Sunday, April 30, 2017

Skateboarding In San Francisco

Yesterday while driving on Bush St near Grant Avenue in San Francisco an interesting entertainment occurred. Bush St there is fairly steep. It's also a crowded street of cars and many people in crosswalks.So I'm driving about 25 MPH. A skateboarder passes me!He is swerving from lane to lane as to mitigate his speed. There are no brakes on skateboards. While swerving he's filming with a hand held iPhone.His brain darting from photo taking and navigating the streets ambient traffic along with controlling his speed invites my speculation when he will fall. This is San Francisco and has more attorneys in the Yellow Pages than anything else certainly individually and many other categories combined. I don't want to run over him. Because he is certainly worth more dead to his surviving relatives and acquaintances than alive.To slow his speed to a stop with a fast approaching crowded intersection he must slow down dramatically. To this purpose he lurches his skate board to the left at an almost 45 degree angle. And then back to the right at a similar steep perpendicular angle. He's about 5'8" and weighs app 170 pounds.So the effective weight as per weight multiplied by speed is considerable. Particularly when the skate underpinnings weren't meant for such torque on a crumbly pavement. But he made it. Just in time to exit the street via a handicap ramp in place on the sidewalk.Could be prophetic.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Facebook Spaces: One Generation Phenomenon

Mark Zuckerberg presents Facebook Spaces. Enabled by virtual reality headset/software Oculus which is owned by Facebook.Tired of your day to day life? Oculus will transport you any where. Join friends at any destination. Only your imagination will limit possible spots on the globe to visit. Although this could be a one generation phenomenon. Because if Facebook Spaces is as successful as Zuck is saying then this generation maybe the only one to have experienced real world locales. Obviously subsequent Facebook Spaces devotees will have limited and more limited real life experience to refer to in memory. So where will they go? What will they think? Who will they vote for?Maybe that's where Zuckerberg wants his followers. The smallest of pied pipers will then become the ultimate quasi drug dealer. Selling addictive fantasies on Oculus devices.And maybe running for office. I can see it now. Zuckerberg's face on Mount Rushmore. Brought to you by Facebook Spaces and Oculus.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Afghanistan MOAB: Generals Sacrifice

Little did any one expect there was yet another bomb target in Afghanistan.After fifteen years of a lost war that began with the beginning of the war we dropped the MOAB.The acronym represents "Mother of all bombs". Please note yet another acronym. Our military barbarians can barely speak in compelling prose so they have come up with an abundance of acronyms that they can easily grunt.The specs on the MOAB include: Boeing made, 30 feet long, weighs 21000 pounds,satilite guided, deployed by parachute, detonates 6 feet above the ground with a 1 mile radius impact which includes hundreds of feet below the surface destruction.The target was branded as an ISIS tunnel city. No doubt any one that lives in a cave/tunnel city is by definition a throw away person. So instead of spending the $300 million development costs own our own infrastructure we choose this monstrosity. By the way the insects, reptiles , flora and fauna that were collateral damage along with the throw away people must be tallied as innocents lost to posturing generals at the pentagon. Posturing didn't help Alexander The Great. Nor Genghis Khan nor British Empire, nor Soviet Union, nor Nato who have mostly left years ago. Nor will it help struggling America in its quest for respect on the world scene. To hear the generals sum up the box scores of the aftermath of MOABS brief day in the sun it was successful. Success is measured by killing throw away people in their own meager country?But generals want peace they claim.And they claim persistence in that quest.Well. If sincere why don't they draw straws and strap one general onto one MOAB at a time to prove their sincerity.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Portland City Council Vows Poverty?

April 6 in Portland ,Oregon saw the vote of the city council to end all investments in corporations.Their grief toward for- profit prisons, military-industrial-complex organizations, racial injustice companies etc et al was so far reaching that the list that was OK to invest in was reduced to a Shake Shack franchisee who donated all profits to keep street people in enough money to buy weed and water.Fact is that even Portlanders need city services.Question. Will Portland stop taxing residents who may work for corporations who are on the socially unacceptable list? Old hippies never die their legislation just goes on.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Neil Gorsuch And Nuclear Option

Neil Gorsuch will be a member of the Supreme Court. Republicans couldn't stop the filibuster by democrats today. So a simple majority vote to confirm Gorsuch will be taken tomorrow. Democrats will use the nuclear option in the future. God forbid. But with the speed of devolution by the progressives they will use the nuclear option to confirm Whoopi Goldberg or some one worse to the Supreme Court.I might think at that near time in the future that Whoopi is actually the best of the lot that the liberals are considering. To hear Whoopi tell her background's story her heritage included a palace made of drift wood and a great recipe for termite soufflé.God. How did we all get here? Repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would be my suggestion to roll back this insanity.We are not all equal. We are known by our differences.