Monday, September 30, 2013

Tea Party Headline Hope: "Obamacare Health Care Insurance Exchanges Fail On First Day: White House Accepts One Year Delay, Government Opens"

What are the chances the Obamacare's central feature of national health care exchanges fail on the first day? The first day will be tomorrow-October 1st. Glitches in the software have already brought on rolling official delays in the Affordable Health Care as per executive order.Hackers could already be at work to add their opinion of what should be the destiny of yet another government boondoggle. may be a blank screen tomorrow. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG ? I'll bet that within a week will have enough problems that President Obama will capitulate and delay the roll out in exchange for a reopening of government.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hillary Clinton Is Super Bacteria Politician Who Wont Flush

According to the Center for Disease Control, " The overuse of antibiotics is causing an increase in drug-resistant bacteria." These bacteria are also known as superbugs. Could Hillary Clinton be a superbug-type politician? She's immune from the effects of filthy scandal that normally would kill off other politicos. She wont flush away with the cesspool of her own creating along with degenerate husband Bill. Her secret is she wont flush with embarrassment. She knows that her supporters can't smell . Even if they could they would stick by her so that together they could reach the promised out house. That's where all who are out now will be in and those in now will be out. And what was the disease that gave a bug such as her a place to squat? It's called democracy. It's the equality disease. The only cure is personal excellance and being known by your differences.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Need United States Default To Bring Higher Interest Rates And Slow Government Spending

Force interest rates higher. Bring on the default in government debt. Shut down government. The people who will be most hurt are the parasites who should be . Starve the military-industrial-complex. All forms of entitlements should be cut in half on their way to zero.Political correctness is an expensive perq for people who aren't worth the subsidy.Close Washington and bring government to the states.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pilot Bernake Doesn't Know How To Land Air Fed

Poor Federala Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake. No . Poor us ! Pilot Ben doesn't know how to stop the stimulus. If a pilot he would be frozen at the stick incapable of bringing down the Fed Plane to a glide path that lands on "normal" monetary policy.He was so cocky when he took off with after burners of fiat money. But alas money isn't everything.If the real economy doesn't want to expand then no amount of money will force it. He was taught by his family and his Poison Ivy Alma Mater Harvard that all are equal. And since all also want money more than anything then his policies had to work. But they aren't. Actually we are not all equal. We are known by our differences. And any policy and that includes monetary policy that doesn't recognize that truth will fail. He creates fiat money so entitlements can continue. He creates money so treasonous Zionists can use the U.S. as its very own cats paw.BTW al-qaeda has effectively similar bad plans for America as does Israel.He creates money so the legal cartel can continue to shake down any one. Why do I call it a cartel? Because ther are fifty pages of lawyers in San Francisco's Yellow Pages! Only a cartel can generate that many lawyers who apparently have no hurdle to overcome to get a license to steal. No, Ben, too little money in circulation is not the problem. The world suffers environmentally with too much money in circulation.The problem is we are not all equal. We are known by our differences. And until we get that fact understood and practiced many people who count more than the parasites will refuse to go along to get along anymore.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Post Israel Or Post Pro- Israel Influenced World Shaping Up. Things Will Be Better

Dan Henninger , the roving gunslinger of the Wall Street Journals Op Ed section had his forty-fives blazing today. His " The Laurel and Hardy Presidency" op-ed piece about Obama's tossing over its world leadership role to the Russians was almost as hysterical as per a sorority girl finding out her boyfriend is banging her room mate.Danny boy didn't like Russia riding in on a white horse to deliver a solution about U.S. concerns about chemical weapons that Syria possess.Obama jumped at the chance. It got him out of his "red line" pot shot and certain defeat by congress on "surgical strikes"-yeah right- by sonic 4000 pound Tomahawk missiles. Hearing Danny boy tell it was the familiar refrain about American losing credibility on Iran. Huh? Its about Syria Mr. Zionist. And get used to it. One day Israel will be gone or the U.S. will elect a president that doesn't fete Israel as a 51st state. Maybe that president will expel Zionists? That would be a happy day.I'm no Obama fan but out of the mouths of children sometime come correct answers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Dow Jones Industrials Average Components: Sadly Accurate Evaluation

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp owns Dow Jones. Today it was announced that the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average will eliminate Alcoa, Hewlett Packard and Bank of America. They will be immediately replaced by Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa.

Alcoa was once a key pillar in America's industrial manufacturing infrastructure. Over the years it lost its edge to cheaper producers around the globe.

 Hewlett -Packard was started by two hard working genius types in a garage in what was to be Silicon Valley but was then still largely fruit orchards.Those were the days.Tree ripened fruit out gadgets in.  A sad loss in retrospect. What goes around comes around!

Bank of America was founded by immigrant Italian A.P. Gianinni . He financed the rebuilding of San Francisco after the 1906 quake with a shake of his hands to people who had lost much. He financed Samuel Goldwyn's many classic films and David O. Selznick's "Gone with the Wind" and other Hollywood masterpieces.But the bank squandered all that good will and assets in a roll of the dice by CEO Ken Lewis in 2008 when he bought Countrywide Credit and Merrill Lynch.

Goldman Sachs is the poster boy for greed and what went went wrong in the financial meltdown. In the interest of keeping your interest I won't tick off the many criminals acts of the Zionist occupied Wall Street "bank". Suffice that super Zionist Rupert Murdoch had a hand in creating a Dow Industrial index -tracker bid for his fellow Israel-first occupiers.

Nike minus all the billion dollar ads is still only a shoe company!

Visa is the credit card service provider to the largely ( 70% of economy) consuming, obese, mindless nation  that we are.

P.S. The stocks going out are fractions of the prices of the stocks going in. So the base of the Dow now has a deeper cushion to fall into but it also will bring more volatility. And America unfortunately is hooked on volatility.

Twitter Trends: Weary Of Hillary, Too Much Clinton

The PBS Newshour started a new slimmed -down version last night. It started with ex- Secretary of State Hillary "in the news-again" Clinton making a case for Syria to avert an American strike would have to give up its chemical weapons.So? Moments later Gwen Ifill  interviews President Obama who says the same thing! I don't like either lawyer but why did Hillary get preemptive air time? She's not in office. She should be in jail.  Hillary Groupies are everywhere. I guess the Newshour's producer must be one also.

I'm weary of Hillary. Her Thighness is obviously running for president again.That means that Brand Clinton will be flung at the voting public like monkeys throw their excrement at gawkers who stop to look and listen.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Al Hunt, AIPAC, Syria, Iran And Israel

Last night on the Charlie Rose Show, Charlie is to Zionists what Tavis Smiley is to black radicals, Al Hunt and Mark Halperin were discussing the possibility of a Syrian attack by the U.S. Al And Mark are proof positive that one can spend an entire career writing about pro-Israel causes and still pass for mainstream  journalism on subjects that ostensibly concern routine domestic issues. A conversation between Mark and Al is like playing solitaire and cheating. So Al rhetorically asks about the possibilty of a strike and what happens if we [U.S.] doesn't strike. And Mark says it's about the presidents credibility on Iran if we don't strike. Iran? I thought we were talking about gas attacks on civilians in Syria? And then Al talks about AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee ) is hopping mad about the possibility of not enough votes from its sheep in congress to support Tomahawks in downtown Damascus. Once AIPAC is mentioned then both cut to what they really wanted to talk about-Israel vulnerability. .Enough of Israel. Ghetto Israel is a country on the edge of civilization. They use laundered U. S. foreign aid to bribe sheep in congress to extend benefits to Israel and its citizens that individuals in congress wouldn't extend to their immediate family in America.

Hopefully in the near future, Zionists in America will be deported because of their constructively fifth column activities.I will go to the dock to wave goodbye and make sure that no rats run down the moorings.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

John McCain Is As Useless As Fortune Teller In Old Folks Home

Senator John McCain wants war on Syria. There is no such thing as degrading Assad's military capabilities and not equating that action to a declaration of war. McCain is as useless as a predictor of what our military action on Syria will turn out to be as if he were in an old folks home as the resident fortune teller. It looks like this morons leadership will prevail. So here we go again. More killing. More collateral damage. More hatred stored up against the U.S.

One thing good may come of this madness. If Assad is toppled and al qaeda takes effective control of Syria then to the victor belongs the spoils. Al qaeda will assume control of Assad's considerable weaponry which includes poison gas.And Syria so close to Israel will tighten the noose around that criminal state.So maybe millions of jihadists massing on Israels border with state of the art weapons will finally get the job done of bringing peace to the mideast.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Obama, Congress, Syria, Tomahawk Missile, Sarin Gas, Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama is our black president and also the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. He is the walking talking incarnation of how far affirmative action has rendered heretofore revered positions and prizes sullied by political correctness. But "it is an ill wind that doesn't carry some good". Obama's deferring to congressional approval for a retaliatory missile on Syria does deserve a clap of the hands. Granted he took his cue from Britain but I doubt if George W Bush who is a kind of affirmative action moron who only because he's the  scion of the Bush Family  political cartel would have exampled such heed..

It looks like Sarin gas was used.. Was it Assad? Was it the rebels? We don't know for sure. Sarin gas kills no more brutally than shrapnel , vaporization, bleeding to death or by infection or amputation etc.Adult minds don't parse the difference. Only adults with children brains see a difference.The weapon of choice for the retaliatory strike would be a sea-launched Tomahawk Missile. But they are supposed to be surgical. They are supposed to be pinpoint. They are touted as only killing the "enemy". Sounds like god's justice. here are a few details about Tomahawk Missiles.They are 18 feet 3 inches long. They weigh 3500 pounds. They carry a warhead of 1000 pounds. They cost between $569,000 and $1.45 million depending on how accurate you want them. " I shot an arrow into the air..." Can anyone in the world honestly say that an 18 foot, 4500 pound missile that travels at close to sonic speeds can hit its target without impacting a considerable amount of contiguous space? That's also known as collateral damage. I would take bets that for the 1425 people who died from Sarin gas our Tomahawk strikes would impact or kill at least more than double that amount.

Mr. Peace Prize Obama was half correct in deferring to congress. He would have been 100% correct if he said no to any retaliatory strikes on his own because of humanitarian reasons.