Saturday, May 25, 2019


The definition of gender identity is a persons perception of having a particular gender, which may or may not correspond with their birth sex.This is indeed a peculiar species. We have someone's word that they are not what they physically appear to be but according to that one persons opinion they are the opposite. Progressives want gender identity conflicted people full societal rights in their roll out of The Equality Act which they hope to put into laws.Constructively to write a law about a gender identity person requires a law written for one person.To be clear, one persons affidavit so to speak of their opinion of their sexuality is not enough proof that the person is indeed a gender identity entity. It's like swearing before a judge that "I didn't do the crime". That is not a defense. The accused has to strike down evidence to the contrary. In this case physical indicators speak clearly. Gender identity opinion are just that-opinions.By the way, gender identity questions are yet another example that we are known by our differences and are not equal.Gender identity? That is the question? It's not worth discussing unless one is trying to make money or advance ones status with affirmative action or if one is a sociopath who enjoys upsetting many people.Progressives remind me of a gang of Don Quixote's.Seeking and tilting at normality.

Friday, May 24, 2019


South African nation of Botswana is in the news today. It announced a lifting of a ban against hunting of elephant safaris in its country. Hapless elephants can now be ambushed by cowardly hunters from around the globe.Sport? That's no sport.I have challenge. Offer a safari where animal conservationists can kill or be killed by big game hunters.That will add a high degree of uncertainty and angst between the dueling parties.Only proviso is that no legal prosecution will follow any deaths of duelists. Contact me if you decide to go forward with such a game.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Fed up with American bully tactics and seeking war? Boycott American goods and services until they stop seeking war.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Cyber Security & Blackmail: Time Favor Hacker

The term blackmail first appeared in 1552. It was a term used by Scottish chiefs to extort protection money from would be targets.Pay a sum of money to the chiefs and avoid a bad consequence.Here we are 500 plus years later and blackmail in various forms still exist. It's not as open and comparatively more honest as the example set by the Scottish war lords. The sums of money are greater and harder to track who is behind the threat.The greater threat is the forced change of policies in government or business that can have disastrous consequnces. Agatha Christie among other fictional writers wove intriguing stories about envelopes in locked drawers that were the key to fortunes in money and power if exposed.But there are no more incriminating envelopes or simple locked containers that could be opened with a simple blow. No. All the information is now behind cyber security.It never goes away.An envelope can be torn up. And the cause for criminal leverage disappears. But cyber info never dies. It just is there. And hackers eventually will find it.Time is on the side of the hacker.Simple security would be never write down anything you would regret having some else read.