Saturday, May 28, 2011

New England Fishing Bad Judgment: Endangered Tuna Fails Democratic Equality Test

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in 2009 the New England fishermen reaped only $13 million from the fishing of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna. But that meager sum was enough to deny an "endangered" listing to the Tiger of the Sea. That's in spite of the fact that Blue Fin numbers have plummeted over 80% since the 1970's. If that's not an endangered indication ,then what is?

Senator Olympia Snowe  (R. Maine) commented, "Such a [endangerd] listing would have unilaterally penalized U.S. fishermen." Oh! So it's a democratic, equality thing? Well, that is supposed to stop all controversy isn't it? Well fuck you Snowe. And fuck all the stupid fishermen  and their families who don't know when to stop or slow down. These fish are more important then the fishermen. And until we can make better judgments about other species then we will go through one species at a time until we are the only species left . And then we will eradicate each other.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Humane Final Solution for Israel

Israel's Prime Minister B. Netanyahu is in town to talk to his stooge and our President B. Obama. It's no secret that the Israeli/Jewish lobby owns our congress and executive branch. Who they don't own outright in our government they can lease almost in perpituity by spending the app. $2 billion annual income raised by various Jewish/Israeli political action groups of ALL stripes. I know of one that is named Northern California Development. But it really is cover for laundered Israeli influence funds. I suspect that it gets some of the money from recycled U.S. grants to Israel. That's right. We send the money to Israel then it gets laundered and comes back as congressional campaign contributions! What hutzpah. But that's the kind of sleaze that got these people killed in the past in all times zones across the planet throughout history.

In the interest of preventing another world war, I suggest that Israel be disarmed and made a theme park. If 6 million Jews can live in Manhattan then Israel's 6 million Jews can live in smaller quarters. And they can still sell tickets to the local attractions. That will free up space to let the rightful Palestinian owners who are scattered about to return.

Linkedin:Technology & Money for Monkeys

Linkedin's IPO was a staggering success. It came at $45 and closed at $94! That closing price values the company at app. $8.5 billion. The companies provides a platform for "hiring solutions". While the companies service shortens the discovery process for locating needed talent, it also adds another ingredient to lifes swirling paradigm of humans a.k.a. monkeys .


Just look around.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Navy Ship Named for Cesar Chavez:Liberals Resent Tradition

What's next? Well starting from a navy ship named after the late United Farm Worker co-founder Cesar Chavez, who could possibly guess? A 41,000 ton , 689 feet long supply ship in the T-AKE Class was recently christened USS Cesar Chavez. Say what? Yes, to hell with Navy tradition. The liberal cancer has spread and has taken the form of a non sequitor U.S. Navy ship being named after a Mexican field worker/labor organizer of the 1970s.

Why did this happen? Simply liberals can't stand tradition. If they can piss on our historic roots and customs, then they can form new political bases and have the power and the money that goes with them. It's the same as revising or changing history. California's Zionist Senator Barbara Boxer who originally hails from New York thinks the Chavez ship is an excellent idea. Historically most Zionist/Jews in politics piss on the culture so they can feel comfortable while they are staying in their targeted country for a short time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can We Have Skype & iPhones & Media Romantic Moments?

Microsoft announced it bought money-losing Skype for $8 billion. That's not the way Alexander Graham Bell started. CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft was trying to be gushingly happy about the marriage. But what does an overworked, dull dog geek know about communications at the personal level? Sure Skype has 170,000,000 users but that didn't stop Apple or Google from dominating personal communicators in spite of Skypes lead. No it's not about stuff it's about seamless personal comfort when using the stuff.

Sorry Steve but not all the players in communcation devices will succeed. And why should they. It turns out that for every talk-happy user of hand held devices there are many voyeurs who like to watch and listen. Whether its Facebook or Twitter or private conversations there are predators in many forms. Some are scavengers for information that can be resold. Some are sexual creeps who are looking for gratification at a base level or criminal level. In either case the hapless user may regret being open and gabby. Privacy seems to be a personal no mans zone. Avoid privacy says Steve Jobs. Avoid privacy says the baby faced pair at Google. And now Steve Ballmer convincingly joins the anti-privacy movement. Who would want to confide in Steve Ballmer?

With privacy slipping away one of the casualties will be romanticism. Romantics by definition avoid public glare. Romanticism has been replaced with light or heavy pornography in all its forms.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Osama bin Laden Computer Hard Drives, Pokerstars & Possible CIA Cover Up

Almost three months ago on February 10, 2011, Barry's New Conversations did a cheeky philosophical speculation about bin Laden and/or his aids playing Texas hold'em on online poker site. Well it turned out to be accurate. On April 15, 2011 Pokerstars was shut down by the Feds. The persistent rumors have the trusted courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwati, to bin Laden as a frequent online poker player on Pokerstars web site. The feds got info from Pokerstar executive Australian Daniel Tzvetkoff about the whereabouts of bin Laden's poker playing courier that led to the safe house in Abbottabad. The rest is history.

Besides the death of OBL , the C.I.A netted his computer and stacks of hard drives. The C.I.A. should go public with all the information on the drives before the concerned people in the al Qaeda web can adjust and go undergound in another venue. But I don't think that will happen because I suspect that many names on bin Laden's hard drives would be embarrassing to the C.I.A. and others who one would not associate with OBL's circle intimately or obliquely.

Whether it be poker or terrorism, the C.I.A. can play both.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Real News, Fake News & Non News

News, news, news around the clock, around the world and then around and around again and again. Volumes of news and noise of news but is it really newsworthy? How much "news" is really fake or non news only different in the names that are used? That's tiresome time badly spent. Working in ones garden would be infinitely better.

President Obama is headed to Ground Zero in New York this Thursday. He will say something to the effect that OBL is dead, we all got revenge and the world is a safer place. That's not news in the sense that Obama is informing uniquely. He could have stayed in D.C. and kept his mouth shut and saved New Yorkers and tax payers traffic jams and money respectively. Now real news would have Obama issue a short statement through his press secretary that he did some math about the cost of killing bin Laden. And he has concluded that all things considered we didn't get our moneys worth. A cheaper way of fighting terrorists would be to have better foreign policies. I.E. remember that people in foreign countries have to live there long after presidential election cycles have been concluded. And if Pakistanis want the Taliban for friends, who can argue taste? Therefore as commander in chief of the armed forces he has issued an order for all U.S. troops around the world to stand down . The troops will come home and work on long neglected and badly needed infrastructure projects. Now that would be real news.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Double Feature:Osama bin Laden Death Film & Israel PM Netanyahu Address to Congress

To show the Osama bin Laden killing film or not to show the film? That is the question? Whether it is nobler to refrain or to indulge in one more act of bad taste? After ten years , app. $ 1 trillion spent, countless thousand dead, ecosystems turned into wastelands all for one guy. I wouldn't have liked to witness that real-time killing in the Situation Room. That will haunt those politicians. Because they know they have been bought by the lobbies to carry out money making wars. Better policies would be cheaper. Our government is the best that money can buy.

Speaking of better policies. How about dumping Israel? Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is giving an address to a joint session of our congress next month. How's that for media message timing to perpetuate the perception of Israeli control of our foreign policy and by extension the killing of bin Laden? The Jews must think we're stupid. First we call Jesus, a Jew, the son of god. But -the Jews thought him a irreverant hippy. One Zionist told me that Mary was actually expecting a girl. Next we fight World War II partly on their behalf. And now we are engaged in fighting app. 1 billion Muslims so the Zionists can live on stolen land in occupied Palestine. The Jewish lobby annully raises over $2 billion. Its largely spent in the U.S. bribing our members of congress to act on Zionist schemes. Seventy other countries are also receivers of Israeli influence peddling.

How much of that $2 billion is recycled U.S. annual grant aid to to Israel?

Monday, May 02, 2011

Misanthropes News Roundup; It's Going to Get Worse

The Wall Street Journal carries an article that Africa now has a middle class of approximately 313 million. They're buying appiliaces, TVs , cars, disposable items that are packed in throw away packaging. Where's away? They are being added to the recently launced 1.2 billion Chineese middle class who are munching and defecating their way through the planets natural wealth.

Another article last week in the New York Times calculated that the total value of financial derivatives in play is app. $584 trillion! Some prospective would compare that figure with the app. $ 20 trillion value of all real estate in the U.S. In other words, not only have we bet all houses on the outcome of Wall Street bets on stocks through commodites and including payouts on life insurance settlements but we have leveraged the structures app 30 to 1. What could possibly go right with that bet? Commodity price surges have accounted for the riots around the world. Wall Street speculators have contributed to poverty and starvation. You see, when poor people buy wheat or gas, they buy it for one day and pay cash. But when Wall Street "investment" banks and speculators buy wheat or gas, they buy the product of entire fields for months and years to come. AND they buy it on as little as 5% margin.

Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday. Good riddance. But George W. Bush wont get indicted. Actually the little mean spirited moron is still alive, writing books and giving speeches. To recap, the latest news for misanthropes is pretty bleak. But this news does bring new converts to the ranks. Ah well, flu season is coming.