Saturday, October 22, 2016

Impeach Hillary Clinton

Things look pretty good that Hillary Clinton will be elected to the presidency. That says more about the number of "victim" class voters more than the qualifications of the old hippy Hillary.Victims should look like the Syrians still in Aleppo or starving Sudanese in a dry land ecosystem with an average of 8 children per family.Our victims are fat and sassy.So what's the fall back position? The House Of Representatives is controlled by the republicans.Within that group are the Tea Party members.It would only take a movement for impeachment and many would sign on. A simple majority would be sufficient to move forward for impeachment. The bar for an article of impeachment is low. The Constitution's Article II, Section 4 states in part "..crimes and misdemeanors.." being adequate for a bill to move forward.Impeachment doesn't require a proven crime.Only a simple dereliction of duty would suffice.Hillary is nothing if not derelict. Wikileaks has already provided evidence of criminal activity. Simply she would be found to be guilty and impeached. Whether she would be removed from office is another matter. She would be tried in the senate. The outcome there is another story.Because it would take a two thirds majority to physically remove her.That's a much higher bar.But one thing for sure. Her defense against impeachment and trial in the senate would require a great deal of legal defense. And that will run up a big bill. When hubby Bill was impeached it constructively wiped them out of their savings. Only Bill's attorneys who negotiated an multi million dollar advance from Knopf Publishing for Bill's autobiography paid off the attorneys. And there was enough money left to set up the Clinton Foundation. But wait there's more. The money for the Clinton Foundation is TAX FREE. Because it was given to a charitable institution!So that's how government access was established for the Clintons.So hopefully they go broke again and Hillary can imitate Joan of Arc for the rest of her life. And Bill will just fade away from medications pollution.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trump Clinton Debate Tonight

Who will win the Trump/Clinton debate tonight? Is the advantage Clinton?Actually she has a higher hurdle?Her bar is set higher. Because everything she could say has been said in the media already.They stole her spotlight. Which really is what this election is all about. It's about the vast victim class and its news vendors that feed their pathetic life choice to be classified as such--a victim.Fuck the victims.Get off the couch. Go sweat at a job.On the other hand Trumps bar is set lower.He merely has to show up look into the camera and not apologize beyond a courtesy acknowledgement of the embarrassing revelation .No apologies are necessary because no one was hurt.Any of the women whose pussies were selected by Donald scream?Did any run to Twitter or news vendors to report the incident at the time?No. Who is complaining? Unattractive sour puss women news reporters are the mainly offended. They secretly want their pussies manhandled if they had their druthers.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Sad Life

Some sad people want others to be sad as compensation for their personal misery. And so Hillary Clinton demonstration of critical comments throughout her life without offering constructive remedies shows her life goal to make others uncomfortable.She has succeeded in her mission of gloom. Those who want to share her misery deserve the disappointment they will certainly experience.