Sunday, March 30, 2008

Counterculture Hillary Clinton: Is She More Bitch Or CUNT ?

The more Hillary Clinton is criticised the broader she smiles. The broad smile rivals the width of her fat ass. She is mathematically precluded from achieving the Democratic nomination. But that seems to kick over a breeder reactor type response of lies like her "sniper fire in Bosnia" tale or character assainations through political hack James Carville against superdelegates like Bill Richardson who support Barack Obama.

Hillary nad Bill Clinton have had few original ideas between them. They mostly are counterculture snipers that triangulate others ideas to their own political goals. Hillary has been called many things including a bitch and a cunt. Personally I believe that the acronym CUNT best captures her peculiar malaise. CUNT stands for " Can't Understand Normal Thinking".

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bush & Hitler: Iraq & Guernica

The problem starts when the oppostion in Congress led by Speaker Pelosi states that " impeachment is off the table". So the President Bush rightly concludes that he's no longer bound by ANY laws. And then things go from bad to worse in the illegal, immoral Iraq War.

The latest atrocity is Bush's military support of Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's civil war with political adversaries . In particular Bush supports al-Maliki's war with Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army. The U.S. support comes in the forms of air strikes by helicopter gunships and jets and also ground support from U.S. troops and all the state of the art killing paraphanalia that is available.

This foreign support of a civil war reminds of the obliteration of the Spanish town of Guernica. It took place on April 26,1937. General Francisco Franco called upon Hitler's Condor Legion to bomb and machine gun from the air civilians and the Basque oppostion to Franco's aggression. The air massacre killed 1700 and wounded 900 of the towns "market day" population of 10,000.

Bush can now be compared to Hitler without reservations.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lehman Brothers: Next Target Of Short-Selling Pools ?

Some of the same greedy monkeys of Wall Street that had the depression-era Glass Steagall ,a.k.a. The Banking Act of 1935 , repealed in 1999 which is the reason banks are in trouble today had another key piece of depression-era market abuse legislation rolled back in 2007. The "short sale uptick rule " was eliminated.

Simply ,short sales of stocks by speculators had to be executed at a higher price than the last sale or equal to the last sale if was a higher price. This uptick rule was part of the The Securities Act Of 1934. The legislation created the Securities And Exchange Commission. The rule was put in place to stop bear raids by individuals and/or groups that drove down stocks causing margin calls and in some cases bankrupticies of the targeted company. Joe Kennedy of the infamous/famous Kennedy family was notorious for this tactic. So much so that Roosevelt appointed Kennedy as the first S.E.C. Commisioner . Joe basically wrote the outline for The Securities Act Of 1934 because he knew how best to steal in those unregulated markets and FDR wanted Kennedy to write legislation to stop stock market abuses!

Well Lehman Brothers is down 10% today at $38.00. It's down fro a high of $80.00 about a year ago. The rumors on the Street is that hedge and/or hedge funds are spreading rumors about Lehman's ability to remain solvent. At the same time the hedge funds are selling short Lehman stock on downticks whish is now legal.

It's the same tactic that was used so efffectively to drive Bear Stearns out of business and into a Federal bailout and acquired by J P Morgan Chase. Bear Stearns stock went from a 52 week high of $170.00 to an acquistion price of $10.00 per share. So if Lehman goes down who's next?

Now if the hard learned lessons and legislation of the depression era were just left in place, then most of this market turmoil would not be happening. But of course then we would be dealing with a monkey/primate with real intelligence and not a frivolous primate wearing a three-piece suit.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Feminists, Free Love, Teenagers & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to the recently released report from Centers For Disease Control, " One of every four teenage girls in America has a sexually transmitted disease". The CDC data was collected from more than 800 randomly selected girls. Even girls who were still technically "virgin" are contracting the STD's through oral sex.

Mothers day for this generation will have an asterisk. Such is part of the legacy of the 1960's free love and feminist movement. The high priestesses of feminism Gloria Steinham and the late Betty Friedan and others should be reevaluated with a negative bias. Also, remember former President and father Bill Clinton's protest, " I didn't have sex with that woman". He was parsing "sex"to exclude the oral kind so to "legally" avoid prosecution. He had genital herpes at the time acording to Monica Lewinsky's testimony.

I wonder how many young girls and boys were listening to Bill's and Monica's blow by blow discription of the arguments for and against oral sex? STD's are a reality that have the potential to bring the whole society down. It's time for discrimination and critical thinking by our youngsters and the parents who care. Avoid disesaed individuals and that includes the sloppy thinkers who are critical of discrimination because it's not politically correct.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Do Think Is More Truthful , Dick Cheney Or The Red Cross ?

Cheney was in Baghdad this weekend. He said," The changes were phenomenal and dramatic. Especially significant is to be able to return this week the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the campaign that liberated the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein's tyranny. The invasion has been a successful endeavor".

At the same time The International Red Cross described the results of those same five years. The Red Cross said that there were more than 1,000,000 Iraqi casualties, more than 3,000,000 Iraqis displaced,the Iraqi people are deprived of clean drinking water, deprived of a functioning sanitation system and the medical care is in the worse shape ever.

Baghdad is largely an open air prison where prople are seperated from each other by concrete barriers. True Saddam Is gone. But at what price? Can the results as rerported by the Red Cross please many besides our disgusting, delusional Vice President? Get A rope.

Another Banking & Brokers Crisis: Can't Learn If Can't Remember.

In 1999 during Clinton's tenure of office The Glass-Steagal Act (a.k.a. Banking Act of 1935) was repealed by the republican controlled Congress . The repeal was pushed by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Citigroup's Chairman Sandy Weil, Secretary Of Treasury Robert Rubin who left government after Glass-Steagall repeal and joined Citigroup and Bill Clinton. The repeal let banks back into the brokerage business. Let Citigroup back into the securities business is an understatement. It was Citigroup's Smith Barney's unit that was part of the fraud at Worldcom that cost investors $ 150 billion in losses. It seems that Sandy and Robert and Smith Barney anaylist Jack Grubman just can't play it straight. The three should have gone to prison.

Banks by nature should be safe and secure. Brokers by nature are anything but safe and secure.Citigroups stock since reentering the brokerage and related security dealings has plunged from $56.00 per share to $19.00. Today Bear Stearns collapsed from a 14 month high of $170.00 per share and was acquired by JP Morgan Chase for $ 2.00 per share. Hello? Anyone remember why the depression-era banking reform legislation happened? What was dumb and risky for the banks in the 1920's and 1930's is still dumb and risky.

Also " Character is fate", acording to the 6th century B.C. Greek philosopher Heraclitus. That hasn't changed either.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eliot Spitzer & Alan Dershowitz Connected To Israel & AIPAC ?

What laws apply to a bar mitzvahed Jew? The dictionary says a bar mitzvahed male is a "son of divine law". So since Jews are the self proclaimed "chosen people" their circular logic leads some delusional Jews to think that only laws they choose to obey are applicable . That certainly is a lot less laws that gentiles or Palestinians obey.

Hello Alan Dershowitz. The little kike was op-eding in the "chosen" Wall Street Journal today. He's bemoaning the fate of fellow bar mitzvahed, ex governor of New York Eliot Spitzer. The article was titled " The Entrapment Of Eliot".

Little Al thinks that " moving money around" in a money laundering fashion is OK when the object is to keep information away from Spitzer's wife. The FEDS should just get lost. After all Spitzer is not a front for a terrorist organization. But we only have Little Al's opinion that Spitzer was trying to keep the money movements away from his wife's knowledge. As it turns out ,the procurer of the Emperors VIP Club (prostitution brothel) holds an Israeli passport!

Now some of us think that Israel is a terrorist nation . And AIPAC is one of it's tentacles that has a financial grip on the testicles and vulva of many members of our Congress. So if a bar mitzvahed Jew is moving money around in a criminal fashion then the FEDS should follow the money. They may find that Israel/AIPAC is connected. It's for sure that AIPAC contributed to Spitzers campaign fund.

San Francisco Low-Riders & Potholes

According to TRIP , a Washington,D.C. based transportation consultant, San Francisco automobile operators pay on average an extra $ 761.00 per year from the damaging effects of potholes on tires and chassis.

Potholes are no longer an appropriate description of some experiences that I've had. Just last week I drove over what could be called an arroyo. The City has a budget of app. $6 billion. So what about fixing the potholes in our "sanctuary city"? That will bring back the low-riders that are preferred by our illegal hispanics. This way our politically correct Board Of Stupidvisors can make the illegal greaseballs feel comfortable in their getaway cars .

Monday, March 03, 2008

Greetings From AFRICOM We're New In Town

The AP is carrying the news that on Monday U.S. warplanes launched airstrikes on a small Somali town near Mogadishu. At least 4 "suspected"Islamist terrorists were killed. Didn't Bush just last week when in Africa state that the U.S. has no colonial or occupying plans for Africa? He was responding to a question about America's new AFRICOM and its mission.

Words are cheap. Just pay attention to what actually happens. Our chimp in chief is a long way from his roots of eating termite larvae from a stick. I guess clothes do make the man.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Zionists & Israel: Countdown To Extinction

Borrowing from the track "Symphany Of Destruction" on Megadeath's 1992 album " Countdown To Extinction":

You take a mortal man and put him in control
Watch him become a god watch peoples head a roll.

Add Megadeath do the observers of life who accurately describe man's worst side. The band could be describing the words of Israel's Assistant Minister Of Defense Matan Vilnai. Yesterday he was quoted ," The more Qassam [rockets] fire intensifies, they will bring upon themselves [Palestinians] a bigger 'shoah' [Hebrew for genocide]".

So now Zionist intolerance is focused on the tiny Gaza Strip where 1.5 million Palestinians live in squalid conditions under going collective punishment in their own land by the occupying Zionists. The Israelis resent the fact of rockets which the Gazans send as a kind of rent that the Israelis must pay. They want the land and power for free.

And so the "chosen people" who only have a worldwide population of 13,000,000 and who have been kicked out of 79 countries in recorded history are making their last stand in refusing to allow the Palestinians the right of existence. It's been a slow-motion genocide that has the ironic effect of a slow-motion suicide for the Zionists because of worldwide resentment and in particular the supercharged resentment of the middle east indigenous peoples. Someone has to go.

Municipal Bond Turmoil: Some Positive Benefits

The municipal bond markets cratered last week. Munis were actually yielding as much as U.S. treasuries. But the interest paid on munis is tax free to the bond holder. So the de facto yield of some munis on Friday was app.8% when the taxes were considered. This historic inversion of the treasury/muni relationship was an example of further fallout from the margin calls generated by "marking to market" security postions that is demanded by standard acounting practices. Probably the accounting rules will have to be modified somewhat. Maybe a longer period of time and an average price will have to be used before a margin call is generated.

But in the meantime cities,counties and states are having a rough time raising affordable money for their projects. For example yesterday the Houston Independent School District had to withdraw its planned $ 385 million bond issue because of the extreme rise in cost. Maybe that's a good thing. There has long been the glaring fact that there is no meaningful connection between money spent and a quality education for youth. So now market forces in the bond maket will force local and state officials to discriminate more on how to use their limited options on what projects to pursue and fund. Do we want water and sewage infrasructure upgrades or more money thrown down the rathole of school bureaucracies?