Friday, February 14, 2014

Willie L Brown Jr Bridge Sign: Don't Blink Or You Will Miss The Sign

Controversial African-American former politician Willie L Brown Jr got part of the Oakland Bay Bridge named for him. The racist organization NAACP was the instigator and paid for the sign.  It was Black History Month and the NAACP and Willie wanted to gloat. The price to gloat was $6500  for the sign. Too much by the looks of it. It was six feet long by two feet wide. A comparison would be two ping pong paddles tall and three paddles wide. It will be screwed as per Willies SOP to the bridge superstructure.But at sixty miles an hour most will miss it. The sign could have been smaller but Willie insisted on having Jr. displayed. He wanted people to know he knew his father. They said 500 people were invited. But the press coverage I saw looked more like ten people in folding chairs. Willie was in one of the chairs. The others comprised of seven blacks and two token multicultural reps. The highlight for me was Lt Governor Gavin Newsom's appearance on the podium. Governor Brown, no relation to Willie didn't attend. Actually he opposed the renaming of the bridge. But Gav was styling. He strutted behind the small podium and showed his profiles first left then right then back and then back again so many times one could forget the roar of traffic. Gavin's father spared the whip on Gavin. Maybe someday somebody will unload on this caricature. His over done posturing is inversely related to his actual talent. Willie is lucky. He was born black at the right time in America. Another time he would have been jailed, hung or ignored. But these days with affirmative action and political correctness Willie collects guilt bills from stupid whites and pisses on the culture as a bonus. Speaking of whites, Dan White missed nailing Willie when he entered former Mayor George Moscone's office when homosexual gadfly Supervisor Harvey Milk was present. White shot and killed both but Willie had just left moment before. Good break for Willie but not for us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mayor Ray Nagin: African-American Example Of Multiple Category Eligbility

Yesterday African-American, ex mayor Ray Nagin of Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans was found guilty of bribery and conspiracy in a $500,000 scheme with local N.O. contractors in the rebuilding of the city. He could spend 20 years in jail. I dare say he fits the description of many blacks in political office.  He was swept in by a wave of guilt over 18th century slavery. Affirmative action righteousness was the powerful sail that pushed blacks to the front of the regatta. The trouble is wind alone is enough. You have to steer the boat accurately and safely. As a captain he failed. He should have been in the galley swamping tables and doing dishes. But wait. Nagin in his new persona as jailed convicted thief becomes yet another cause celebre for the guilt peddlers . Nagin now will be added to the number of jailed blacks. And we all know what that means. Ray will retain his victim status. Vendors of guilt can't lose. But they could be defeated if if people just said "No sale".

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

High Frequency Trading Publishes False Prices & Hides Layering Conspiracy

High frequency trading firms are in the news today. A Wall Street Journal article features new laser tower technology attempts by HFT traders at getting price discovery closer to zero time elapsed. If these guys can afford this type of investments then it speaks volumes how much money is made from front running orders. HFT accounts for 50% of all trading volume on U.S. stock exchanges. Since the HFT firms are only a relative handful  in aggregate compared to the legitimate order- issuing investing community it follows that their documented 50% total of volume is by definition an illegal trust and self dealing criminal enterprise. And there is more. These roving de facto criminal traders who parse pennies to 4, 5 or more decimal points publish their trades only in round numbers. The layering of who is buying and selling in an effort to boost the price of the shares at  the expense of legitimate orders should be forensically dissected but is hidden by round number publishing. There must be at least two trading firms to walk a stock up or down. There are probably more than that so it is a far reaching racket. They are stealing right under the noses of the S.E.C. The false reporting round numbers  is cause for change , fines or jail time.