Monday, March 30, 2009

San Francisco Culture Is Still Sliding

Here's the latest bombast of cultural decay in San Francisco. This putrid policy assaults the school- going youth. School Superintendent Carlos Garcia whose own backround grew from all-is-good petri-dish wants to "revolutionize the San Francisco school experience". To that end ,he's co-opted the retro  psychedelic "Jimi Hendrix Experience" album cover to put on the City's 51-page educational guide for the current school year. Mr. Jimi was a great guitarist in the 1960's , but he also had a militant message and actually died from a drug overdose at the age of 27. Is he the man for the message? What message? Probably for Superintendent Garcia's message he's perfect but that begs the question is Super Garcia's message the correct message for young or old ? NO !

Superintendent Garcia and other politicos like Mayor Newsom are part of the San Francisco political machine. That machine is largely controlled by San Fran's 2 mommies- Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein.  Garcia and Newsom don't do things that Feinstein or Pelosi don't approve philosophically.  And of course this "cover" is front and center while the Mexican drug-cartel wars are playing out on the U.S. border and S.F. is still a sanctuary city.

Pelosi lives about 5 blocks to the northeast of me and Feinstein lives about 7 blocks to the southwest of me. If I stood on a tall building and the day was clear and if both mommies from hell were looking in my direction, I could flip them off.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Questions About North Korea & Condi Rice

Defense Secretary Robert Gates was on Fox News Sunday. He said, "The U.S. can do nothing about a North Korea rocket [launch] even though it's a step toward developing an intercontinental ballistic missle that could carry a nuclear warhead". Gee Bob why is this part of the "Axis of Evil"given a pass ? The other parts ,Iraq and Iran, have been invaded, sanctioned and threatened. And they do not have a nuclear weapon as N. Korea does. Could it be that N.Korea was included in the"axis" trio as a red herring? Looks like the U.S. values Israeli security over Japan and South Korea security. As long as those AIPAC checks flow to Congress and the executive branch Israel is safe. But nothing lasts forever. Bye bye Israel.

What ever happened to Condi Rice? Has she voluntarily resegregated herself into a more appropriate non high- profile society? Obama doesn't want a photo-op either. She's too retro in more ways than one.

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Styling And Jive From Barack Obama

Barack Obama comes styling into the news conference and starts jiving about how he is going to personally fix the Afghanistan/Pakistan mess. He's going to send in more troops and increase the drone aircraft strikes in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. These increases come despite the fallout of increasing civilian casualties in both countries from American and NATO missions.  A few days later a suicide bomber blows himself up in a Pakistani mosque killing 50 worshippers. I would say that's the al Qaeda/Pakistani response to the "new" Obama strategy. This is happening while the Iraqi situation has yet to be stabilized and bombings continue there even after Bush/Cheney have declared "victory".

Looks like Iraq , Pakistan and Afghanistan are now all in the same state of disrepair. But Obama plows ahead with more rhetoric and arms and troops. But Pakistan is a country with WMD. So what happens if an al Qaeda sympathetic government gains power by popular vote? Is it all worth it for the U.S. to be so far from home getting involved in ancient tribal relations for the benefit of American empire and pro-Israel damage control? Of course it's not worth it. Afghanistan is the "graveyard of empires" and Obama's hip- hop approach is no better than the moron Bush's approach. But these two presidents are merely the faces of the military-industrial-complex and the Zionist's lobby.

Speaking of Zionists, Stuart Leibowitz a.k.a. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is being groomed for a run in politics. Considering the alarming rate of devolution in America he has a good chance of being sworn in as president in 2016.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AIG Bonus Issue Is Just A Red Herring

So how does one run across the backs of alligators without getting eaten? First chum the waters with some red meat and while the critters are munching on the screaming bait you hot-foot across their backs.

Now use "AIG bonus issue" for the screaming red meat and use the snarling congressional panel for the alligators and the hot-footed one will be Goldman Sachs a.k.a. Government Sachs who will escape the glare and jaws of government, public and the news media.

Cui bono? Who profited from the enabling Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000? Goldman Sachs et all were the ones who introduced these financial derivatives products from hell that took down brokers, bankers and now threatens the world financial system. The products by law couldn't be regulated or have oversight by any agency including state gaming commissions! They planned well. The bonus babies at AIG are mere fodder at $160 million. AIG alone cost the taxpayers $180 billion for being Goldman Sachs' favorite customer who would say "yes" to any product that Goldman proposed.

But Goldman needed help from the federal government to get the Modernization Act of 2000 into law. For that job they recruited former Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana and others. So government was equally criminally irresponsible for passing this law. That's why the bonus babies at AIG are being scapegoated.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jesus Talks To The Pope

Jesus:  Pope Benedict, this is your lord speaking.

Pope:  Did you get an appointment?

Jesus:  Since when did I need an appointment? Don't bother to answer the rhetorical question.

Pope:  Please cut to a short message. I'm on a recruiting mission in Africa and I'm tired.

Jesus:  I want to clarify my message and your mission. When I commisioned the original apostles to help the poor and sick I didn't say to PERPETUATE the poor and sick.

Pope:  Say what?

Jesus:  Condoms are the way to go. It's a humane way to mitigate the growth of the poor and sick.

Pope:  Well it's this way now. When you were last here there was only a few of your followers. Now the church has grown and we need more of poor and sick people to spread amongst the new gullable recruits. I.E. we need more of the poor and sick to open a yawning gap of people to make this church, which has become a quasi financial derivative incarnation of your teachings to survive. I want swarms of starving and sickly and mad people behind me who have nothing to lose so that I can march on the capitols of the world and reestablish a kind of new shoddy type of Roman Empire based on the base motivations of mankind.

Jesus:  Now I finally see what Satan was talking about.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stop Rebuilding World Trade Center

The sixteen acre Manhattan site that is to be the Freedom Towers is years behind schedule and now is underfunded by billions. The 9/11 event whether carried out by al qaeda or the Israelis or the C.I.A. was not a validation of American foreign policy in general or Middle East policy in particular. The lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the policy of official torture by the U.S. , loss of personal freedoms pushed by Bush and Congress and all the rest of evil fallout from our government made the original 9/11 pale in comparison. Why make a monument to those mistakes?

Therefore since the hole in the ground is barely at street level why not make a real statement of freedom? How about we make the site Open Space Freedom Park? Freedom from the restless human scourge of land development, freedom from housing theiving brokers and bankers in a too tall building that blots out the soothing rays of the sun, interferes with the healing smell of a fresh breeze and denies a sanctuary for an urban ecosystem.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bonus In The Headlines-Again

In 1932 at the nadir of the depression many WW I vets formed the "bonus marchers" movement . The goal was to get immediate payment from the U.S. government for their military service which ws due in 1945. President Hoover answered "no" . Then Generals Mac Arthur and Patton calvary- charged, bayonetted and tank- prodded the vets back into one of the Hoovervilles across from the nations capitol.

Today the outrage against bonus is for paying a bonus for bad and/or undeserved performance at the financial derivative branches at major banks, brokerage and insurance companies.

One mans bonus is anothers obligation. But one thing is for certain. Don't get in between a politician and his or hers reelection plans.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bernie Madoff's Bait Attracted Peers

By all accounts there was an unwritten but implied rule when one invested money with Bernie Madoff, " Don't ask too many questions or you will not get these remarkable returns any longer because I'll kick you out of my fund". And so the bait of outsized profits attracted people who were willing in effect to turn away from scrutiny or due dilligence of their investments and in effect agree to receive stolen or illegal money with the rationale that if they didn't know then they couldn't be co-conspirators with Madoff.

So in that context yesterdays Madoff "sorry" statement put together with the glaring fact that he refuses to help investigators recover what's left of investors money points to at least an assumption by Madoff that he is at least as moral as his investors.

They largely all deserve each other.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Attention Zionists: Let's Make A Deal

Today The Jew York Times featured the Zionist/Israel lobby's blow by blow take down of would-be President Obama's Middle East intelligence advisor. He was former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. Freeman, Jr. . Mr. Freeman announced his resignation and blamed the "Israel lobby". And what did the Zionists detest about Freeman? Well he was critical of America's uncritical support of Israeli policies and the huge influence that Israel has in our government which has a negative effect on U.S. security. And when one considers Israel to be largely the tangental problem that threatens world wide peace, then Mr. Freeman should be paid some mind. But the Zionists would have none of it.

They even rolled out Steven J. Rosen a former high ranking AIPAC operative to write a scathing op-ed piece a week ago. Now that's nerve. Zionist Rosen, himself, is now a co-defendant in a long running espionage trial for passing on secret U.S. intelligence about Iran to Israel. Lawrence Franklin the disgraced former DOD official is now serving 13 years for his part in passing the info on to Rosen and AIPAC's Keith Weissman.

It's time to show the conniving Zionists in America the deportation door or better yet show them the "gate". Over the entrance gate at Dachau, Germany concentration camp was a sign that said, " Albeit Macht Frei" or " Freedom Through Work". Well to paraphrase 1960s game show host Monty Hall , "Let's Make A Deal, will it be Gate #1 or Gate # 2 which has a get out of disfavor manuel showing how to live in a polite society ?" .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caught In An Unreal Reality

Help! It's March 11, 2009 and the usual dump of unreal news that conflicts with how things really are continues unabated.

Example #1: George W. Bush's publicists announced the former president is about to launch a "lucrative speaking tour". Say what? The moron who couldn't speak cogently about anything save trash talk will be paid 6 figures by private assemblies. The real morons are in the audience.

Example #2: President Barack Obama wants to spend more money on education. Never mind that the U.S. has spent more money on education for a longer period of time than any other country in history. In spite of this money dump our students rank in the lowest percentiles ever since the intergration of schools back in the 1960s. How about paying the would be parents of these dunces not to have children and thereby unclog our school system of statistically proven unwanted and untalented children for a fraction of the cost of trying to educate them ?

Example #3: The U.N. has admitted defeat in its latest 10 year plan to discouarge illegal drug trafficking. Yet in the same breath it anounced a new 10 year plan . People have had a word for drugs long before the words United Nations. What's that tell you?

And what will tommorow bring? Never mind. Stick to the truth and sooner or later they will see it your way.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Students : A New Way To Enjoy Your Mexico Spring Break

Attention spring-breakers headed for Mexico, leave your violent video games at home. Go to Mexico on a real-time violent mission! Help to bring peace to our southern neighbor and partially undo the damage that Spain's 16th century raider Hernando Cortes did to the natives. Go to Mexico to kill the greasy drug dealers and gangs that are killing the locals and holding up the tourists. That's right, tourists are being stolen from in the Mexico City Airport after converting dollars into pesos. The Mexican government has assigned an additional 800 police in the airport concourses to stop this chaos but it persists.

Spring breakers can get a kick and revenge on the scum who travel to the U.S. to game our system and in many cases just to commit felonies. Forget the booze and drugs also. Your girl friend will think you wonderful and wont have to be put in the mood for love when she sees you kill a Mexicorn bandido. So saddle up, tonight we drink tommorrow we kill.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Michael Jackson: One-Man Circus Act

Nineteenth century circus impresario P.T. Barnum would have gone broke against the likes of the low-cost ,one-man circus act incarnated by Michael Jackson. After a 12 year hiatus, Jackson will have a world wide concert tour that some predict will net the "entertainer" app. $400 million. Jackson is a dancer, singer, female impersonator and all around shape shifter.

Jackson looks like a white Diana Ross of the 1960s Supremes singing group. But I don't think Jacko will be singing the Supremes' hit "Baby Love". He was acquitted of a child molestation charge some years ago. I predict success for the tour since he will draw from the ample supply of the non-discriminating and the morally ambivalent.