Monday, May 02, 2016

Transgender, LGBT, GMO, FDA & Civil Rights

North Carolina in March of this year passed the "Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act".It "Requires transgender people ( and everyone else ) to use public restrooms according to the biological sex on the birth certificate."That's straight forward.But there are many people who for one reason or another can't play it straight. Transgender people would rather take a refined meat cleaver to their body and remove unwanted reminders of who they are. In addition the mutated tranny uses hormonal drugs to grow new bodily signs of the adopted sex.And guess what? He/she/it wants no questions asked nor any restrictions on he/she/its freedom of movement.Well....I object along with the North Carolina legislature and dare say many others in America. The LGBT community is in the forefront of backlash. That acronym covers other non straight people.Normal non straights have been around. But transgenders are new on the block. Smug LGBTs think they can grandfather T's as acceptable social entities.Don't think so. In fact it may cost the LGBs some political clout.Transgenders are freaks. Lawyers or politicians all of whom can't play it straight can't make transgenders acceptable by hocus pocus civil rights laws. Transgenders are properly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.Considering the extensive alterations to transgenders in both surgical and drug related procedures they more resemble genetically modified organisms. And that's where the FDA should come in.Stupidity should be restricted/eradicated when public health both physical and mental are jeopardized. And that' where we are at.

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