Friday, October 23, 2020

Loud Speaker Will Replace Civil Rights And Fiat Money

The presumptous Civil Rights Act Of 1964 enforces the passage from the Declaration Of Indepence that "all are created equal". It is funded by ever more fiat money so the law remains relavent . So much so that there exists an ever expanding bubble in the financial markets because of quasi monopoly money. At this rate it is apparant to me that our government in order to remain our government will in the end repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and stop printing money. The law and the monopoly money will be replaced by one loud speaker that only the government can use and broadcast.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Private Currency Backed by Ego Celebrities

The Amrican dollar has lost credibility. Perhaps private label currency could some how restore faith in fiat currency if celebrity egos lent their portarits and cachet to special editions.Picture this. Special gallary portarits of two or three celebs featured on a new twenty dollar note. For instance a Grammy themed group run of twenty billion featuring Taylor Swift, Jay Z and Bob Dylan. Maybe a thirty billion dollar run of rogues gallary fifty dollar note featuring Nasty Pelosi, Don Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Of course none of the celebs featured above will have any of their money at risk. It will be like what our government did with postage stamps.From flags to fags or iconic mountains to Dolly Partons private endowments.They say if you live long enough you will see everthing. At this rate of decline in our society ten years will be all one needs to see enough.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Rothschild : Best And Worst of Times

The Rothschild Family are known in caricature as the Midas Family. Everything they touch turns to gold. Aristotle quipped, "...Midas died of starvation..."The implication was one can't eat food that turns to gold in your very hand. With a sunset of fiat money in view what will happen to the Rothschilds? They never had more money because of the drunken central banks around the globe but it comes at the expensive tab of a massive bubble. You see fiat money isn't gold.The Rothschilds are in actuality an extension of fiat money. Cosequently they are a fiat family. Barter will succed fiat money. Any individual personal abilities of the Rothschild Family that they can offer for lifes necessities? Buffett has the same problem.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Governor Gavin Newsom Helps His Flock

....and California's Governor Gavin Newsom went amongst his flock... the diseased... the filthy...the homeless..... illegals....the LGBTQ+....the labor unions...and gave them all money and power... his legislation could bring on reparations to African Americans who were decendants of slaves from Afica...and the filthy street homeless were wondering if they would be invited to the house warming of his new three million dollar mansion....but Gavin turned his eyes away from the diseased homeless crazies... he pretended not to hear them..but Dave Geffen of Hollywood would be coming to the house warming with his transgender friend....and the media were wondering if the tranny would be wearing pink or blue?....Geffen would tell it the color when they were ready to leave and go to the was a mood thing....and Gavin was wondering if Bob Dylan would write a folk song about Gavin and Dave and the tranny and AIDS.....and Gavin said to himself..."this is good"