Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump & Clinton Share Felon Jewish In-Laws

You are nobody unless you have felon Jewish in-laws! Both the Clintons and the Trumps have felon Jewish in-laws.Is that enough evidence? Probably not. But it certainly is a statement that invites conversation. Ivanka Trump daughter of president elect Donald Trump is married to Jared Kushner. His father is the Jewish real estate tycoon Charles Kushner. Charles served one year in prison for tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions and witness tampering.By the way, Charles was already a multi millionaire before he committed those crimes. Speaks volumes about what greed will do. Then there's Chelsea Clinton. She's the daughter of the Clinton Machine that lost to president elect Trump. Her husband is hedge fund operator Marc Mezvinsky. Marc's Jewish father is Edward Mezvinsky. He embezzled ten million. He was exposed and served five years in prison.Both the Kushners and the Mezvinskys have Israeli connections. As if their personal faults weren't enough to avoid them.So how and why did the Trumps and Clintons attract felons? The how is easy. Hormonal daughters who aren't wise about how far some folk will go to get their foot in the door is the how. The why is both Trumps and Clintons are so greedy themselves that they are sloppy in raising their children.Particularly about not warning their offspring that there are people in the world much like daddy and mommy and they must beware.By the way, Jared Kushner got Ivanka to convert to Judaism.Talk about people who take no prisoners.Marriage will last at least as long as Trumps in office for sure.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

ACRONYM: It's Cheaper

Acronyms are in a way cheaper. Less words less time to speak the words. It fits a business language. Which wants to keep costs down. To that end Our POTUS is in Lima, Peru discussing trade with POCHINA, PONEWZEALAND,POMEXICO and other PO'S not worthy of sound at this time. The acronyms of these trade agreements in alphabetical order are APEC, FTAAP, NAFTA, RCEP and TPP.Google the acronyms for full name.But the full name is more dull than the acronym.The above quips conjure globalization. Mega corporations using mega governments who have mega weapons and troops for the mega heavy lifting to enforce basic business imperatives one way or another. In or outside trade agreements. National politics are red herrings. It's a game that mega business and mega governments give to their minor individuals to keep them occupied and to instill a sense of self worth.But in the end all politics are local.As the numbers of debt add up to the glaring reality in this race to the bottom for cheaper labor not many will get paid who own debt. So if you are just getting by don't feel too bad you will soon see free traders selling left over stock at really cheap prices.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Senator Sessions: It's About Time And It's About Race

Senator Jeff Sessions is going to be in court and the progressive's court of opinion /slander is in session.Senator Sessions from Alabama is going to be the next Attorney General.The progressives want us to know that in 1986 President Reagan appointed Sessions to a be a federal judge.The Senate Judiciary said he was a racist. Their proof was Senator Sessions called a African American attorney in the Justice Department "boy".Maybe Jeff didn't know the attorneys name?The progressives also show Sessions'quotes like "..NAACP is unAmerican for trying to force Civil Rights down the throats of people who were trying to put problems behind them". Yeah. I agree. Sessions withdrew his name for the judgeship. Anything else? Maybe Ivy League Universities will have to provide night lights to students who are afraid of the dark while a conservative administration is in office. Senator Jeff Sessions is for law and order. He's also against trade deals that gut America's middle class.Put all the afore mentioned evidence on a scale. What's your judgement?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Soros Behind Anti Trump Protests?

Another night of protests over Trump win last night.Could the rich and bored and angry George Soros be funding the nationwide disruption? He is rich. He must be bored because he keeps getting richer without satisfying his hunger. He's angry because his wealth is pointless unless he can influence people in real time. He can't be a politician because he lacks civility. So he turns to nihilism. Simply if he can't be happy then no one else will be either.The FBI should question him about any personal involvement and/or funding of national protests. How he responds will be telling. Also humane society members should accompany riot police to determine whether some protestors are sufficiently educated/civilized to be legally responsible for their action.If they are not. Then they should be brought to shelters for food and blankets till they can be released back into society with responsible guardians and ankle locators. Soros'funding of street activists against Trump and also agitating organizations like Black Lives Matter etc are constructively inciting riots. Soros and his cronies who fund these activities are liable for reparations to any one harmed.And if blood is found on his hands then he should be prosecuted for jail time in addition to forfeit of money.