Thursday, May 31, 2007

Immigration, Discrimination & Race-Based Caucus In Congress

A key element of the new immigration law that is being debated is putting policy back into immigration. This means that new applicants will be judged primarily on their skills that fit with U.S. needs and also their education. This is a dramatic shift from " family-based " immigration. This allowed immigration based simply of a family connection to a U.S. citizen.

I think this still leaves the jury out on whether America's experiment with multiculturism will work or endure. At last look, there are over 123 members of Congress that are members of race-based caucuses. They include 43 members of the Jewish Caucus, 43 members of the Black Caucus and 37 members of the Hispanic Caucus. Thst's roughly 1/4 of the Congress that has declared itself due for special treatment.

The Jewish Caucus stands out in it's outsized representation of a race. Their number include 13% or 13 Senators in that body. This compares with their meager 2% of U.S. population. One can see how America's dangerous and extravagant support of Israel springs from these Israel-first Senators and the support of the race-based lobby American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The Black Caucus is pushing for a formal U.S. apology and reparations for slavery. Yet Africans want to come to America freely in greater numbers than the slave era of the 17th century. They are lucky they are here.The Hispanic Caucus pushes for amnesty and relaxed immigration standards for the largely 12 million illegal Hispanics now in this country. Is this the way to honor the prized American citizenship?

All these caucuses practice race-based discrimination. They don't want to fit in. And why should they? Special interests politics in America have done very well by making a point of purposely not fitting in. These caucuses deserve to be treated with the same animosity that they hold towards the rest of America.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Money & The Military & Mean Mindless Monkeys

Consider this snapshot of U.S. foreign policy in the past 11 months.

In July, 2006, the U.S. gave military support to the Israelis when they bombed greater Lebanon. After the ceasefire, the U.S. continued to give military support to the Israelis in the now 60 year old Israeli/Palestinian conflict. But lately the U.S. has taken sides in the new Palestinian " unity " government. Now the U.S. is giving military support to Palestinian Fatah over Palestinian Hamas.

But wait there's more. Now the U.S. gives military support to the same Lebanese in their fight with the Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps. Of course this is all taking place in the context of U.S. involvement in the illegitimate Iraq war. Ironically the U.S. once supported militarily Iraq against Iran. Also in Afghanistan, the U.S. now kills the same people we in the past gave military support to in their regional fight with the Russians.

These policies and actions do not indicate a design for U.S. security and world peace. They more accurately reflect the actions of mean, mindless, military monkeys who are encouraged by military manufacturers in the pursuit of money to make mayhem.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Clinton's Kosovo & Bush's Iraq

The Kosovars are erecting a ten foot statue in honor of Bill Clinton, their " savior ". Europe needed American fire power in their action against Serbia's ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Albanians in the enclave of Kosovo. Clinton needed to get his name and Monica Lewinsky's name off the front page. And so America proceeded with a 68 day bombardment of Serbia which comprised a staggering 33,000 air sortees! Americans didn't care about Clinton's agressive preemptive war against a nation that did no harm to the U.S.

But certain people like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Elliot Abrahms and others noticed the apathy. Cheney was at Halliburton at that time and personally lobbied Clinton to let Halliburton set up the $ 500 million Camp Bondsteel that was an outsource contractor for the Kosovo action. Shortly thereafter The Project For The New American Century was founded by these same insiders excluding Clinton. They had a new business and philosophy- preemptive war as a path to empire. Bush was elected in 2000 and these same warmongers followed him or actually led him into the presidency. And now preemptive war is part of American culture.

War should not be in the hands of politicians. Only a NATIONAL REFERENDUM should authorize war.

Don't Support The Troops In Iraq

Looks like the war in Iraq is going to be funded through September without any withdrawal strings attached. So our bratty, moronic president won the politics but will continue to lose lives and the war, some commander in chief. Bush played the " support the troops" card. He dared the Congress to appear uncaring. Well I guess if most in America are like our moron president then he's correct. But the self-evident truth is the opposite. The election of 2006 sent a completely different message. I.E. GET OUT OF IRAQ.

" Support the troops" conjures up the situation of American troops in the field unable to return fire because they ran out of ammo. What B.S. If Congress overrode the presidential veto and forced a U.S. withdrawal, the commander in chief would be forced to give the order of an orderly retreat or be impeached. There would be time and ammo for this transition to play out.

DON'T SUPPORT THE TROOPS IN IRAQ. SUPPORT THE TROOPS IN AMERICA. This is where we need a strong militia.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Israeli Air Strikes Versus Suicide Bombers

Question: What is the difference between Israeli pilots in F-16s targeting militants/civilians and Palestinians suicide bombers?

Answer: The Israeli pilot is reusable.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Michael Bloomberg: Why & Why Not A Jewish President

Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg seems to be running for president. He's giving speeches about government policies across the country- Oklahoma and Texas included ! He has got the money, ambition and will be termed out of New York in 2009. New York City's budget this year will total $59 billion. That's more than several states combined. He's also Jewish.

Is America ready for a Jewish president? That is a cultural question. Culture springs from the geography of one's country. Jews have been without a homeland and a sustaining cultural base for thousands of years. They have been rountinely assimilated and rountinely expelled from many and varied countries in recorded history. But, America's diverse population is largely built on the outcasts of other countries. The culture of America is still a work in progress, seemingly defined by the last immigrant or special interest group.

But what makes America work is it's wealth. A lot of resentment, bias, dislike because of cultural differences can be smoothed over by a healthy economy and a regular pay check. So Bloomberg's control over New York's $59 billion makes sure that everyone gets a piece of the Big Apple. This includes the latest immigrant to the over paid City bureaucrat. Everyone must be happy. A Bloomberg presidency would almost guarentee a bloated, intrusive federal government

But what would happen if the money ran out in a severe recession or depression? Would the deep-seated, radical cultural roots assert themselves? And what are his feelings about Israel's security versus U.S. security? Could America be in more jeopardy because of a Jewish president's care for the rogue Jewish state?

Culture does count. Culture is more important than money. Countries based on culture last longer than cultures based on redistribution of wealth and intrusive governments. Culture is the low-cost producer of lasting relationships. The great struggle in America is all about trying to define a culture that has some limitations, shows some discrimination and is based on sustainable personal responsibility. With this in mind, Bloomberg would not really understand the presidential requirements.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Facts & Lies Of Israel's Creation

Tomorrow is May 14 and the 59th anniversary of Israel's Declaration of Independence declared on May 14, 1948. This anniversary date is more than a little misleading and redundant. Actually Israel was created by a rigged United Nation's vote to partition historic Palestine on November 29, 1947. So why the gap? Zionists didn't want to take any chances on their declaration of independence that was to follow so they made sure they would have a nation by order of the United Nations even if they lost the war.

Over 750,000 Palestinians were either killed, forceably removed or intimidated to leave by the de facto genocide effected by the Zionists in 1948. Consequently the Palestinians commorate May 15, 1948 as Nakba (catastrophe) Day. President Harry Truman with the help of super- Zionist Bernard Baruch led a blackmail-type intimidation of at least 5 nations to get the required majority U.N. vote for the partition of Palestine. These countries included France, Philippines, Haiti, Greece and Liberia. Other interesting facts are also covered in the book " O' Jerusalem" written by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.

And so the great land grab by Israel has become more costly every year and has made the bill that the U.S. must pay ever greater. And for what benefit to the American people?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

YouTube Documentary:Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky

The 2008 presidential race has started. These times bring the best and worse out of candidates and their supporters. Last election saw non-profits attacking John Kerry's Viet Nam experience. And Dan Rather lost his job at for-profit CBS for his misplced exuberance over what turned out to be faulty data on George Bush's National Guard experience.

Recently Bill Clinton, potential First Gentleman, was interviewed about this perspective role. His coy, dutiful, boyish-oh shucks manner in his answer reminded me of the total fraud he was and still is. Hillary is just as bad. The fact she still is married to this Ozark's Caligula speaks volumes of the filth she is accustomed to. So in the interest of the public service, how about a documentary to refresh peoples memories of the Clinton's collective lack of judgement? And it would all be true.

The venue would be YouTube, the script would be the depostion given by Monica Lewinsky to Special Whitewater Prosecutor Kenneth Starr. The props would be few: a mock-up of the Oval Office; a cigar; herpes look alike make-up; a blue dress; a sink etc. The style could be porno or dramatic or my favorite, a campy send up with additional dialogue relating to Bill telling about details of his private and business life .

Pope Benedict XVI In Brazil: Notices Some Missing

Pope Benedict arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday and from the safety of his armored vehicle was greeted by hundreds of thousands. Prior to his landing, he issued an excommunication judgement on officials in Mexico City which recently liberalised abortion in that city. The statement was also an oblique attack/comment on Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva recent public musings about his own positive feelings about liberalising abortion in Brazil.

How can the Pope visit literally millions of people and only think about and notice the ones who are missing because of abortion? Maybe when one lives in the splenders of ancient Rome and drives around in high security one might lose touch. The Pope should leave his armored vehicle and press the flesh and smell the crowds and really get the flavor of what overpopulation is all about.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Smell Of Burning Wolfowitz

There is a line in Coppola's "Apocalypse Now"spoken by Robert Duvall's character, Lt.Col Bill Kilgore. He says, " I love the smell of burning napalm in the morning, it smells like victory".

And so the quasi-burning at the stake of Paul Wolfowitz continues very publically with less and less of the disappearing Wolfy to feed the flames. It's not pretty. But Wolfy is not pretty, nor were his machinations at the Pentagon pretty. His ethical lapse at the World Bank is secondary to his ethical lapses with regard to lying about Hussein and Iraq's WMD/Al Qaeda connection. Also he had a significant hand in 2 fateful decisions. One was the disbanding of the Iraqi Army and the other was the de-Baathification process in post-invasion Iraq. His cumulative actions along with others have caused millions to suffer and die.

There is something to be said for bias and prejudice and ostracisim. Wolfy should be shunned and insulted when possible. Civility should be reserved for honest well-meaning people of society. Peer pressure against the likes of Wolfowitz is appropriate and a useful social weapon.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

King Herod & Roman Empire: Full Circle?

King Herod was the puppet, Jewish monarch for the Roman empire about 40 B.C. Israeli archeologists claimed they unearthed his tomb recently.

The ironies of history never fail to confound. I.E. what's left of the magnificent Roman Empire as represented by the U.S. has gone full circle with what's left of the culturally- impaired Israelis ! Now the U.S. takes its instructions from AIPAC. Julius Caesar would be livid.

Chinese Disease,Environmental Pollution And America's Democracy

One has to wonder about America's continual refining and broadening of it's civil rights laws. The entitlements and set-asides of our democracy seem to be defined by the last immigrant or the last- discovered special interest group. Is this sustainable? Consider our relationship with the Chinese. With each new costly civil rights benefit, a proportionate number of jobs are outsourced to the Chinese low-cost, slave producer who couldn't care less about civil rights. We need China's workforce for a large part of our democracy to work.

But there is a downside with dealing with China. Just shaking hands on a new business deal may bring contact with disease. Remember SARS ? How about the Avian Flu? The Asian Flu? What about the recent toxic melamine in pet food that caused the known death of 4000 beloved cats and dogs? Today there are reports that pigs in China are bleeding from leisons all over their bodies and dying. Some Chinese are dumping the bodies into the rivers and thus making the disease mobile. Oh yes, there are only 1000 Pandas in the wild and a few months ago the 20 million year- old Baiji dolphin went extinct in the polluted Yangtze River.

The pigs, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, wild life are dying in China. And now the skies are turning black from the pollution of the newly arrived industrial revolution.Yet the Chinese population is at a record 1.3 billion. It would suggest that the Chinese exposure to filth and bad environmental policies have built up a tolerance and immunity.

But we in America are not immune from their filth and their now exported environmental airborn pollutions. It's long overdue to examine our civil rights laws effect on creating unwanted environmental fallout elsewhere.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gates Foundation: Endangered Species Grant Request

According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website, the Foundation's focus is " Guided by the belief that every life has equal value....". That may be but we are known by our differences. And some of those different lives are other species. And some of those species are threatened with extinction. Here are some: Northern Spotted Owl, only 5000; Black-Footed Ferret, 700; Sonoran Pronghorn, 300; Whoping Crane, 300;Florida Manatee, 3300 and so on. Yet after a perusal of the website, I see no mention of efforts to protect, nurture and bring back animal life that is closer to home.

Instead the main areas of interest center on the 800 million population of sub-Saharan Africa. No threat of extinction in those numbers. On the contrary, birth control would be more helpful to the tragic cycle that exists. Hey Bill and Melinda, how about some help for truly threatened species here at home?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Will Jail Time Help Paris Hilton's Character?

Poor Paris Hilton, her bon vivant days now end with a June 5, 45 day County jail sentence for probation violation related to a reckless-driving charge. Well, easy come easy go. First, her gold-plated name was not her idea and secondly her internet-released sex scence was not her idea also. But both events launched her sucessful public persona so much that she could afford a fawning- Jewish spokeman/legal liason, Elliot Mintz, to interface between Paris and her attorneys. He earned his salary by telling Paris she could drive when her probation specifically disallowed it. But Ms. Hilton at age 26 should have known better.

But something good for Paris' character may come from this legal fiasco. Now with reality firmly in control of her immediate future in the form of a 8 x 12 cell, she may be ready for some Hollywood dramatic roles or at least dramatic commercials.