Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Shape Of Water: Hollywood Out Of Closet And Mind

Oscars nominees are posted today. Leading the pack is " Shape Of Water " with 13 nominations- including Best Picture and Best Director. It has everything a progressive agenda would wish for--including ground breaking beastialitality. That's right folks.Come see the tender caring mute white woman reach out embrace and have sex with a look alike creature from the black lagoon in a bath tub in her apartment.Disclaimer. I didn't see the movie. I only read synopsis. I won't be seeing the film.The rest of the cast includes gay man, african american women who cares deeply about the odd couple and requisite callous white men. And a Mexican born director writer. Could it get anymore gushing ?Why shouldn't Hollywood push this new relationship possibility? Last year saw the first transgender nomination and win! What's next?I think there's a short connection between progressives in Hollywood and Democratic party bosses platform strategies. I also think trannies and now beastialitaly have something to do with progressives doing so badly at the polls.Fine with me.P.S. Romantic lead beast looks to be OK compared to rapist Harvey Weinstein or degenerate Woody Allen.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Vs, Politicians

Consumer Electronics were on display in Las Vegas recently.Nvidia announced deals with Volkswagen and Uber to develop self driving cabs and cars.Lets cut to it. If I'm going to be driven around Bay Area traffic by a self driving car why not replace my politicians with non human AI programed computers?If I trust no one in the front seat certainly I would trust an AI non human in Sacramento or D.C. more than the clowns and perverts and morons that have been dished up as leaders of our republic.The non human AI computer would be programmed By IBM's Watson Division. Advice. Next election write in Non human AI computer for any office available on the ballot.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Cryptocurrencies Vs Quantitative Tightening

The Federal Reserve is implementing its well advertised shrinking of its $ 4.5 trillion balance sheet.At the moment the fed's drain amounts to approximately $ 20 billion per month.At the same time cryptocurrencies of all possible descriptions and functions are expanding their market cap at a faster rate. Lately a new normal month shows crypto's growing $ 100 billion in a month!Looks like a high noon event is shaping up. Will inflation result? Will the demise of the federal reserve and by extension other central banks result? Or will both learn how to coexist? Cryptocurrencies definitely have the appeal of potentially obviating government as we know it. For instance why pay taxes and fund wars if crypto's can subtract one's monetary footprint from tabulation?So what do we do individually? Buy gold? Buy guns? Buy puts on the S&P? Buy calls on the S&P first?