Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why Does American Media Dislike Putin & Russia ?

Why does the U.S. media gratuitously disparage Vladimir Putin and by extension Russia? There are 189 countries in the United Nations. Our media can alternate pro or con on 188 but when it comes to Russia it becomes a unanimous media that Russia is evil. What philosophy or political belief in the media so skews the media to lock step its neyt in harmony to Russian policies? Some might say our recent election carries the narrative that Russia interfered in favor of Trump and contra Clinton.So that's a good reason to thumb down Russia.But our media's dislike of Putin and Russia predated the recent presidential election.Russia could be and should should be America's ally. Between us approximately 26,000 nuclear war heads are in silos or on subs or guess where.We don't need an enemy with as much fire power as we have. On the contrary we would be natural stabilizers of the planet at the best possible scenario. I have a speculation. I think the media doesn't like Putin's policies towards the LBBTQ acronym. And that's enough red meat for the progressives in the media to steer our foreign policy in the direction of more tolerance for the LGBTQ at the expense of sounder foreign policy alliances.Bad trade off.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Afghanistan & Posturing Generals

Yesterday the media had stories about 4000 U.S. troops going to Afghanistan. The Associated Press was one of the news vendors publishing the possibility. Mad Magazine did not carry the story. Mad does original comedy and does not write about naturally occurring comedy in our foreign policy missteps. After all we have been fighting and losing in Afghanistan for over 16 years.Our Secretary of Defense and retired four star Marine General James "Mad Dog " Mattis talked about the American surge recently in Congressional testimony. The Mad Dog nickname could be a clue in future on how to deal humanely with career bred killers. Mattis looks to me as a classic posturing general with enough scrap medal on his chest to keep a homeless scavenger in fixings for a day.Ever hear of a general losing his life in combat?Any generals die from nerve gas, nuclear blasts, Agent Orange part of collateral damage due to cruise missile attacks into an urban area, friendly fire---boy if there was ever a euphemism of Homeric proportions-- or other ways of dying or losing parts or use of ones body that are too many to list here? I certainly have not. The generals move avatars around on a graphics screen coming up with sure fire plans on tactical moves that will prevail over the enemy.The generals are not on the ground with nothing between their body and mortality against an Afghani who just wants to hold on to what little he or she has in life. The strutting generals claim to be bound and committed to duty that protects us here in America.Sixteen years later we lose soldiers, equipment and treasure as a daily occurrence. So the generals are not doing their avowed duty. If they were dong their duty some would die. But the generals are probably teeing up a Titleist rather aiming at a Taliban.If you want war fight in the war.The generals and the politicians are not stepping up. I suggest NO WAR WITHOUT A NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Send the war mongers to the golf course permanently.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Federal Reserve

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are up 280% since the beginning of this year.As of today approximately $49 billion of Bitcoin and $36 billion of Ether are the outstanding valuations.Those figures are dwarfed by the approximately $ 4 trillion amount outstanding of the worlds currencies. That would be the folding stuff in our pockets. But my folding stuff is not up 5000% since the start of 2017.My twenties and tens are still at face value but a little more wrinkled. So going forward should crypto currency be included in my wallet? I can have leisure in making a decision. But one person is thinking harder about what crypto currency might do to her job. That would be Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. She 's determined not to go back to that kosher deli in Manhattan. She and the whole house of cards that support human civilization through the tool money is being threatened.Right now crypto currency makes up about 2% of the traditional currencies issued by the Fed, Japan, Eurozone, China et all. Small? Yes. But that 2% didn't exist 6 months ago. Crpto didn't move the needle.What's the Fed going to if anything about the upstart? I would think that Yellen has to make the dollar a better store of value. To that purpose interest rates will have to go up probably more than people expect. Also the Fed has to shrink the balance sheet. At the moment the balance sheet is at $ 4 trillion.Number coincidence with current world wide outstanding paper? That will definitely get rates higher.According to a news blurb last night on the Nightly Business Report the Fed has moved up the start its balance sheet shrinking to September 2017. That's a ninth month speed up.Bitcoin and Ether are once in a lifetime or many lifetimes game changer.Fiat money as per central banks game plan has finally met its match. The complacency of gold and investor sentiment and volatility can be somewhat better understood by judging the performance of cryptocurrencies and concluding that chaos might be around the corner and its foil may be Bitcoin and Ether. Here's a question. All the debt in the world is based on central bank currencies. So how will those obligations be met?

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Terrorist Versus Terrorist

Funny thing happened to America's narrative about the Middle East. Today Tehran's parliament was attacked by ISIS operatives. A suicide bomber and other operatives killed twelve so far and many others wounded.This some few days after Salesman Trump inks a hundred billion arms dealers to the largest single owners of a fleet of Bentleys on the planet. Cant have bomb created pot holes to spoil the ride to the airport for a flight to London where the white women are with bottles of the bubbly.What's the tie in? The arms where largely to protect Saudi Arabia from the Iranians. According to the United States and its poodle Israel or is it the other way around If we could just get rid of the ayatollahs in Iran peace would come to the Middle East.But who is sponsoring ISIS? Certainly Iran didn't orchestrate todays carnage in Tehran as a red herring to debunk the American narrative.So now what coach? General Mad Dog Mattis as Secretary of Defense maybe is thinking of surgical Tomahawk surgical attack on Iranian Parliament building to kill any left over terrorist? God. He maybe is thinking we got to get into this. Or we will miss out like we did in Syria.Also it obviates a reason for supporting Israel against Iran. Which kicks out another Israeli reason/lie for slow motion genocide of Palestinians.Gee. Is there any player in this cluster fuck of belligerent group of spoiled brats you can sympathize? So maybe the weapons we sell or lose that end up in the hands of the Saudis, Israel, ISIS, Afghanis, Syrians ad nauseam are in the proper place.If we really don't like any of the players then let them get rid of each other.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Money And Power Has Its Limits

In 193 A.D. Didius Julianus out bid the former emperors family and bought the position of Caesar from the Praetorian Guard .Pertanix was the former Emperor who wanted a strong fiscal policy and hard currency. The Praetorian Guard killed Pertanix because citizens didn't want belt tightening.Didius Julianus offered more money to every member of the Praetorian guard and so was proclaimed Emperor. He promptly devalued the Roman currency to pre Pertanix values.Fiat currency versus hard currency was the issue. But the Praetorian Guard who were paid in hard currency were insulted by the immediate devaluation by Didius Julianus.So the Praetorian Guard immediately kills Didius Julianus in spite. DJ ruled for three months. So here we all our some two thousand years later still dealing with the outcome of fiat money and debt and the impact on citizens of Rome and for that matter the greater empire.Takeaway? It's always about money. No matter what any one says.Also the military runs the political show.One thing to look forward to is the greed and arrogance eventually consumes the politicians and the military to the point they start killing each other. Now I can't wait for that. P.S. The military will win in the run. As recounted above the armed forces allow the politicians to make policy but the real policy is pay the armed forces and they will let the politicians go through the motions of having power...until the money runs out.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Single Payer Health Insurance : False Hope

June 1 2017 saw California's senate vote and pass a single payer health insurance.The phrase "single payer "comes from the same central casting dialogue that spoke of " philosopher king" or "great white hope " or "god" or " some one completely trustworthy " or " totally unselfish " or " surgical accuracy missile attacks" or " every one is equal "etc. You get the idea. Problem with a single payer comprehensive health insurance scheme is that all people will get somewhat simultaneously ill either physically or monetarily when one gets ill.Truly it will make every sickness or disease or cough or runny nose a pandemic. The single payer health law constructively gives civil rights to bacteria. Cant talk about prevention because its the right of everyone to be cared for no matter what preventable disease people contract and or invite.