Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Bitcoin is up $1,000.00 this morning. It's trading approximately at $12,850.00 . Some months ago bitcoin was trading in the $3,000-$4,000 range . So what's up? I think the implicit embrace of Modern Monetary Theory by Trump and his poodles at the Federal Reserve were the catalyst. When was the embrace? About a month ago-approximately May 8. Trump publicly dog whistled, so to speak, his companion dogs at the Fed kennel and told them that interest rates were too high. That was revolutionary.Ten years into an expansion, 3.6% unemployment and near trillion dollars deficits at federal level for this year and maybe into the future as long as we have a future and Trump wants more stimulus.Our fiat money is already laughable. We we give it away gratis to illegals just for showing up. We give it to homeless who don't buy toilet paper with it. We also start wars of choice with it.The theory behind Modern Monetary Theory is the governments monopoly on fiat currency is justified and by extension it's spending because it's confined to our democracy and all in our democracy deserve to participate in government spending. The only caveat is when inflation shows up the Fed must tighten. But what about all that debt at the federal, state, local, corporate and personal level that was created during the easy money stimulus? How will it be paid off with a tightening fed policy? All of these moving parts don't bother the technocrats at the Fed nor does it bother the Philistine Trump who worships at the liquidity altar.Investors are not buying it.And so goes bitcoin up in a ballistic trajectory. There's a social dividend to bitcoin. Bitcoin won't pay illegals, won't give assistance to homeless and bitcoin won't fund wars.

Monday, June 24, 2019


What's President Obama's opinion of his signature foreign policy achievement being trashed by Trump? Obama made a realistic deal with the Iranians on nuclear issues and economic issues. The terms made sense. Trump and the neocons come into power and renege.So now we stand teetering on another catastrophic war in the Middle East.And Obama? What does he have to say?The silence speaks volumes.Could it be he won't give his opinion unless paid? Could it be Obama was more a billboard notice for identity politics rather than a capable trustworthy executive?

Thursday, June 20, 2019


I think it's a given that all politicians lie.They are not unlike all humans who also lie from time to time.But positions of great power should be held to a higher degree of honesty and accuracy. To that goal when any politician speaks, the utterance should be recorded in a blockchain format.A recent example would be "The Mueller Report". Congress spent $40 million and countless hours investigating Trump and possible election tampering collusions with Russia.If all conversations were recorded in blockchain technology there wouldn't have been need for this expensive delay in discovery. A simple stroke of a computer would retrieve archival information about what was said by whom and when and where it was said. Politicians shouldn't have privacy. They lie.Blockchain technology would keep them honest and probably cause extinction of the career politician.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Neocons always want another war in Mideast. That's not news. But today a Japanese tanker was suspiciously attacked by unknown actors in the Straits Of Hormuz. It was timed for the arrival of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was in Tehran seeking to diffuse the dangerous situation between the U.S. and Iran that was started by our withdrawal from the international agreement with Iran. That is news. Within ten or fifteen minutes Secretary Of State Pompeo blamed Iran. That's stretch given the circumstances of a diplomatic peace meeting between Iran and signatory to international peace treaty Japan. Also the owner of the Japanese tanker said the ship was not set afire by mines but received gun fire from an unknown source. That doesn't fit the Trump administrations narrative as spoken by Pompeo who claimed Iranian mines were the cause of the damage to the tanker. Why rush to war? What about our troops? Our troops are also citizens. No commander has the authority to be reckless with their well being . If a commander is reckless then the troops have a justifiable recourse to protect themselves. In this case if we dive into another deadly and costly war against historically traceable Iran ( Persia )on behalf of reckless Neocon foreign policy or money-making business for the military-industrial complex or for the protection of Standard Oil of California 1933 recreation Saudi Arabia or United Nations 1947 creation of Israel it's not worth it. Soldiers have a duty and a right to mutiny on their own behalf. Visit any Veterans Administration Hospital and see the ones that lived.The therapy for mind and missing parts for vets tell the tale of criminal commanders and lobbyists who want war.Many vets are buried.