Saturday, December 29, 2012

Liu Han :A Disgusting, Fat, Greedy Chinaman

Dinorsaurs were wiped out by a cosmic collision.They didn't know about those things. Today man is wiping itself off the planet by killing the planet in a personal way. It's kind of like sawing off a limb you are standing on some 300 feet off the ground. But the eager sawyer is on the wrong side of the cut.  What's more stupid is that the busy man with the blade knows what will happen does it anyway because there's profit for a short period in the exercise. The tree limb can be sold for profit! Dinosaurs were innocent victims of the colliding asteroid. Man is guilty of killing flora and fauna in the common areas. His own death will be welcome by many.

Which brings me to Liu Han. He's the 46 year gap-toothed ,pug-faced greedy Chinaman who runs Sichuan Hanlong Group . That's a smelly China- based natural resource extraction firm .Recent accounts of his conspicuous consumption style include dining on endangered species.For example, he would deprive a shark of its fin so he could stuff a squab with it. Meanwhile the shark either bleeds to death or can't navigate properly .The shark has died before Liu Han  can flush the toilet filled with decomposed shark fin. He wears mink coats that are from minks trapped in the wild. He refuses farmed mink. He also drives a Ferrari. Everyone knows that the Chinese can see well. But he drives a Ferrari around China's busy and crowded urban area.. I wonder if he has a special license? Maybe he has got a special drivers permit that allows him to run over and and maybe kill up to five random Chinese a day with no questions asked.

Fatso Liu Han is now doing business in Eureka, Nevada. No doubt he got permission to blow the top off of Mount Hope in search of molybdenum from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Jobs for locals and an envelope for dear Harry. Liu Han along with many others like him around the world are a clear and present danger to all and that includes themselves.The time for legal remedies may be over.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jesus Was Jewish

Jesus was born a Jew. He had a bar mitzvah which made him a "son of divine law". That along with his Jewish mothers brow beating about achieving success at any cost  were all the ingredients for him to make his way in the world. And the rest is history. He then went on to claim to be the son of god. Could it have been any other way? I mean a Jew claiming to be the son of god? I remember the hippies at the University of California in Berkeley. Many of the more righteous and also the more smelly were also Jewish. They claimed to know the truth of things and only through their guidance people would be freed from what bothers them. They were wrong also.

Currency Wars Lead To Trade Wars Lead To World Wide Depression

Today the incoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe followed through on his campaign promise to reflate the Japanese economy. He directed the Bank Of Japan to reach 2% inflation in the countries stagnant economy. Two percent does't sound very high? Fact is Japans inflation doesn't exist. Fact is the latest reading is -.4% So from there to 2% probably won't happen But it got him and his party elected and that's what he wanted.. During his campaign he pointed out that the  U.S. and the European Union's printing of money was the main problem for Japan's economic woes. The debased currencies of dollar and Euro were edging out Japan in the market place. Since most every major country in the world have similar products, it may come to just cost of goods and services as the deal maker or breaker.And that means relative currency valuations win the business. Trade has become a zero sum proposition There is just so many people and just so much discretionary income. ERGO .Gentlemen, start your printing presses.

And if cheap money doesn't do the trick? Then the next move by governments will be trade protection laws. That will lead to a contraction in global business and will force layoffs around the planet. Then the odds favor a depression and maybe a war being declared by the major economic powers to really generate business and instill brand loyality and to direct irate voter attention to foreigners and away from the local centarl governments.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who Is Buying Stocks? Why Is The Market So High?

Who's buying stocks? Why is market so high? Maybe it has something to do with the increase of high frequency trading.Official SEC tallies of exchange volumes has high frequency trading making up 70% of daily volume.This is by definition not investment funds. The HFT computers parse pennies millions of times to front run other computers doing HFT  front running etc ad naseum. But there is another player. It's is the human day trader. He or she add another layer of high speed trading done the old fashion way. I.E. They do it by hand. In the news today, the SEC fined Peter Beck and his associate Charles Kim $250,000 each for failure to supervise their 5000 traders that work at  Swift Trade which is based in Toronto. The fine was failure to stop their stable of traders who range from Romania to New York from entering into conspiracies to "layer trades". Simply "layering" is an euphemism for "front running" . They collude to manipulate stocks . Swift Trade isn't the only day trading firm.So the 5000 day trders at Swift are multiplied by many more counterparts around the globe. The volume that all of them generate must make up a significant prtion of the 30% that computers don't do on a daily basis.

Could the extended levels of the Dow Jones and the S&P be the outcome of manipulation by here today gone tomorrow day traders?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

S&P Earnings? What Is Real ?

Most all market pundits say the S & P is fairly valued to somewhat cheap. Aside from the fact that these same pundits make their living from recommending shares for purchase, do they know what the words "fair valued" and "somewhat cheap" really mean when the earnings of S& P companies are put in todays unreal context?
I have one question for this collective group. What are the earnings of S & P companies if the Fed wasn't buying one trillion of  treasuries or mortgage backed securities per year along with the one trillion that congress spends per year that it doesn't have?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guns or Violent Videos: Which Is The More To Blame?

Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado massacres both featured assailants dressed in military garb using automatic weapons that were easily obtained. Easily obtained guns were obviously.a sine qua non component of the tragedies. But why were both killers in military uniforms? That didn't help them kill. Guns by themselves are blameless. Blame is on the user. It's a fact that mass murders can be carried out by other means. E.G. explosives, fires, toxic gasses, mass killings caused by sabotaged vessels etc. The military clothes suggest a role playing. Could the easily available violent video game which features uniformed combatants be the true source of violent behavior in our society? Parents routinely give children hand held devices with brutal videos as a cheap baby sitting surrogate. It turns out this alternative may not be so cheap after all..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

U.S Army: Why We Lose

Why hasn't America won a war since 1945? There are many reasons. Probably the most important reason is that subsequent to World War II, the wars were chosen. Consequently the mission was dubious. Ergo the will to win by the participating "boots on the ground" was not as strong. Why lose limbs or life for this preening politicians and blood thirsty generals war? There is an example that serves as a metaphor . The average infantryman in WW II had a rifle and 30 pounds of gear when he was in combat. It cost about $200.00 in total . Today our infantrymen in Afghanistan carry a rifle and 110 pounds of gear! Forget mobility. Forget running. Forget trotting. AND WE WEAR A UNIFORM. But our adversaries in Afghanistan DO NOT WEAR A UNIFORM. And in some cases have dinner at home . Then they grab their rifle. Kiss the mrs.  Put on civilian clothes and walk out the door . The Afghans know who the target is. We don't know until an explosion or a shot is fired. And that's too late. Why has this obvious disadvantage to the local Taliban and Afghans been allowed to continue ?

Here's a fact that may point to the answer. The cost of the full outfitting of one U.S. soldier is $ 24,000.00.
Do you think we have wars to make the military-industrial happy and wealthy?  I believe we do,

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Source of Chaos? :Technology & Fiat Money !

Ever wonder why life is getting more and more challenging? Maybe it's because new challenges come faster and are more complex then heretofore. Why is that? Well, technology has afforded more options of experimentation and implimentation. Many things are done because they can be done not because they should be done. And fiat money has made those options affordable. Any negative or unexpected results from these brave new world experiments is addressed by more fiat money and more evolutionary technology and so forth and so on....

Technology that is squared by fiat money equals chaos. Or , Technology multiplied by fiat money equals constant change which defines chaos. Simplify. Use less tools less and barter.