Sunday, January 29, 2006

Senator Feinstein: Jewish American Princess & Government Representative

The Beatles in the 1960s wrote "Lady Madonna". It was a bouncy irreverant swipe at the Christians Virgin Mary. The refrain goes " how does she manage to make ends meet?"

Well the same question should be asked of US Senator Diane Feinstein and her Midas-touch husband Dick Blum. In the last five years Feinstein and Blum bought personal residential properties valued at app. $ 31 million. The properties include a Wash. D.C. mansion, an Aspen, Colorado" ski chalet" and the latest is a $ 16.5 million mansion next to Gordon Getty's mansion in San Francisco. This home has a property tax of app. $180,000 per year. Sen. Feinstein's salary as a government representative is app. $ 140,000 per year. Well " how does she manage to make ends meet?" Enter Dickie Blum. He runs billion through his investment pools. Now those stakeholders either like Dickie's personality and competence or want access to his Jewish American Princess A.K.A Sen. Feinstein. Here is a hint to the answer. He had no investment business of any note prior to hooking up with Di-Fi.

Sen, Feinstein, is also is one of AIPACs ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee) largest recpients of cash. Estimates of Blum's income range as high as $100,000,000 per year. Remember when Dick with Feinsteins help almost sold the Naval base at Long Beach to the Chinese some years back? At the last minute the transaction made the papers and an outcry by everyone except Sen Boxer stopped the sale.

Disgraced criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff is very much in the news. But it takes " two to Tango". Feinstein is a lobbyists dance partner. What has she sold?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas or Israel ? America Shouldn't Take Sides

The Palestinians elected Hamas. The Israelis say the group is dedicated to Israels destruction. But Hamas has stuck to a self-imposed truce with Israel for over a year. This indicates a door of possible dialogue left open. The Palestinians are saying to Israel that turnabout is fair play. Israel, with Americas help, wiped Palestine off the map by a rigged 1947 UN vote. Since that time-58 years ago- Israel has refused to allow a Palestinian state, allow the return of refugees or share Jerusalem. Also Israel has used American armaments including laser-guided bombs in Palestinian urban areas for targeted assasinations. Whose the more terrorist? And so with Palestinians denied hope and their own land the suicide bomber is born . He wants to deny Israelis in turn of hope and land.

Bush/Cheney/Rice have said that America will not deal with Hamas. What happened to the spread of liberty through democratic elections? Americas security interests needs peace with Hamas and the rest of the Muslim nations. Those countries have more to offer the US than Israel does.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hillary Clinton's Canary is Drowsy

Coal miners in the past took canarys in cages with them to detect if lethal gases were present. If the canary became lethargic or died the miners would evacuate. Here in San Francisco Sen. Clinton is giving a speech at a fundraiser this Friday. As of Wednesday barely 1/3 of the available seats have been sold.

Hillary is only 1/2 of Team Hillbilly ( the Clintons together). Billy and Hill are running as a team for president in 2008. What this remarkably light fundraiser turn out may indicate is that the liberal San Franciscan crowd feared they would become drowsy listening to the synthetic Hillary.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Israel, Palestine & Gerrymander

Yesterday Ehud Olmert, Kadima Party leader, remarked about the prospects for for a side-by-side Israeli and Palestinian state. He said" The biggest challenge facing Israel was defining the countrys permanent borders in ways that assured a continued Jewish majority."

Sounds like he needs Tom DeLay. How about Tom starting JewPac? The political action committee would have the obligation for a new gerrymander of historic Palestine. The old 1947 UN gerrymander turned out to be too greedy for the realities of Israeli demographics. Israels population is stagnant to shrinking. The ramifications of this population status pose important questions. What's a stagnant/shrinking belligerent population do with 200 nuclear warheads?

Missing American Military Justice

On Jan. 23, 2006, Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Weishofer Jr. was fined $ 6000.00 and confined to his barracks for 60 days for the death of an Iraqi general. Originally he was charged with the murder of Iraqi Major Gen. Hamed Mowhoush. He killed the general by stuffing him headfirst into a sleeping bag then sat on his chest and then covered the generals mouth with his hand. This was done while interrogating the general in a detention camp in Iraq in 2003. How does an interrogator get answers from someone in a sleeping bag who is headfirst and has the interrogator sitting on his chest and has the detainees mouth covered?

Is this psycho-creep Weishofer representative of the military? But the lack of serious punishment for his crime makes the rest of the military complicit in his criminal behavior. This example of light or non-existant American military justice isn't an aberration or a first. In August 2005 PFC. Willie V. Brand was spared prison time for his part in the beating of 2 prisoners in Afghanistan in 2002. The 2 prisoners died some few days later.

Gee. I wonder if the internet, Al Jazeera or other Arabic broadcasters reported these stories? Of course they have. And that's part of the reason that more Americans are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. The assymmetrical terrorist war brings a brutal symmetrical justice.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

America Needs Iran as a Friend More than Israel

In the late 1970s Pres. Carter changed Americas relationship with Taiwan. Carter thought that in the interest of peace in that part of the world America should only recognize China as the primary representative of the Chinese people.

Well, what about the Middle East? America should make peace with Iran and by extension the greater Muslim world. Israeli interests should only be considered in the broader context of regional and world peace. Iran and the Muslims nations have far more to offer America than Israel.

Literacy, Critical Thinking and Civil Rights

The Pew Charitable Trust funded a literacy study. Recently it found that 50% of students from 4-year colleges " Lack the literacy to handle complex real-life tasks. They cannot understand arguments of newspaper editorials, compare credit card offers, interpret a table about exercise and blood pressue..".

This literacy deficiency is about a lack of training in critical thinking. The Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s outlawed codified segregation. And it was right to do that. But the Acts also brought affirmative action and a dumbing down of the school curiculum for the purpose of more student inclusiveness. SAT scores after the implementation of the those Acts are lower than pre-legislation scores. The students are treated more equally and with less discrimination but the price paid was evident in the Pew report.

Remedies for this fall in performance has led to allowing students in many schools to access the internet during tests. Also some schools even allow text messaging among students during the test to arrive at a collaborative answer! Even Harvard does not discriminate against students applying for admission who have this type of learning history.

Students who cannot remember cannot learn. If students reference the internet or friends for the answers ,who then is being tested? What personal qualifications does a student have who passes such a test?

Lets reintroduce critical thinking into the curiculum. Even if that means discriminating against other students who can't compete or keep up. Schools should give students truths that they can use in later years. The truth for some may be that work in the trades , common labor or service should be the direction that they should pursue. Capable students should not be held back because of political schemes. We are known by our differences.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Osama bin Laden's Truce Offer: Iraq War vs. Korean War

Harry Truman dropped 2 Nuclear bombs on Japan. But he chose to negotiate an end to the Korean War. Osama bin Laden has offered a truce in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why not take him up on it?

I doubt that Bush will accept. He is owned by 3 powerful lobbies. The evangelicals, Zionists and Neocons. The evangelicals see the Middle East as the place for the second coming of Christ in the "end-times" and a place to convert Muslims. The Zionists just want to hang on to their illegal occupation of historic Palestine. The Neocons make money from war-win, lose or draw.

But people who want an end to this war should contact the White House, Congress, write opinion pieces and call in talk- shows to show support for a dialogue with the other side. The war in Iraq is built on lies. Let's get out. Negotiation is better than war. Isn't that one of democracys advantage. Well let's negotiate.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bill &Hillary Clinton Finally Can Boast About Their Administration

On Jan. 16, 2006 Hillary spoke to her flock at a MLK Memorial.. She said, " I Predict to you that this [ Bush] administration will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever governed our country." Well it took over five years of sleaze and bad judgement by the Bush administration to give Hillary the oppurtunity to claim that fact, but I believe she's accurate. But lest we forget here are some of Slick Willie's collapses of a moral compass in no particular order:

1) Invaded Kosovo-Was not a threat to America.
2) Sexual encounters , crimes and embarassments including: Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, Groped Oval Office visitor, Mrs. Stephanoupolos, Susan MacDougal and the BIMBO ERUPTION.
3) Guilty of Perjury
4) Disbarred
5) Impeached
6)Independent Counsel for at least two cabinet members, Cisneros and Espey
7)Independent Counsel to investigate both Bill and Hillary in the Whitewater Scandal
8)Investigated for his part and his wife in the failure of Madison Savings and Loan
9) What about the mysterious death of close Clinton friend in White House Vince Foster?
10)What about the rumors that swirled around the unusual death of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown?
11) Prison time for associate and old friend Webster Hubbel who was connected to Whitewater scandal.
12)Imprisonment of business parners Mr. and Mrs MacDougal of Madison S&L
13) White House Travel Office Scandal
14)Marc Rich and selling of presidential pardons.
15)Lost the Senate and the House to Republicans
16)Received 100s of FBI files through " bureaucratic snafu" .Used them to blackmail members of Congress during impeachment procedings.
17)Lied to America about Lewinsky
18)Block prosecution of Hillary's breaking of laws in her failed attempt at health reform.
19) Didn't adequately arm US Marines in Somalia causing deaths.
There is more.
But the bitch is right. Her hound's administration is better than Bush's.

Oprah Winfrey & Holocaust: Guilt Marketing Payday

Thanks to Oprah, Elie Wiesel's " Night" a holocaust memoir/novel is on the best seller list. Winfrey got a black-eye from her recommendation of " A Million Little Peices". It turns out the book was a fraud in key areas. So Oprah, a master of guilt marketing, came up with " Night". Who would dare deny the veracity of " Night"? Who would dare question the gravity of the Holocaust?

It's all so tedious. Winfrey and Wiesel have both gone far in selling their respective races ( Wiesel is Jewish) particular problems with every other race over recorded history. Oprah has parlayed her backround in the Jim Crow south to take advantage of the affirmative -action doors that the Civil Rights movement have opened. Only a black woman could have won such acclaim for the airing of rather mediocre or less subject matter covered from the perspective of less than competent people.

Oprah's success reminds of the 18th century Scotish philosopher David Hume's comment on hearing how sophisticated newly settled Africans in Jamaica were. After further personal investigation he made the comparison to the Jamaican accomplishment to a parrot that could speak a few words of english.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Coalition Provisional Authority: Lawless Corporate Shell

Give the devil his due. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Feith and Bremer knew how to protect themselves and the corporate theives. Revelations of Iraq War related corporate abuses and suits to recover money because of undocumented expenses, missing funds and outright fraud are having a tough time being prosecuted. The question is what laws govern the actions of the Coalition Provisional Authority? It goes back to NSC 24. That is the National Security Council directive that was signed by Bush in 2003. It took the power of post-invasion Iraq away from the traditional stewardship of the State Dept. and gave it to the Pentagon. The result of this manuever was to make the CPA an international entity and remove it from US authority and laws. This is yet another indication of the Iraq War being an elective corporate enterprise. Former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith is the nexus of Neocon and Zionist interests in the Iraq war. No doubt he his hiding under some legal rock. He's the guy to squeeze for answers.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Death Row Payday: More money in Delay

Clarence Ray Allen will be put to death at San Quentin State Prison on Jan. 17, 2006. That is the day after he turns 76. He has been on death row for 23 years. Allen is the poster boy for the present day legal system in America. He is proof that there is more money in delaying justice than in determining justice quickly. Without Allen, there would have one less inmate to generate jobs for the prison system for 23 years. Without Allen there would be less legal fees generated over 23 years for some lawyer. Without Allen there would be less demand for judges to review his appeals over 23 years. Does it sound too cynical? What's the alternative explanation? It does in fact take 23 years to carry out justice. I'd rather be cynical and follow the money.

The legal process has to be shortened. For example, whether the case be civil or criminal a trail should and could take no longer than a week. Two days for prosecution, two days for defense and one day for judgment. The only losers would be the attorneys in billable hours. Appeals would be limited to only one.

Delaying justice only rewards the guilty and the members of the legal system that aid and abet them.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Power and Greed as a Culture

Mayor Bloomberg's personal out-of-pocket cost for his sucessful reelection totaled $ 84,000,000. What does Mayor Bloomberg need? Is it vanity? Is it greed for power? Is it wanting to be feared,admired and loved? In that order. Or does he know why he so hungry?

Maybe money as a culture and Bloomberg as a representative is the only way to appeal to the multicultural metropolis. Since ther is no basic ethnicity or culture in New York one needs the alchemy of money to attract and hold together diverse peoples. It is required for leaders of multicultural group to spend money on high-end and low-end welfare to have a quasi culture. That all works till the money runs out. And then the real "ties that bind" are searched for.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Brokeback Mountain: Perversion of Formula Movie

Hollywood has hit a new low in perverting formula movies. The formula in " Brokeback.." includes the classic western background and the age-old love triangle. But the triangle part is twisted into two lovers who are homosexual and also husbands in heterosexual marriages that include children. How many people identify with this demographic profile? The film is rated R. The big screen brings to this subject matter a kind of legitimacy that should not be viewed by impressionable minds. It's really pornography.

What people do in their private lives is their own affair.But homosexuality has long ago moved from a private matter onto the world scene as the main contributor to the pandemic AIDS. The movie sells homosexuality as an alternative life style. But the movie does not deal with the health issues that a homosexual life style can lead. "Entertainment Weekly", says in their review, " A big sweeping and rapturous Hollywood love story! A film in which love feels almost as if it were being invented. Revolutionary."

In reality it's treacle about matters more associated with fecal that should be avoided

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cheney & Sharon : Both Sick at Heart

Gee, both Sharon and Cheney have heart problems Just as they were going into their golden years. All the lieing, killing. bribing, manipulating myths and drumming propaganda into peoples heads. What went wrong? Well the world got so small that it can't afford jerks like these two. And the internet was invented and now the truth is as free as rain. I wonder if there would have been a Christ or Yahweh or Allah if the internet was around then?

Diabetes Prevention: Government Should Restrict Choices of Food

Approximately 5% of the US population has diabetes. Of the diagnosed diabetics ,95% have Type 2 diabetes. Unlike Type 1, Type 2 is almost always preventable and treatable with simple lifestyle adjustments of eating wholesome foods and exercising regularly. There are app. 45 million food stamp recipients in America. As many as 20% of Type 2 diabetics receive welfare assistance including food stamps. As many as 40% of welfare recipients are obese which can lead to diabetes. The cost of diabetes and related illnesses imperils the US health system. For the purpose of sustainable and effective healthcare of diabetics, food stamps should be redeemable only for fresh or frozen vegetables or meats. No junk foods , alcohol or tobacco sould be redeemed for food stamps. Welfare recipients should get exactly that. There should not be a choice allowed for unhealthy products.

Paul Bremer: Failed Iraq Administrator

Paul Bremer served as civilian head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from May 2003 to June 2004. He has written a new book which straddles the fiction and non-fiction category. For example, he makes the point about his call for more US troops to pacify Iraq in the post-invasion. Compare that claim to his actual deed of disbanding the Iraqi Army who could have been used for such a purpose. He and former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith ran Iraq after the invasion. Feith is under investigation for his part in presenting bogus and hyped intelligence that led to the Iraq war. Feith is also an award winning Zionist who like Bremer favor Israels security in the Middle East. Never underestimate what zealots will do or say to acheive their goals.This includes creating more chaos in Iraq so the US will have to extend its stay and also protect Israel from Iran and Syria.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

What's Happening With AIPAC / Franklin / Israel Spy Case ?

What happened to the 2004 espionage case involing ex-pentagon Iran analyst Lawrence Franhklin? He pleaded guilty to espionage and agreed to cooperate. Cooperate with whom? Perhaps not to make it a larger case against AIPAC or Israel? Others that were involved included ex-employees of AIPAC, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman. Also Noar Gilon and two other unidentified employees of the Israeli Embassy in Washington were included. Rosen and Weissman were charged with one count of conspiracy not espionage. Boy does the US go for the throat. Gilon and the other Israeli nationals who received classified information were not charged. AIPAC was not charged nor Israel. But top US prosecutor Paul McNulty who broke the case was immediately pulled off the case and promoted to the # 2 spot at the Dept. of Justice. Maybe the light treatment of AIPAC, Israel and the embassy employees played a part in his advancement.

So we are to believe that Rosen and Weissman gathered classified information about Iran for their own use and did nothing with it. Well if you believe that you probably believe Ariel Sharon was a man of peace.

Interestingly the legal mouthpiece for the ex-AIPAC employee Steven Rosen is Abbe Lowell. He is the same Abbe Lowell who is the very expensive lawyer for Jack Abramoff. Is there a connection between AIPAC and Abramoff? Abramoff is supposed to be broke. Abbe Lowell is very expensive. How can a former employee of AIPAC and a broke ,prison-bound lobbyist afford him? Enter AIPAC ? They always get their men out.

Army & Marines Body Armor: Wrong Solution for Preventing Deaths

This week brought revelations about a secret Defense Department study about the life-saving effects of body armor. More lives could have been saved if the $ 260.00 per set was issued to our armed forces. Gee. Now we can have safer wars of choice. How about really saving lives by only having war declared by a majority of Americans voting in a NATIONAL REFEREDUM ?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Where's the Senate Report on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence?

Remember on Nov. 1, 2005 when Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called for a closed session of the Senate? He and the oppostion demanded an accounting of the 22-month delayed Senate Intelligence Comte. investigation of false pre-war Iraq intelligence. Majority Leader Bill Frist promised a response by Nov. 15, 2005. Well, what happened? The silence is deafening. When there is nothing heard one suspects the usual suspects are feasting. In this case the infrastructure of the cabal to hype and lie about Iraq intel had its foundations with the former Neocons/Zionists in the Pentagon. Namely, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Michael Maloof and others. Could AIPAC have a hand in the silence?

AIPAC, The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and the PACs they direct have the potential to spend app. $ 256,000,000 million per Congressional election cycle. That enormous figure is about 9 % of all money spent on lobbying Congress yearly. With Iran on the horizon, isn't time for AIPAC/Israels influence on US foreign policy to be exposed?

A Reason and a Cure for Obesity

Form to function is the briefest explanation of Darwin's conclusions about evolution. Every organism develops a form or capability that will help the being to survive. Man because of of his unusual capacity to develop and use tools has effectively denied himself an essence of relativity to the natural world. Consequently without a reason to be slim or fit, for example, modern man defaults into a fat, unfit consumer.It will probably get worse before it gets better. Children are getting obese at an alarming rate. Video games, computers get more time than physical activities.

Aristotle said that the most important question for man to ask and answer was " How should I live my life?". Today a more important question is " Why am I alive and what will I do with my life?"People need reasons to exist and then will come the good habits to those goals.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lobbies & Congress are Consenting Adults

Tell me a member of the executive, legislative or judicial branch of government that you would trust with your security, wealth or life.

Talk of lobby reform after the Abramoff scandal revelations run up against the age-old problem of seperating consenting adults from their natural instincts. Whether the example be the prohibition of liguor, outlawing sodomy, criminalizing prostitution, using illegal drugs, etc. The problem becomes how to inforce the law. Simply, if lobby reform is to go anywhere then one thing has to happen. The power to sell favors of legislation has to be removed from the power brokers, i.e. take away their product. How? Whether it be education, power to declare war, environmental issues etc, each state or regional states are better able to self-regulate. And it will be cheaper too.

This is not fool-proof. All corruption will not disappear. But there will be less of it. Because it is more difficult to bribe/suborn a scattered group of politicians that number in the thousands than having only 525 members of congress all in one convenient place. Start dismantling the power in Washington through state propostions.

A prime example is the Iraqi war. If war was only possible through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM, the war would not have happened. Instead we got a war because Evangelicals, Zionists and Neocon lobbies paid our leaders for their greedy goals.

Ariel Sharon Gone From Israels Political Landscape

Hopefully in time most of the Israeli-occupied lands will follow his lead and Palestine will be re-established. Sharon is hailed as a key leader in Israels war of independence in 1948. But in fact the U.N. in a rigged vote in 1947-a year before the war- partioned Palestine and established the state of Israel. It was like fixing the score and the winner of a ball game before it is played. Doesn't it sound so like the Israeli lobby!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lobbies and America's Congress

There are 33,000 registered lobbyists in Washington versus members of Congress who number only 525. Who do you think runs America?