Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Coming Austerity Votes by All Democracies Around the World

Greek Members of Parliament are voting today on another round of austerity measures. If successful , Greece will get billions more of funny money aid by the better- off democracies around the planet. If one wants to look at real austerity, then one should look up the per capita incomes of people living in Somalia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Palestine, most of Africa and most of Asia. The Greeks and other well-off Western democracies have no idea how far they can fall from the style of living that they prefer and grown accustomed to. But those same poor people mentioned above now live in reality whereas the Westerners are being forced to wake up from the unreal dream of the experiment of equality: no matter the cost. Democracy is too expensive and has never lasted.Tribes will outlast.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Violent Videos & Morons on Supreme Court Target Children

Justice Antonin Scalia writing for the majority,7-2, in striking down California's ban on sale of ultra violent videos to minors cited Cinderella, Snow White, Grimm's Fairy tales etc as violent legal and cultural precedent. How sick is this guy? So if someone played a word association game with Scalia and mentioned the childrens fairy tale "Snow White" he would respond that she tried to poison the wicked witch. Walt Disney didn't get an academy award for this picture based on its violent sequence. Of course maybe Scalia et al only look for those parts of a picture to get off on.

Simply Snow White and Cinderella were about morality and engaging charactors. By contrast ultra violent videos are ALL about grotesque killing, brutal rape, arson,robbery, no pleasant dialogue and certainly nothing about the benefits of living a moral life in opposition to immoral influences. One wonders about the Scalia household and the other six justices households. They walk into a room where a minor is watching an ultra violent video. The video is in the middle of a rape segment followed by torture of the rape victim. Would Scalia stop to watch? Would he comment on the quality of the blow job? Would he do a high five with the kid or kids about the exciting crime escapade?

True ironic justice for the Justices would be to live long enough to be assaulted by one of the crazies that are being taught now as a minor the wrong stuff by ultra violent videos. Interestingly the two Jew women and one Hispanic concurred with Scalia. Since women in violent video games always are abused one would think that the feminist harpies on the bench would stick up for their gender. But Sotomajor says "no problemo" and the two yentas say "l'chiam". So much for remembering where you came from.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quantitative Easing is a Circle Jerk

QE 2 will end this Thursday. It will cap nearly one trillion dollars of bond buying by the Federal Reserve. In essence the Fed had to borrow money to buy much of the trillion dollar U.S. government bonds. The U.S. government that issued the bonds did so to repay previous creditors. How long will this financial masturbation last? Oh I almost forgot .The two circle jerkers also work in the same building. But of course.

Friday, June 24, 2011

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade & HIV Graphic Warnings

June 26, 2011 will witness another gay pride exhibition in San Francisco. It will take up at least 8 official city blocks and snarl traffic for the entire day. Why can't these show offs do it privately? How about just Castro St. being dedicated to columns of homosexuals? To make up for the cramped space they can mount the whole parade on a block- long conveyor belt with a slight incline so drippings can slurry away? The gals can prevent wet sealing because of the impossibility of the "alien face squat" on a moving sidewalk. At the end of the conveyor belt, marchers will drop into a hot tub for the balance of the day. That will make up for the shortened course.

The FDA is proposing graphic warnings on cigarette labels. It sounds like a good idea. What about warning unsuspecting youth about the side effects of sodomy?How about a gibbet with a hanging dummy with made up HIV/AIDS ravages added to the parade? Making sodomy safe for sex doesn't sound like god's or anyones thought out plan.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pimps, Whores & Congress : Oldest Professions

The worlds oldest profession is popularly known as prostitution. But what is the second oldest profession? I suggest politics. The politician combines the availability and dutifulness of a whore with the commercial savvy of a pimp. Morally speaking the whore offers only what he or she owns and controls. Whereas the politician offers and delivers others labors or assets to a third party for a fee. Clearly the whore is sweating to deliver while the pol just collects with no sweat. Interestingly our society deems prostitution a crime and they can be fined or incarcerated. While politics is legal and campaign contributions amount to billions annually on top of the perqs and generous salaries. But wait there's more. Politicians can make laws that make heretofore illegal or immoral acts into mainstream customs and legal paradigms. Some day they will pay for their crimes.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wii & Can We Have Sex?

What do you think? How soon before Wii enabled computer games has an app for sex with chosen parties?Archived actors and actresses and modern day voyeur-choice personalities all available through Amazon or Netflix or Cisco teleconferencing. Bring competition to your marriage or relationship with an on button. I think that's where we are headed, (pun somewhat intended).

Leave me out. I'm a misanthrope in regard to the extreme human/cyber relationships.