Friday, July 31, 2015

Resisting Arrest And Black Lives

Resisting arrest is not an option without consequence.Blacks dying while being arrested have been in the news.According to Wikipedia, "The courts in the United States regard resisting arrest as a separate charge or crime in addition to other alleged crimes committed by arrested person.It is possible/legal to be charged, tried and convicted in this charge alone without any underlying cause for the original decision to arrest one even if the original arrest was clearly illegal".The courts are saying that police work entitles lawful stopping and or arrest. That is the front line of the law and its enforcement.All of the blacks in the recent news were resisting and or fleeing arrest in various ways. Some were violently resisting. Some were fleeing because there may have been outstanding warrants for their arrest. Police should kill those folks whether they be black or white if the resisting suspect threatens the health or life of the police officer. Relaxing resisting arrest statues will only make things worse.Justice begins with the arrested suspect.If the suspect refuses then he/she challenges the entire legal system. Attorneys and judges would become redundant if there were no suspects in custody.And then it would be up to individuals to protect themselves. And no body really wants that except criminals.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Revising History Is Like Faking Lab Results

The problem with revising history is valuable knowledge gleaned from real life experience is lost.Consequently a repeat of mistakes is sure to follow.It's akin to having a doctor take samples and then reporting back not accurate results so the doctor looks to be correctly treating the ailment.Recent examples of revising reasons for the U.S. Civil War only insures another civil war.It has started. It's cold now but could turn hot.The Civil War was about states rights. It was tied to tariffs and taxation. Freeing the kitchen help wasn't the reason.Consequently what we are going to do about restive minorities is still not addressed.My own prescription is to deny them benefits unless they obey common sense laws.No walking in the middle of strets with heavy traffic. And do not run away or resist arrest from the police.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Melting Our Way To Equality

Happy 4th of July!In 1776 our nation broke from the divine right of king's rule by claiming "All are Created Equal".Therefore King George we are revolting.Well here we are many years later. Many have assumed a literal translation of all are created equal. With applications to every part of human encounter. Recently the laws of marriage were changed to allow anyone to marry anyone.That will lead to a civil war.But for now our "melting pot" will continue to blur actual differences by way of presumptuous laws.Melting pot? Does anything look or behave well when its melted?

Marriage For Anyone: What's Next ?

The Supreme Court has ruled that marriage can be for both sexes.That includes bisexuals who mathematically add an exponential.So that effectively makes bisexual married couples polygamists. Anyone counting? A loop hole opens for gays and their next gambit.Gays could argue that bisexuals are really only one sex at a time so they can have multiple married partners and not run afoul of polygamy laws.Mentioning courts brings up how the Supreme Court got onto this court because marriage isn't mentioned in the Constitution.Any one think of that? So what's next for the gay movement?Necessarily Dave Geffen and Elton John and others need a new project to promote. because that's what narcissistic brats need.How about designer children?New species could be developed by stem cell researchers.Maybe new species of humans who are hairless? Geffen waxes as often as he shaves. It's a Semitic thing that he's fed up with. How about a new species who is designed to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender ?What if these deviates get their population percentage to 10% from app. 3% ?Who would trust the GLBT community to act normally? By the SCOTUS ruling it has been demonstrated that a significant number of people are confused about the meaning of sex and what are its uses and what it wasn't intended to be used for.This goes deeper than political disagreements.This issue has not been resolved by the court.The court has only made it worse. This issue has more validity for a civil war than freeing the house help in the South.