Sunday, May 31, 2020


Deoxynbonucleic Acid. DNA for short. The fifteen letter word basically is long for acid . Acid is corrosive . DNA is in all living things. In short the acid organizes our life styles.It combines and recombines and interacts with other organisms that also combine and recombines. The net of this is necessarily not pretty.We eat. Necessarily that equates to culling and eliminating other organisms. Sometimes we get culled and consumed while trying . Nothing is for sure. Change is inevitable.With acid as a basis in our DNA, we as a species and in the greater metaphysics are inherently unstable. Because if acid is anything it is certainly corrosive. Corrosive by definition changes things and is changed. That's why we riot.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Catching up on last nights rioting score card showed quite a few drivers of automobiles who were trapped by protestors accelerating and "running the protestors down".All cars were in the streets where they should be . The "run down " protestors were in the street also instead of being on the sidewalks where they should be .What would I do if protestors advanced toward my vehicle in a menacing way? I would get the hell out of the area as fast as possible. So somebody might get injured? It's either them or me.It's not going to be me if I can help it. Looks like vigilantes may be reemerging in this free for all lawless environment.Sounds like a sound self defense tactic. A business opportunity could be investing in a 24/7 car wash when you need to destroy DNA evidence.