Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Motion Picture "Milk" & Sean Penn

The straight, white guy Sean Penn was in San Francisco last night. He was celebrating the world premiere of "Milk" at the Castro Theater. Penn played the part of the slain homosexual activist Harvey Milk. How straight is Penn? Well he actually married Madonna. Now that's gratitude . But it certainly wasn't customary. When Madonna finally caught her breath she divorced him and went on to bigger and better with the NBA. She also earned her own personal homosexual credentials along the way.

Mayor Newsom was there pressing the flesh. There was talk of maybe using a shirt sleeve to trick Newski into getting more than he bargained for. But best not to compromise Gav who is the"go to guy" when human evolution needs to be turned on its head.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wall Street Journal: Out Of Touch

Sinclair Lewis' character Elmer Gantry said, " I know there is a god because I've met the devil". Which makes me think about the Wall Street Journal. First, the name misses. More acurately it should be titled the Wall Street Urinal because of its pissing on the "better angels" of our culture. For example , today the lead editorial cheers our former Yale cheerleader Bush for the U.S. commando strike inside Syria. Never mind that we are losing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan let's double down and get in a hot war with Syria also.

I think the Urinal is out of touch. The old Wall Street mantra is that "war is good for business". That may be a fact if you win the war. But losing wars is not good for business.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Money For Mexico ?

Our very own insect/alien, Secretary of State Condi Rice just told Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, " ...that the $400 million for Mexico's drug cartel wars is a priority with the United States". The American taxpayer money is for planes and police training. Planes, police training? Why can't the Mexicans fight the drug cartels hand to hand? They can work off their excess population and save us some bucks.

Mexico and a whole lot of other foreign aid parasites are going to learn how to live with less or no help from the U.S. .


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stock Market & Money & Master & Slave

The stock market cries , " More money, I need more money". It writhes like an addict for more liquidity. The former masters of the printing press now become the slaves to the wanton consumer philosophy. The masters which include the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government are slaves themselves to the commercial greed of Wall Street and the wasteful ways of many of the electorate so they dutifully pass out more "free from responsibility" placebos. Get a life jerks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How About a Slow And Local Nation?

Because it's the fate of the frivolous primate to relive unheeded history, how soon will the U.S. and the world reaquaint itself with the depths of another depression?

After the 1929 Crash and the subsequent 20% unemployment , the 1930 Smoot- Hawley Tariff Act was passed to create and save jobs for unemployed Americans. The Act raised tariffs on 20,000 imported goods. Business was against the legislation and over 1000 economists signed a petition urging President Herbert Hoover not to sign it. But he did and trade between the U.S. and others plunged 50% between 1930 and 1932 because other countries retaliated.

The prospects of a President Barack Obama pushing protectionism legislation through a rabid democratic Congress is certainly not farfetched. There are all kinds of policies that can kill jobs and exacerbate a financial downturn. Tax code and environmental policies attached to trade agreements can have the same effect as tariff increases. Of course a reduction in worldwide business activity would bring some benefits. The environment would have less destructive pressure put upon it. Also we here in America would have less melamine-laced pet and human food imported from the filthy Chinese.

A slow and local nation approach would bring relief from the dollar chase of of other peoples values.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wall Street Debacle: A Madame Defarge Moment

Madame Defarge smugly knitted while the guillotine decapitated the French aristocracy in Dicken's " A Tale of Two Cities". Likewise some of us indulge in schadenfreude as the " masters of the universe" on Wall Street are dying from a thousand financial cuts from the falling Dow Jones Averages. The peers of Wall Street like the nobility of France are and were the bigger losers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paul Krugman & Nobel Prize : Money For Free

"What goes around comes around".

And so the example set by wasteful governments of spending money foolishly over the years has trickled down into the private sector. Take the recent example of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. They administer the Nobel Prize every year. This year the Nobel Prize for Economics and its $1.4 million cash prize was awarded to Paul Krugman of Princeton University and he is also a N.Y.T. columnist.

Mr.Krugman's acclaimed thesis dealt with the reasons why people like to choose from a diversity of products . And also what determines where a manufacturing plant should be built. Krugman wrote thousands of pages since this 1979 brainstorm was posited by him.

Pardon me Paul, but wouldn't this rhetorical question about a desire for choice be more to the point, " Why does the chicken cross the road ? ". And concerning the optimum location of manufacturing plants, you should just recall what Bonnie and Clyde said why they robbed [went to ] banks. " Because that's where the money is !".

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cultural, Financial & Poor Semantics Bottom?

One thing good about hitting bottom is that the next vector is assuredly up. Hopefully The U.S. and world financial meltdown will usher in a more sane use of laws, money and words.

A sane use of laws and words would include more regulation of the financial markets. This would offset the criminal provisions of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act Of 2000. The Act allowed the constructive legal-criminal swindle by Wall Street investment banks via the Acts provision that " specifically banned regulation of credit default swaps" and "over-the-counter energy trades and trading on electronic energy commodity markets". The notion that the Act and its verbiage orders no regulation is somehow legal and a worthy piece of regulation is an oxymoron on its face. This Act led largely to the collapse of Wall Street and $147.00 oil . It endangers economies worldwide. Words do matter. Laws do matter. Political correctness and the misnamed Commidity Futures Modernization Act lead to the wrong conclusions.

The financial mess is welcome in some ways. Certainly there will be less or no money for wars of choice. Social problems that perpetuate dependence will have to be cut back and Washington has been exposed as more part of the problem rather than the solution. We need more states rights with taxes and individual behavior being more of a local affair.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg Wants More

One can take the kike out of his or her greedy culture in eastern Europe but one can't take the greedy culture out of the kike.

And so Mayor Bloomberg of New York City wants to roll back term limits in the City and spend a $100 million on another run for office. It's kind o' like he is reaching back for that expansive experience he felt at his bar mitzvah. Then he was told that he was a "son of divine law" and "chosen"for great things. Hey if laws have to be broken or ignored, Mike was on a "mission from god".

Mike needs peace more than another term as mayor. He should convert to another religion.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lessons From Afghanistan

The U.S. has been bombing and losing in Afghanistan since 2002. The terrain and social structure of that country is too much for ham-fisted invaders. The Afghanis can arguably be called a pure libertarian- modeled society. They have no central government and the tribal structure is self reliant and is bound together for mutual self defense on a modular scheme. The country is the low cost example of an efficient society. Afghanistan is known as the "graveyard of empires". To its credit it has subdued the likes of Alexander The Great, Ghengis Khan, the British Empire, the Soviet Union and now is having its way with NATO and U.S. forces.

If America is to survive it will have to become more like Afghanistan .

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Phoney Conservative Values

The poor conservatives are wringing their collective hands about the death of capitalism. The past weeks bailout and nationalization of greedy banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies are signs of the imminent demise of capiatlism as we know it in America.

The conservatives are pathetic. Where was their outrage when Lyndon Johnson launched the Great Society? That bundle of nonsense laws included the preposterous notion that all are equal and should have access to equal results in spite of the metaphysical truth that we are known by our differences and there are no guarantees about anything for anyone.

I'll tell you where the outrage was. It was stifled and exploited to money-making advantage. Deficit spending for costly social programs and wars of choice are great for business! But when the government starts nationalizing private enterprises and that threatens their phoney baloney jobs, well that something to scream about. Drop dead.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin & Biden "Love Israel": This Is Change ?

Last nights VP debate included only one issue which had unequivocal agreement. Sarah Palin remarked, "We both love Israel", following a similar declaration by Joe Biden.

What's to like? Well if that's what "change"still drags along, then there will be no "change" in policies that matter the most, namely peace and security for the U.S.. Because America doesn't have the military capability or the money to make the rogue state Israel acceptable among mostly civilized and mannered nations of the greater civilized world. The enclave of gangsters in the Jewish state should be ignored by the U.S. . The U.S. reponsibility for the Israeli ghetto only demonstrates an American low self esteem for its citizens. We are better than that.

When we get a candidate who promises, "I will ignore Israel", then there will be "change" in American politics.