Friday, May 11, 2012

Derivatives Market Is $ 700 Trillion; Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Save

Since Glass Steagall waas repealed in 2000 by the Clinton Administration, the derivatives market that our banks gamble in has grown to $ 700 trillion. There isn't that much equity on the entire planet! It's only a matter of time before another depression comes after the collapse of this giant game.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Insult Bush & Clinton: Legal Options

A bill is winding its way through congress that would severely cut support for past presidents. It would cap all assistance to former presidents at $ 400,000 per year. That includes their pension which is $ 200,000 per year. It turns out that past presidents earn considerable amounts of money in speaking fees and book writing. For example George W. Bush earned $ 15, 000, 000 last year giving speeches. That's right. The little moron who couldn't find Iraq on a map but none the less invaded it based on his "preemptive war" policy because he thought there weapons of mass destruction. And the miserable fallout from that escapade lingers today.And then there's impeached Bill Clinton. He's the asshole who repaeled Glass-Steagall while getting a blow job and has been favorably revising his presidency ever since. He earned $ 10,000,000 last year giving speeches. He talks about subjects that he has never had an original thought. Both these guys got more than $ 1,000,000 each from the government for expenses that include rent, phone bill, stamps, travel ad nauseum. They could afford their own expenses. We can't afford those expenses.

 What's to be done?  Well hopefully the bill passes Congress. But what else chould be done to to these unindicted criminals? Sadly we can't assassinate them now. But if we see them in public and they are close enough to hear our voice. I suggest insulting them. It's not much . But it helps the soul. Some insults would include asking Bush. " Hey George. Can you find Iraq on the map now?" Regarding Clinton, " Hey Bill, when are you going to shut up and stop lying?"

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

U.S. Special Forces: Preemptive War On Fast Track

Can you guess what's happening at the pentagon? Do you want to guess? Why bother is your first response? Because there is no guessing about what the buchers at the pentagon do. They buctcher others  at the same time our own troops get butchered. And if they at the pentagon are still able to cash their pay checks they will continue the process no matter what the tally in lives or costs of war to most of us on the sidelines. I don't know how they still get recruits for the armed srvices. The U.S. has lost every war since WW II. Yet they still want to suit up for Uncle Sam.

 Enough digression. Today the Pentagon anounced an expansion and a refocusing of Special Operations Teams to be quickly deployed to emerging hot spots globally. It's like SWAT teams used by local police forces. The difference is that the Pentagon Special Ops has small groups of boots on the grounds that can be over nighted to any where on the globe. They are backed up by the full force of the Army, Navy and Air Force considerable grab bag of nasty fire power. Doesn't sound like any thing new? But it is. It sounds like "preemptive war' is now a functioning and vital philosohy of field grade commanders and butchers at the pentagon who don't need presidential authority to start a war. That's new. And that's the bad.

We should lose all preemptive wars. Lest they become a bad habit. Considering America's box scores in the war results since WW II that should be a slam dunk.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Joe Biden : Only Smarter Than George W Bush

Vice President Joe Biden was on NBC's "Meet The Press" today. It's astouding this guy is VP. He more resembles in thought and demaenor an average half- loaded bartender. I must not digress. Concerning the Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, he said " I think his future is in America. He has an oppotunity to go to NYU and we're are prepared to give him a visa right away. He's going to be able to take his family."

Gee. Chen is one out of 1.25 billion. Obviously no one will miss him in China, but why does Joe think him valuable? Chen is blind, an aspiring attorney, pro life and has a sore foot. What will the U.S. get for it's hospitality? It has to educate him first. No. First  it has to tend to his sore foot. That will require an interpreter. That's another expense. When he goes to NYU he will need an interpreter and help with the stairs. He and his family will need full monetary and social support just to get around. And if he passes his courses at NYU America will get another lawyer. That's a bad deal. Joe could be the dumbest politicain ever to rise to the executive branch of government, but that position is firmly held at this time by George W Bush and his "preemptive war" doctrine and other , many mistakes and ommissions.

There was a song in the 1960's that keeps running through my head as somehow relevant to both Joe and George. It was " Shotgun" by Junior Walker and the Allstars. There's a line that sounds appropiate, it goes "..shoot 'em 'fore they run now".

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Munch: Living The Scream

Edvard Munch's 1893 painting " The Scream" sold Wednesday for $ 120 million at Sotheby's. He was 30 years of age when he got the inspiration fot the painting while walking along a Norwegian fjord. He recounted " ...then I heard the enormous infinite scream of nature. Nature was screaming in my blood...after this I gave up hope to ever love again."

     Poor Munch. He didn't know he experienced nirvana. He should have embraced that experience and not looked backward to love of one and one alone. He was brilliant but a little cowardly.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Keep Out Blind, Pro Life Chinese Dissident

Why delay saying "NO" to Chen Guangcheng? He's a blind, pro-life ,self taught lawyer, Chinese dissident with a family who wants asylum in the United States. There is nothing in that resume that America needs.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Zuckerberg & Facebook's Organ Donor Program & Jewish Blood Libel

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is in the news today. He his thumping his chest about Facebooks community outreach gesture to locate donors of human organs. That's a bit awkward?  Isn't the little Jew aware of the 12th century "blood libel" accusation about Jews who needed Christian blood to prepare matzos?