Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Protesting Trump In Israel : Palestinians Should Adopt New Tactic and Target

" Where's Trump?" Protesting Palestinians in Israel should make thousands of signs saying "Where's Trump?" They should engage and protest President Trump directly. He's the enabler of the Zionist tyranny. With America's money and weapons at no cost we in the United States are accessaries and accomplices to The crimes that are committed on a daily basis in occupied Palestine. Waving signs of protests against the autistic and criminal Zionists have no effect. But a relentless non violent protest directed at Trump would be carried around the world by news vendors and iPhones to a sympathetic audience.Embarass the loud mouth ignorant Trump. The criticism will stick because its accurate. "WHERE"S TRUMP ?".

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bitcoin Futures: Central Banks Are History

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Why? Because Bitcoin futures will commence trading on December 11, 2017 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.The Mercantile never backs a loser.The Merc is the incarnation of the greed and will to survive that exists in all of us.It's the monster from the Id to borrow a character from the great 1950's sci-fi film "Forbidden Planet". Government as we know it will go away for lack of funding. Fed up with military-industrial murders? Fed up with the progressives agenda of silly costly giveaways in the Quixotic pursuit of equality among different kinds of people? Switch to crypto currencies and see how the IRS can try to collect? The IRS will be left with many field trips to homes of suspected tax evaders. Ask them if they have a warrant to come in and take an inventory. It will require thousands more employees to carry out awkward and long tedious information gathering.Looks like a law that can't practically be enforced. Like the Volstead Act it will be repealed or effectively killed by non relavence.Central banks will be mostly out of work. Printing money willy nilly and running up debt with the fiat currencies will halt.All that debt around the world in all different dominations are payable in the currency they were issued.But cryptocurrencies are not one of those denominations. So how will government and corporations pay their debt? How will America enforce financial sanctions on "rogue" countries with Bitcoin being a live option? Will ISIS pay its operatives or next of kin with Bitcoin transfers for work rendered? Will Israeli demand Bitcoin instead of dollars for its yearly "aid"? Will members of congress follow Israels lead a require cryptocurrencies as salary instead of bucks?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

George Soros : Charity Funds Social Upheaval

George Soros last week let it be known that he has funded his Open Society Foundation with his net worth of $18 billion. Open Society Foundations's charter reads like a to do list for progressives.But many say his social equilibrium projects have a constructively illegal and subversive part. Recently the riots orchestrated by Black Lives Matter across the country have connection to Open Society. Oakland's riots and traffic blocks on our Bay Bridge point to Black Lives Matter involvement and OSF funding.Suppose the Mafia tried to fund a philanthropic foundation with illegal profits. Don't think that would happen. But Soros is funding a foundation with legal funds that constructively supports/instigates subversive/illegal actions.Its the reverse of the Mafia hypothetical scheme. But unhealthy to say the least. Soros' OSF is its mirror image. Soros spelled backwards is still Soros. His name is duplicity.

Friday, November 03, 2017


On October 18, 2017 many titled but let's just say he's the boss of China Xi Jinping gave a three hour and twenty-five minute speech to 2300 delegates of the Communist Party.He recited his accomplishments and talked about the future. A new era when China will come into full bloom -my metaphor-and make a more dramatic presence than heretofore. And who will stop them? Me asking.He spoke with supreme confidence and theatrical body english-so to speak.Stop right there. Any one who chatters for three hours and twenty-five minutes sounds like a person who is trying to convince the listeners that he's in control. Also he may be trying to convince himself that he's in control. Long story short. Mainland China is too small for its 1.4 billion citizens and China needs to spread out. Call it colonization or call it just buying and renting any property on the planet that are available.The Asian Flus once upon a time kept in check population growth along with ham fisted intramural revolutions or the occasional invasion by the the likes of the Japanese. But not for a long time has there been an invasion. Who would want to take on 1.4 billion hungry Chines? The victors if some how they won would face the same problem Xi Jinping has right now. How do you feed and house the hoard? Africa, Australia and South China Sea are in the sights of urgent Chinese shoppers.The world has a problem.The U.S. should make friends with Russia.Who knows. We and Russia may need to flank China for our own and the worlds survival.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Rome And United States: Somethings Never Change

On October 23, 415 A.D. Valentinian III was proclaimed Caesar. He became emperor at the age of six years.The rest is history. Soon Rome would be sacked multiple times by many of the same peoples who the Romans had sacked in the prior 1000 years.George W Bush became President of the United States in 2001. He was fifty-five years of age.In 2001 he declared " War on Terror". He invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 because of 9/11 which was carried out largely by Saudi nationals who happened to be hiding in Afghanistan. Iraq was a war of choice with no compelling reasons. And so? Some leaders are truly six years of age and act their age. But some leaders are fifty-five years of age but behave as though they were six years of age.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Israel Versus Gaza Strip

As of 2014 the population of the Gaza Strip was approximately 1.8 million people.Israel's population is approximately 8.5 million. Gaza's area is approximately 141 square miles. Isreal's area including the occupied/stolen lands is approximately 9000 square miles.It's getting more crowded in Gaza.It's not too far fetched in the not too distant future that half of the Gaza inhabitants might decide to invade Israel and personally visit Prime Minister Netanyahu. What would happen ? I don't think that the Zionists can kill that fast to stop the invasion.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Harvey Weinstein: Desert Insect Unchained

Award winning film producer/director/ Harvey Weinstein is in the news today. Only the dead have not heard. It seems he is and has been a serial rapist of numerous women whose only fault was they were young, pretty and wanted to get into the movies. Harvey know those fact upon sight. Harvey's particular wish was to perform oral sex on the nubile in a hurry. Sometimes attacking while she was standing. Harvey didn't waste time.Harvey is a semite. He hails from a long line of insect-like desert dwellers.So when his species invades civilization they are apt to make a fool of themselves. Particularly if they become wealthy. And Harvey is wealthy.QED. P.S One doesn't have to be a wealthy semite to make fool of oneself when it comes to sex wanted or unwanted. But in this example Harvey Weinstein is a classic.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Elon Musk, Bambi And Beyond

Today Elon Musk predicts that space travel will become routine and paying voyagers will visit Mars in the not too distant future.It reminds me of the Walt Disney 1942 classic "BAMBI".In the movie Bambi's mother warns the fawn that "Man is in the forest"And not too much later in the film Bambi's mother is shot and killed. At that time the National Rifle Association convulsed hateful threats that it's no way to raise America's youth by teaching sympathy for wild life. According to the bible all flora and fauna was at the literal disposal of man. Who by the way "was made in the image and likeness of god". I can safely say that our supposed god is not any one I identify with.He can go to hell. Getting back to wunderkind Musk, to paraphrase Bambi's mother "Man is in the seat and ready to travel the galaxies". God help us? There is no god worth taking advice or help from.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alibaba, Chinese Bourgeois & Xi Jinping

Alibaba blew away earning estimates this morning. It's six percent higher in pre market trading. Alibaba is the Chinese equivalent of America's Amazon. Alibaba is a measuring stick if you will of the ever rising appetite of Chinese bourgeois for all thins that a consumer wants. China's population now approaches 1.5 billion. And they are hungry. Which brings up the hot seat China's President Xi Jinping is uncomfortably sitting on.How is he planning to insure all those people will get fed? How is he insuring that all those people will have room to live and breed ? He has a lot of levers of power. Xi Jinping commands a formidable military. But he can't control 1.4 billion people if they are heading to lunch with a a big appetite.So who's controlling whom? Consequently Xi Jinping has been expanding his countries influence and occupation of the planet into new areas.South China Sea has seen raw aggression in China's filling in tiny atols so Chinese can settle. There they can drop a fishing line into the water . Maybe one of the ever dwindling fish might bite on the Chinamans hook and disappear like so many before him.Chinese are already plundering Africa. In the beginning most of the planet looked like Africa. Now much of the planet looks like China- overpopulated and polluted.So today Xi Jinping has the problem. But increasingly the world will have more of a problem accommodating the munching jaws of the Chinese bourgeois.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

San Francisco Progressives Lose Way

Nobody could make this story up.It happened in the progressive enclave of Presidio Terrace. It's about five blocks from where I live.I can see it from my roof where I have an anchored tripod mounted for photos or any other chore that requires a steady support. Some of the former residents of the Terrace were Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband Dick Blum who has made tens of millions for his family and other investors by selling off U.S. government property.He acted as broker in some cases and as principal in others. That's self dealing also known as stealing. Also Former Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi lived there. Her husband Paul Pelosi also sells property that belongs to the U.S. government but at prices that only his investors can afford. Pelosi is the big titted progressive that all want to suckle for freebies. She obliges. She gives one and all what they want because it costs her nothing. Tax payers pick up the tab. She neglects thank you but instead berates all for more. Long story short. A couple of Chinese immigrants, Tina Lam and Michael Cheng, happened upon property for sale due to non payment of back taxes advertised by San Francisco City An County Tax Department .The bill was $14.00 a year. But The Presidio Terrace Association failed to pay for thirty years. The couple paid $90,000. 00 to clear arrears and penalties to secure title to the street and common areas including side walks in Presidio Terrace.That's it. End of story. Progressives in the enclave awakened from their routine of reaching out to illegals or learning how to care and protect members of the LGBTQ community and other designer cause celebre are faced with the prospect of not having control of their streets. How will they explain to visiting politicians who come for money why they can't park on the street unless the pols or other big wigs pay a parking fee to the Chinese couple? Suppose the Chinese couple decide to have a live market street sale featuring live chickens, eels in a tank or mystery meat with the same DNA as a human etc. Progressive have come so far that they have run out of common sense and lost the common touch in pursuit of keeping an open mind.They have lost their way which includes sometimes their streets.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

ETF : What's It Worth ?

My information about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)is from Investopedia. It is the leading source of financial information on the web. My opinions on what ETF's represent in actual value to holders are my own. According to Investopedia ETF's track indices. That would include but not limited to Standard & Poors 500, NASDAQ Power Shares (QQQ), commodities such as gold, oil, materials etc.But because they only track the ETF's don't actually own. Conversely mutual funds own actual shares incorporated in their respective indices. Consequently mutual funds publish daily the net asset value (NAV) of the fund. Exchange traded funds do not publish NAV's. Because they don't own the shares.Every shareholder of ETF's effectively rely on arbitragers to keep the price of ETF's roughly in line with the theoretical underlying value of the stocks or commodities or bonds that make up the index.So the value of the ETF that trades from second to second is what the arbitragers say it is. Shareholders effectively take the word of some unknown person about the fair value of the ETF's at any given moment. Obviously what the price will be in the next moment is not guaranteed by the arbitrager. This reality leaves open the possibility of the tail wagging the dog. The arbitrager may engage in a bear or bull raid in the ETF which could impact actual prices of the real shares that are traded on the exchange.Let's fast forward to an unlikely but possible scenario. Suppose the market crashes. What does an ETF shareholder really own? Legally the shareholder owns a tracking index.Can one cash that in any where? If a mutual fund crashes the shareholders own the residual shares in the fund.Those are actual deeds to real companies.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Amazon: Just Keeps Rolling

Mixing rivers is almost as bad as mixing metaphors but Paul Robeson's words about the Mississippi sung in "Ole Man River" from the 1936 musical "Show Boat" are in this instance appropriate. Amazon .com 's namesake the river is also just "...rollin' along..".This morning it electronically cyber inked a deal with the legendary but disappearing Sears. Sears once offered mail order brides in the 19th century along with coffins with lids among many other gadgets etc.Today Amazon founder and CEO Busy Bee J. Bezos agreed to sell Sear's brand Kenmore on the Amazon website.This offering expands the list of goods and services available to shoppers every where.Recently Amazon purchased Whole Foods . This moved the Big A into organics. Heretofore Amazon mostly offered plastic composition products.I wondered about Bezos' choice of Amazon as a company name. I wonder no more. Amazon some what like the South American River is delivering plastic and now organics in mind numbing cubical steady volumes in card board packages. But unlike the River that brings life to its thousand mile shores the Company brings mostly plastic. I think of the square miles of plastic floating islands in the oceans.Could we be in the silly part of the always unfolding tech world?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BlackRock: Short The Bubble Stock

Yesterday BlackRock reported second quarter earnings that narrowly missed estimates. BlackRock is the largest money manger.It has $ 5.6 trillion under management.They are now experiencing a kind of being of victim of their own success syndrome. ETF's a.k.a. known as exchange traded funds are getting a bigger share of new inflows by eager stock market investors. Problem is that ETF's have much lower management fee. Hence the shortfall in earnings. Hence the squeeze in profitability. Chairman and President of BlackRock Larry Fink simultaneously with the earnings miss release announced his firm would switch to more use of artificial intelligence when picking stocks.Larry praised AI. But he also stated that the headcount at BlackRock would be the same next year as it is today.In other words AI's supposed market expertise is secondary. Lopping heads is the real reason so to combat profit squeeze.Actually AI is more expensive than monkeys throwing darts at a stock page which has been proven to be a better performer than pros picking stocks.In 1973 Princeton University professor Burton Malkiel wrote " Random Walk Down Wall Street" . In the book Malkiel states " A blind folded monkey throwing darts at a financial newspapers stock page could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts."Actually the underlying metaphysics of that result was the fact that there were more smaller capitalization stocks on the page than large ones. Consequently the smaller stocks would probably do better over the long run. Bottom line is that BlackRock is an expensive stock. It's market cap is six times sales. It also trades at 2.50 times its book value. It yields 2.50 percent. But its stock trades at $423.00 per share. So a 3% loss on the stock rubs out the dividend return but what's going to happen to the 420.00 left over? I'm short BlackRock. It's the perfect bubble stock in a bubble market.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Federal Reserve Janet Yellen: Background & Prospects

Somewhere in Manhattan there is a Kosher deli that once employed Janet Yellen. She was hired on the spot for the top job at the Federal Reserve. She left so quickly that her umbrella is still there on the hook. In a better world, hopefully soon,Janet will be back at the deli almost indistinguishable from the dill pickles.The story goes that Baron Rothschild was in the deli ordering a pastrami and cheese on rye and was bemused with Janet popping her "P's" when she spoke.The baron thought two things.One if Yellen were Fed Chair it would be a potent example of the Jewish aristocracy pissing on what's left of our shabby culture . And two she would definitely make the baron look better in comparison.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why Does American Media Dislike Putin & Russia ?

Why does the U.S. media gratuitously disparage Vladimir Putin and by extension Russia? There are 189 countries in the United Nations. Our media can alternate pro or con on 188 but when it comes to Russia it becomes a unanimous media that Russia is evil. What philosophy or political belief in the media so skews the media to lock step its neyt in harmony to Russian policies? Some might say our recent election carries the narrative that Russia interfered in favor of Trump and contra Clinton.So that's a good reason to thumb down Russia.But our media's dislike of Putin and Russia predated the recent presidential election.Russia could be and should should be America's ally. Between us approximately 26,000 nuclear war heads are in silos or on subs or guess where.We don't need an enemy with as much fire power as we have. On the contrary we would be natural stabilizers of the planet at the best possible scenario. I have a speculation. I think the media doesn't like Putin's policies towards the LBBTQ acronym. And that's enough red meat for the progressives in the media to steer our foreign policy in the direction of more tolerance for the LGBTQ at the expense of sounder foreign policy alliances.Bad trade off.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Afghanistan & Posturing Generals

Yesterday the media had stories about 4000 U.S. troops going to Afghanistan. The Associated Press was one of the news vendors publishing the possibility. Mad Magazine did not carry the story. Mad does original comedy and does not write about naturally occurring comedy in our foreign policy missteps. After all we have been fighting and losing in Afghanistan for over 16 years.Our Secretary of Defense and retired four star Marine General James "Mad Dog " Mattis talked about the American surge recently in Congressional testimony. The Mad Dog nickname could be a clue in future on how to deal humanely with career bred killers. Mattis looks to me as a classic posturing general with enough scrap medal on his chest to keep a homeless scavenger in fixings for a day.Ever hear of a general losing his life in combat?Any generals die from nerve gas, nuclear blasts, Agent Orange part of collateral damage due to cruise missile attacks into an urban area, friendly fire---boy if there was ever a euphemism of Homeric proportions-- or other ways of dying or losing parts or use of ones body that are too many to list here? I certainly have not. The generals move avatars around on a graphics screen coming up with sure fire plans on tactical moves that will prevail over the enemy.The generals are not on the ground with nothing between their body and mortality against an Afghani who just wants to hold on to what little he or she has in life. The strutting generals claim to be bound and committed to duty that protects us here in America.Sixteen years later we lose soldiers, equipment and treasure as a daily occurrence. So the generals are not doing their avowed duty. If they were dong their duty some would die. But the generals are probably teeing up a Titleist rather aiming at a Taliban.If you want war fight in the war.The generals and the politicians are not stepping up. I suggest NO WAR WITHOUT A NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Send the war mongers to the golf course permanently.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Federal Reserve

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are up 280% since the beginning of this year.As of today approximately $49 billion of Bitcoin and $36 billion of Ether are the outstanding valuations.Those figures are dwarfed by the approximately $ 4 trillion amount outstanding of the worlds currencies. That would be the folding stuff in our pockets. But my folding stuff is not up 5000% since the start of 2017.My twenties and tens are still at face value but a little more wrinkled. So going forward should crypto currency be included in my wallet? I can have leisure in making a decision. But one person is thinking harder about what crypto currency might do to her job. That would be Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. She 's determined not to go back to that kosher deli in Manhattan. She and the whole house of cards that support human civilization through the tool money is being threatened.Right now crypto currency makes up about 2% of the traditional currencies issued by the Fed, Japan, Eurozone, China et all. Small? Yes. But that 2% didn't exist 6 months ago. Crpto didn't move the needle.What's the Fed going to if anything about the upstart? I would think that Yellen has to make the dollar a better store of value. To that purpose interest rates will have to go up probably more than people expect. Also the Fed has to shrink the balance sheet. At the moment the balance sheet is at $ 4 trillion.Number coincidence with current world wide outstanding paper? That will definitely get rates higher.According to a news blurb last night on the Nightly Business Report the Fed has moved up the start its balance sheet shrinking to September 2017. That's a ninth month speed up.Bitcoin and Ether are once in a lifetime or many lifetimes game changer.Fiat money as per central banks game plan has finally met its match. The complacency of gold and investor sentiment and volatility can be somewhat better understood by judging the performance of cryptocurrencies and concluding that chaos might be around the corner and its foil may be Bitcoin and Ether. Here's a question. All the debt in the world is based on central bank currencies. So how will those obligations be met?

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Terrorist Versus Terrorist

Funny thing happened to America's narrative about the Middle East. Today Tehran's parliament was attacked by ISIS operatives. A suicide bomber and other operatives killed twelve so far and many others wounded.This some few days after Salesman Trump inks a hundred billion arms dealers to the largest single owners of a fleet of Bentleys on the planet. Cant have bomb created pot holes to spoil the ride to the airport for a flight to London where the white women are with bottles of the bubbly.What's the tie in? The arms where largely to protect Saudi Arabia from the Iranians. According to the United States and its poodle Israel or is it the other way around If we could just get rid of the ayatollahs in Iran peace would come to the Middle East.But who is sponsoring ISIS? Certainly Iran didn't orchestrate todays carnage in Tehran as a red herring to debunk the American narrative.So now what coach? General Mad Dog Mattis as Secretary of Defense maybe is thinking of surgical Tomahawk surgical attack on Iranian Parliament building to kill any left over terrorist? God. He maybe is thinking we got to get into this. Or we will miss out like we did in Syria.Also it obviates a reason for supporting Israel against Iran. Which kicks out another Israeli reason/lie for slow motion genocide of Palestinians.Gee. Is there any player in this cluster fuck of belligerent group of spoiled brats you can sympathize? So maybe the weapons we sell or lose that end up in the hands of the Saudis, Israel, ISIS, Afghanis, Syrians ad nauseam are in the proper place.If we really don't like any of the players then let them get rid of each other.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Money And Power Has Its Limits

In 193 A.D. Didius Julianus out bid the former emperors family and bought the position of Caesar from the Praetorian Guard .Pertanix was the former Emperor who wanted a strong fiscal policy and hard currency. The Praetorian Guard killed Pertanix because citizens didn't want belt tightening.Didius Julianus offered more money to every member of the Praetorian guard and so was proclaimed Emperor. He promptly devalued the Roman currency to pre Pertanix values.Fiat currency versus hard currency was the issue. But the Praetorian Guard who were paid in hard currency were insulted by the immediate devaluation by Didius Julianus.So the Praetorian Guard immediately kills Didius Julianus in spite. DJ ruled for three months. So here we all our some two thousand years later still dealing with the outcome of fiat money and debt and the impact on citizens of Rome and for that matter the greater empire.Takeaway? It's always about money. No matter what any one says.Also the military runs the political show.One thing to look forward to is the greed and arrogance eventually consumes the politicians and the military to the point they start killing each other. Now I can't wait for that. P.S. The military will win in the run. As recounted above the armed forces allow the politicians to make policy but the real policy is pay the armed forces and they will let the politicians go through the motions of having power...until the money runs out.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Single Payer Health Insurance : False Hope

June 1 2017 saw California's senate vote and pass a single payer health insurance.The phrase "single payer "comes from the same central casting dialogue that spoke of " philosopher king" or "great white hope " or "god" or " some one completely trustworthy " or " totally unselfish " or " surgical accuracy missile attacks" or " every one is equal "etc. You get the idea. Problem with a single payer comprehensive health insurance scheme is that all people will get somewhat simultaneously ill either physically or monetarily when one gets ill.Truly it will make every sickness or disease or cough or runny nose a pandemic. The single payer health law constructively gives civil rights to bacteria. Cant talk about prevention because its the right of everyone to be cared for no matter what preventable disease people contract and or invite.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saudis , Trump , Kushner And Lockheed Martin

President Trump was in Saudi Arabia yesterday.It's Don's kind of place. Flowing robes. Each women servant a Scheherazade look a like with flimsy dress that allows for... Autocrats were every where .Autocrats rule from the back seat of Bentley automobiles.Trumps Zionist son in law negotiated a price cut from Lockheed Martin on behalf of the Saudis.It was either that or the Saudis would have to choose to stop slaughtering innocents in Yemen or have few less Bentleys. So in comes Kushner who's father was a jailed felon to ingratiate himself . Maybe business opportunities with the Saudis for Jared post Trump presidency? Jared Kushner reminds me of the Chinese proverb, " Don't bring into your home a frozen snake."Too late now. The "snake" married the daughter.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Suppose Trump Is Tied To Russia

Suppose Trump enlisted Russia's help in defeating Clinton.Who's the real loser? China is the real loser.China would be flanked by two super powers with enough fire potential to put a dent into the 1.4 billion population. Because that's the real threat to the world---China's rising middle class. They are munching through the planet. Not even their government can stop the Chinese from their next meal.China's gambit into the South China Sea is the first signs that mainland China's crib can't hold the new borns.Of course America created China's middle class. We consume approximately 25% of the worlds GDP but are only a tiny fraction of the head count on the planet. So we are a pig with a different snout.The real losers have been the hapless animals and their living space that have been killed and cut and plowed under for mans vanity.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Obama's Presidential Library: Equality Monument

News has the Obama Presidential Library cost at approximately $ 500 million. Looks like it falls into the same category when Obama received Nobel Peace Prize BEFORE he was elected.Both monumental events reflect celebrating dressing a monkey in a suit and promoting equality to the gullible.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Skateboarding In San Francisco

Yesterday while driving on Bush St near Grant Avenue in San Francisco an interesting entertainment occurred. Bush St there is fairly steep. It's also a crowded street of cars and many people in crosswalks.So I'm driving about 25 MPH. A skateboarder passes me!He is swerving from lane to lane as to mitigate his speed. There are no brakes on skateboards. While swerving he's filming with a hand held iPhone.His brain darting from photo taking and navigating the streets ambient traffic along with controlling his speed invites my speculation when he will fall. This is San Francisco and has more attorneys in the Yellow Pages than anything else certainly individually and many other categories combined. I don't want to run over him. Because he is certainly worth more dead to his surviving relatives and acquaintances than alive.To slow his speed to a stop with a fast approaching crowded intersection he must slow down dramatically. To this purpose he lurches his skate board to the left at an almost 45 degree angle. And then back to the right at a similar steep perpendicular angle. He's about 5'8" and weighs app 170 pounds.So the effective weight as per weight multiplied by speed is considerable. Particularly when the skate underpinnings weren't meant for such torque on a crumbly pavement. But he made it. Just in time to exit the street via a handicap ramp in place on the sidewalk.Could be prophetic.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Facebook Spaces: One Generation Phenomenon

Mark Zuckerberg presents Facebook Spaces. Enabled by virtual reality headset/software Oculus which is owned by Facebook.Tired of your day to day life? Oculus will transport you any where. Join friends at any destination. Only your imagination will limit possible spots on the globe to visit. Although this could be a one generation phenomenon. Because if Facebook Spaces is as successful as Zuck is saying then this generation maybe the only one to have experienced real world locales. Obviously subsequent Facebook Spaces devotees will have limited and more limited real life experience to refer to in memory. So where will they go? What will they think? Who will they vote for?Maybe that's where Zuckerberg wants his followers. The smallest of pied pipers will then become the ultimate quasi drug dealer. Selling addictive fantasies on Oculus devices.And maybe running for office. I can see it now. Zuckerberg's face on Mount Rushmore. Brought to you by Facebook Spaces and Oculus.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Afghanistan MOAB: Generals Sacrifice

Little did any one expect there was yet another bomb target in Afghanistan.After fifteen years of a lost war that began with the beginning of the war we dropped the MOAB.The acronym represents "Mother of all bombs". Please note yet another acronym. Our military barbarians can barely speak in compelling prose so they have come up with an abundance of acronyms that they can easily grunt.The specs on the MOAB include: Boeing made, 30 feet long, weighs 21000 pounds,satilite guided, deployed by parachute, detonates 6 feet above the ground with a 1 mile radius impact which includes hundreds of feet below the surface destruction.The target was branded as an ISIS tunnel city. No doubt any one that lives in a cave/tunnel city is by definition a throw away person. So instead of spending the $300 million development costs own our own infrastructure we choose this monstrosity. By the way the insects, reptiles , flora and fauna that were collateral damage along with the throw away people must be tallied as innocents lost to posturing generals at the pentagon. Posturing didn't help Alexander The Great. Nor Genghis Khan nor British Empire, nor Soviet Union, nor Nato who have mostly left years ago. Nor will it help struggling America in its quest for respect on the world scene. To hear the generals sum up the box scores of the aftermath of MOABS brief day in the sun it was successful. Success is measured by killing throw away people in their own meager country?But generals want peace they claim.And they claim persistence in that quest.Well. If sincere why don't they draw straws and strap one general onto one MOAB at a time to prove their sincerity.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Portland City Council Vows Poverty?

April 6 in Portland ,Oregon saw the vote of the city council to end all investments in corporations.Their grief toward for- profit prisons, military-industrial-complex organizations, racial injustice companies etc et al was so far reaching that the list that was OK to invest in was reduced to a Shake Shack franchisee who donated all profits to keep street people in enough money to buy weed and water.Fact is that even Portlanders need city services.Question. Will Portland stop taxing residents who may work for corporations who are on the socially unacceptable list? Old hippies never die their legislation just goes on.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Neil Gorsuch And Nuclear Option

Neil Gorsuch will be a member of the Supreme Court. Republicans couldn't stop the filibuster by democrats today. So a simple majority vote to confirm Gorsuch will be taken tomorrow. Democrats will use the nuclear option in the future. God forbid. But with the speed of devolution by the progressives they will use the nuclear option to confirm Whoopi Goldberg or some one worse to the Supreme Court.I might think at that near time in the future that Whoopi is actually the best of the lot that the liberals are considering. To hear Whoopi tell her background's story her heritage included a palace made of drift wood and a great recipe for termite soufflé.God. How did we all get here? Repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would be my suggestion to roll back this insanity.We are not all equal. We are known by our differences.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Neither Bomb Nor Feed Strangers

A new foreign policy is appropriate.Some thing that would cut down the middle of progressives naive policy of treating strangers/illegals better than their own relatives and their fellow citizens. And conservatives policies of preemptive war upon countries who neither have the power nor the inclination to invade the USA. That policy is simple. DO NOT FEED NOR BOMB STRANGERS.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Political Brands: Got Shelf Space?

Political acronyms are every where.One has been around since 1890. It's called, DAR, which stands for Daughters Of The American Revolution.The members are descended from a person who fought in America's war with England.Any sons of American revolution organization? Not that I'm aware of.Maybe because many sons died in that struggle and the surviving sons would rather not bring up the subject again.Acronyms have since exploded onto the scene since white male suffrage in Maryland in 1816.That piece of legislation uncoupled ownership of property with the right to vote. One who thought about that at the time could see the handwriting on the wall.Obviously not many in Maryland thought it through. Because now the handwriting on the wall is graffiti in maybe 189 languages of people who all vote.Getting to the point, there are more political acronyms that represent voter brands than our government can easily or comfortably afford. Political brands have run out of shelf space. And pretty much every one has run out of patience with descendants of any one or any place.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blackstone Stephen Schwarzman Has A Birthday.

Stephen Schwarzman had a birthday party for his 70th. He spent $10 million . It was in Palm Beach , Florida. The theme was Silk Road. It had camels, Mongolian and Japanese dancing women.We know Schwarzman as the billionaire founder of Blackstone. It's the money manipulating private equity firm that creates wealth out of debt. That's akin to wearing diapers all the time. One doesn't go to the bathroom publicly but at some point the mess has to be cleaned up in private.But then the private moment becomes public and nobody is fooled any longer.Schwarzman bought his 34 room 17,000 square foot duplex 740 Park Avenue digs in Manhattan from the late Saul Steinberg.He was the wonder kin who also parlayed debt to create the highly leveraged computer leasing company LEASCO. He parlayed that to acquire 150 year old Reliance Insurance. He tried to parlay that to buy Disney and/or Chemical Bank. Neither worked out. Chemical Banks tussle with Steinberg was the beginning of the end.Banks don't want to be taken over by debt. That's their own game.Long story short Steinberg went broke and then died in 2012.Steinberg had a birthday party many years prior to the collapse of his debt ladened empire.. It was indeed similar to Schwarzman's lavish conspicuous bash. Saul famously was quoted as telling one or two guests at his party "If I could I would short me."I'm sure that shorting S. Schwarzman is the furtherest thing from Schwarzman's mind. Saul died when he was 73.Saul and Stephen have the same initials!

Monday, February 06, 2017

LGBTQ : Double Counting Fantasy

The initiation and gradual expansion of the homosexual community took time. Homosexuality has existed since there were more than one man and one woman. The initiation and expansion of the brand started in the 1980's. The legal roots was implied in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Activists from New York rolled out the LGBT logo seeing opportunity in the Civil Rights Act.Clever people. I would guess many came from the entertainment industry. Recently "Q" was added as a claim for all present and future homosexuals so to enlarge political clout. Politics is about head count. Ergo the more branded folks the more pols will pick up the phone.In the beginning there were only one man and one woman.The first homosexual was a variation of that nucleus. That is the variation was a form of bisexuality.Everyone else in the LGBTQ brand was just parsing of bisexuality. Therefore the LGBTQ brand should more accurately be reduced to "B" alone. All other letters of the brand is fantasy or deceptive double , triple or more tallies.Naughty, naughty it's not nice to tell lies.P.S. Could delusional LGBTQers demand multiple ballots per individual to leverage their small numbers and get proper legal representations for their confused ideas of sexuality? From the get-go gay rights advocates persuaded our government that their peculiarity was a civil rights issue. Actually their behavior is better suited for regulation through the Food And Drug Administration. The division that regulates Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a stupid piece of legislation.Codified inclusion is worse than codified segregation.The tyranny of the progressives as exampled by the fantasy lgbtq crowd proves The Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be repealed. The quicker the repeal the better.Stem cell procedures has the potential to develop an altered human genome that could ultimately produce a new race. The newly configured genome could be patented and provide a bonanza of royalties to modern day replay of the Mary Shelley book Frankenstein. The LGBTQ crowd taking advantage of stem cell transformative powers would be a next step normalizing their existence. And what would be the profile of this new race? Resistant to HIV/AIDS could be one feature. Another could be emasculation or taming of aggressive behavior to facilitate slavery. Any side effects of the transformed? To be determined. I would guess Hollywood homosexual types would be the initial investors and handle the roll-out publicity of new race technology and its cost and benefits.Hollywood films have done quite a lot already in dumbing down their audience already about homosexuality in society. E.G. Gays have made their personal disease, HIV/AIDS pandemic a source of empathy. How stupid is the public?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Protestors Against Trump Always Have Space

Protestors against President Donald Trump's executive order that tightens immigration for some Muslim countries always have enough space to demonstrate. Imagine the space that would be necessary if all the supporters of Trump's new policy on immigration showed up in force but couldn't go because they had to work at their regular jobs?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Dont Blame Trump: Times Make The Man

Times make the man. Trump is the creation of 50 plus years of the Civil Rights Act Of 1964.Progressives and the roving attorneys who are paid by various agencies in addition to contingency awards enforced the codification of inclusion and affirmative action. The Act by extension killed freedom of association and any product of thought from personal critical thinking. Critical thinking was killed because of political correctness.So Trump won. He will now try to kill his parents humanely by rolling back extraordinary implications of the Act. The prime example is the ushering in of the trannies. The progressives including the tongue twisting LGBTQ brigade value the trannie as their greatest victory.Trump is a German. His comparison to Hitler by some is noted and over done. But this sauerkraut unlike Hitler will use his bully pulpit to stop odd balls from dictating policy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Super Wealthy And Poorest

The charity Oxfam published a jarring statistic two days ago. The top eight wealthiest people have assets equal to 3.6 billion of the worlds poorest. So the bottom half according to Oxfam has approximately $430 billion in assets compared to a similar asset tote of the most wealthy.The progressives and other acronyms who are in the wealth distribution business immediately rubbed their collective hands in shock and an equal amount of glee. After all it's a fact that could equate into a massive amount of "charity"with other peoples money.Hold on Oxfam.So what's to be done? Do you really want to take a significant amount of $430 billion and put into the hands of the worlds poorest? Those 3.6 billion people are poor largely because they shouldn't have been born in the first place. I know. It's sounds harsh. But do you really want the 3.6 billion to have more children and put more pressure on the environment?Here's a thought. Maybe the eight wealthiest buy the reproductive rights of the poorest 3.6 billion. That way the poor will enjoy a windfall And the planet will have some extra years.