful governments of spending money foolishly over the years has trickled down into the private sector. Take the recent example of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. They administer the Nobel Prize every year. This year the Nobel Prize for Economics and its $1.4 million cash prize was awarded to Paul Krugman of Princeton University and he is also a N.Y.T. columnist.

Mr.Krugman's acclaimed thesis dealt with the reasons why people like to choose from a diversity of products . And also what determines where a manufacturing plant should be built. Krugman wrote thousands of pages since this 1979 brainstorm was posited by him.

Pardon me Paul, but wouldn't this rhetorical question about a desire for choice be more to the point, " Why does the chicken cross the road ? ". And concerning the optimum location of manufacturing plants, you should just recall what Bonnie and Clyde said why they robbed [went to ] banks. " Because that's where the money is !".

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cultural, Financial & Poor Semantics Bottom?

One thing good about hitting bottom is that the next vector is assuredly up. Hopefully The U.S. and world financial meltdown will usher in a more sane use of laws, money and words.

A sane use of laws and words would include more regulation of the financial markets. This would offset the criminal provisions of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act Of 2000. The Act allowed the constructive legal-criminal swindle by Wall Street investment banks via the Acts provision that " specifically banned regulation of credit default swaps" and "over-the-counter energy trades and trading on electronic energy commodity markets". The notion that the Act and its verbiage orders no regulation is somehow legal and a worthy piece of regulation is an oxymoron on its face. This Act led largely to the collapse of Wall Street and $147.00 oil . It endangers economies worldwide. Words do matter. Laws do matter. Political correctness and the misnamed Commidity Futures Modernization Act lead to the wrong conclusions.

The financial mess is welcome in some ways. Certainly there will be less or no money for wars of choice. Social problems that perpetuate dependence will have to be cut back and Washington has been exposed as more part of the problem rather than the solution. We need more states rights with taxes and individual behavior being more of a local affair.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg Wants More

One can take the kike out of his or her greedy culture in eastern Europe but one can't take the greedy culture out of the kike.

And so Mayor Bloomberg of New York City wants to roll back term limits in the City and spend a $100 million on another run for office. It's kind o' like he is reaching back for that expansive experience he felt at his bar mitzvah. Then he was told that he was a "son of divine law" and "chosen"for great things. Hey if laws have to be broken or ignored, Mike was on a "mission from god".

Mike needs peace more than another term as mayor. He should convert to another religion.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lessons From Afghanistan

The U.S. has been bombing and losing in Afghanistan since 2002. The terrain and social structure of that country is too much for ham-fisted invaders. The Afghanis can arguably be called a pure libertarian- modeled society. They have no central government and the tribal structure is self reliant and is bound together for mutual self defense on a modular scheme. The country is the low cost example of an efficient society. Afghanistan is known as the "graveyard of empires". To its credit it has subdued the likes of Alexander The Great, Ghengis Khan, the British Empire, the Soviet Union and now is having its way with NATO and U.S. forces.

If America is to survive it will have to become more like Afghanistan .

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Phoney Conservative Values

The poor conservatives are wringing their collective hands about the death of capitalism. The past weeks bailout and nationalization of greedy banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies are signs of the imminent demise of capiatlism as we know it in America.

The conservatives are pathetic. Where was their outrage when Lyndon Johnson launched the Great Society? That bundle of nonsense laws included the preposterous notion that all are equal and should have access to equal results in spite of the metaphysical truth that we are known by our differences and there are no guarantees about anything for anyone.

I'll tell you where the outrage was. It was stifled and exploited to money-making advantage. Deficit spending for costly social programs and wars of choice are great for business! But when the government starts nationalizing private enterprises and that threatens their phoney baloney jobs, well that something to scream about. Drop dead.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin & Biden "Love Israel": This Is Change ?

Last nights VP debate included only one issue which had unequivocal agreement. Sarah Palin remarked, "We both love Israel", following a similar declaration by Joe Biden.

What's to like? Well if that's what "change"still drags along, then there will be no "change" in policies that matter the most, namely peace and security for the U.S.. Because America doesn't have the military capability or the money to make the rogue state Israel acceptable among mostly civilized and mannered nations of the greater civilized world. The enclave of gangsters in the Jewish state should be ignored by the U.S. . The U.S. reponsibility for the Israeli ghetto only demonstrates an American low self esteem for its citizens. We are better than that.

When we get a candidate who promises, "I will ignore Israel", then there will be "change" in American politics.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Socrates & Rock Stars

The trial of Socrates in 399 B.C. began with this posted indictment:

" Socrates is guilty of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state and introducing other new divinities. He is also guilty of corrupting the youth. The penalty demanded is death".

The "new divinties" that were the alledged corrupter of youth was his philosophy of questions. This included the questioning of authority which made the powers-that- be in Athens nervous. And so the indictment, the trial and the death of Socrates by drinking the poison hemlock. Now some 2500 years later, the present questioners of all authority take the form of members of all branches of our government, Wall Street manipulators and "rock stars".

No they are not going to drink hemlock as their punishment. But instead they will be bribed, well bonused or sell out stadiums. Somewhere in between the fates of noble Socrates and our present day trash should be the proper reward for questioning authority.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Driver Carries No Money"

A very few delivery trucks still carry the warning, " Driver Carries No Money". Maybe it's because the illegal immigrant criminals can't read or speak English. Or maybe the hoodlums went through the public school system and didn't bother to learn to read. But because there was no money available there were no losses.

Can we learn a lesson that applies to our politicians and their Congress? It's their Congress because they as a group get more out of government than we outside of government do. The latest legal crime that our politicians are facilitating is the Wall Street bailout. Here we have Wall Street jackals making money on the way up and keeping what they made as their broken schemes and maipulations are transferred to the tax payers on the way down.

The lesson is this. First character is fate. And since our politicians start with little or no admirable character traits we are facing certain disappointment. But add the bad character to the oppotunities presented for self advancement by handling and being part of a $ 3 trillion budget process and one can see how we keep digging deeper holes as government gets larger. There is a direct ratio. And so the app. $ 1 trillion bailout will be handled by printing more money. Money represents the collective character of the issuing nation. Our falling dollar signals what our trading partners think of our character.

What's to be done? How about printing this sign on the halls of Congress, " Politician Carries No Money Only Opinions. All Money Matters Are Left To Individuals"?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Condi Rice Doesn't Get It

A Secretary Of State is nothing if not diplomatic. Which brings up our own Condi Rice's rudely chosen words directed at Russia yesterday. Referring to the Georgia/South Osettia war, our pickaninny promised, " Our [U.S.] strategic goal now is to make it clear to Russia's leaders that their choices are putting them on a one-way path to self imposed isolation and international irrelevance". Condi is predicting Russia has a one-way ticket to Palooka-Ville.

So Condi thinks the world can work around or without Russia being involved. Never mind the 13,000 nuclear warheads or the vast natural resources or the rich cultural heritage. Stanford University gave this woman a doctorate on Russian studies. Obviously Condi wasn't impressed with the Russian tutorial.

Rice reminds me of an observation by the 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume. Hume was in correspondance with a friend who recently visted the Caribbean. The friend remarked how the darkies in Jamaica and other nations spoke perfect English . Hume some years later personally experienced the blacks in Jamaica. He came away with the conviction that the negroes were just reciting and copying white speech and culture like some parrot or Minah bird. They really didn't get it.

And so the philosopher accurately describes our blackbird.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tzipi Livni: Peace Candidate?

Pity the poor Palestinians. Tzipi Livni, Israel's Foreign Minister looks to be the next Prime Minister. She will succeed Prime Minister Olmert as soon as she can form a coalition. She has been part of the "peace negotiations" with the Palestinians. Her Tzipi-code for "peace" turned into collective punishment for 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza and a ramped-up expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.

Her personal resume includes being a lawyer and a former member of Israel's Mossad secret service . No doubt her lack of a moral compass qualifies her for both professions. She is also the result of a Zionist line bred heritage. She can trace her heritage to members of Israel's Irgun a right-wing militia that has the blood of British and international peace keepers and Palestinians on their hands. She is being compared to the former female Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. She's the Brooklyn-born PM that brought on The Six Days War Of 1967 which is the second mistake. The first mistake was Israel's creation in 1947.

All in all Tzipi surpasses Hitler and the Nazi's definition of the undesirable Jew as indicated in the Nazi's Nuremberg Party Congress on September 15, 1935. Too bad that the Nazis lumped all the Jews together. Tzipi and Adolph were alike.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Next Financial Shoe To Drop

Here's a quick tutorial on the root cause of the 1930's Great Depression since it increasingly looks like we will replay that whole episode in slow-motion. Sure the market crashed but the reason for the depression was the failure of the banks. The banks failed because they speculated in the stock market. E.G. Morgan Bank owned Morgan Stanley brokerage .Those speculations went south and people ran on the banks to withdraw deposits. The rest is history.

After the Crash and bank failures, legislation was passed that included the Bank Act of 1935 a.k.a. Glass Steagall. It prohibited banks from ever owning brokers or insurance companies. In 1999 , Glass Steagall was struck down. Banks then did the obvious and bought insurance companies and stock brokers. Also brokers bought insurance companies and banks.

" What could possibly go wrong?". Well first there was the failure of Bear Stearns which was bought by JP Morgan Chase and today Lehman Brothers went Chapter 11 and Bank Of America bought Merrill Lynch. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are in the wings looking for deep pocket partners i.e. some bank with fat deposits of unsuspecting civilians.

So we have gone full circle with banks now back in the brokerage business in spades. The next time the brokers fail they will take their respective bank owners with them. What's a civilian to do among these financial terrorists? First avoid any bank with a brokerage or insurance subsidiary. Limit all deposits to FDIC limits. Keep some cash at home and a weapon for protection.

Our society has resorted to money as the cure all and to that end we have printed literally bales of it. But like a house of cards, paper can't take much weight.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How To Build Personal Worth And Avoid Disappointment

Looks like Lehman Brothers will follow Bear Stearns into a shotgun merger. The buzz on Wall Street sounds like Merrill Lynch is next and then AIG and then Goldman Sachs and then.....

The effective tactic that turns these once blue chip stocks of the financial sector into a powdered form is the classic "bear raid". It's nothing new. It was around before the Crash of '29. It was used by Joe Kennedy and the very successful but suicide Jesse Livermore. Simply a group of speculators target a stock and then relentlessly sell it thus creating a panic in the financial markets till it spills over into the real world. And then it either goes bankrupt or is forced into an arranged merger. And members of the bear raid group profit from the collapse of the stock price . The "effective tactic" was the bear raid. But the fundamental reason that enabled the bear raid tactic to work was the questionable value of the underlying business of the targeted stock in the first place. It begs the question, "If these companies are so valuable, then how come they can be sold down so far?".

I.E. could a bear raid be successful if Wall Street operators tried to sell a $50.00 bag of groceries for $10.00? Or how successful could a manipulator be selling a gallon of gasoline for $1.50? Not successful because groceries and gasoline have intrinsic and recognizable value with a large market. Shares of Bear Stearns, Lehman, Merrill or whoever really when, push comes to shove, don't have intrinsic value. They operate on the "greater fool" theory. That's why the machinations of Wall Street bear raids acn be pulled off. Everyone kind of knows or suspects that Wall Street can't last .

If one is interested in building self worth and avoiding future disruptions then one should join with other like-minded, value-added individuals for a barter system . Then the group can freeze out grifters, politicians, Wall Street operators and all the other usual suspects.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wall Street: Alternative Reality

This past Monday, Google Search picked up and published prominently a 2002 United Airlines filing for bankruptcy. The 2002 date was not printed. The source of the post was from a Florida newspaper that is affiliated with the Chicago Tribune. People who read the post and didn't give a second thought or know that UAL emerged from bankruptcy in 2006 sold shares. The stock plummeted from $12.00 to $3.00 before trading was halted. Many people lost much money before UAL was asked if the story was true. The story was true but it was 6 years old!

There is reality and there is Wall Street perception of reality. In the real world this past Monday , UAL planes continued to fly and reach their destination. This is despite the halted trading and price devestation. This is proof that the world can still function despite Wall Street seizing up. But our representaives in Washington and I use the term " representatives" loosely seem to think that Wall Street's interests are more important than the real worlds initerests. Witness oil and corn price manipulation, banking and security law failures etc.

We can function without a Wall Street and without a Washington.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Hello Manhattan, Israel Calling"

Approximaely 50% of Wall Street investment banking management is Jewish. That doesn't make them necessarily Zionist but probably most think there should be a Jewish homeland which is the definition of a Zionist. Israel enjoys a unique U.S. tax code advantage. Donations to the Jewish state by American tax payers is deductable against U.S. income. The donations sent to Israel by these Wall Street operators neatly allows them to have it both ways.

Israel is an odd country. It's founding and nurturing depends on money and political influence from worldwide Jewry. If that is ever shut off or diminished ,Israel like some out of this world space station ,would suffer or cease to exist. And so the recent cataclysmic events on Wall Street and financial centers around the world threaten Israel's mother's milk so to speak i.e. money. The financial melt down may be a humane way to finally get Israel to pursue peace or disappear. Either way would be an improvement.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Here's A Quiz

How many Pakistani civilians have to be killed "accidentally" by U.S. and NATO forces before a significant portion of Pakistan joins the Taliban and Al Qaeda cause?

How many more Afghanis will target U.S. and NATO troops because of the deaths of their innocent citizens?

How many Sunnis will be killed in Anbar province now that the U.S. has turned over security to their historical adversary the Shiite dominated security forces and thus reigniting the Iraq civil war in that area?

How come the U.S. refused to take North Korea off the state-sponsored terror list as it promised which then caused the N.Koreans to stop dismantling a portion of their nuclear facilities which stopped the whole peace process?

How did it come about that Georgia chose now to shell South Ossetia and certainly invite a lethal response by the Russians? Also Cheney immediately rushed to Georgia with a billion dollar reimbursement for damages received and vows to SUPPORT Georgia.

Why are the missile shields in Czech and Poland which could threaten Russia in the headlines at this time?

Why hasn't the U.S. pushed the Israelis into the needed concessions for a two-state solution with the Palestinians?

Why does McCain and the republicans talk more about war than peace?

Are Bush and Cheney instigating world instability as a McCain et al vote- getter?

The coincidences of the above warmongering events are too many and too obvious to attribute to chance.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin Looks Better In Comparison

Criticism by definition springs from a comparison to a somewhat accepted standard. The criticism can eclipse the standard postively or negatively fall short. How does Palin compare with our recent standard of George Bush?

Pundits claim that Palin lacks experience. Oh. She achieved the governship of Alaska on her own. Bush needed the schemes and lies of Karl Rove for his Texas governorship. Then there are the connections of George I that brought George II the chance for a run at the presidency . Rove created "a palace of lies" in Bush's presidential run and the rest is history.

Palin wasn't an alcholic like Bush. She liked herself and won the title of Miss Alaska. Palin actually lives her Christian religion by bringing a Down's Syndrome baby into the world.(I think that is wrong) . Bush wears the mantle of the Evangelical Christians only for political purposes as per the Rove playbook. A true Christian doesn't authorize torture or believe in preemptive war.

Palin's understanding of foreign policy couldn't be worse than Bush. Bush just did what he was told by Cheney, the American Enterprise Institute and the fifth column Zionists led by Elliott Abrams. Abrams may write a book on how gullable Bush was after he leaves office. Why not? Bush can't help Israel anymore and Abrams could use the money. Bush was no value-added in foreign policy except as a puppet.

Hopefully Bush was a U.S. low point. He lowered the bar to the level that anyone would look better .

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cheney's Priorities Are As Miserable As He Is

Cheney will skip the Republican National Convention. He also wont be around for any assistance when Hurricane Gustav roars into sensitive areas of the Gulf of Mexico including New Orleans. He obviously learned nothing from the horrible PR that his administration got 3 years ago on their no show, no interest response to Katrina.

What's more important to this miserable SOB ? It looks like he wants to make sure the resumption of the Cold War with Russia does in fact proceed after the recent Georgia-Russia military engagement. He will extend U.S. reassurance to Georgia that America will help as much as possible. It kind of reminds me of a scene from the sci-fi movie "Alien". It's where the insect-like creature's gaping maw is viewed between Ripley's cats ears who is in a cat-carrying case. And the Cheney-like boss of the spaceships earth control center is ordering a live capture of the alien and a safe return to earth. Yeah, sure only the mission counts.

Cheney's malcontent attitude is nurtured by making as many people as possible as unhappy as he is. Hence his lifelong dedication to the military-industrial complex and its miserable products of death and destruction.

Friday, August 29, 2008

University Of California: Kind Of A Racket

Today, alledged abuses of overtime pay in the University of California's School System was carried in the San Francisco Chronicle. The article failed to point out the root cause of UC employee's cost problem. I.E. the UC system employs app. 250,000. Students attending the UC system only number app. 220,000. The students and employees must be bumping in to each other on the campus if they can ever find a parking place first.

Coincidently tonight , Turner Classic Movies is showing the classic film "On The Waterfront". The film is based on corrupt longshoreman union bosses that shakedown ship owners to hire more longshoremen than necessary to off load the docking ships.

The UC Board of Regents and their operatives are kind o' like those union bosses. The Regents shakedown the California tax payers and students to fund their quasi-racket of overpriced educational services.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Consider The Ear Of Corn

Is life getting too complicated? Is it too political? Are there too many people? I would say "Yes". Consider the collateral damage from all of the above to corn.

Corn comes beautifully husked with elegant silk styles inside for protection and also provides a decorative flair. It was picked off stalks that could be 10 feet tall in the quiet fields of what were the Great Plains. Corn is stored sunlight with all the nutrients that it could absorb from the earth and the moisture of past rains. It provides nutritional food for a later time. That's where we started.

But now it has become a commodity that Goldman Sachs and other greasers from Wall Street want to corner. They want to drive up the price so their managed accounts can have exorbitant profits. Some of those profits will help Goldman pay for its new 43 story building at 200 West Street in Mamhattan. The construction costs are app. $2.4 billion. What was affordable corn now affords "Guys n' Dolls" looking brokers inappropriate overpriced clothing.

Then there are the thieves in our Congress that want to use corn as a weapon against terrorists by mitigating the accumulation of petrodollars in the Mideast. Never mind that the corn-based ethanol costs more to produce than it can be sold for. The actual beneficiary of this boondoggle are the corn lobbys. How are you going to keep them down on the farm, once they know how to steal big time?

What's a body to do? Vote Libertarian, promote population REDUCTION and plant or share a garden.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moderation As A Goal

Too much of anything is bad.

Too much credit led to home buyers having only to sign a contract to assume title to multi-hundreds of thousand dollar houses. Even the stock buyers that led to the Crash of '29 had to put down at least 10%. And so todays foreclosures and credit crunch are a direct result of criminally-loose credit requirements.

Too many laws lead to a forsaking of the spirit of laws to a following of the fine points of laws or what is not technically covered. Consider San Francisco's legal profession community . Attorneys in S.F. take up 42 pages of fine print in the Yellow Pages. In contrast there are only 6 pages of electricians. And what do we get for all this legal "protection" from these roving hyenas? We get a "sanctuary city" where young, illegal, criminal immigrants are are allowed to grow up shielded from federal law enforcement so they can commit adult crimes. A society can exist with a spirit of fair play but not with a conniving legal- law-breaking mentality.

Too much concentration on national defense leads seamlessly to a C.I.A. that foments trouble that leads to war on a proactive and preemptive base. Better to spend military money on infrastructure improvement. Less opportunity for mischief.

Moderate is better than too much.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Consider: Might The Russian Menace Be Not

The worried pundits are wringing their hands about the Russians and a start up of the Cold War. But Cheney, the American Enterprise Institute and the Neocons are rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation of a start up of the Cold War- oppurtunity calls. And the American people just rub the fast food grease from their hands before they plug in, turn on and tune out with their electronic entertainment.

The Russian menace is thought to come in a variety of ways. But on second thought we may have already have faced far worse than the Russians cold inflict anew. For example, Russia could manipulate the oil markets. But hasn't Goldman Sachs and others already done that? At least Russia does have oil to sell whereas Goldman Sachs only sells snake oil.

Russia could sell surface-to-surface missles to Syria and disrupt the Zionists plans to nuke Syria at will. Hey anyone who can slow down the Zionazis can't be all bad. Russia might slow the U.S. imperial build up of foreign bases around the world. But that would free up resources for infrastructure here in the U.S. So that could be blessing in disguise.

But what about Venezuela, Hamas, Hezzbollah , Iran and Iraq? Don't we need Russia's help from those threats? How about keeping it simple? The U.S. should just preoccupy itself with domestic challenges and leave out "foreign entanglements". Then we wouldn't need Russia's help.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Afghanistan War : Consider The Inconvenient Truth

Bush, Cheney, the American Enterprise Institute, NATO and assorted empty-headed but full of hot air politicians around the globe all give lip service to the importance of winning the Afghanistan War. But the glaring fact is there are only 40,000 NATO troops battling a resurgent Taliban and many Afghanis who have taken up arms against NATO because of the many deaths of innocent civilians. To put that 40,000 number in perspective, there are app. 36,000 police in New York City.

We should leave Afghanistan. The app. 31,000,000 that live there had nothing to do with the 9/11 event save a relative tiny few. The country has become a feeding frenzy of military-industrial projects that are only a pretense to enrich a very few. We should be spending the money on our own infrastructure.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

U.S.S. Boondoggle

A third Zumwalt-Class destroyer which is unwanted by the Navy will be built anyway. The reason, " To provide stability to the industrial base of Maine", according to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. Even the spendthrift Navy reached a vomit point of too many destroyers. But politicians and employee/warmongers lobbied for the additional $ 5 billion ship. The cost of the ship is the cheapest part. The years of maintenance etc. are astronomical particularly when the U.S. has to borrow the money to pay for it.

What is the Navy going to do with the ship? In fifty or so years it will probably be sunk to provide real protection to our marine cousins. But in the meantime since al-Qaeda doesn't have a Navy, I have a suggested list of targets to recover some of the wasteful and belligerent military-industrial- complex philosophy.

Possible Target And Shell List:

A) Washington D.C. with particular emphasis on "K" Street which is home to the 40,000 registered lobbyists that steal morning, noon and night with the help of our elected reps.

B) In the interest of bringing back the fish stocks, every other fishing boat and if that doesn't work then repeat the shelling.

C) Illegal immigrants in boats without rescue operations.

D)The Clintons on sight.

E)Cheney's multiple dwellings with a Navy Seal mop-up.

F) Tel Aviv for its blame in the killing of 34 American crew members of the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967.

G)San Francisco's Mayor and Board Of Supervisors.

H) Condi Rice when she shows her tooth gap.

I) Bush I and II and the old bag matriarch.

J) Hoover Dam and Las Vegas

K) Rodeo Drive

L) Manhattan Kikes

This is only a partial list.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will The Russians Control Bush, Cheney Better Than Congress?

"Nature hates a vacuum", is attributed to the Greek philospher Aristotle. The truth of a statement is proportional to its observable applications. Bad foreign or domestic policy bring on unintended negative consequences. Thus a vacuum of sound judgment will be filled out of thin air with a subsequent more appropriate judgment and/or action.

And so the vacuum of Congress as a counterweight to the Bush/Cheney administration has brought back the Cold War. Congress was missing in the Afghanistan overreaction which turned the whole country against the U.S. "liberators". Congress was complicit and more than helpful in the insane invasion of Iraq. Congress was silent when the Administration tore up one nuclear limitation treaty after another with the Russians. And so the Russians response to the U.S. funding of insurrection by Georgia is a massive retaliation.

So now we have a predictable Russian discipline that will be imposed on vacuums or gaps in bad U.S. foreign policy. I think we will all be more secure with that discipline/threat rather than with the bad judgment threat and lack of discipline of our Congress.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cheney's Cold Heart And The Cold War

"An icy surface may contain the possibility of life." No it wasn't a discription of Dick Cheney. It was the latest analysis of Enceladus, Saturn's moon. It's surface temperature is -289 F. But Cheney could be a metaphor. The moron Bush is non compos mentis and can hardly distinguish between the Russian Georgia and our Georgia with the city of Atlanta.

No. The restart of the Cold War can be blamed on the Big Dick. Why the U.S. should care about the Georgian state to the extent of training and supplying Georgian troops can only be explained as a provocative eye-gouge to the Russian Bear. Our own Pelosi-Cow has not mooed caution about this dangerous project. For her, " impeachment is off the table" and that serves as a free pass for more mischief-making by the degenerates in Washington. Maybe a winter offensive in Russia? "Hey asshole what is your job?"

There is one thing about nuclear war casualties, at least 80% of the people wont be missed. But the flora and fauna deserve better.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rare Consensus On African Americans

Yesterday Jack O' Connell , California Superintendant Of Public Instruction declared, "The education of African-American students has reached a crisis stage. Scores of that group remained well below [for years] those of White, Asian-American and Latino."

Mr. O'Connell makes it unanimous. He is joined by white supremacists, bigots and black demagogues and everyone in between. They all agree on this sorry fact. It's actually a rare example of consensus in America. But the reasons for that fact differs widely when one asks a supremacist or one asks a black demagogue. The former blames genetics while the latter blames everthing else but genetics.

But the opinions of the reasons are really beside the point. The question should be what do we do about the fact. Facts can't be ignored. Or better put, facts can be ignored but only at great risk. I think that people who can't learn or wont learn should lose privileges. In this case students who chronically fall behind and stay there should be expelled from school . Serious and capable students should not be distracted by students who just take up space or worse in the classroom. The expelled students can then seek work or break the law. That's their choice. But at least the classroom will be safe from their negative pollution.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Manhattan : Losing Freedoms Because of Israel

Manhattan may be harder to get around if NYPD's Operation Sentinel is put into place. Fox News is carrying the story that Operation Sentinel, if approved by the elders of the city, would include the photographing of all license plates of vehicles entering the city. Also a deployment of radiation detectors and an installation of thousands more surveillance cameras would be implemented. There is also a plan for movable roadblocks !

I'm sure some welcome the measures. But the potential for abuse by anyone who gets access to that data which will be stored indefinitely is obvious. And the question then is "What's next?". These steps are similar to the ones implemented by the Israeli occupiers of Palestine before they erected the apartheid wall. How about a wall around Manhattan? Walls would be better than roadblocks ?

The 9/11 event was partly about a failed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. A particular part of that failure is the continued support of the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Israelis. So instead of fixing that part of our foreign policy we double down on that losing U.S./Israel relationship by having U.S. citizens suffer a loss of freedom and incur more discomfort with these proposed new "security" measures.

This loss of freedom of movement is just the latest discomfort that America endures for the failed state of Israel. Dump Israel and the U.S. will do a lot better in many ways.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

San Francisco's Separate Evolution

San Francisco's enduring appeal and source of wealth comes from its limited geographical space, westerly winds from the nearby ocean and a moderate temperture. S.F.'s evolution is a metaphor for the unique experience of the Galapagos Islands. Both were removed from the norms of mainstream evolution and thus fostered a range of oddities. The Islands produced singular flora and fauna. The City produced a singular "culture".

There has been a rash of initiatives proposed by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors. One proposal would bar the eating of trans fat. But if one wants to salivate on a fat transgender during the Gay Pride Parade, that's O.K. Another proposal is "no smoking in public." But if its mirajuana or you need a fresh needle for your heroin addiction the City will tell where to go. The latest proposal is to dispatch "garbage police" to make sure people know the difference between garbage and recycables. This is the city that promotes sodomy implying its preferance for garbage over new.

An older evolutionary step that has turned into a public misstep was the "santuary city" policy. Recently a City valued sanctuary citizen murdered a father and his 2 children over a traffic right of way dispute. It turns out the "sanctuary citizen" was an illegal immigrant felon who was released on a prior suspected felony without being reported to the Federal immigration authorities.

As long as the geographical facts remain in place and the flow of money that follows continues we can all look forward to more of the same. Except the fact that when someone or some City doesn't differentiate from hygienic and non-hygienic sexual practices a new evolutionary player enters the scene. One that kills-AIDS.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Anyone For Secession?

The 19th century English historian Lord Acton said, " Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

The power that has flowed to Washington along with the enormous muscle of fiat money has indeed produced freaks that run our government and those that wish to replace those freaks in their postions of administration. Certainly John McCain is a dumb as a post for "scorning a woman" in public. His juxtapostion of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to Barack Obama demonstrates a bankrupty of serious ideas for governing. And what about Obama? As president will his feet be just a different kind of clay. McCain and Obama want Bush's job who is arguably the first moron to achieve such heights.

Lord Acton wrote a letter of condolance to General Robert E. Lee after the surrender of the Confederacy. Acton foresaw the coming corruption that all wealthy central governments bring. The South's loss was a loss of states rights which is the only foil against the monsters in central government.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Imagine Your Chinatown At Country Size

Most every metropolitan area has a "Chinatown". My own experience has been eating novel sometimes excellent food set in a filthy part of town. But to be accurate, Chinatown came before the filth.

And so it is with the curtain being drawn back on the filth of China which is host of the Beijing Olympics. Cars and factories had to be largely locked down to interrupt the smog-producing emissions that would literally cloud the observance of the competitions. Algae plumes on the sea had to be cleaned up by tens of thousands Chinese so boats would not be seized by the green organic product of sewage and agricultural waste. But not for long. After the last tourists hurry home the generation of pollution will begin again. This is all happening against a recent backdrop of earthqukes and flooding that have been exacerbated by shoddy buildings and tree-denuded mountains and the environmental sin of the ages called Three Gorges Dam.

There are 1.2 billion Chinese and not much else in China-one of the worlds oldest civilization. Trees, animals, fish, insects and plants are either gone or are teetering on leaving the smell and filth of the Chinese hoards. Where did all the flora and fauna go ? The Chinese ate 'em! A recent article on the menus of street vendors include: grasshoppers, sea horses, scorpions, lamb testicles, assorted roasted insects ad nauseam. Why even their show piece signature structure the "Birds Nest" reminds that the Chinese rob swallows of their nests and after minimum prepartion eat a soup with ingredients that include the droppings/leavings of the humble bird.

China is the worlds future if we populate the remaining areas of the earth with China-like densities. Frankly we need a virus . We need to have less Chinese in particular and people in general.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Senator Joe Lieberman Offers To Be Vice-President

Senator Joe Lieberman offered to be the veep for either McCain or Obama. Obama and McCain spokesman said, off-the- record, that the candidates reponded with a quick "NO". Because their own private polls indicated that Lieberman would be the voters first choice to be a human sacrifice in the interest of world peace.

Hell if they can crucify Jesus then what keeps Lieberman alive?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Criticism Of McCain: Elder Abuse?

Criticism of Senator John MCain could be considered "elder abuse" when it's put in the context of his fragile mental and frail physical state. But just because a young asshole grows older doen't mean that he's not an asshole still. Particularly if he wants to take his bad demeanor to the Oval Office he should be picked apart-often. It would be better for all of us if he fell apart now rather than when he's in office later.

P.S. Hey McCain we don't need any more off shore drilling for American conspicuous consumption habits. We already did a major one . It's called the Iraq war. It has caused too much environmental and human damage already.

Earth's Future: Hot Or Cold?

The good news is that earth will largely survive a warming but the bad news is it will largely die in the forthcoming freeze. The recent discovery of ice/water on Mars and the previous revelation of ice/water on Saturn and its moon point to a pattern of water, then life and then a freeze. The cold is brought on by the receding volcanism on the planets-our cores lose heat- coupled with the dimming heat/radiation of our sun -the sun is dying slowly-on the planets in the solar system. We started like Mercury and Venus became the Earth and ended like Mars and Saturn. Count on it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Apology For Slavery. Why Now?

Where would we all be without the moral compass of some Jews in Congress? Representative Steve Cohen,D-Tenn.,who became the first white and or semite to represent a 60% plus black district in the city of Memphis, introduced a resolution of apology to the descendants of America's slaves. The Cohen Resolution passed the House yesterday on a voice only vote. It does not mention costly reparations but it does crack the door by "committing the House to rectifying the lingering consequences of the misdeeds committed against African-Americans under slavery and Jim Crow."

What "lingering consequences"? The African slaves were made full citizens with the 19th century Constitutional Amendments 13,14 and 15. Evidently that wasn't enough so President Lyndon Johnson pushed through Congress The Great Society social programs that are still bleeding this country financially to the tune of trillions of dollars. These handouts and affirmative action programs have largely re-enslaved descendants in a more insidious and subtle way.

We in America today owe nothing to those slaves descendants. We threw off the burden of the British monarchy with its claim of "divine right". Why give a similar quasi - super entitlement to a lot of people who should be happy they were brought to America in the first place? Blacks have done well in the U.S.. We may have a black president. They have been great ball handlers in the sports world. So much so that their salaries have attracted white women who want to be their personal ball handlers. America has been too, too generous.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bush And Wimps In Congress

Yesterdays airing of Bush and Cheney's "crimes and misdemeanors" before the House Judiciary Committee brought out the verbal long knives. There were few supporters of the current administration with one notable exception. He was Jeremy Rabkin. He's a law professor at George Mason University. But he also is on American Enterprise Institue's Council Of Academic Advisors. AEI promotes shared goals between goverment and the private sector particularly as those goals are involved with foreign policy. That also describes what fascists do. The difference is they are called AEI Council Of Academic Advisors when they are representing the United States. But if they oppose the U.S. then they are called fascists.

Rabkin said,"The tone of these deliberations is slightly demented. You should all remind yourselves that the rest of the country is not necessarily in this same bubble in which people think it is reasonable to describe the president as if he were Caligula."

First century Roman Caesar Caligula was assasinated by his personal guards who were supposedly acting on instructions from the Roman Senate. The Senators were rebelling against Caligula's usurpation of senatorial powers. That's where the comparison of Bush to Caligula breaks down. In the days of Roman supremacy there were real senators in the senate who were prepared to take all means against out of control imperial caesars. Now our senate and the greater congress are all off- the- shelf wimps.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Vists Israel's Main Attraction

Barack Obama with a round smallish remnant fabric called a yarmulke atop his bowed head visits Israel's main attraction-Yad Vashem. It's the memorial of the app. 6 million Jews that were processed by the Nazis.

I wonder what the Zionist leaders would think if Obama did the relatively same thing to them on a U.S. visit? Suppose Obama were to take them out to Arlington National Cemetery? He then reminds the Zionists that the U.S. lost app. 500,000 soldiers fighting World War II. He also mentions that the world sustained a loss of app. 72,000,000 military and civilians alike in that war. And also notes the untold devestation to the flora and fauna of the planet. I'm sure the Zionist gangsters wouldn't like that. They would perceive a "get out of my face" response by the President.

Sadly that will not happen. But someone has to tell this little state that they are not worth the trouble they have already caused by the crime of their creation and are certainly not worth a World War III.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sanctuary City: Where Brats Attract Brats

San Francisco's sanctuary city policy is at best bratty and ill-mannered . At worst it's a government sponsored criminal- enterprise that aids law breakers to avoid justice. The ultra-liberal city policy flows from the cities wealth. Mayor Newsom didn't formulate the policy. But he's certainly the incarnation of an overindulgent brat. He's the product of a no-talent family who's only achievement was to have parlayed Gordon Getty's windfall inheritance money into a political family business. Gav's the upside of a ultra-liberal philosphy that is created by the power of money.

The downside of a bratty and ill-mannerd sanctuary city philosophy was recently recorded. Suspected murderer Edwin Ramos is thought to have senselessly killed Tony Bologna and his 2 sons over a right of way traffic problem. It turns out that bratty Ramos had a long criminal record and could have been deported long ago if the cities policies were not skewed to helping the undeserving.

Newsom is a brat for ignoring the law. Ramos is a brat for ignoring the law.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jo Stafford vs David Bowie: Metaphor For Population Control ?

Jo Stafford past away last Wednesday at the age of 90. She was eulogised by musical critics ".... as the woman with a pure vibrato-less voice, a perfect intonation that conveyed steadfast devotion and reassurance with delicate understatement". I have an album with her and the Pied Pipers backing up Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Band. I have also heard and enjoyed her singles. The musical critics are correct. But one has to listen to really be informed and moved.

Last night an older David Bowie concert was shown on TV. I looked and listened for as long as possible. It took about a minute for a earful. His "singing" could have been played backwards with the same effect.

I have a theory that there is an inverse relationship between quality music and the growth of population. I.E. the more the people the worse the quality of music becomes. So when the over- due die- back of the human infestation finally happens there will be rewards.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bull Bush Covers Cow Pelosi

To "cover" in the animal world means to copulate. Copulation in the political world is a euphemism for "fucked over". And so President Bush's 29% approval rating tops the 16% approval rating of Congress that is partially represented by Speaker Pelosi. In other words Bull Bush had his way with Cow Pelosi.

Cow Pelosi doesn't have horns, she can't kick or jump over lobbyists. This supposed agent of change has been tipped by the powers that be in Washington. She can roam just so far in the pasture of politics but is controlled by the influence of lobbyist barbed wire. She can't and will not break the fencing that separates the largely illegitimate needs of military -industrial complex from the legitimate needs of a sustainable United States.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brangelina May Separate Twins !

Ah, the life of morons just got more interesting. And so the fans of B- films Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are all a dither by the arrival of the fraternal twins in Nice, France. That's nice. But the $15-20 million bids for exclusive photos of the newborns is shorting- out the meager brains of morons and regular people alike. Rumors of a bootleg "Angelina's contractions" clip are just that.

The cereal-sounding Brangelinas should pause. How about transforming this one-time event into a Brangelina serial about the twins growing up? The potential monetary returns could be enormous if handled correctly. Maybe something that resonates with the unmarried couples international adoption habits. How about separating the twins with one being raised in Africa and the other reared in China. After all the Brangelinas have taken African and Asian children away from those locales. Hey Africans mostly don't bother to marry either. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery . Just think of the potential. A life-long sequel of the twins growing up . Long term ads, sponsors like the Gates Foundation with their logo on propeller beanies, members of Congress seeking endorsements, Oprah and diaper-changing then potty-training and then guests on the show and ... and... and....

Maybe even the morons would tire of this nonsense and drive down preoccupation with others lives.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Afghanistan: "Graveyard Of Empires"

Rudyard Kipling's early 20th century poem "The Young British Soldier" includes:

"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains
and the women come out to cut up what remains
jest roll to your rifle an' blow out your brains
and go to your gawd like a soldier."

Afghanistan has received and became a "graveyard of empires" from Alexander The Great through Genghis Khan including the British then the Russians and now the United States. Barack Obama declared today, " Afghanistan is a war we have to win." And so the only comfort that can come for those words is philosophical. No matter when you lived or died you have experienced the one reality.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama & The New Yorker Magazine

Satire or caricature is at its funniest when it is nearest the truth or its possibility of truth. And so the latest New Yorker magazine cover of Barack Obama dressed in traditional African-Kenyan clothing joined by Michelle clad in a circa 1960s urban guerilla outfit meet the test of funny and near and or truthful caricature/satire. It is truthful in an over-the-top depiction and scores a laugh for the non-PC hungry . The setting is in the Oval Office. The fireplace has a burning American flag that is below a hanging picture of Osama bin Laden. The Obamas are fist-butting in a sly fashion.

Some were scandalized and shocked. But anyone who can't stand the truth of caricature probably can't stand truth in many other forms either. And that includes the Obamas. All races have caricatures or stereotypical images. The only race that resents caricature to the point of private organizations that expose and badger critical observers are the Jews. And for all their protests they are still going extinct.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

iNeverDie: Apple's Next Killer App

Apple's iPhone debut was featured on the net and in daily publications. Gadget junkies lined up, then bought, then assumed the postion. They stared down. Fixated, they left their life in the real world and headed for a virtual life on the small screen of iPhone.

Here's a suggestion for the Apple engineers. Apple should introduce the next killer app for iPhone. It could be titled iNeverDie. It's only logical that since so many people forgo the real world for the virtual world it would be appropriate for them to leave behind a virtual incarnation of themselves when they die. Surely there exists rudimentary artificial intelligence that could be programmed with the dead persons voice. An archive of answers, conversations and even jokes could be pre-programmed by the invidual before he/she dies. It doesn't have to be memorable conversation so as to make the virtual experience more realistic.

Relatives and virtual friends could save some funeral expenses if they virtually deny the death by not having a formal service. Only the removal and disposal of the body would be required. That's much cheaper.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What Are We Going To Do About The Wall Street Gangsters?

Starting with Clinton and through the Bush Administration , the Wall Street gangsters got all they wanted. The "For Sale" administrations repealed Depression-era security and banking laws and appointed Wall Street pirate captains to cabinet positions.

But Bear Stearns stock went from $170 to $10. And there are many other brokers and banking stocks on the same trajectory. So criminals with unbridled greed given free roaming access to other peoples money brings self-destruction faster than anyone could have imagined.

No one knows how all this chaos will play out. We all could end up in the streets fighting for our lives and property. If that happens I know who I will be looking for : members of Congress, lawyers and Wall Street operators.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Robert Mugabe: His Time Is Up

If Africans ever want to stop being targets of slavery and dispel the opinion that their highest and best use is being enslaved then they have to pass a test. Some black man has to kill Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe.

Any black man or woman out there that can do this chore? If not then the U.S. and the other civilized nations don't owe you equality .

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Irony In Israel

Today a raged Palestinian construction worker in Jerusalem used a huge Caterpillar bucket- loader to ram a bus and many cars . The result was 3 Israeli deaths and 40 injured.

When former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was the Minister of Building in a former government his nickname was " The Bulldozer". It's because he gave orders to bulldoze Palestinian homes and olive groves in making way for illegal Israeli settlements.

And so ," Those that use the bulldozer die by the bucket loader".

Meanwhile our Congress is being given checks by AIPAC ( American Israel public Affairs Committee ) to pass House Concurrent Resolution #362 and Senate Resolution # 580. Both bills "demand" the president to blockade Iran. I kid you not. The House Bill has 222 co-sponsors and the Senate has 19. A blockade is an act of war. The war would be on behalf of the Zionist state. I ask you . What has Israel ever done for the U.S.?

Americans are lazy and cowardly about the Israeli influence in our congress. But I suspect that if paychecks get smaller and workers are thrown off their jobs because of hard times brought on by any reason then American attitudes towards foreigners will change. History documents just such an event in pre-war Germany. It was called " Kristolnacht".

Monday, June 30, 2008

Bear Market & Recession Blues? Cheer Up

Wall Street is flirting with a bear market which would confirm a U.S. recession . Gee, what's a recession look like in a country that consumes 25% of the worlds output with only 4% of the planets population? What's more the U.S. consumer has to borrow significant amounts of money from foreigners, banks and credit cards to continue this unsustainable lifestyle fact.

All this consumption is on top of a bloated and wasteful U.S. "defense" budget whose total is greater than all of the rest of the worlds defense budgets combined. This nonsense allows the U.S. to enter into wars of choice like the five-front engagements we are currently involved-Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Pakistan. The C.I.A. has a long list of other wars we can enter if it happens that these five get resolved. The C.I.A. is evil incarnate.

A recession will certainly focus the wastrels in congress to more carefully weigh their spending priorities. That would be a good thing if war is shortchanged and peace becomes a better investment for scarce tax revenues.

The human species needs a recession to better acquaint itself with its own limitations and the limits of the earth. Look at the rest of the flora and fauna, they have been in a bear market since we showed up.

"Waste not want not".

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bill Gates : Hung Up On Redundant Humans

Bill Gates retires today at age 52. He's one of the wealthiest at app. $52 billion. He plans to spend the rest of his life giving away the money that he spent the first part of his life accumulating. I wonder. When did it occur to him that making money as a goal was not all it was cracked up to be? He's joined in his philanthropic plans by the worlds richest-Warren Buffett. Like Bill, he is giving all his money away and will use Bill's personal foundation as the executor. Presumably Warren has second thoughts about wealth as a goal .But he is somewhat suspect. Because at 78 of years age, he is running up against the "can't take it with you" proverb.

How and where is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation going to spend the combined philanthropic fortune? It looks like Bill is headed back to Africa. We all came out of Africa some 50,000 years ago. Bill is a descendant of one of the more adventuresome primates that left Africa. He's going back to help the more "stay at home" Africans that never left the continent.

Malnutrition is the biggest killer in Africa. Bill plans on spending the bulk of the money on feeding the underfed. And then what Bill? It's easier to have children than to feed children. The stay at home Africans never quite grasped that truism. It's ironic. Bill Gates has become fabulously wealthy by replacing hard-working people with software and effectively making them redundant. But now he wants to spend the profit from that enterprise in a de facto breeding program of particularly redundant people who can't feed their own redundant children.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Morning With Dick And George

Early Thursday morning Dick Cheney bolts into the private quarters of George and Laura Bush. Laura is munching on a cold pizza and reading a tabloid. She doesn't notice Dick. Bush is snoring loudly from under his pillow.

Cheney almost yelling, " Get up you worthless son of a bitch. You got a speech to make ".

Bush flips him the middle finger and asks, " What speech you fat fuck, chosen people or lower taxes?"

Now Cheney is red in the face, " It's the ' I really mean to bomb Iran' speech, you little jerk monkey".

Bush with a particularly dense-look, " Didn't I do that yesterday?".

Cheney in a panic, " Yeah but the market is down over 200. Goldman Sachs just advised clients to sell General Motors, Citigroup and Wall Street brokers. Ya can't trust those filthy Yankees and Jews at that kike firm. Next they will advise sales on Halliburton and the military-industrial complex. We've got to beat the war drums."

Now an anxious Bush fires, " Gee why did'nt you tell me earlier? Hey Dick when I'm out of here can I still have that Dairy Queen in El Paso?"

"You fuckin' useful idiot, of course you can. But don't look for me or Rummy or your pickaninny to come by . Get dressed".

Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain's Co-Chair & Wife And The "Enron Loophole"

Who created the "Enron loophole" which was the Trojan Horse for the subsequent oil futures manipulation? John McCain's "national co-chair" former Texas Senator Phil Gramm says in a June 13, 2008 letter issued by McCain headquarters that it wasn't him. The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 is the bill that he sponsored. The bill contained the "Enron loophole" but Gramm says that idea came from another politician.

Hey Phil , what about the original "Enron loophole" that your wife Wendy L. Gramm granted when she was the Chairwoman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commision in 1991? Her "executive order" exempted Enron from "postion limits" and the rest is history.

Were you talking to your wife at that time?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oil Profiteers: Goldman Sachs Or Exxon Mobil ?

The debate rages over $140 oil. Is it supply/demand and an oil industry windfall or Wall Street manipulation--- or both ? At least motorists can get a tank of gas from Exxon. What do motorists get from suspected oil futures manipulators like Goldman Sachs?

In the past 12 months Exxon Mobil had gross profit of $172 billion. It's net was $42 billion. The average wage of its 82,000 employees was $12,000 per year. By comparison in the past 12 months Goldman Sachs had gross profit of $88 billion. It's net after salaries and bonuses was $10 billion. The average wage of it's 26,000 employees was a staggering $622,000 per year.

Since 2000, Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street brokers have successfuly lobbied for a liberalization of oil futures regulation . Goldman has consistently wrote investment advisories predicting dramatically higher oil prices while simultaneously building large proprietary long postions. At the same time Goldman and others created large pools of pension funds and investors to buy oil futures for their respective portfolios and thus take advantage of the liberating new regulations on oil futures. The net result is higher oil prices without a shortage as the reason. And a large part of the revenue from increase in prices going to the criminals at Goldman and their investment pool accomplices.

Interestingly present Secretary of Treasury and former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson, said," The rise in oil futures is strictly [because] supply/demand." He is also against re-regulating the certain parts of oil futures trading that he had lobbied to change some years back while at Goldman!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flooding Follows The Human

The old world in the east has lost most of its trees . By comparison the new world in the west still has a plentiful amount. The reason for the difference, according to anthropoligists, is that man settled in the east before migrating to the west. And so the trees were cut and the rivers were channelled and diverted. The recent flooding in China, Burma, India and Southeast Asia are the results of denuded land and the flood plains of rivers being inhabited with surplus people.

Our own Midwest is now experincing the same dynamic. The ongoing channelling of the Mississippi River , draining of wetlands , clearing of the Great Plains of natural grasses for crops and housing developments in flood plains have all contrbuted to the "500 year floods". The scourge of surplus humanity leaves its footprint in ever closer and closer high water marks.

Too, too many people.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have You Hugged A Holocaust Survivor Lately?

My Assemblymember Ira Ruskin sent me an email this morning. He informed that as part of the Holocaust Remembrance Week, the California State Assembly had a Holocaust Memorial Ceremony at the Capitol on April 28 of this year. Ira described how 60 bona fide holocaust survivors were paired with 60 young students. The students were told to interview the survivors and then write an essay about the genocide and mistreatment of Jews. The younsters were being sensitized to the Jewish plight. Lunch was provided by California taxpayers.

I didn't vote for Ira Ruskin. But Assemblymembers of California should be preoccupied with California affairs. Reps shouldn't be a tool to indoctrinate unsuspecting youngsters about the Jewish condition without giving equal time to victims of the Jewish experience like the Palestinians as one example. Ira Ruskin didn't do this.

If Ira wants to perpetuate the holocaust story let him do it on his own time. He should get together with the Jewish elders and plan for the day when all the holocaust survivors are gone. After all they are getting quite old. How about marketing the holocaust remembrance with a joint effort with corporate sponsors? For instance, Costco could private label a "Holocaust Charcoal" with a portion of the proceeds going to the srvivors of the holocaust survivors and their reps in government? Lenscrafters could provide special recycle bins in their outlets for used eyeglasses. The Zales Jewelry Store chain could have recepticles for used rings and necklaces. Then people who choose to remember can remember.

I have met decent Jews. They don't preach about the holocaust. The story of the Jewish experience has two sides.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What's The Difference Between A Republican And A Democrat?

According to "The Kingfish" Huey Long the 1930s Governor and Senator of Louisiana, "The difference between a republican and a democrat is the democrat will skin you from the ear down while the republican skins you from the ankle up".

And so the difference between former disgraced Republican Speaker of the House Tom DeLay and the current Speaker Nancy Pelosi is negligible. On Pelosi's watch, we have $8 corn and $ 140 oil and a subprime meltdown. Israel continues to build illegal settlements with U.S funding on Palestinian land. Bush is talking to the Iraqis about long term bases. Where is the voice of oppostion or the voice with a plan to mitigate these catastrophes? Anyone hear Speaker Pelosi with a plan?

Maybe she likes it this way. Certainly she's not much better than Tom DeLay. When someone is silent who is in a postion to make a difference then the silence is assumed to mean satisfaction with the status quo. If the democrats add to their majority in the coming elections and also take the presidency they may try for more gun control. After seeing Pelosi and DeLay one should never give up their personal protection against Congress.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Racial Slurs & Sexism In Presidential Politics

Poor Hillary and Michelle and Barack, they are complaining about sexist and/or racist abuse in the media coverage of their campaigns. What do the three have in common? They are not a straight white male. Apparently they are not accustomed to that kind of treatment. The SWM that have run for the highest office in the land since our founding have all been abused . They have been verbally and editorially abused about their race, ethnic backround, religion, physical characteristics etc. Some have even been killed. That's the ultimate abuse.

If minorities and/or women want to run for the highest office of the land then this type of racist/sexist abuse goes with the territory . Part of the chore of getting elected is to talk about the issues in a meaningful ways. If that is done then the candidates are not the focus and the race and or sex disappears.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

George The Vulgar

Simple, vulgar George Bush's foreign policy is "Kill, kill, kill" and his domestic policy is "Drill, drill, drill". Those are the two primary missions of our would be emperor and chimp-in-chief. The goals were pointed out by two of the most powerful lobbys in our country---the military- industrial- complex and the fossil fuel industry respectively. And chimpy is the perfect messanger. He doesn't ask questions because he doesn't know what questions to ask. And this trait dovetails perfectly with the requirement to continue policies inspite of their real world failures.

Chimpy just landed in Rome. He will be visting Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope is the heir to the what's left of the Roman Empire. Chimpys Air Force One mentally juxtaposed to Vatican City tells a tale. The Roman Empire is now an enclave and a would-be emporer's transportation is more a sore eyeful like some graffitti on an ancient architectural wonder. Whatever the excesses and problems with the Roman's were -and there were many- the Romans did have a rich culture and style. That's more than can be said about chimpy and the Pope.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super Monkeys & Supercomputing

The IBM companys new $100 million supercomputer called "Roadrunner" can perform 1,000 trillion calculations per second in a sustained exercise. Or more simply it can do in one day what 6 billion people with handheld computers in 24 hours can do in 46 years.

Now what do we super monkeys want with a supercomputer? Scientist monkeys at IBM say their computer will be used mainly for nuclear weapons research. For instance the "Roadrunner" can mimic the blast of a thermonuclear bomb. It's a kind of nuclear holocaust masturbation exercise.The seduction of oblivion beckons but not in the way directed by Buddha.

Friday, June 06, 2008

USAF & The Ultra Violent Video Game

U.S. Air Force Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) "Predator" and "Reaper" pilots sit in comfortable booths in the United States. Their UAVs armed with high resolution cameras and missiles prowl the air space above Iraq and Afghanistan. Then the cool, no sweat pilots press a button on their "joystick" and send down laser guided bombs to the unsuspecting below. The victims include combatants, civilians and hapless flora and fauna. This is followed by the pollution of smoke and the detritus of the organisms. At the end of the work day, the "pilot" of the ultra violent video game goes home for a completely different experience. That's cold.

The 16th century writer John Lyly said, " The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war". That's his opinion. The lovers or combatants are either diminished or are enriched by the way they played the game.