Sunday, December 31, 2006

AIPAC And The Conference Of Presidents Of Major Jewish Organizations: The Problems And The Final Solution

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations together control over 50 pro-Israel PACs across America. Why is this a problem? It's the reason why America has a lopsided support of Israel that defies logic . Israel has nuclear arms and an arrogant attitude that is bordering on suicidal. The 50 PACs allows the limits of election contributions to be exceeded by a factor of 50. Most of these PACs are purposely, deceptively named to avoid scrutiny. This effectively allows AIPAC and The Conference to contribute more than $500,000 to each of our 535 members of Congress in each election cycle. The math adds up to a staggering $ 250,000,000 that is dangled in front of our spineless politicians.

Also the U.S. gives Israel each year over 3 billion dollars gratis. This giveawy has been going on since Jimmy Carter's Camp David's Accords in the late 1970's. No doubt some of that grant money is laundered in Israel and returned to America for dispersal to Israeli friendly members of Congress.

Israel is a foreign country that is not a contributing ally to American interests in the Middle East. They are a negative . So what can be done? Israel should be regulated as other foreign countries now are. Israeli agents should not be free to roam the halls of Congress like some quasi-51st state lobbying their interests. Israel's lobbyists should be rounded-up and and registered as the foreign influence that they truely are.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Criminal Poor Judgement: Extinct Baiji Dolphin & Iraq War

This week saw the rarest of all dolphins, the baiji, declared " functionally extinct ". It had existed in the Yangtze River for the past 20 million years. But with the construction of Three Gorges Dam, the dolphin has not been seen since 2003. The hydroelectric dam provides electricity for a portion of the 1.3 billion Chinese that now ravage that part of China.

This week also saw the hanging execution of Saddam Hussein. So far that is the only dubious accomplishment that our country has gotten for it's 500 billion spent in the ravaging of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Poor judgement was used in both cases.The fact that a handful of dolphins were too much and had to be forced out of existence so 1.3 billion Chinese could " advance" their consumerism is a crime. The fact the U.S. spent 1/2 trillion dollars, killed or dislocated millions of Iraqis while killing or maiming tens of thousands of American soldiers in the pursuit of an illegal war is also a crime.

And what will the punishment be for these crimes? The Chinese in the end will meet the same fate of all overpopulated species-they will starve down to a more appropriate head count. And hopefully the architects of the criminal and illegal Iraqi war should meet a similar Hussein-type fate.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Barter: Live Efficiently And Survive

No species has survived that was not efficient or resourceful, i.e. the low cost producer of it's own needs. Relationships are more important than money and are cheaper. Therefore a barter system at the personal and worldwide level will prevail against all competing monetary schemes.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Critical Thinking & Political Correctness

What comes first, paralysis of critical thinking or political correctness ? In other words, does one have to learn to do and say dumb things or does it come naturally? Well anyone can do or say dumb things but they can learn from their mistakes. But with respect to political correctness, dumb deeds and mantras are taught, repeatedly enforced and become part of the culture.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Philosophy Of Military-Industrial Complex: In Growth We Trust

The military-industrial complex philosophy is, In Growth We Trust. This is self-evident. But because of the limits imposed by a smallish planet, the MIC necessarily needs to be proactive. Therefore they will be seen to first blow-up something then rebuild it.

The appetite of the MIC will grow larger. But correspondingly the reasons to blow-up something will become smaller.

Friday, December 22, 2006

What Was The "Forbidden Fruit"?

Was it an apple like the bible says or was it meat?

Charles Dickens had one of his characters, I believe, in Oliver Twist, say, " Don't give meat to children, it makes them aggressive and mean." In the animal world meat-eaters are cunning and aggressive. Sometimes too aggressive for their own good. They end up dead because they exceeded their limitations. In the animal world plant-eaters use memory as their best defense. They are less likely to exceed their limitations. So there are more of them.

Do We Need More Muslim, Islamic Influence In America's Congress ?

Yesterday Congressman Virgil Goode, VA.- R insulted first-ever Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison,MN.-D . Goode said, " many more Muslims will be elected [ and swear on the Koran] unless immigration is tightened."

Consider this. America is like no other country on the planet. It was founded by immigrants and since has extended an invitation to other immigrants to come to the U.S. Whether that is a sustainable immigration philosophy is another issue for another time. The fact is that America has become a microcosom of the earths demographic, but with one glaring exception. Muslims who make up app. 1/3 of world population are not proportionately represented. Notably America's biggest problem has been and is the Middle East which is the homeland of the Muslim/Islamic faith and its politics.

It's in America's long term interest to achieve peace in that region. Therefore more representation of Muslims in Congress will be an excellent non-violent way to further that goal.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Need Larger Military Or Smaller Goals?

President Bush yesterday called for a larger military. Gee George, why would anyone want to give you more resources for your failed policies?

No matter who is the next president, America doesn't need a larger military. It needs smaller goals on the world scene that can be attained by our good example in a non-violent way. Should war ever be necessary, the mechanism for consideration and response should lie with the eletorate. A simple majority-approved vote in a national referendum would satisfy. The executive and the legislative branches of governmaent are not trustworthy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush & Israeli Palestinian Policies Hit New Low

Bush and his Israeli handlers are not satisfied with the pace of the disintegration in Gaza . The constructive genocide by the Israelis and the world-wide economic embargo as enforced by U.S. leadership is not working as quickly as they had planned. So Bush et al have resorted to fomenting a civil war by picking and arming Fatah over the legally elected Hamas political party. Yes, Bush is now arming street fighters as a way to further American foreign policy as per the Zionists approved view.

So what happens when the American-backed Fatah starts to edge out lesser- equipped Hamas partisans? Look for suicide bombers to crop up. How will non-combatant Palestinians know how to stay out of the crossfire? No one wears uniforms.

Bush is leading America to another new low of what's left of U.S. standing in the world. And for what purpose? Israel? It's not worth it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Preemptive Wars Should Be Lost

Almost 4 years have passed since the invasion of Iraq. The unilateral descisions taken by Bush were a breach of U.N. protocols. Since the invasion, facts have emerged to substantiate the charge made by many that Bush's reasons and charges against Saddam Hussein,WMD, al-Qaeda connection, have been exposed as false and even fraudulently constructed.

In any circumstance, the war was and is a preemptive war. Also the policy of preemptive war initiated by Bush still exists in the U.S. . America should not have this policy. America should not win preemptive wars nor should any other aggressor nations, because that will only invite more war.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holocaust, Affirmative Action & Divine Right Of Kings

First there was the divine rights of kings and caesars. After those excesses came power-sharing with parliaments and legislators with a more sustainable governing paradigm. So much so that the British monarchy has become a rubber stamp for England's Parliament.

Then comes the inevitable excesses of demagoguery that markets guilt for perceived past injustices. This includes affirmative action to remedy slavery, reparations to Japanese for internment and the creation of Israel to pay for the Holocaust.

But there is a blowback and resistance by present-day people who resent being dunned for a guilt bill that they didn't run up. So for all who still want something for nothing, the party is coming to an end.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Melinda Gates: Mother Who Adopts Millions

There is a Chinese proverb, " When you save a life, you become responsible for that life." I doubt Melinda Gates, wife of Bill and the philosophical driving force of the Gates Foundation, knows of the proverbs implication. Because when Melinda and Bill spend billions on the prevention of death from, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis they have according to the proverb assumed responsibility for those saved lives.

The facts of life show that malnutrition kills more people worldwide than the 3 scourges put together. Malnutritution is a direct result of overpopulation. If the Gates Foundation really wants to make a long term improvement in world health, then they should spend resources on preventing births in the locales that cannot support further population growth.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why America Lost Iraq

Did you know that an American soldier's personal equipment costs $ 24,800.00 ? That's up from $ 7000.00 per soldier in 1999.

The typical Iraqi insurgent's equipment amounts to $200.00 for a Kalishnakov and $ 100.00 for an I.E.D.( improvised explosive device).

The American soldier is backed-up by helicopters, jets, tanks, humvees, artillery, drone aircrft, missles etc. These and the logistics of a 15,000 mile supply chain cost the U.S. app. $ 9 billion per month. And the U.S. is still losing. In a war it's not about the money spent that makes the difference between victory and defeat it's about determination. America has no legitimate reason for being in Iraq. On the other hand the Iraqis are the low-cost producers of war and are determined to live there without an occupier.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter: Gets No Respect From The New York Times

Today The New York Times' Best Seller list omitted Jimmy Carter's new book, " Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid". Amazon listed the book at #5; Barnes & Noble carried it #10; and the San Francisco Chronicle's Bay Area Best Seller List ( largest market in U.S.) listed the book at #2. What's up at the N.Y.T. ?

Maybe Jimmy stepped over the line. He had the courage to criticize the Israeli policy of constructive genocide against the Palestinians in his latest book. But he knows of what he speaks . He was the president who coaxed, some say bribed, Egypt to sign a peace treaty with Israel in the early '80s. Both countries still receive billions from America to be publically polite to each other. But what has Jimmy done for the Israeli zealots lately? So maybe The New York Times is refusing to acknowledge Carter's best selling book because of spite.

If this is true, then the paper should be more accurately titled The Jew York Times.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Israel's Apartheid Wall Invites Questions

Is the seperation wall to keep people out or keep people in? Do the Israelis agree with the historical consensus that they need to be segregated or do they segregate the Palestinians ?

Before there were the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others there were Zionists. Don't confuse the symptons for the cause.