Monday, July 20, 2015

Revising History Is Like Faking Lab Results

The problem with revising history is valuable knowledge gleaned from real life experience is lost.Consequently a repeat of mistakes is sure to follow.It's akin to having a doctor take samples and then reporting back not accurate results so the doctor looks to be correctly treating the ailment.Recent examples of revising reasons for the U.S. Civil War only insures another civil war.It has started. It's cold now but could turn hot.The Civil War was about states rights. It was tied to tariffs and taxation. Freeing the kitchen help wasn't the reason.Consequently what we are going to do about restive minorities is still not addressed.My own prescription is to deny them benefits unless they obey common sense laws.No walking in the middle of strets with heavy traffic. And do not run away or resist arrest from the police.

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