Sunday, December 11, 2016

LGBTQ : Mainstream Pronunciation

The hurdles that the LGBTQ folks face really start with the awkward acronym that stands for their brand."All for one and one for all "to borrow Dumas' Three Musketeers oath is simple. Try a rousing oath using LGBTQ.It doesn't work.It will never be adopted into mainstream conversation.Could LGBTQ be sung?That would help very little. Could LGBTQ be condensed into a phonetic utterance? I.E. Leg-but-q. The phonetic treatment adds some WD-40 to the tongue contortion. Hey. That may work on two levels! Any upside to the acronym LGBTQ ? Yeah. Kind of works best as a class action group in a legal suit.But legalistic people get tiresome. I predict the LGBTQ acronym will fade because of awkwardness. The awkwardness should obviate the need for a larger acronym.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson: U.S. And Russia Versus China ?

Looks like our next Secretary Of State will be Rex Tillerson. He's the CEO of Exxon Mobil. He also has a friendly relationship with Russia's President Vladimir Putin.If Trump is trying to cool the rhetoric here and abroad about Russia he's made a good choice. A warm relationship between Russia and the U.S. should somewhat worry China. We share with Russia approximately an equal number of nuclear warheads and as important many delivery vehicles.So we and Russia flank China and it's 1.4 billion ravaging population. China is eating it's way through the planet. So it's an easier choice to befriend Russia militarily. China looks at the world with the eyes if its neighbors can fit into a frying pan. Russia has more modest needs when it comes to lunch.Trump made a a good strategic choice in a Russian detente.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump & Clinton Share Felon Jewish In-Laws

You are nobody unless you have felon Jewish in-laws! Both the Clintons and the Trumps have felon Jewish in-laws.Is that enough evidence? Probably not. But it certainly is a statement that invites conversation. Ivanka Trump daughter of president elect Donald Trump is married to Jared Kushner. His father is the Jewish real estate tycoon Charles Kushner. Charles served one year in prison for tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions and witness tampering.By the way, Charles was already a multi millionaire before he committed those crimes. Speaks volumes about what greed will do. Then there's Chelsea Clinton. She's the daughter of the Clinton Machine that lost to president elect Trump. Her husband is hedge fund operator Marc Mezvinsky. Marc's Jewish father is Edward Mezvinsky. He embezzled ten million. He was exposed and served five years in prison.Both the Kushners and the Mezvinskys have Israeli connections. As if their personal faults weren't enough to avoid them.So how and why did the Trumps and Clintons attract felons? The how is easy. Hormonal daughters who aren't wise about how far some folk will go to get their foot in the door is the how. The why is both Trumps and Clintons are so greedy themselves that they are sloppy in raising their children.Particularly about not warning their offspring that there are people in the world much like daddy and mommy and they must beware.By the way, Jared Kushner got Ivanka to convert to Judaism.Talk about people who take no prisoners.Marriage will last at least as long as Trumps in office for sure.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

ACRONYM: It's Cheaper

Acronyms are in a way cheaper. Less words less time to speak the words. It fits a business language. Which wants to keep costs down. To that end Our POTUS is in Lima, Peru discussing trade with POCHINA, PONEWZEALAND,POMEXICO and other PO'S not worthy of sound at this time. The acronyms of these trade agreements in alphabetical order are APEC, FTAAP, NAFTA, RCEP and TPP.Google the acronyms for full name.But the full name is more dull than the acronym.The above quips conjure globalization. Mega corporations using mega governments who have mega weapons and troops for the mega heavy lifting to enforce basic business imperatives one way or another. In or outside trade agreements. National politics are red herrings. It's a game that mega business and mega governments give to their minor individuals to keep them occupied and to instill a sense of self worth.But in the end all politics are local.As the numbers of debt add up to the glaring reality in this race to the bottom for cheaper labor not many will get paid who own debt. So if you are just getting by don't feel too bad you will soon see free traders selling left over stock at really cheap prices.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Senator Sessions: It's About Time And It's About Race

Senator Jeff Sessions is going to be in court and the progressive's court of opinion /slander is in session.Senator Sessions from Alabama is going to be the next Attorney General.The progressives want us to know that in 1986 President Reagan appointed Sessions to a be a federal judge.The Senate Judiciary said he was a racist. Their proof was Senator Sessions called a African American attorney in the Justice Department "boy".Maybe Jeff didn't know the attorneys name?The progressives also show Sessions'quotes like "..NAACP is unAmerican for trying to force Civil Rights down the throats of people who were trying to put problems behind them". Yeah. I agree. Sessions withdrew his name for the judgeship. Anything else? Maybe Ivy League Universities will have to provide night lights to students who are afraid of the dark while a conservative administration is in office. Senator Jeff Sessions is for law and order. He's also against trade deals that gut America's middle class.Put all the afore mentioned evidence on a scale. What's your judgement?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Soros Behind Anti Trump Protests?

Another night of protests over Trump win last night.Could the rich and bored and angry George Soros be funding the nationwide disruption? He is rich. He must be bored because he keeps getting richer without satisfying his hunger. He's angry because his wealth is pointless unless he can influence people in real time. He can't be a politician because he lacks civility. So he turns to nihilism. Simply if he can't be happy then no one else will be either.The FBI should question him about any personal involvement and/or funding of national protests. How he responds will be telling. Also humane society members should accompany riot police to determine whether some protestors are sufficiently educated/civilized to be legally responsible for their action.If they are not. Then they should be brought to shelters for food and blankets till they can be released back into society with responsible guardians and ankle locators. Soros'funding of street activists against Trump and also agitating organizations like Black Lives Matter etc are constructively inciting riots. Soros and his cronies who fund these activities are liable for reparations to any one harmed.And if blood is found on his hands then he should be prosecuted for jail time in addition to forfeit of money.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Impeach Hillary Clinton

Things look pretty good that Hillary Clinton will be elected to the presidency. That says more about the number of "victim" class voters more than the qualifications of the old hippy Hillary.Victims should look like the Syrians still in Aleppo or starving Sudanese in a dry land ecosystem with an average of 8 children per family.Our victims are fat and sassy.So what's the fall back position? The House Of Representatives is controlled by the republicans.Within that group are the Tea Party members.It would only take a movement for impeachment and many would sign on. A simple majority would be sufficient to move forward for impeachment. The bar for an article of impeachment is low. The Constitution's Article II, Section 4 states in part "..crimes and misdemeanors.." being adequate for a bill to move forward.Impeachment doesn't require a proven crime.Only a simple dereliction of duty would suffice.Hillary is nothing if not derelict. Wikileaks has already provided evidence of criminal activity. Simply she would be found to be guilty and impeached. Whether she would be removed from office is another matter. She would be tried in the senate. The outcome there is another story.Because it would take a two thirds majority to physically remove her.That's a much higher bar.But one thing for sure. Her defense against impeachment and trial in the senate would require a great deal of legal defense. And that will run up a big bill. When hubby Bill was impeached it constructively wiped them out of their savings. Only Bill's attorneys who negotiated an multi million dollar advance from Knopf Publishing for Bill's autobiography paid off the attorneys. And there was enough money left to set up the Clinton Foundation. But wait there's more. The money for the Clinton Foundation is TAX FREE. Because it was given to a charitable institution!So that's how government access was established for the Clintons.So hopefully they go broke again and Hillary can imitate Joan of Arc for the rest of her life. And Bill will just fade away from medications pollution.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trump Clinton Debate Tonight

Who will win the Trump/Clinton debate tonight? Is the advantage Clinton?Actually she has a higher hurdle?Her bar is set higher. Because everything she could say has been said in the media already.They stole her spotlight. Which really is what this election is all about. It's about the vast victim class and its news vendors that feed their pathetic life choice to be classified as such--a victim.Fuck the victims.Get off the couch. Go sweat at a job.On the other hand Trumps bar is set lower.He merely has to show up look into the camera and not apologize beyond a courtesy acknowledgement of the embarrassing revelation .No apologies are necessary because no one was hurt.Any of the women whose pussies were selected by Donald scream?Did any run to Twitter or news vendors to report the incident at the time?No. Who is complaining? Unattractive sour puss women news reporters are the mainly offended. They secretly want their pussies manhandled if they had their druthers.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Sad Life

Some sad people want others to be sad as compensation for their personal misery. And so Hillary Clinton demonstration of critical comments throughout her life without offering constructive remedies shows her life goal to make others uncomfortable.She has succeeded in her mission of gloom. Those who want to share her misery deserve the disappointment they will certainly experience.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump And Clinton Both Avoid Personal Taxes

Donald Trump has been criticized for not producing his personal tax returns.Probably he wants to avoid demonstrating how he use's the tax code to avoid taxes.Clintons have set up the Clinton Foundation to avoid paying taxes also. Trump sells services that he owns. Trump has also paid hundreds of millions to payrolls and the working families on those payrolls. On the other hand the Clintons sell things they don't own. They sell access to government for special lucrative deals. Many of these people who pay Clinton's for access to these special deals wouldn't be invited to a lawn party. Also the Clintons payroll is largely a slush fund to buy off peoples with special clout in the Washington cesspool of deal making.Who do you identify with?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Zuckerberg Chan Bad Idea : Eradicate All Disease

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan announced today that they will circle $3 billion of their total net worth of approximately $50 billion "... to cure or eradicate all disease by the end of the century...". Who says yesterdays values aren't around any more? Pardon me but the disease that is killing us all is over population. Which is totally curable.Talk to our people at the Pentagon for an estimate of what the job would take on a short term time frame. Short of the worlds munition we all are on a slow motion extinction trajectory because of lack of natural necessities.You know water, clean air livable space etc.So why do we want to cure disease? Wouldn't population control measures in most any form be better in the long run? Whats the Zuck thinking ? We are at 7 billion world population now. So if he is marginally successful in prolonging life 10 billion is a generation or two away.Where will they all live? What will they eat? Why do we want them in any scenario?Maybe Zuck wants them for Facebook members? What are they going to use for money?Imagine what the net worth of the tenth billionth person.Maybe a $1.50.Cant generate top line growth at Facebook with that number.Maybe Facebook could prosper on people worth $1.50.But only if the people got barcoded on their forehead with a "like" icon. That way Facebook scanners could charge the barcoded customer $ 1.50 on every New Years Day therby indebting the Facebook member his/hers net worth for that year. Which makes the bankrupt person a slave and subject to Zuckerberg/Chan whims for the years remainder.

Friday, September 16, 2016

How Bad Are The Movies And TV ?

For me the answer to " How bad are the movies and television?"is that the actors and story lines are worse than having to sit through a family get together.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

PBS NewsHour Can't Interview Trump

When is a news vendor not a news vendor? When they don't report important news is the obvious answer. Have you noticed that Trump has not been interviewed on the NewsHour? Recently anchor Judy Woodruff announced the NewsHour was hoping to get Trump on the show for a sit down. But he has refused. I would guess because of the one sided presentation of presidential race in favor of Clinton's candidacy.Kind of leaves the ultra progressive news vendor stuck with its normal menu of subjects. Those include but not limited to black single moms and their struggles with their many children and in some cases the many fathers of those same children. In short where are they? . Some of those black single moms have become single grandmoms.So the drill is more money and services are needed. Why? Haven't we seen enough of this life style? And what about police brutality? So when some one resists arrests what is a policeman to do?Appeal to the resistors sense of how to behave in a civilized environment? Haven't got enough time for that when resistor pulls weapon.Looks like NewsHour maybe have to become NewsHalfHour for those who care.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Obama's Final Executive Order

What will Obama do if Hillary loses? Dreams of his legacy being continued and embellished will crash on the rocks of reality.But he still will have two months to make a difference. Difference in the form of him exercising his executive authority.Perhaps he could make Hillary and his defeated legions into a protected class?How about issuing Disabled Persons Placards to the losing faithful? At the least they would get free parking . And in the best results could form a new class of voter/ citizen that could achieve any goal with legal fees paid for by pro bono attorneys.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Chicago Story: Where's Investigative Reporting ?

This past weekend in Chicago tallied over 50 shootings and 9 deaths.Gun shootings year to date are approximately 2600 vs last years 2800 shootings total for the entire year.Why aren't there any reps of news venders or magazines that are asking questions of locals in Chicago? For instance. Why do they think these horrendous deeds are happening? What are the profiles of the shot and the shooters? What are the profiles of the mothers, fathers and relatives of the involved? What schooling have they had? Did they learn anything? Do they vote?Do they think the government has helped or hurt conditions in Chicago? Why no remarks from Trump or Clinton or the Johnson of the Libertarian party about how they would address these critical issues? Or are we all to just treat this as new normal?Nothing stays the same. It either grows or dies.Looks like growth of chaos in Chicago is a better bet if no talks about it.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marijuana Should Be Legal

Today the U.S. government or better the Big Pharma Lobby through its official ventriloquist dummy called DEA- Drug Enforcement Administration-refused to reschedule marijuana as an acceptable controlled substance .So Big Pharma can rest easy for now.Customers a.k.a. drug addicts will have to use patented expensive Pfizer, Merck, Galaxo etc officially sanctioned drugs who have lobbyists with perqs and money to give to congress.The charade that marijuana is dangerous is arguable. It's dangerous to Big Pharma profits but not necessarily to rank and file users. Users should petition their reps in government. Ask them to work for blanket national legal distribution.Maybe add a disclaimer that users are old enough to judge what's good for them.Maybe even wear a wrist band so in the event paramedics are called for an over dose. The wrist band will alert."Leave Me Alone I'm This way For A Good Reason".

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump & Guns

So yesterday The Donald mentions the fact of one or more openings on the supreme court that will be filled by either him or Clinton. He also goes on to mention in passing that if Hillary gets the chore gun rights may be curtailed.He further comments that if those gun rights are scaled back gun owners might be upset. That's it. From those observations/predictions the weenies in the media and the progressives/democrats deduce an assassination may be in the crystal ball for Hillary.That's a stretch. Limiting gun rights would be an aggressive act that would be met with opposition. Who would doubt that? But an assassination of the president?Lets face it when adults can't talk about serious topics in public we will need gun rights more than ever.Our nations is largely weenies on both sides worrying about victims both artificially produced or born naturally.We weren't born to worry about victims. We are here to survive in a responsible way and live humanely with others.Any other plan is a scheme for crooks and losers to get something for nothing.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Trump, Clinton Debates: Reaching Victims

The upcoming presidential debates will feature plain talking Donald Trump against the high priestess of political correctness Hillary Clinton.Both will be trying to lure non base voters .Trump has an up hill battle trying to get through to millions who have been dumbed down in pursuit of equality at the schools. Conversely Hillary Clinton has perfected the judicious speaking style when appealing to victims.In general when one speaks to a victim speak slowly without wit or nuance. Trump speaks his mind with wit sarcasm and bluster.That's dangerous. But do we want change. I do.Victims and their supporters are boring and largely disingenuous-trying to game the system.

Burqa: Hidden Attraction In Western Culture

Why is the burqa so maligned in western culture ? A burqa is an enveloping outer garment used by women who follow the teachings of the prophet in the religion of Islam.The Quran states in part " Oh prophet! Say to your wives and you daughters and the women of the faithful to draw their outer garment close around themselves....". And that includes covering the face!Do you think Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan or Hillary Clinton or Sonia Sotamajor or Ruth Ginsburg or Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer or et al of the feminist bitch groups would stand still with humane oblivion? Covering their face and mouth would be worse than bringing back the chastity belt. Our modern day bitches want to be heard particularly when they make no sense. Because they understand the power of repetition in a land where bitch slapping is not politically correct nor legal.So men should break with women on the burqa in public use. Lets not leave out the LGBTQ community.Cross dressing fits their life styling. Never have a bathroom choice problem again. Put the burqa on and feel free to go where you please on bathroom choices. Burqa also dissuades would be gropers because of questions about who is behind the cover all garment.Embrace the burqa.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Zuckerberg- Facebook Moon Shot

It's been less than a week since Facebook's blowout quarter. Chief Executive Officer and Founder Mark Zuckerberg hasn't slept well since then. His problem is "What will I do next?".How about a direct world wide message to announce his plans for mankind? The technology exists. Jeff Bezos of Amazon has Blue Origin which will send and return space craft to the moon. Elon Musk of Tesla has SpaceX which can do similar feats.Mark could steal the spotlight from both those bigger than life moguls by literally going over their heads with a holographic moon shot. How about a ten minute sneak preview of Mark's vision of the future and where we might fit in projected on the next full moon? Zuckerberg could be costumed as the good shepherd. Like Jesus who was also Jewish Mark could communicate directly with his flock. It would be cost effective in terms of audience reach. It would expose virtual reality Oculus users to a shock of reality while not damaging sales. The stunt would cover two distinct markets.The promise of his bar mitzvah would be fulfilled and his mother would be proud.Check your calendar. Mark's face on the moon is coming with the next full moon shot.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Facebook Blow Out Earnings: Zuckerbergs Dilemma

Facebook reported earnings yesterday and blew away estimates . This morning The stock is trading at a new all time high-$128- in pre opening trades. Analyists were dropped jawed and scrambled to raise estimates.CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg was bubbling with pride.He gave the impression in an interview that he really had no idea when he launched his firm some would say he pirated another's that the results would be so positively explosive.Maybe he's torn between celebration and calling his estate planner to leave less to family and charities.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Intolerance: Who's Next After The 1% ?

It's election time. This cycle follows the time honored tradition of getting even with the 1%.It's comeuppance time. There will always be time for comeuppance for the 1% because we were all !% at one time.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

BrainDead : Trouble With Script

The people who brought us the addicting TV series The Good Wife have recently rolled out BrainDead. Robert King, Michelle King and Ridley Scott missed an opportunity with this political ghoulish satire.Watching sausage coming out of one's ear because of an ant-like brain invasion will never work with TV dinner eating . Nor give food for thought as a basis for a script.Why not replace the ants with the real cause of Brain dead humans in America. I would replace the ant-like creatures with members of the NEA. The National Education Association is the largest teachers union in America.The teachers have taken the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and effectively substituted political correctness for basic learning tools. Like prioritizing sexual awareness in place of math, english and historical facts. The Civil War for example was fought for tariffs placed on the South in the 18th century. It forced The South to buy from the North at higher prices than European vendors. The half wit blacks and ignorant whites think the war was about freeing the kitchen help. No wonder we get uneducated students and riots from Black Lives Matter and such for police enforcing resisting arrests. BrainDead will probably be canceled. The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 should be canceled.

Friday, July 08, 2016

What If Hillary Clinton Wins?

What will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the election? I think odds favor a vote to impeach her within two years of taking office. What would be the crime or misdemeanor? It would no doubt be a repeat of something or a revelation of a past crime she and her husband have already done in their past.So that leaves a lot of possibilities. My own favorite reason would be based on a quid pro quo using the Clinton foundation receipt of a donation or donations using straw donors who represent a foreign country or a person who is constructively or actually a criminal to sway government policy or procurement. Another possibility I think is even more dangerous would be to nominate Barack Obama for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Were that to happen I think it would be a short trip to a civil war in America.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Federal Reserve Experiment

The Federal Reserve should consider printing money with disappearing ink.Because negative interest rates in Europe and Japan has't worked Yellen et al in the money kitchen should consider artificially withering currency. Not every bill should have a short shelf life say 1 year. Maybe only 2%. That could be one way of achieving 2% inflation. The clear message would be spend the cash or risk losing it.A side benefit would be a squeeze on drug dealers because they are cash only transaction. Counterfeiters could profit because their money would be more valuable by comparison. Their money would still be the reliable old fashioned method of production.The alternative to currency machinations world wide would be paying people what they are worth. That would shrink the deficits dramatically.And obviate the need for growth.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Captain America : Free Of Guilt

Captain America's franchise appeal is his freedom from guilt. He doesn't have cause celebre associates. No blacks, jews , hispanics , homosexuals, transgenders, emasculated whites, feminists and charactures of all other races. He isn't politically correct or think much of civil rights.He's a breath of fresh air to the crowded stage of legalistic humans that exist only to drain vitality and money from the strong. I don't think the creators of the modern edition knew that part of his attraction. Marvels Comics character originally created in the 1940's didn't experience the guilt merchandising by minorities and their attorneys and political reps in government and in education.So now the beaten down straight white man and woman have a new influence to take some strength and inspiration.No revision of history. No bias in history.Just action based on the times without guilt. Only survival counts.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Whims Are Not Rights

It started with the whim"....all men are created equal..."which is included in the second paragraph of the Declaration Of Independence.It was the rational for the founding fathers to object and revolt English rule.But if they really believed it why then did they wage a genocide on the native indians? No. It was lawyer talk.In this usage it was fancy. We are in fact known by our differences. But the seed was planted. From that seed came the Civil War which ostensibly was fought to free the kitchen help whose immediate relatives were still in Africa eating termite larvae.But they were our equal.The real cause of the Civil War was tariffs and taxation and growing power of central government.Then came the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The blacks we freed had many children who thought it would be easier to get ahead if they burned down parts of urban cities and demand to be left alone in their pursuits. But those pursuits cost money and please keep the checks coming --or else.The Civil Rights Act carried additional protected classes who wanted some of this respect. Aretha Franklin covered it. And now a queer too far has demanded it's rights. The notional transgender sans operation wants its whims made into rights. Sorry.Not in my space.There exists more technology and legal apparatus and fiat money than good or wholesome ideas on how to use them.There exists 7 billion humans---too too many.Many will have to keep their whimsy to themselves. Maybe Zuckerbergs Oculus head set would do?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hollywood And The F Word

I walked out of Money Monster last night. I walked out of The Big Short a month ago.Both Hollywood treatments of Wall Street scandals and indigenous characters were devalued of entertainment value for me because of the constant use of the F..word.George Clooney headed up the Jodie Foster directed film.Actually Clooney opened the picture in the head. Talking through the bathroom door to a dilapidated Julia Roberts.Her enormous mouth is only good when smiling. She didn't smile at the door of the rest room. From the start to fifteen minutes later when I threw in the towel the F.. word was in constant use. The same was true of The Big Short which lasted for me one half hour.What is it about the F..word? That present day Hollywood writers resort to its use gratuitously ? Well. It pads the script . A writer can count on the countless use of the F..word to fill out the dialogue.Director John Ford said acting was in the eyes.Maybe when one can't act they substitute expletives for dramatic acting effect.Bathroom scenes are another standard for placement in modern movies.I wonder why.Do Hollywood soirees include following guests to the restroom to keep continuity in the conversation? Maybe when screen writers combine the F..word with bathroom scenes, vomiting and gratuitous sex it adds up to sign language. After all our schools don't teach critical and nuanced thinking so vulgar sign language at a ultra low level makes contact with the morons that pay to see these kind of Hollywood movies.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

LGBTQ Parade: Who or What's Left In Closet?

Hurry, hurry hurry. Come see what or who next will come out of the closet. Remember the campus stunts of how many students could fit into a small car?I think the record is twenty.Now the LGBTQ community is stunting new combinations of its homosexual base. The calculus in theory could combine infinite parsing of the human sexual orientation. And they have not tapped stem cell concoctions yet.They have reached this alphabet by mere legal machinations, judicial activism and political pandering. Who is left in the closet? The latest entry into the sexual super combo is the transgender who only has to state an identity of choice. In theory it may only be for a day. But to hear the progressives tell the tale that notional signal by the tranny demands deference.So Harvard can field a track and field team that may include trannys competing in both women and men events at the same time. Of course the scheduling will have to change so that a conflicted transgender won't be required to run in both the men and women event the same day. That would conflict with equal protection for conflicted entries.We have 7 billion people on the planet. Trying to make room for innocents is tough enough.Trouble makers can easily be excluded.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Angela Alioto Represents San Francisco Values

Civil Rights Attorney Angela Alioto is running again. No.It's not from her past. She should.But as a attorney/politician/czar of the homeless people in San Francisco/champion of freaks in the LGBT community/poster shrew for cause celebre San Francisco minorities who she represents on contingency to shake down legal citizens who were just trying to run a business.Ang is running for County Central Committee of the democratic party.She says, " I represent san Francisco values". Oh.What are those values today?Any new illegals crossed into S.F City and County border that we have to change settled law so they can be shoe horned in? Or was a new LGBT stem cell petri dish life form developed and was patented by Castro Street Partners LLC for their plan to become a majority?Or does she want to push voting rights be attached to birth certificates with the provision that parents can vote for the infant until he/she/it becomes 18.That birth right voter registration would naturally select for cause celebre minorities which vote for people like Ang. There is a connection between San Francisco values and being born.If you were born yesterday San Francisco values are very comfortable.

Trump And Gingrich? Sensitive Material Warnings To Liberals & Progressives

Sensitive material warnings were reserved for serious subjects. An example would be animal abuse. I support PETA , People For Ethical Treatment Animals, which includes a monthly check and my own response to email campaign to animal abusers.Now sensitive material warnings are routinely used to warn weenies at universities and social media news venders about perceived social missteps in reporting on the freaks within our midst.An example would be not treating transgender people as worthy of consideration for adoption or not hiring one as a dress model.Well here's my warning about Donald Trump's possible choice for Vice President. Warning: Material that may be offensive to progressives keeps popping up and here goes another pop. Newt Gingrich may be chosen to run with The Donald.Many of you may not know that the former Speaker of The House was the reason for the prosperity during Bill Clinton A.K.A Ozark Caligula presidency. Bill and Al Gore won the election because Ross Perot split the republican vote. Clinton's first policy gambit was to propose a BTU tax.Long story short because of that proposal the democrats lost both the house and the senate and Newt Gingrich became Speaker and implemented the republicans "Contract With America". It was made up of ten points that included balancing the budget. And so it happened that way. Lying Billy after a few years started to claim that the ideas of conservative approach to government was his idea all the time.But with an articulate Newt Gingrich exposing Clinton's false claims Trump could not do better to shoot down Clinton's wife who feels smug about Bill's revised place in history.Hopefully the bitch will get indicted before those debates. I wonder how red her face will get and how high her squeaky voice will get when she gets the news.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Transgender, LGBT, GMO, FDA & Civil Rights

North Carolina in March of this year passed the "Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act".It "Requires transgender people ( and everyone else ) to use public restrooms according to the biological sex on the birth certificate."That's straight forward.But there are many people who for one reason or another can't play it straight. Transgender people would rather take a refined meat cleaver to their body and remove unwanted reminders of who they are. In addition the mutated tranny uses hormonal drugs to grow new bodily signs of the adopted sex.And guess what? He/she/it wants no questions asked nor any restrictions on he/she/its freedom of movement.Well....I object along with the North Carolina legislature and dare say many others in America. The LGBT community is in the forefront of backlash. That acronym covers other non straight people.Normal non straights have been around. But transgenders are new on the block. Smug LGBTs think they can grandfather T's as acceptable social entities.Don't think so. In fact it may cost the LGBs some political clout.Transgenders are freaks. Lawyers or politicians all of whom can't play it straight can't make transgenders acceptable by hocus pocus civil rights laws. Transgenders are properly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.Considering the extensive alterations to transgenders in both surgical and drug related procedures they more resemble genetically modified organisms. And that's where the FDA should come in.Stupidity should be restricted/eradicated when public health both physical and mental are jeopardized. And that' where we are at.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Harriet Tubman: Twenty Dollar Bill Collector

Want the electorate to read about history and maybe get them to vote with a liberal bias in the exercise.?Put a controversial picture on currencies.That currency will become a best seller so to speak.Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill.Her de facto smudge will broadcast a one dimensional evocation of slavery in America.Yet again we are presented with a bill for reparations.I didn't run up the bill so I'm not going to pay. Rather slam the door on the invasion of my privacy.Looked up Tubman on Wikipedia. The length of the scrolling comments suggests an introduction to a Russian novel.Like the one demential icon on the face of the bill only half the story of Tubman was dwelled on-her life in America as a slave.But how did she get here?Her parents were shipped here in slave ships. Why were her parents chosen to be on the slave ships? Because tribes in West Africa wanted to trade with slave traders.Did Harriet Tubman make any public remarks about the brothers and sisters way back in Africa for making her life miserable? None was on Wikipedia.The impetus for Tubman's bill brainwash came from our African American president. Evidently he's not yet satisfied with billing for white guilt. Treasury secretary Jack Lew was the operative, Jacks another guy who was on Wall Street and went to Harvard. Shouldn't there be a bounty on Wall Street bankers who also went to Harvard?Two tens for a twenty please.Almost forgot.Tubman was a slave in Maryland! Maryland was a northern state that fought for the Union Army. You know the Union Army, it was run by Abe Lincoln. Abe's Emancipation Proclamation only applied to Confederate States. How disingenuous can a black rights icon be? Cant trust politicians.Why doesn't the teachers union National Education Association mention that? Because it doesn't fit the narrative that leads to votes, power and money from liberal democrats.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Charlie Rose Was Rude To Bernie Sanders

Last night Charle Rose on a CBS set rudely treated Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders is running for president He's running against high priced street walker Hillary Clinton.I was a fan of Rose . He hosts his own nightly interviews with diverse guests. It follows that with a different stream of interviews his questions and tone are necessarily respectful . But not with Senator Sanders last night. If there was an oscilloscope on the TV screen that was over layed onto typical Rose voice meanderings a deviation by a significant margin would be apparent. Charlies voice could be confused with a Toy Poodle's bark in screen gyrations.He was particularly eager for Sanders to get on the record about endorsing Hillary if she won the nomination. Charlie went down a laundry list of scripted questions. He didn't do this interview in his normal ad hoc approach. He was doing someones chore.The chore was to discredit Senator Sanders. For example Rose would ask a question about how Sanders would break up the big banks. Sanders gave a credible answer which seemed to disappoint Charlie.Today Paul Krugman of the New York Times did a hit piece on Senator Sanders in his column.Krugman compared him to his lowest strata of his supporters. That would be the African Americans. He did it obliquely by terming "Bernie Bro" to signal his meaning.Seems to me there are a lot of fat cats in the Democratic and Republican parties that are enjoying other peoples money just fine- and they don't want any f--kin it up. I would rather have Trump or Sanders than all the others and their filthy political machines. Hillary is going to lose New York.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Employers Can Eliminate Many Fifteen Dollar Per Hour Jobs

Brave new world of fiat wages has arrived.It was bound to happen after so much fiat money has been created. Funny money is always followed by funny salaries. Remember the gas station attendant jobs? They went away with self service pumps. Now fast food workers are going to get raises in some states.What does a fast food worker do ? He/she presses icons on a menu screen when taking orders from customers. How about the employer turns the touch-screen menu towards the customer and eliminate the worker?Tell California Governor Jerry Brown and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo they should have had real jobs before they got into politics.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Too Many People, Too Much Democracy

The current world wide population of humans is approximately 7 billion.There are 189 nations on the planet.All of those nations are run by governments that stay in power by catering to their constituents needs and to some degree their desire for more. More freedom. More food. More fun. Etc.In the late 1970's world wide fish stocks plummeted to 70-80% of former populations. Human population at that time was half of present tally-app. 3.5 billion.Similar plunging percentages hit wild life around the globe. Making room for hungry people who need housing necessarily equates to less habitat for flora and fauna. Fact is, we live on a zero sum planet.So now what? Democracy and liberal human- centric governing philosophies are not possible to the degree that got us to the current condition of lack of water, food stuffs and habitat for humanity.There is enough room and enough water and enough food if there were not so many people seeking them.The notion that 7 billion people are more valuable today than yesterday is preposterous. It's even more preposterous that adding billions more of people is a good idea. So? There necessarily will be less democracy and less people going forward.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brussels Terror: Seeking Justice

Commander in Chief Barack Obama responded to the ISIL suicide bombing in Brussels by wagging his tongue and finger. He vowed to pray for Brussels and after that would pursue and bring to justice the operatives.How does he bring to justice two dead suicide bombers? Seems they achieved justice for being bombed out of their own country by denying life and usable properties in the European Union bureaucratic capital.Empty words. Empty threats.The U.S. has troops on the ground in Iraq-again.Lot of good that does.Another Marine was killed by Islamic State fighters yesterday in Iraq. Iraq is a lethal shooting gallery where throw away people kill American soldiers who are thrown away by our commander in chief and moron George W Bush before him.Lets get out of the middle east.We have enough oil and protecting Israel from the results of its poor judgement isn't worth the effort.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reasons To Like Trump

Why I like Donald Trump.Because the organizations who oppose him have been on my short list of potential candidates for humane deportation or dissolution.If Trump can prevail over those organizations/people then he's doing my work.Some of those included on that list are: Organized Republican and Democratic Party bosses, Zionists,NAACP, La Raza,Team LGBT, ALL POLITICALLY CORRECT PEOPLE ,criminals who say Black Lives Matter,Drug lords in Mexico and Columbia,illegal immigrants of all nationalities, ISIL, al qaeda,pentagon,Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, The entire Bush Family, what's left of the Kennedys, most of San Franciscans,Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein,Leon Pancetta, Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Barbara Boxer, all of Hollywood including agents,Beyonce and Jay Z,Bernie Sanders, some of my relatives,Obama and his two bucket of Popeye Chicken wife Michelle who I might add can paint her big toe while eating one bucket of Popeye Chicken,Benny and the jets Netanyahu,Jacob Zuma,Joe Biden,Rush Limbaugh, David Cameron,weenies who are PC at colleges and universities around the country, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, all frackers, all companies in the military industrial complex etc.Environmentalists may want The Donald. If he wins and succeeds in bringing jobs back to the U.S.our environmental laws would slow down extinctions. Asians would have less money to satisfy their primal id for ivory and endangered species parts.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

USS Gerald R Ford: Don Quixote Redux

Look what's in the harbor. It's the USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier.It cost $13 billion. This Ford has everything. Except common sense.The ship should have been christened the USS Don Quixote. It conjures floating World Trade Towers.It's a target.Disneyland is in Anaheim. But our morons in the pentagon can deploy their play land any where any time.No wonder the sea levels are rising with the ships 90,000 ton displacement.Pentagon always ready to field a team. Never mind we have not won a war since 1945. The "game's the thing" to quote Shakespeare.Pentagon deserves a personal lesson.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Deadpool : Oculus , Fourth Wall & Zuckerberg

The brutal motion picture "Deadpool "is breaking box office records.The ancient saying "Art Imitates Life " was never more graphically exampled than this "fourth wall " presentation. The fourth wall refers to the technique of bringing the audience into the play. It takes theater-in-the-round to a new level.How did we all live before technology? At some point we will need another event like discovering Kink Tut's tomb to find out.I did not see the film. I have only saw the brutal trailers. I have seen fourth wall "Last Action Hero" which starred former California Governor "Anhooold".Actors are fungible with politicians.In a way the fourth wall was breached with Ronald Reagan and before him by RKO Motion Picture Corporation owner Joseph Kennedy Sr. and his star JFK. Last Action Hero was a sketchy confused brutal romp.Fourth wall movies are trailers for Oculus VR. That's the gimmick that left out individuals strap on to their skulls to fully embrace being left out for some in spot of their choosing.Guess who owns Oculus VR? It's Mark Zuckerberg. He's the insect with an intellect. The merchant of menace promises privacy at the same time he helps spread billions of messages around the globe. Maybe his foundation has a black book of embarrassing facts about many.He has voting stock. Everyone else doesn't. So who will stop him?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ancestry.Com:Revise History?

I received my Ancestry DNA saliva kit today. I entered my activation code but it didn't activate the account.Everyone I know who took the test showed results that included some Jewish ancestry. All didm't know of any Jewish connection.i'm not Jewish. Maybe Ancestry has a mole who is Jewish and wants to combat anti semitism by sprinkling Jewish backgrounds in Ancestry test results?How does Ancestry know I won't show positive for a Jew in the wood pile? Maybe they read my blogs.But I make a distinction between Jews and Zionists. I take Jews as I find them. But Zionists I pre judge-negatively.So if the mole at Ancestry.Com sees this, please give me an activation code that works. That is if he's not a Zionist himself in which case I'll probably be in contact with him at some future date-one way or the other.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gravity Waves: By Definition Are Moving

Einstein predicted gravity waves about 100 years ago.This week scientist announced they proved gravity waves do exist.Two black holes light years away left a trace of an ancient collision. An interferometer in Washington state and one interferometer in Louisiana coordinated data of the collision to prove a cause and effect by inference.Einstein describes gravity as mass that warps space.Like a bowling ball on a trampoline.But that still begs the question how does a stationary mass attract another mass? Unless gravity is in fact motion. Like a cement truck on the side of a road. At rest it attracts nothing. But start the cement truck up and get up to cruising speed and then watch and feel force-gravitational wave force.In short, motion first then comes gravity second.It's like time without motion/change there is no time.Motion is the mover.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Negative Interest Rates: Form Of Slavery

European Central Bank And Japan's Central Bank have a policy of negative interest rates.Federal Chair Janet Yellen spoke before Congress yesterday. She answered a question that the Fed is studying the legality and implementation of negative interest rates in the U.S. Negative interest rates as the name suggests are rates of interest charged to member bank or banks charge their customers who have money on deposit.It's the last resort. It's akin to the Fed or the bank forcing some one to take out a loan. It's form of indenture-making one a slave till his bill/loan is paid. The customer can avoid negative interest rate accrual by preemptively buying something in the hopes of a positive return either by way of investment or life style adventure.Credit worthiness of the prospective borrower may be over looked to avoid a sure loss with neg rates.In short our government and its agencies view the citizens as worthless unless they are in debt indentured servant. Debt takes the form of borrowed money for investment or travel or buying consumer goods etc. Debt is also the sine qua non that governments necessarily need to exist. Addicting people or corporations to services guarantees government and the politicians jobs at the nexus of huge money flows.And we all know how much that can benefit lobbyists, politicians and bureaucracy.Central governments all become common highway robbers near the end of their lives.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bloomberg For President: Can You Trust A Zionist?

The Wall Street Journal has an article about former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg doing exploratory work about he running for the presidency.Bloomberg is unique. He doesn't need donors. He packs app. $5 billion of his own "no strings attached"war chest. Mike is a Jew. To me that doest make him unacceptable. After the evangelical Bush, the muslim Obama a Jew is just another character actor on the political stage. I wonder if Mike describes himself as " Jew" or "Jewish"? A jew is definite. Jewish is kinda Jew.But Bloomberg is a definite Zionist. Not all Jews believe there should be an Israel. Zionists believe in an historical Israel existence. That belief is in spite of meager evidence to support that idea/wish.And that's the difference. Referring to "no strings attached" Zionists are nothing if not bound up in strings of lies, myths and greed.And that's a problem. Of course the U.S. has backed Israel through many administrations so that effectively makes citizens of this country de facto Zionists.But Bloomberg as a potential president waves a distinctively worrisome possibility.Bloomberg can't be trusted.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blacks Discipline Problem

Two hundred or so years after slaves were imported. One hundred and fifty or so years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Sixty or so years after the Civil Rights Act our Bay Bridge was shut down yesterday by advocates of black issues. "Issues" translates into more money for nothing and more exceptions to living a normal life which includes working for a living and not having children you can't afford etc.The commute traffic was shut down for hours as five lanes of bridge traffic were blocked by cars which stopped and drivers then chained cars and themselves in place.Inclusion of negroes while having advanced significantly, they wear clothes although I suspect for some it's a disguise to pass for civilized, seems to have stalled.Like the cars on the bridge. I think that regularity is a bridge that some blacks refuse or are reluctant to take. In essence it's like a wheel. It's simple and does the same thing all the time.It's engineered discipline and consequently its a valuable tool.It can't be jazzed. It can't be jazzed is one of the reasons that some blacks can't stand it. Lyrics from lament "Ole Man River" from "Show Boat"composed by high profile liberal Oscar Hammerstein II includes "...jest keeps rollin' along..". And so the hapless negro slave tells his story simply.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Boycott Oscars: Black Millionaires Matter

Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith and other black entertainers in the motion picture industry are considering a boycott of the Academy Awards ceremony. The brothers and sisters feel dissed that none of the black color were nominated for the recently announced awards.So its come to this. Akin to the pleas of the Wizard Of Oz characters who wanted something that wasn't given them at birth they want to change history.They want the impossible. It's another example of black activists complaining about the discipline of the white mans wheel.Could this be the end of the affirmative action movement? The black activists are squaring off against Jewish Agents that actually run Hollywood and some might say run American culture.If blacks are given awards over the stable of white actors that are controlled by Jewish agents then this is very much a bottom line issue as in less money.The calculus of who represents more blacks throws out of whack the cozy relationships with studios that heretofore existed. My bet is on the Jewish Agent. Hopefully "To Kill A Mockingbird " will stop being required reading if nothing else.The 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume remarked to a friend who recently visited Jamaica and was impressed by the African descendant natives and their command of the English language. Hume replied " Myna birds speak better english but share the intelligence of the African." Part of the reason that black actors aren't nominated for acting is because of their blackness. Not in a racist way but in a physical way.Black doesn't reflect light like white does. Consequently facial emotions are harder to discern.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Self Driving Cars: Alcoa, Google, Lyft, Apple, Uber, GM, Ford

It looks like Apple has entered the self driving car race. Yesterday Apple.Car was added to Apple's domain name lexicon.Apple joins Google, Lyft, Uber, GM, Ford, etc. as eager providers to "must have" choices for consumers.The tech group speaks to what they will be their value added to this care free driving experience. What could possibly go wrong? But who will build the platform?Tech equipped is one thing. But The car still needs wheels and a wrap around metal sheet to keep rain out and stop other cars and tech equipped pedestrians from walking into the cars space. Alcoa has a patented process called Micromill. Ford now uses it to reduce weight in its vehicles to meet government mileage goals. The Micromill processed aluminum is not only lighter than steel but more durable.The same enhanced aluminum was used in combat vehicles in Iraq. Bay Area driving isn't as dangerous as driving any where in Iraq.Let the gadget gods fight it out. They still have to come propeller hat in hand to Alcoa's engineering and metal working shop. Google will offer insurance with its entry.That's the business they really want to get a foothold. Why? Look what the insurance business did for Warren Buffett.Google's eco friendly motto will parlay no towing fees with crashed/damaged self driving aluminum cars. Just leave the car. The homeless will remove it in shopping carts for return fees.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Screen Free, Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix Redux

In 1967 Jimi Hendrix composed and sang "Stone Free".The lyrics in part "Stone free do what I please Stone free to ride the breeze Stone free, baby I can't stay I got to got to got to get away" If Jimmy had lived would he have composed and sang something like "Screen Free I got to got to got to get away"? The screens of course are computers, televisions, stop and go signs etc. Probably he would have considered it.