Friday, April 10, 2015

Who Will Protect America From Zionists?

When the United States has killed or neutralized all of Israel's enemies who will protect America from the Zionists? Actually Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are de facto allies of U.S.because Israel is greater threat to us.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Prayer For World Health Day: Please Send An Asteroid

Praying for an asteroid to hit China and bounce into India could be good for the health of the world.Between them that would marginalize over 2 billion people.It would be like making the 7/10 in bowling or a hole-in-one but Jesus could do it.He didn't mention birth control while on the planet but this could be a catch up move.Considering the plummeting flora and fauna and the past extinctions maybe the only hope is the long shot!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Ellen Pao: Why Is She Upset?

Poor Ellen Pao to hear her tell the story. Kleiner Perkins may have saved her from a life of plucking chickens or worse of being a sex slave. Significant mainland Chinese women end up that way.But she was lucky. Her Chinese immigrant parents dropped her in America and presto she's a citizen and she's also a female activist with attitude.Her attitude is whatever I have got is necessarily not enough.Maybe Kleiner should fess up with the truth. They should tell her one signifcicant reason why she was hired in the first place was to fulfill unofficial quota requirements . She covered that with her Chinese -female bona fides. Don't like it here Ellen? Go home.