Thursday, December 23, 2010

Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones Question

There's a semi formal poll being taken by the New York Post about whether Harrison Ford should die in the next Indiana Jones episode. The tally so far is about even betwen pro death or pro life. How about a compromise? Ford could do an Indiana Jones docu-drama extended interview and fans could witness both a live and dead Ford. The live Ford would be out take clips of the Indiana Jones character . And the dead Harrison Ford would just answer questions without a script.

Friday, December 17, 2010

C.I.A.: Finally There's a Cost to Misdeeds

Could it get any more silly implementing American foreign policy? Today the U.S. recalled its C.I.A. station chief from "ally"Pakistan. A local prosecutor in Pakistan named him -name witheld in our media but is on front page in Pakistan! Wait it gets more stupid. Also named is C.I.A. boss Leon Panetta and Sectretary of Defense Robert Gates as defendants in a lawsuit. The prosecutor wants to recover damages and mete out possible criminal penalties for killing innocents in Pakistan. The method was the drone aircraft. Pakistan gets billions from us so we can do canned hunts in their lands. All good things must come to and end. Now the hunters are being hunted by terrorists who want to kill the C.I.A. station chief after his name was published . His cover is blown , that's why he's  being recalled.

The C.I.A. spends about $ 80 billion a year fomenting trouble around the world. They are kind of like an advance group for our military-industrial complex. You know. They drum up or bomb up business. The C.I.A. create more problems than they prevent. So it's somewht gratifying that these cowards are getting some real heat. Maybe Leon Panetta should resign and open a pizza shop with Gates as a delivery boy?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time to Deport Some Zionists

Congressional Representative Howard Berman of the 28th District in California is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In the past few days he has been circulating a bill for signatures which would condemn the Palestinian Authority for declaring a Palestinian state.  Enough already. Most everyone knows that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has a lot to do with present world problems. And a two-stae solution would go a long way in simmering down tensions. So why would he want to preclude a closure to that conflict and also get the U.S. off of the hot seat for supporting Israel? The answer is Berman thinks more of Israel's future than America's. By the way , Berman also supports the ultra-liberal Dream Act which is amnesty for illegal immigrants here in America. So by these two actions he's pissing on American culture and security. Berman gets payed app $180,000 per year on top of what he can appropriate for himself and all the rest of the Congressional perqs. There are plenty of good and loyal Jews. I know. Because I've worked and played with them. But Berman and his Zionist "uber allis"friends should be deported from our country. They and organizations like AIPAC engage in de facto espionage and should be declared persona non grata and humanely and legally deported. Christian Zionists should be included in the deportations. Religous zealots of all persuasions are TROUBLE.

If we don't legally deport them, I fear a replay of the pograms and round ups that followed their movements through history. I don't want to round them up nor do I want to hide the likes of Howard Berman.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obama Talks To Gates & Buffett

Today President Obama summoned Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to the Oval Office. Barry wants their input on how the government could be more effective and get the economy going again. Do you think that Bill or Warren would say," It's this way Barry. There are far too many affirmative action employees in government. And that includes you Mr. President. Your mere presence calls into question how serious Americans are in dealing with problems. Let's face it Bar, you ain't got it. And another thing,  stop appointing Jews to every open slot that comes up. It gives the impression that you buy into their 'chosen people'  bullshit or that you are on the take".

Probably wont happen. But wouldn't it be a fun and a breath of fresh air?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Afghanistan: Canned Hunt Country

Today President Karzai of Afghanistan, after much bribery and pressure from America and private security contractors, has weakened restrictions on the blood thirsty industry. He went from a formal expulsion of all but a very few diplomatic guards to a business as usual policy. Effectively Karzai has turned his country into a "canned hunt" expedition destination for the military-industrial complex. So much for his concern about security contractors killing his people.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

U.S. Government vs. WikiLeaks

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates described WikiLeaks as  a "cyber terrorist". 

When merely posting or saying the truth becomes a "tool of terrorism" according to a government official who has effective military control of America- beware . They have plans for a more aggressive attack against our freedoms including real , unwarranted cyber terrorism.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh My God : Israel's "forest fire"

Israel has a  3000 acre "forest fire" and the whole world hears about it. The illegal state of Israel is about as big as the state of New Jersey. Unless Zionist acres are larger than normal people acreage, it's small by any standard. They had a problem controlling it because most of their equipment is dedicated to killing Palestinians and starting their houses on fire-which they never attempt to put out. Also the U.S. Department of Defense doesn't give away fire trucks-only free war equipment.

About forty Israelis were killed when a bus was overwhelmed by the smoke and over turned. Weren't they trespassing on actual Palestinian land? There's a lesson in that event.Leave it to the Zionists to cry loudly over insignificant setbacks. But at the same time they practice their slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians. 

P.S. Israelis say it's the largest "forest fire in Israels history". That's not saying much. Israel is only  a 60 year old twentieth century phenomenon.

WikiLeaks ; Example of Necessary News Source

So many of the worlds perma assholes, including our government, can't tolerate facts from WikLeaks. That speaks to WikiLeaks example of true and necessary news source.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Did F.B.I. "entrap" Somali?

It's one thing to have a legitimate sting. But it is another thing to illegally entrap. The nineteen year old Somali, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was caught in a F.B.I. covert operation. Mohamud agrreed to and tried to blow up a van in the midst of Oregonians. There was no bomb and there was no explosion but Mohamud is in custody.

Why is Mohamud in America? It's no secret that the C.I.A has bombed and killed thousands in Somalia for yeras. Some were " insurgents" but a vast amount had to "be collateral damage". Did Mohamud lose innocent relatives? I'm no bleeding heart for terrorists.. But if someone told me all I had to do was dial a number to get rid of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Vlad Putin, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hu Wintao, George Soros, Pope Benedict,Rush Limbaugh,Lady Gaga, Madonna, ALL RAPPERS, Oprah Winfrey, Charles Schmuer, ALL ZIONISTS, STATE OF ISRAEL,Mayor Bloomberg, Michelle and Barack Obama, Gavin newsom, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, the memory of the Kennedys,Lyndon Johnson, Lloyd Blankfein, Sarah Palin, John McCain, John Kerry,Rupert Murdoch, Don Henniger, Wall Street Journal op-ed section,ALL THE JEWS at Investor Business Daily, the inhabitants of Haiti, Robert Magube, Angelina Jolie, Bradd Pitt, George Clooney, one of my neighbors, most of my neighbors, Rio slums,Carlos Slim, 5 billion people ,etc ad nauseam? I must say I would like that telephone number.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kamala Harris: Best of What Breed?

Today Marisa Lagos, a staff [ infection] writer for  the San Francisco Chronicle was gushing about the Kamala Harris victory. Harris became the "first African American, the first Indian American  and the first woman to be elected to state attorney general". Wait a minute. In Lagos' rush to celebrate multiculturism and biodiversity she ran over some tripping facts. Harris cannot simultaneously be the first African American  and first Indian American. Kamala necessarily is a new sport on the  frivolous monkey, political,  evolution tree. Lagos should have more correctly described K.H. as the first African/Indian American to to be elected....

Welcome to the new age of multi-hyphenated Americans. Yes folks it's vomit point politics.

P.S. Kamala Harris immediately went on the record. She would choose which politically correct issues she would defend. And she would fight politically incorrect issues. No matter what the voter has passed or turned down. I.E. same sex marriage is her choice. So much for blind, unbiased justice. Harris is new poster face for arrogance of liberal left.

P.P.S. One can depend on the Chronicle and its assorted multicultural writers to keep count of the races and their infinite combinations as they triumph on the political scoreboard. Liberals are more racist oriented than most. What does race have to do with competence?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

San Francisco Politics: Power of Two

San Francisco is the place where only two people are required to establish a political party or unique culture. Whether one wants to sleep on the sidewalks or shoot up in the park or change genders, just get a friend and you are a political force. Of course if you can get an attorney then the TWO requirement is waived.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Too Much Lipstick

The age of  lipstick has come to American politics. The emancipated painted ladies are coming out of the closet. Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin are two prominent examples. Of course entertainment related women Cher , Marilyn Monroe, Madonna  and recently Lady Gaga also exampled too much lipstick and makeup. Makeup is meant to hide and deceive. But Las Vegas shows, motion pictures and Halloween parties are acceptable venues. But painted ladies in government office send the wrong signals. Maybe Pelosi and Palin should register their lipstick brands so we will know where their lips have been and what they have done and to whom.

al Qaeda Boasts

Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula is in news taking credit for mailed bombs. They also said that the downed UPS plane in Dubai last September was their work. Funny, our investigators of that crash didn't make mention of foul play.

Who's more truthful? 

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jews & Irish Politicians Thrive in California Politics

The Jews and Irish did well in California elections last night. Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Barbara Boxer are some examples. Generally speaking, both races have meager cultures. So they really dont understand or value rich cultural heritages or tradition. They thrive in acultural and politically correct legal paradigm settings where other cultures vie for power. They know how to get votes from the last legal or illegal immigrant so as to makeover Cal's legal paradigm on a real time basis.

Plus there's all  those California multicultural restaurants to eat out at. Ever eat at a Jewish or Irish restaurant?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Use a Train, Forget the Bus

So the flamers on the right win then the flamers on the left win. The hapless independents in the middle wait for Godot. The time for talk and voting is over. Independents should alternatively take one flamer from the conservative right and take one flamer from the liberal left and lay them down on railroad tracks. Let's start with 20.

Throwing pols under buses takes too long and is not as efficient as slicing metal train wheels. It would be kind o' like a conveyor belt of guillotine blades. Works for me. Trust me. The pols will understand.

George W Bush at Baseball Game

Yesterday moron George W Bush and suspected moron George H. W. Bush threw out first ball at Texas Ranger, San Francisco Giants world series game. I suspect H.W. to be a constructive moron for not having noticed over the course of years his dim witted sons problem with understanding reality.  W. then went on to Miami Book Fair to push his newly realeased memoir.  Memoir, what facts will he ignore? I wont investigate.

I've read that Cheney and Rumsfeld will be hunting game birds in a canned Texas hunt this season. Last week an Iraqi court sentenced Tariq Aziz to hang for his part in killing thousands of Iraqi Shiites and Kurds during the Saddam Hussein regime. Hussein has already been hung. But it's popular and accurate knowledge that more Iraqis have died and been displaced because of the invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces under the direction of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Far more Iraqi deaths than under Hussein's regime. Therefore common logic and justice would dictate that the three criminals should have been hung also instead of enjoying their freedom.

P.S. Another 52 Iraqis died in a suicide in Baghdad this morning. America's invasion destabilized Iraq. But I don't think that Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld lose a minute of sleep because of their crimes. But the U.S. as a whole continues to live under threat because of reckless foreign policies.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Kind of Town (Chicago Is) ?

The 1964 Academy Award nominated song "My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)" was sung by Frank Sinatra. The music was composed by Jimmy Van Huesen, lyrics by Sammy Cahn and arranged by the great orchestra leader Chicagoan Billy May. Those were happier days. But recently Chicago was going to get some foreign post marked packages that contained explosive devices.  It was mailed from Yemen which is on the Arabian Peninsula. The bombs were addressed to Chicago synagogues. I dare say that al-qaeda didn't know how to spell Chicago until Zionist Rahm Emanuel decided to run for Chicago's mayor. it reminds of the greater U.S. experience. Zionists attract trouble for America because of our support of Israel. And Israel is of no value to the U.S. except in a negative way. Some Zionists should be deported.

Abolish Presidency

President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society jump started the possibility for black president Barack Obama to become president. Between affirmative action, guilt merchandising and entitlemets it was inevitable that someone like Obama would become the chief executive. But guilt merchandising etc doesn't provide wisdom to its cause celebre minorities. And that's what we are missing with Mr. Obama.

To be fair, spoiled white, morons like George W. Bush shouldn't have gotten the job either. I think that the job should be abolished to prevent these catastrophic office holders. Power should reside in states at quasi-tribal levels.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How Soon Trade Wars?

We are on rails to repeat history. U.S. talks and negotiations about trade caps and currency realignments are final stages before trade wars. All democracies fail because they are based on the false premise of the equality of citizens . America needed China's slave labor to be able to afford entitlements to our cause celebre minorities. And so now the bill comes due for our follies. We are really known by our differences and minorities will have to make themselves useful. Equal access is one thing but equal results can't be afforded.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Happening in Afghanistan?

Anyone else notice that deaths in Afghanistan are now termed "NATO"? A month ago deaths were broken down by contributing coalition forces. So far in October there are 49 NATO casualties. The coalition forces are 90% American. But it seems the powers that be in the miltary want to hide behind "NATO" death headlines so to somewhat cover their losing and ill advised war. The Viet Nam warmongers used a similar ploy when General Westmoreland wouldn't give the straight answers on the conflicts progress nor its death tolls. Afghanistan will soon be added tio the growing list of LOST American wars.

It's obvious that war for wars sake is an American guiding policy.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Reasons For Flash Crash:Published & Unpublished

Yesterday the SEC released its long awaited analysis of the Flash Crash that happened in May of this year. The agency concluded that a block of $4.1 billion of Standard & Poors E-Minis futures were sold by Waddell & Reed to hedge a postion. The dollar figure wasn't unusually large. But todays stock market includes ambient algorhythmic fast trading systems . These ambient systems make up 60% of daily volume. These systems are designed to front run legitimate orders rather than fill the orders. I.E. the roving Wall Street pirates steal rather than provide liquidity. They effectively multipled the Wadell & Reed order many times over and swamped the market at large.

All these systems and activities by the Wall Street thugs have been OKed by the S.E.C. Our government is stillowned by Wall Street.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kim Jong Un: North Korea's Newest Four Star General

North Korea's old and ailing leader Kim Jong Il has appointed his youngest son to be a four star general. The boy is 26. That sets up a succesion to the elder Kim's departure. When one thinks about generals and war , an immature general is about par for the course. Wars persist because generals and their instructing politicians can't think maturely very well anyway.

Obama Blames Democratic Voters

President Obama is mad with and scolding his democratic party voters for being "apathetic" He says that's "unexcusable". Gee  isn't that like an entertainer blaming the audience for not clapping and enjoying the performance?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Eternal Charm of Loud Mouths

After the relentless emasculation of the straight, white male first witnessed with ancient work saving technology -men put themselves out of work-up through the false premise of democracy I.E "All are equal" and including the civil rights movement which shifted power to people who never earned it we now witness a slow return to that original prime example of one voice male leadership.Of course that man has his own baggage. The appearance of the loud mouth woman puts us on track for the return of the loud mouth male. Hello, Sarah Palin .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harry Truman :A Tea Party President

President Harry Truman made a name for himself in Congress by tackling waste, fraud and abuse in federal policies. He was a kind of Tea Party type. He was noticed by Roosevelt and picked for Vice President and the rest is history. Harry Truman as president dropped two atomic bombs and was the single most important force for the creation of Israel out of the partition of Palestine.  Both were horrible decisions that we are still burdened with. The takeaway is this . Just because one can balnce a budget doesn't necessarily imply that he has wisdom.

Tea Party candidates are not all equal. Wisdom is key not the tea in government actions.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Attention crotch rocket (motorcycle) flyers. For a limited time a free burial at sea will be provided if there is at least 800 pounds of salvageable metal after the crash. The burial will not be in cremated form. The body will be dumped as is. The balance struck between removing hazzrds on the highway and feeding predators at sea will bring relief to fish and mammals. 

Friday, September 03, 2010

WANTED: Upcoming Elections Need Real People

The elections in November are fast approaching. It looks like the usual suspects will be running. Both parties will be fielding candidates that lack rugged individualism. The men are emasculated and the women think they have balls but  don't know what that entails.

We need real people who will stand up to the special interests whether they be the military-industrial-complex or the race based legislators that celebrate the losers in our midst.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Politicians:How To Get Your Moneys Worth

Want to get your moneys worth from your elected politician? Try pushing them into traffic. The politician will understand somewhat and most any jury will let you off because of a self defense.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Remember Katrina?

Yesterday President Obama was in New Orleans to remember Hurrican Katrina's devestation some 5 years earlier. Why? Hurricanes happen all the time. In fact natural disaters happen all the time. Why do we have to tip our heads about Katrina? Could it be the "victims" were mostly black?They were warned about the approaching hurricane. But many didn't leave for whatever reason. Me thinks that it was another race-based, guilt toll bill that the president was marketing. Only in America is the celebration of the losers such a priority.

P.S. To be fair we have been celebating our losing Armed Services since the Korean War. And that includes mostly whites. Stupidity knows no boundaries.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Middle Class Blues In China

Today Reuters carried China news that a 60 mile long traffic jam heading into Bejing is still going on. It has lasted for over two months. Street vendors have been price- gouging irrate drivers with water, food and gasoline.

Kind of makes the new Chinese middle class status something to be shunned.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

FLOODS: Don't Get Your Feet Wet

Noticing the floods in Pakistan show only trees standing. If humans didn't deforest, then there would be less fallout from floods. Maybe we frivolous primates should have stayed in the tree canopy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Prop 8 Backers Have No Authority?

United States District Judge Vaughn Walker who overturned same sex marriage prohibition Propostion 8 thinks backers of Prop 8 have "no legal authority"to appeal his ruling. He maintains that the backers are "not affected"by the marriage of same sex couples whereas the couples are being denied their "constitutional rights to marry...and they should be treated equally". Gee , where in the Constitution is there any mention of marriage?  Where in the Constitution is there any mention of  hygiene or corrupting the youth? Yet we have passed laws regarding hygiene and preventing the corruption of youth.

Judge Walker is effectively saying he overuled the voters because they had no right to vote. That ruling sounds like a anarchists scream. Where's equality now? 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hitler & Lincoln

Put Hitler and Lincolns name together. What do you get? You have two leftists who did much damage because they thought they had god and righteousness on their side. Damage is damage no matter what the cause. Both men were despicable failures.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Waiting on Fed Equals Waiting for Gadot

Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Gadot" is a classic "Theater of Absurd" example. America's waiting for more federal reserve help and more government stimulus is equally absurd. It's moronic to wait for politicians and technocrats to create jobs and wealth. They are leeches and charlatans who usurped our economys vitality for their own purposes. If people want something done, then they will have to do themselves. I good first step would be to shut down Washington by all means.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Celebration of Underclass: Limited Offer

Hear ye, hear ye, come to America and join us celebrate the underclass. Has your race been chronically enslaved or persecuted? No problemo, your adversaries were all wrong. It's of no matter that your persecutors have never met each other and were separated by thousands of years and yet still came up with the same conclusion about your races charcter? Did the Nazis go after you because of race, ideologies or sexual persuasion?We have great news. We elect Nazi victims solely on the merits of being a victim? That's right. Come on down. Nazis killed, we exalt the same kind. What's more we will borrow money to insure that you get what you deserve even when we can't afford it. We have millions of attorneys and bureaucrats and politicins standing by to help. Why try to succeed when it will be provided free?

Hurry, hurry this is a limited offer because some of the succeeders are getting mad and may start lynching anytime now.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Prop 8: Unconsitutional?

High fives in San Francisco  yesterday, the local homosexuals were out in force. They were celebrating a federal judges decision that the California ban on same sex marriage via California Proposti.on 8 was, in his opinion, "unconstitutional". By the way, this judge was apponted. He was not voted in. Frankly, I don't care what people do in their private lives. But don't tell me it's not constitutional when 52% of Californians voted for Prop 8 and one judge says no. That's not good math philosophically or mathematically speaking. We either vote on issues or we become anarchistic.

Non-News: Billionaires Pact for Charities

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates announced yesterday that their challange to billionaires in America was overwhelmingly successful. The challange was to follow Messrs Buffett and Gates lead and give away their money to charities upon their death. That's supposed to be generosity? The choices are : 1) to let the government tax it away, 2) Gates and Buffett take it with them into the crypt, 3) give it to charity by way of a personal foundation and AVOID ALL TAXATION. The heirs will be paid handsomely to administer the fund. Gee. What a easy descision to make.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Marriage & Redemption Ceremony

Chelsea Clinton has chosen a chosen Mark Mezvinsky a former broker at Goldman Sachs to be her husband. Mark's father Ed was released from prison early so he could attend the wedding. He had served almost five years for wire fraud. Mark has nothing to be ashamed. The Clintons have more baggage than UPS at Christmas time.

Speaking of baggage. Monica Lewinsky was a chosen choice of father Bill. It seems the Clinton's are easy targets for the chosen? But who's eating whom?Hillary and Billy will spend $3 million on the wedding ceremony. What are they trying to hide? The list would be too long to recap here. But the $3 million speaks volumes about what we know about the Clintons and hints at what we don't know.

Oprah will be there to remind all of redemption and how it pays in todays America. Just look at the list of redeemed attendees.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can Sarah Palin Win Presidency?

The question is, " Can Sarah Palin win the presidency?". Of course she can. Recent history shows sexual predator and compulsive liar Bill Clinton winning two terms . As spoiled, moron George W. Bush suceeeded in that feat also. But then Bush topped Clinton's choice of retail clerk look- alike Madeline Albright with pickaninny Condi Rice as his Secretary of State.

Considering that vomit list, it looks like an evitability that loud mouth, fool Sarah Palin has the "mo"for this presidential cycle or at the most next time. In fact, she looks to have the inside track. Woe is us.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emerging Markets vs. U.S.Markets

Good news from multinationals about their emerging market performance is lifting stocks this morning. Three M and Caterpillar both are boasting about sales and are lifting prospects about their emerging markets stakes. Both companies are not optimistic about U.S. domestic sales. Asia is where the jobs are being created.Our job market is being sucked lower because of the industrial revolution over there and the following creation of the new Asian middle class. Industry here is moving jobs over there. Our middle class is disappearing like the jobs.

This will put enormous pressure on the financial system here because of the huge debt load that has to be serviced. Also race, gender, cultural relations will heat up because of immigration,affirmative action and entitlements that are part of the non-competitive business paradigm that exists in U.S. Let's also not forget the roving lawyers with their monoply and cartel powers that make doing business in America such a crap shoot. But the biggest threat will come from the approaching trade wars

Monday, July 19, 2010

Troops In Afghanistan are Live Targets

Did it ever occur to the blockheads at the Pentagon that our troops are in uniform, while the "enemy"is not. That makes our troops very visible targets while the "enemy" is largely undetected till it's too late. How does the enemy know when to explode an IED? They know because they see a U.S. troop dressed in uniform walking on top of the hidden explosive device. Who's more clueless, the soldier with the target on his back or the demographics that support the troops with the targets on their backs?

Support the troops at home.

HIV and Politics

The Center for Disease Control released a study today linking HIV and AIDS to poverty more than to race. It was presented at the international AIDS conference in Vienna, Austria.

I want to release my opinion today. HIV and AIDS are related to sex. Race and finances are politics. Why would the CDC blame finances? Because finances is politics and then all kinds of expensive and powerful oppotunities show up.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Afghanistan Mess

Let's see now. The Taliban don't  want us in Afghanistan. The Afghanis want us to leave. The majority of American citizens want us out. Yet we continue with massive casualties and huge drains on our wealth. So who benefits? Warmongers benefit. The military -industrial complex and all the jobs it creates keeps this war going. I'd wager that if most people in the U.S. were asked to choose between their defense jobs or withdrawal from Afghanistan they would choose their continued employment and a continuation of the war at some level.

Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone Users Advisory

iPhone users should compare two cans connected by a string as an alternative. Only emphasis will be heard. Keep it cheap and simple. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hear ye, hear ye. All emasculated white males who really have nothing left of true value to lose should revolt. In a manner of speaking, they should grow back what was naturally theirs and tell the race baiting, guilt selling minorities to fuck off. After all what have the minorities done for us that we are required to grovel in their presence?Now is the time and this is the place.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Elena Kagan & Condi Rice :Woe is Us

It's easier to descibe how low America has sank by merely pointing out that pickaninny Condi Rice was Secretary of State and yenta Elena Kagan will be a Supreme Court Justice. All this in the space of 5 years. The downward vortex of our culture is gaining momentum. Woe is us.

These two caricatures of the negro and jewish races are proof positive that the pendulum of race relations has reached an unsustainable area. Of course that still leaves the problem of all the emasculated white men who got us into this state of affairs. What's left to cut after an emasculation?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Jerry Seinfeld & Jon Stewart: Revenge of Unfans

Jewish humor is not for everyone. Whether it be their fascination with the toilet, bodily functions or Nazi traits that seemingly exist in every thing imaginable. Ergo Jerry Seinfeld and  Jon Stewart can be very annoying to unfans. Therefore I suggest that unfans who engage Jerry or Jon in public should take the opportunity to mockingly clap and or laugh at everything they do. You know. Like the canned clapping and laughing that one hears on their shows.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Deflation is in Our Future

Most people living today haven't experienced deflation. In fact most people have based their life on the opposite which is growth and inflation. Democratic governments derive their power from promising ever increasing growth, prosperity and entitlements-i.e. a political inflation. So what will be the end of western democracies? Deflation. Deflation on a scale not even seen in the Depression era, because we did not have the size of government then that we have now. Save your money and have some weapons for self defense handy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elena Kagan : Disgusting Profile

Elena Kagan is an affirmative action nominee to Supreme Court of United States. She will probably get confirmed.

Oh to be inexperienced, dumpy, unattractive, control freak,lesbian and Zionist in 21st century America. What door is closed to you? Hopefully this is the cultural bottom.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Senator Robert Byrd: He Will Achieve Near Immortal Status

Ninety-two year old Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia passed away yesterday. He was famous for pork barrel politics, his knowledge of parliamentary procedures and for being the longest serving U.S. Senator. Now he will develop into a lump of coal That's the stuff his state is famous- mountain top removal mining et al. As a lump of coal he will achieve near-immortal status. But no one will recognize him. Will he rest in peace or will some other Senator's policies unearth him and shovel him into a furnace?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chinese People on Credit Card

The industrial revolution has moved lock,stock and barrel to China. Consequently the new middle class of the world is 1.2 billion Chinese. Now they will get credit cards. They will buy cars, live in bigger homes with more fuel consuming appliances, take trips, probably sneak more children births and in general foul the planet to the loss of every other species. 

I say we need a flu to curtail this juggernaught.

Bob Hope Quote

Bob Hope once said, "One political party can't fool the people all of the time. That's why we have two."That's more accurate than Abraham Lincoln's observation.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama or McChrystal: Who's Correct?

Obama's spat with General McChrystal reminds of Truman's trouble with General MacArthur. Then and now both confrontations were an attempt to change the focus from unwinnable wars to personal failures.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jerry Brown & Gavin Newsom:Profiles in Doubt

California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown looks like the formaldehyde entry. SF Mayor Gavin Newsom ,who's running for Lieutenant Governor, is the hair gel boy. But they have in common Irish self doubts of their worth. That's why they run and will always run.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas: Burned At Stake

Joan of Arc, Giordano Bruno and countless others through history were burned at the stake for merely saying what they believed. In Joan's case she was speaking about her religion and her feeling that she was doing God's work. Bruno was echoing Capernicus' belief that the earth revolved around the sun- which it does. But both were burned because they offended the Catholic Church. Huh? What kind of church is that?

Eighty-nine year old journalist Helen Thomas of the Hearst chain was forced out of her job today because she suggested that the "Israelis should go back to Poland and Germany...". Big deal. She's right. For all the trouble that the Zionazis start and with no offsetting credits she speaks a practical solution. And yet she was forced out for her insulting remarks.

I don't believe one can insult the Israeli culture because they basically don't have a respectable one. They kind of make it up as they go along depending on if it fits their immediate goals. Actually their culture could be distilled down to one of greed, hate and paranoia. Hardly something to scruple about when criticism is called for.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Stock Market Crash Unfolding Now

The stock market fell 323 Dow Jones points today. It was reacting to a terrible May unemployment report. The tally of private sector jobs was a mere 41,000. It was expected to be in the 125-250 thousand range. There is no way thye U.S. can grow out of this recession with those kind of employment gains. Consequently we will crash. Maybe revisit the market lows of last year. That would be an additional 3000 points lower from this level.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al who passed a costly health care reform but can't pass a necessary financial markets reform will be long remembered as two important reasons for the crash. Simply Americans have lost faith in their central government. And who can blame them.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Warren Buffett Lied

Yesterday Warren Buffett gave testimony before Congress on his opinion of Berkshire's large Moodys holding. Specifically Congressman Phil Angilides asked Buffett if Moodys was part of the problem for the sub prime meltdown. I.E. Moodys and other ratings firms gave AAA ratings to mortgage backed securities that turned out to be largely worthless. Buffett answered by saying "mass delusion"infected the country along with Moodys . Therefore Moodys wasn't particularly to blame. Well that's false. How many people would loan money to non documented borrowers? Moodys and other ratings firms not only advised loaning the money but gave a AAA rating. I wonder how many loans Buffett has made during his life to un-documented borrowers?It's time for the greedy man to disappear from the scene.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Machines Run Wall Street Trading

Examining recent volatile charts on Dow Jones and one gets the impression that only nano- second trading machines could leave such foot prints. From down 300 points yesterday to up 100 today without any improvement in fundamental facts that are eating away at the economic base of global business. I.E. the continuing meltdown in financial instruments and institutions. It's safe to say that more and more people who are engaged in the market are not sure what they own or what they are short- trading's the thing. Rather it's their machines trading that's the thing. It's really not trading but a video intimidation stock trading game that's aided by massive amounts of liquidity untethered to real economic events until they are. And then look out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Debt : Metaphor of Icarus

Call it gravity. Call it hubris. Call it the myth of Icarus. Call it debt. Call it human folly. In the end debt which impersonates security will fail as a support and a tool for growth. Just as the wax wings of Icarus melted because of too near a proximity to the sun and he plummeted to earth.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Racial Profiling: Matter of View

Racial profiling and affirmative action are two descriptions of race based judgments. Only the eyes of the beholders can tell the difference. Consequently it's about taste and no one should argue or codify taste.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SEC Flash Crash Report Misses

The long awaited report by the S.E.C , NYSE et al about the May 6 "flash crash"was published today. It didn't answer the burning question,"What started the selling"? Instead they gave a broad description of everything else that happened. Not what caused the sequence of events. Why do we pay these people?

They didn't even mention the erroneous price trade of Dow component Proctor & Gamble. I believe that the 30 point price error in P&G stock started the panic. It's like yelling fire in a crowded theater. A 30 point decline in P&G equals app. minus 200 Dow points. So when the Dow signaled an instant drop of 200 points most of the day trading herd headed for the exits.

I have one question. How and who put that bum priced P&G trade into the system? Was it China? Was it a hedge fund who was short?

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Story Of Anne Frank-Again?

The Custom Made Theater Company is reprising the story of Anne Frank in San Francisco this week. I don't think Anne Frank was a hero or a victim worthy of note. Certainly down through the ages, real heroes of all ages didn't hide in an attic. They went out and fought the enemy. She choose to become a victim by being a sitting target.

The people who exploit her sorrowful life are the same ones who are involved in a slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians. How do they reconcile those two positions?

Remember This About Race & Life Style legislation

One thing to remember about race or life style politically correct legislation . Most of the time, some straight, white, male attorney who needs the money is the one who promotes its passage. May he go right to hell.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goldman Sachs Has Perfect Trading

Goldman Sachs reported a perfect 1st quarter performance. It did not have a single losing day in 2010. It generated app. $10 billion in trading revenues. No firm has ever done that feat. That's as successful as law firm. They never lose either.But GS is supposed to be in a "risk" business. Where's the risk? Methinks that "trading" is an incorrect description of what the hyenas at Goldman do. Stealing would be more accurate.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Elena Kagan: SCOTUS Nominee

Obama dug deep to come up with his Supreme Court justice nominee. Not deep in the sense of traditional values of the U.S. .But deep in Obama's dislike for traditional American conservative values. The 50 year old Kagan never was a judge. She clerked for the black activist Justice Thurgood Marshall. She's an attorney, ergo, never had a real job. She pushed to exclude U.S. Armed Forces recruitment on Harvards campus. She's a radical pro gay rights advocate . She's a liberal Jew in the early twentieth century Lenin/Marxist mold. There's plenty of acceptable Jews. But she isn't one.

We have sunk pretty low to come up with this freak. So we will have more, government of attorneys, by attorneys and for attorneys until the communists take over and eliminate the attorneys.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Embarrassing & Hurtful Iraq News

The Associated Press is reporting that two powerful Iranian-backed Shiite Iraqi political factions will be leading Iraq's government. They will form an Islamic Republic as per Iran's model. This is the result of the recent elections.

What do the former Bush Administration members think about their fiasco now? What do the many families who lost loved ones in "freeing"Iraq for secular democracy think?

It's a pathetic end to a pathetic invasion carried out by well meaning but naive service members on orders by mean spirited killers.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Warren Buffett: Greed Cartoon

Warren Buffett was in Omaha, Nebraska this past weekend reporting to his faithful Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. He rambled for hours. One interesting part of his monologue was his defense of Goldman Sachs behavior leading up to and during the financial meltdown. He said, " Goldman was caught up in the worldwide mania that prevailed throughout the investment world".

But only Goldman has been charged with civil fraud by the S.E.C. And most people don't resort to stealing no matter what mania is prevailing. Of course Buffett has a large stake in Goldman and other financial service companies. So he's no doubt arguing this point based on his positions. All people evolve into caricature. Buffett is no different. His long time quest for money has now made him a cartoon of take-no-prisoners greed.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Racial Profiling & Affirmative Action

The political action arm of Hispanics in America is called "The National Council of La Raza". "La Raza" means "the race". Wow they think a lot of themselves. The Council had a spokeswoman on the News Hour the other night. She was more than a little upset about Arizona's new legislation that dealt with the states illegal immigration problem. The legislation gave police the authority "only with probable cause"to ask anyone for an I.D. that proved they were legal residents. That applies to all races. But since the Arizona problem is mainly about illegals from Mexico, La Raza took the new law personally.

Well it's this way " La Raza". If you people want to run a racist organization for affirmative action than you will have to accept a little racial profiling on police work. We have to know where the freebies or the handcuffs are to be given. Racial profiling is the same technique used by racist affirmative action supporters.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Goldman Sachs: Death Spiral?

Oh were it to be true that the plunging shares of Goldman Sachs would be a mere prelude to its collapse. That would be wonderful justice to this rogue firm. Its stock is off 14% to 146.00 on news that a criminal investigation has been launched. The SEC filed civil fraud charges last week and referred to the U.S attorneys office its facts on GS for possible criminal prosecution.

Financial service companies can literally disappear overnight if they lose their credibility- witness Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. Goldman profited from Bear Stearns and Lehman's demise. What goes around comes around. An extra bonus would be a lessening flow of donations to the Zionist criminal enterprise a.k.a. Israel.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next Civil War?

Some people think that Americas Civil War was justified. I'm not one of them. Killing 700,000 plus citizens in the pursuit of freeing the kitchen help strikes as me as the height of foolishness. Now Arizona has passed legislation that will hopefully turn back the flow of illegal felons who come to America. I hope other states will follow. And if the U.S. government wants to stop that kind of self-defense legislation then they may get a modern civil war that is entirely justified. Anyone for enlisting in an Arizona militia?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goldman Sachs & Savvy Investors

Goldman Sachs executive testimony before U.S. Senators kept referring to their clients as savvy investors who understood complex financial derivatives. Oh yea. Then everyone knew that they had the capability to bring down the whole worlds economies. How savvy is that?

China: Enter The Nationalize Dragon

China is in the news today. The peering government that could be called "Chink"because of squinting inspection, continues to roll out compulsory snitching guidelines for telecom service providers from any part of the world who operate there. Google balked at cooperating and moved ops to Hong Kong. It seems that China will nationalize private information first. Second it's a mere hop and and a skip to nationalize plants owned by foreign business. The clumsy and greedy of the West are easily trapped by the reptilian Chinese.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Look Too Close

A Russian proverb says ," Give me the mans name and I'll find his crime". An anonymous saying is "Nobody can bare close scrutiny". An explanation for these similar statements could be that the closer anyone is examined the more that isolated facts are taken out of context.

Hence rhetorical arguments and half truths mistakenly characterize.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Supreme Court Got It Wrong

Black flowing robes cover primates as they sit in classical buildings. They observe the customs , mummeries and procedures of Supreme court lawgivers. Yesterday our motely group with an 8 to 1 decision allowed that it was OK to produce and sell videos of animal torture and death. These types of films are called crush films. The super majority opinion thought there were some instances that could impinge on First Amendment rights of citizens if these films were outlawed. For example, a video of a cock fight in Puerto Rico could be a criminal offense if the video was found in someones possesion in the U.S. Well for that one example and some other possibilities a whole menu of ugly and gratuitous maiming , torture and death of hapless and helpless animals are now eligible to become stars in real-life horror movies. Just so we can protect the sick and morbidly curious human. What's next?

There are too many laws with too little critical thinking about the possible unintended consequences of those laws. A better world would allow the immediate assassination of animal abusers on the spot.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two al-Qaida Dead: BFD

Headlines screamed that 2 al-Qaida leaders were killed in Iraq over the weekend! Also in the news was airlines at standstill because of volcanic ash. Also new figures show over 1.3 million Iraqis killed since the invasion. Also Goldman Sachs reported record profits due to its skill in fraud. Also Catholic priests scandal stretches into Latin America. More suicide bombings in Iraq. More suicide bombings in Pakistan. More suicide bombings in Afghanistan. More friendly fire deaths in all theaters of U.S. engagements. More civilians deaths in all theaters of U.S. engagements.

But, hey, the news of two al-Qaida leaders dead was right there up in lights. Where has critical thinking gone? I'll tell you. When you have too much money you can get by for a time without critical thinking. A bankrupt America will bring back more critical thinking.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Citigroup Wins in Trading Markets

Citigroup reported a $4.5 billion profit in its latest quarter. It was due largely to trading profits from its brokerage division. Is this a way to run a banking institution? Bank depositors have to carry the burden of hoping their bankers guess correctly when trading stocks, bonds and financial instruments. If not then the deposits end up in someone else's pocket.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Gods Turn on Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs opened its new $2.1 billion pretentious headquarters. It's a monument to how much money can be made by lying cheats who produce NOTHING. GS Director Rajat Gupta resigns due to allegations he's connected to an unfolding insider trading scandal with Galleon Securities and today the SEC charge GS with civil fraud in a subprime hedge fund offering. This happened all in one week. The gods turn quickly when hubris envelops mortals.

Hopefully the civil fraud turns into a criminal case. Maybe RICO charges may come later if other Wall Street gangsters are shown to be connected to the SEC action. This is necessary. There has to be consequences for the past financial debacle.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Was Andrew Stern of SEIU Threatened ?

"Socialistic Fanatic Union Boss Resigns After Major Victory" could be an incredulous headline. But in fact Andrew Stern of the Service Employees International Union resigned today. He was recently appointed to a prestigious Presidential commission by Barack Obama on ways to cut the deficit. This was a partial payback for all the work that the SEIU did in helping BO get elected. Also his union has been the equivalent of street thugs-Hitler had "Brown Shirts"- for the democratic party in squelching dissent at "town hall" meetings no matter who ran the meeting.  That "i" in the SEIU stands for international and probably meant he would take his union around the world as per the communists of the 1920s. Yet he resigned. 

Could he be fearful for his security and health? Has he been threatened?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Possible Lexus Recall Hysteria

When it rains it pours. Toyota's hubris and greed has led it to lose credibility by its massive recall of vehicles due to sudden acceleration. Now the trusted "Consumer Reports" has issued a very rarely used "Don't Buy" advisory on the Toyota manufactured 2010 Lexus GX 460. CR claims there is a rollover danger. Toyota immediately reponded and pulled the model off the market today. They had sold 4800 units so far.

I can see it now. Hysterical reporting claiming a Lexus rollover when PARKED simply by opening the driver-side door!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's That Smell? It's the Chinese Middle Class

With all due respect to domesticated Chinese-Americans, it's alarming that their mainland home China now is producing middle class by the pallet full. Just yesterday China anounced a trade DEFICIT with its trading partners in the amount of $7 billion. Also China recently anounced that their domestic car sales are up 63% over last year. That puts them on track to consume over 13 million cars this year. That's 25% larger than Americas projected total. While there will be more Chinese killed in the crosswalks in Bejing by the visually, peripherally impaired , it will not be nearly enough to curb this unfolding environmental peril.

China has app. 1.25 billion munching, belching and defecating organisms. Imagine how many great swaths of forest will disappear worldwide overnight when all those types get credit cards. How many species will go extinct?How much fresh air will be polluted with rancid cooking greases and coal-fired plants? Buy American folks and starve the pests out.

Blue fin tuna wont have a chance. Eighty percent of their numbers have disappeared and ended up in Japanese bellies who consume 80% of the yearly catch. And now the Chinese are weighing in. Well if a war breaks ot between the Japanese and Chinese over the last sushi then the Blue fin will have a chance.

War these days between environmental terrorists has its definite upside.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Israel Learning Shame?

Israel's Prime Minister has made a turnaround about attending a nuclear summit in Washington. Two days ago he was coming. Today he's staying home. But he's sending a delegation. The reason given by his spokesman was "other" nations would use the forum to talk about Israel's 200 or so nuclear weapons. I.E. How can Zionists wag their finger at anyone about nukes when they themselves are sitting on a pile with a delivery system also?

On second thought, this would be the first time that a Zionist has been shamed into keeping their hypocritical personalities out of sight. Now that would be a first. What is the reason then? Who knows? One thing for sure is their injustice and slow-motion genocide of the Palestinians will be returned to them with interest. Justice has never failed to show up.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Poor Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is in the news today with more shameless self promotion. She's wearing the latest expensive wig that was in style with white women in the 1950s. She doesn't get it. Not only is the style too retro and not appropriate, but the wig features her very monkey face in the extreme.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Politicians Threatened By Death: Temporary or New Normal?

Today the F.B.I. reported the arrest of a person who threatened murder to Senator Patty Murray of Washington. Also today the F.B.I. announced the arrest of a man who threatened to kill both House Speker Nancy Pelosi  and her husband, Paul. Last week Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, who is also the Republican minority whip, got a death threat and a bullet hole in his office window. The man who threatened Cantor was arrested. It's not clear whether he 's also the one that fired the gun. All arrested people used the passage of the unpopular healthcare bill as the reason. While Cantor was opposed to the passage of the bill, the F.B.I. maintained that the healthcare bill was the reason for he being targeted. It should be noted that Cantor is an active Zionist. He supports Israel and preaches that America should support it at all costs against all countries and all peoples. No matter what the cost to the U.S. I suspect his allegiance to Israel upsets more than a few people.

Trouble in paridise. Is this the end of the salad days for low talented, no moral compass reps in Congress? Is there a price for lies, wars without end and binge spending by this criminal class ? I hope so. Congress does crimes in a legal way. Therefore, by definition, to oppose Congress with the same kind of brute force they use is termed illegal. The laws of the lands didn't protect the French nobility when they lost their heads or the British Empire when the colonials seized America from King George II.

The three people who were involved in the Murray, Pelosi and Cantor episodes don't appear to be related or commomly organized. They just had the same idea at the same time. That's the most dynamic kind of movement- instant recognition and plans by everyday people happening in a spontaneous way. Lookout if they get organized.

P.S. My new book of fiction predicts revolution in the U.S. It's titled " Contempt of Congress: Bay Boomers Talk, Sex, Race, Politics, Environment & Revolution" . Fiction today, fact tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Personal Advice on Healthcare Coverage for the Healthy

The recent passage of "healthcare reform" offers opportunity for healthy people to save money on insurance coverage. Since insurnace companies can no longer refuse coverage on pre-existing illness, it makes no sense to pay premiums if one is healthy. So healthy people should drop coverage and pay the relatively cheap penalty. But when the healthy become sick then just sign up for coverage and get all that is due you without caps. I don't know how long this will last. Because the the rate paying sick will eventually bankrupt the system. 

Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPad: Mixed Reviews

iPad reviews according to Twitter are mixed at best. Certainly the price of Apple stock is not prepared for this lukewarm reception by the legions of Appleheads. The biggest rap is price compared to apparent usefulness. The second wrap is it's too hard to operate. This refers to no physical keyboard and weight of 1 1/2 pounds. Also there is no angle for typing unless an accessory is also bought.

So western civilizations poster product for economic recovery has met the reality of the consumer. 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Preacher Obama Is Tiresome

I'm not a church-going man. I don't disapprove of churches or church- going people. To each his own. But I do disapprove of Preacher Obama. He and his loyalists are constantly wagging their fingers at me and others about how "we" owe ever increasing amounts of care to others. He and his followers have an attitude of religious rightousness about them that is nauseating. This is paricularly bothersome when he directs expensive aid to people who don't take themselves seriously . Why should I care about someone when that someone doesn't care about him or herself? That person may choose to be overweight, choose to have a sexually transmitted disease, choose to game the system of entitlements, etc. Let them reap their harvest.

There is money in mega churches. But there's more money and power in mega government. That's why Obama choose the biggest bully pulpit.

Shut up Preacher Obama .

Monday, March 22, 2010

George W. Bush In Haiti

Former President G.W. Bush is visiting Haiti to view the earthquake damage. He had to be provided a "before" photo of Port-au-Prince before he got it.

Pelosi : Look Out Below

Todays front page of the San Francisco Chronicle has Speaker Nancy Pelosi walking down Pennsylvania Avenue  surrounded with her democratic allies. The photo was taken yesterday. She's carrying the super-sized gavel that was used when Medicare was passed in 1965. The smile on her face was gleeful and tempted the gods. The gavel could be a metaphor for a large dildo and her smile could be one of relief from a large orgasm.

But now it's over Pelosi. The bill passed late last night . Now live with the aftermath and hangover of bankrupting government handiwork.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue Fin Tuna In Peril

Blue Fin Tuna stock has collapsed. Eighty percent of the "tiger of the sea" have been slaughtered and ended up mostly in some Japanese stomach. What a way to go. Its fate is largely representative of fish and mammals that humans eat. Efforts to cut back on the killings have largely come to nothing. The most recent example was yesterday when a proposal to limit fishing of the Tuna was voted down by concerned countries. What will happen if the fish go extinct which some are predicting could happen in app. 10-20 years? To quote Scarlett O'Hara, "Tommorrow is another day." So in the mean time its a race to take the Blue Fin to the brink while making the most per ounce while the countdown to extinction goes on.

Also China is licking its collective, smelly chops for more Shark Fin soup and the devestation that brings to shark stocks. Estimates range up to 70 million sharks a year are killed to feed the Asian appetites. All those newly minted middle class Chinaman are bewildering.

I'm struck by the possible postive side effects of a massive human flu and epidemic.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Healthcare Reform & Political Correctness

The push for "healthcare reform" is the latest folly of political correctness.  America will be bankrupted by this peice of legilation which will extend full service healthcare to the great unwashed, uncaring and unhealthy .

But if it passes, then we will be one quick step closer to the final day of reckoning when all things politically correct will be eliminated because of  unsustainability and costliness.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Open Carry In Congress Would Help Image

Wouldn't it be refreshing if members of Congress adopted Open Carry in the Halls of Congress? Mere politics would be raised from the store- bought variety to real convictions with lethal back-up. Bring back duels and dry-gulching. The citizens would cheer no matter who won because the winners would be deserving of credibility.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Senator Harry Reid's Family in Car Accident

Today in Virginia Senator Harry Reid's wife and daughter were in a car accident.

I was in San Francisco.

Citigroup Wants To Concentrate On Emerging Markets

Today Citigroup's CEO Vikram Pandit was talking up the prospects of his bank. He said it would soon be profitable. He also said that going forward he wanted to concentrate his banks activities and loan portfolio in favor of "emerging markets".

One of the problems with America's weak recovery is a lack of credit that is available to small and large business. Also this is the same bank that received over $45 billion from the American taxpayor. But he wants to go to Asia with his best efforts. 

Go to hell Citigroup.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

China's Communists Government vs. China's Bourgeoisie

At the same time the U.S. -capitalism-is fighting creeping socialism, China - communism-is fighting creeping legions of the bourgeoisie. Where will the outcome leave both countries and their governments? One has to refer to the laws of physics to get a peak at the future of these two diametrically opposed philosophies. Physics dictates that only the low cost producer will survive. In this application , only the elements of both societies will remain after both governments collapse because of their own nonrelavance.

And the winner will be the individual with skills.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Maurice R. Greenberg: Sleaze Expert

Today the Wall Street Journal gave space to the sleazey, disgraced AIG executive Maurice Greenberg. Maury did a piece titled " Six Steps Toward Financial Reform".  

Yes, Maury we know you know how to reform the financial system. Because you were one of the first to identify its weakness' in regulatory oversight and bring on the collapse of your own firm.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jack Murtha: Nickel-Novel Life

What stopped Rep. Jack Murtha? Death done him in. The House ethics commettee never found anything wrong inspite of the hundreds of violations that they examined- amazing. Jack died quietly and successfully after years of stealing. His life reads like a nickel novel.

Can the U.S. wait for natural causes to end the tenure of unnaturally greedy members of Congress? Return power and money to the states and limit the amount of stealing by representatives in government.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti: Credibility Problem

After 200 years of self rule, Haiti has little to show except overpopulation, environment degradation and corruption in its government. How can one take the country seriously when they don't take themselves seriously. The country had more purpose and was in better shape under French colonial rule. Only time that was better than that was when there were no people on the island.

Teachers Union & Good Education

Considering all the money the United States has spent on education and considering the relentless stair step down in the world wide standings of American students it is safe to conclude that there is no significant connection between money spent and good education received. A corrollary would also imply that an expensive bureaucratic, teachers union is clearly an unnecesary expense.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Congress Says No To Fixing Wall Street & Everyone Else Should Spend

The Wall Street Journal today carried the news that 4 unnamed, key senators are against limiting proprietary trading by Wall Street firms. This is another example of how we are alone against the gangsters of Wall Street and their contemptable, bribed enablers in Congress. Proprietary trading by banks that have insured deposits by the government is how and why we had the recent financial meltdown in worldwide financial markets. And we are not through with that debacle yet. But our law makers refuse to reform the Street and are setting up an even greater collapse in the future.

The Journal also carried the news in another article that the Wall Street bankers received app. $20 billion in bonus money in 2009. That's a 17%  increase from the year before despite the near depression. There you have it. All it takes is money and congress is yours. 

Meantime Obama and Congress are spending money like drunken sailors and prodding all in the U.S. to spend. How can people or business owners feel secure about the future when the predators of Wall Street are still roaming and still able to financially kill at will?

The New York Times carried an article on how many states are liberalizing their gun laws. Take advantage of these new laws and prepare for the future. Hopefully it won't be necessary but how can one trust in any government?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rockstar and Philosopher: What's In A Name?

A person called a philosopher was many years ago a high honor. Well now if a person is called a rockstar that is the ultimate. A word or a few words to the wise would be enough. I.E. philosopher being replaced by rockstar would speak volumes about the evolution or the devolution of the human.

The last time I saw a rockstar, he was emaciated,raging ,couldn't speak clearly or quietly and looked like he needed a shower with strong cleaning solvents. On the other hand my last experience with a philosopher was reading Plato's accounts of Socratic conversations. Something entirely different. They did share one common thread. Both philosopher Socrates and rockstar indulged in a kind of rage. Both commented on society. But the rockstar's rage was brutal, blurred and hard to follow. The philosopher's rage was thoughtful, thought provoking and pleasant.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Black History Month ?

February is drawing to a close. It's Black History Month. Why do we have a Black History Month? It's very apparent that every month is Jewish History Month. Maybe because they are better organized and have a lot more to try to explain away. But why are there no French History Month, Chinese History Month, Irish History Month etc, etc, . You get the idea.

Well since this is Black History Month, what have the blacks learned or want to say about things? Have they anything to offer or thump their chests about ? Or is this all about the selling of guilt to any buyers who think so little of themselves that they think they still owe the blacks more than they owe all the rest?

Successful blacks are a plenty. Most of all of blacks have worked into the system. So this special month is about the holdouts who still don't get it or want to game the society for power and profit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Greek Democracy Downfall

All democracies including Greece's current problem will teeter and totter then ultimately fail because they can't pay the interest on the fundamentally illogical and unworkable, expensive programs that grant equal results to all the unequal citizens.

Ever look in a microscope or telescope and see something like interest on money? You won't. It's a man-made alchemy and will go the way of another abomination that's called "political correctness".

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Possibly Inconvenient Question For Bill & Melinda Gates

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has released figures boasting that their disease prevention measures in Africa have saved approximately 7 million lives so far. Sounds like good news. But now that the lives have been saved, now come other questions. I.E. What have the saved lives been saved for?What are their prospects? How will they eat? How will they work? How will they be shelterd? What will we do with their children who Bill and Melinda will presumbably save also?

Have Bill and Melinda thought through the whole process of creation which includes maintenance and death?I suspect no.

"Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread".

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day, Presidents Day & Bill Clinton

I wonder if the prospects of the newly released book titled "The Death of American Virtue" By Ken Gormley had anything to do with Bill Blythe III a.k.a. President Bill Clinton's recent heart attack. The book revists the Clinton sexual scandals with Paula Jones, his impeachment  and other Clinton poor judgements and maybe crimes some years ago. Bill thought he did a make over of his slimy past by his well- advertised, chest-thumping, outright bragging and good works largely financed by the U.S. tax code. But his pesky history just won't go away.

It's seemingly appropriate that his heart attack was so close to Presidents Day and Valentines Day. His own heart spoke the truth by fluttering in reaction to the glare of scrutiny by the spotlight of his own President Day participation immediately followed by the shadow of his past as illuminated by the book and his persistance/sickness of self exposure.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dump Congress

According to many economists and the governments own General Accounting Office, by the year 2020,  Social Security, Medicare and interest on the national debt will take up 80% of the projected Federal Budget.

That leaves the Departments ofAgriculture,Commerce,Defense,Education,Energy,Health & Human Services,Homeland Security,Housing & Urban Development,Interior, Labor,State,Transportation,Treasury,Veterans Affairs and Attorney General effectively without money. Philosophically speaking that is not a bad thing. But it still doesn't solve the original problems of Socail Security, Medicare and the National debt.

Both major political parties are playing a game of chicken with the American electorate. As long as they both spend too much the people have no where to turn. That's a mistake to think that way. The French nobility lost their heads and the Brits lost a colony called America because of that cavalier attitude. Repeat after me, "DUMP CONGRESS".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

9/11 Trials Venue

The best place to hold a military or civilian trial of 9/11 participants should be on an aircrft carrier. The ship could be stationed off shore and shuttle participants to shore by helicopter. It would be the cheapest and the most secure venue.

Of course this makes sense. Which qualifies for a dismissal out of hand by government officials.

P.S. How about making Congress have its sessions on a barge in the middle of the Potomac? No one could leave or change clothes or wash while Congress was in session. I think it would speed up deliberations and shorten up considerations.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Roman Polanski : A Bad Actor

Academy Award winning motion picture writer and director Roman Polanski is in the news again. The 72 year old fugitive from justice was granted a stay from extradition to the U.S. by the Swiss government.

He achieved success and wealth at making sick and depraved movies. Perhaps he drew on his personal experiences. His family was exterminated by the Nazis. His wife was butchered by the Charles Manson gang. And he personally contributed to his sick and depraved heritage and life by raping a 13 year old.

It kind of all fits together in a sick and depraved way.

Friday, February 05, 2010

California Governors Race: War Chests Update

The upcoming California Gubernatorial race is going to be close.  Republican Meg Whitman has $39 million versus Democratic Jerry Brown's $12 million. But money isn't the whole story. The off ledger power of Democratic- leaning illegal voters along with the growing legions of socialists make it a tight race. The de facto bankruptcy of Greece's democracy should be a warning flag to all.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Book, " Contempt OF Congress" Available At Amazon

My new book,"Contempt OF Congress : Baby Boomers Talk Sex, Race, Politics, Environment & Revolution"is now available at It's offered in paperback at $10.00 and ebook for $9.00. It's a humorous and satirical fiction that will provoke.

Monday, January 04, 2010

My Bumper Stickers Are Not Working

Todays news includes the death of two white Rhinos in Kenya. They were slaughtered by poachers for their horns which are used for Asian medicines and Middle Eastern decorative handles on knives.

Other news includes the opening of the worlds tallest building- 800 meters/2650 stories- in the Middle Eastern country of Dubai which is part of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a known user of Rhino horn decoration. Dubai also defaulted on 30 billion dollars of debt last month. Dubai's vast income is not enough. They have to borrow money to build the worlds tallest structure and also use some percentage of borrowed moneys to promote the killing of  peaceful endangered animals.

My bumper stickers are not working. Barbaric and hubristic events just continue to get worse. The time for bumper stickers is past. Better to use the whole bumper on some poacher and his client.