Monday, January 21, 2013

Senator Charles Schumer: Zionist In Charge Of Obama's Inauguration Shows Bad Judgement

Last time it was Senator Dianne Feinstein. This time it's Senator Charles Schumer. It looks like a tradition has been established. And the tradition is having Jewish/Zionist Senators as masters of ceremonies in presidential inaugurations The symbolism is not lost to the Islamic world or to people like me that the Israel lobby has too much power in U.S. government. Schumer in his opening remarks hailed President Abraham Lincoln as a model of presidential integrity. Never mind that Lincoln took part in a ghastly Civil War that cost over 700,000 lives of American citizens whose lives were put in second place to African slaves who were not citizens.

 So here we go again. Zionists leading an African-American social workers turned president of a country that has to print enormous amounts of money and pass gargantuan legislative do's and don'ts in dealing with other organisms and pretend to be stupid so democracy can work. But not for long. When the checks don't cash then all these charades will come to an end.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Is Giving Me Nightmares.

Last night I awoke from a nightmare. I was dreaming my classic chestnut tabby short hair pet cat was wanted for questioning by the San Francisco police and she also had a call waiting from Schwab & cure a margin call on a bad bet in gold. futures. What was happening? Could it be another four years of Obama that was the real problem? My cat doesn't deal in gold futures and certainly the S.F. police don't pick on that soft a target at this point. It had to be the impending inauguration this coming Monday. Obama will be sworn in again. And for another four years his supporters will be required to pretend to be stupid or demand more money to be bought off or in the case of his true believers just be themselves and be naturally stupid.

We have reached a point in America after 40 plus years of the implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1965  that pretending to be stupid or actually being stupid has allowed affirmative action darkies to pass for normal and in Obama's case rise to the highest elected office in the land. What's next? Right now it's another four for the social worker attorney from Chicago. I think the only cure for the 1965 Civil Rights Act and zombies like Obama is a bankruptcy of the country. At least then we will have to ask a not stupid question of ourselves, " Can we afford equality made workable by pretending to be stupid?"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sonia Sotomayor : How Much Damage Has She Done?

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was appointed to the Supreme Court by arguably the first affirmative action president- Barack Obama. She entered Ivy League institutions based on her race, gender and lack of grades and money. That's how Obama did it. Thus demonstrating a self- sustaining, political breeder reactor chain of political events and power. Affirmative Action has come of age. It breeds on its own. We have lift off.  She has a new book. It's titled " My Beloved World". Accurate that she should describe the world such. It's not the world created by the dynamics of the cosmos.In that world only things that deserve to survive do survive. In Sonia's world, the dynamics of the cosmos have to be muted by putting the likes of her in unreal priority positions where politics trumps competence for advancement. How many people were made stupid so she could look smart?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harvey Milk Airport ?: Homosexual Orgy Of Power In San Francisco

Just when you thought that the homosexuals in San Francisco had won all the battles that were to be won, they identify a new loyalty test or challenge to the largely cowed and politically correct San Franciscans. A quick tutorial of their victories include affirmative action in City hiring policies, grammar school sex education about the joys and relief of bisexual and other homosexual pursuits, renaming landmarks after diseased or murdered LGBT members and their advocates, introducing same sex marriage on the whim of then Mayor Gavin Newsom and fostering homosexual behavior between young and old in city condoned clubs etc.

But today brought forth a resolution by San Francisco Supervisor David Campos. He himself is a homosexual and oddly entered the United States illegally. I kid you not. But no one seems to mind.Least of who was then Mayor Gavin Newsom who appointed Campos to the Board of Supervisors . I guess Gavin thought David a little more unqualified than the Gav himself , so it would make Newsom  look better.  Campos wants  to change the name of San Francisco International Airport to Harvey Milk International Airport. Milk was a homosexual from New York who at the time was a Supervisor in S.F. Milk was murdered while in office. He instantly became a cause celebre. Campos needs the support of five other Supervisors to get the Propostion on the ballot and then the voters will decide whether to change the airports name. .

 Milk was queer. Airports should not be named after one issue queers.Homosexual should show caution. They may well be a one generation phenomenon. .Their capricious and arrogant and non hygenic sexual behavior may stop short any celebration of the renaming because their ranks may be withered by the various diseases they harbor. They may fail because of their success.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Children Of Fiat Money

Starting with George W. Bush and continuing through Barack Obama's second term the U.S. will have approximately 16 years of federal deficits of about $1 trillion per year. That's well into a full generation of an unreal economic heretofore never experienced by any generation of peoples in recorded history. Before this time people created value and wealth the old fashioned way. They worked and saved. Now congress and the executive along with judicial activism mandate money be created to support the brave new world of equality. Equality before the law and increasingly equality in results. We had deficits before. But on a much smaller scale. Notably the Lyndon Johnson presidency. At that time Johnson and Congress funded the Viet Nam War and an expansion of entitlements without regard to how they were to be paid. Two people raised in that poorly thought out period were the same George W. Bush and the same Barack Obama. They saw. They experienced. They copied. Hence the mess we are in today.

 What will the sixteen years and counting experience of $ 1 trillion deficits coupled with $ 1 trillion Federal Reserve  purchases of government securities do to young and immature minds who are forming a basis of approaching life? Will G.W. Bush and B. Obama look frugal in comparison?

One thing for sure. Afghanistan will not change as much compared to what the U.S. will experience in difference in the coming years..

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel: Anti-War, Anti- Gays In Military & Anti- Israel

Former Nebraska Senator and decorated Viet Nam veteran Chuck Hagel looks to be President Obama's nominee for the Secretary Of  Defense. Opposition to his nomination preceded his nomination. Let's see who is in a dither about his nomination.

First there is the military-industrial lobby. That groups views are ably expressed by Senator Lindsay Graham of North Carolina. They and Graham resent Hagel's turn around on the support of the Iraqi War. That was followed up by Hagel's reluctance to invade Iran and topped off by Hagel's advice to have a less muscular foreign policy. And get out of Afghanistan ASAP.

Second in the "no" group are the Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual, Transgender and at least two new deviant species that have yet to be identified or understood. They say that Chuck doesn't make the LGBT + 2 feel wanted in the foxholes. Maybe Chuck  is thinking of his experience in Viet Nam  and how his backside will be covered and made safe? Maybe LGBT+2 groupies would have other ideas?

Third is the Israel Lobby. The Zionists  say that Senator Hagel didn't like their influence in U.S. government and foreign affairs. They think Israel comes first. Chuck said, " I'm an American senator from Nebraska. I don't represent Israel." Hitler had a point about Zionists. We should get on the right side of history also. Zionists don't belong in Washington.

Considering the opposition and their complaints, I'm immediately drawn To Senator Hagel. I support his nomination. I hope he is followed by other like-minded candidates . He's a breath of fresh air.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why Do We Honor Abraham Lincoln?

Most all wars the U.S. has fought were basically other peoples civil or regional conflicts.Whether it be WW I, Korean or the latest Iraqi invasion we have chosen one side over another. At the moment we are wringing our hands about the Syrians killing Syrians. Just yesterday the estimated toll of Syrians dead was upped to 60,000. Assad is a bad man.

What about our own Civil War? The North and South collectively lost over 700,000. Popular belief opines freeing of African slaves was the reason for the war. What's more, no one seems to mind the loss of indigenous peoples, that be we white majority peoples, losing their lives and properties in the cause of freeing field workers who were not citizens.Fact is that the chief instigator of the war by his policies the dyspeptic President Abraham Lincoln was honored for his dirty work by a stunning memorial in Washington, D.C. Now that really sends the wrong signals to minorities and their lawyers and advocates.Hence the riots in the 1960's. Slavery was being abolished peacefully around the globe in the 1860's. We didn't need a war. In the 1960's Martin Luther Kings non-violent ,Ghandi-type resistance to segregation was winning. There wasn't any need for Watts in Los Angeles or Detroit or Berkeley etc. Lincoln was a bad man.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

21 st Century :Age Of Baby Face Power

Why do so many powerful people on the global scene have baby faces?  Examples include Kim Jong Eun of North Korea. He has absolute authority over 24 million North Koreans. He also has his fat fingers on ballistic missiles that have nuclear war heads. He looks like the cute Pillsbury Dough Boy or some cherub-faced bobble-headed toy. The Google founders Brin and Page also have baby faces. Facebooks Zuckerberg could be a poster boy for this new age phenomenon  A common thread of their source of power is technology. Respectively they either inherited , invented or stole someone elses invention. What makes a baby face? It's the absence of the lines of maturity. So technology has leap frogged  normal evolution and given power to the young and maybe foolish or unwise. Add central governments fiat money to technology and powerful immature people at the levers of power and a recipe for chaos appears.