Monday, January 26, 2009

Money & Music & Bubbles

The spending monkeys in Congress in pursuit of reelection and mission creep passed the Federal Reserve Act Of 1913. The goal of the Act was "... to provide a ready reserve of liguid assets in case of financial panics". The term "liquid assets" was a clue to the intended or unintended consequences of the Act-I.E. BUBBLES FORM FROM LIQUIDS.

Interestingly in 1919 the song " I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" was composed by Jaan Kenbrown and John Kellette.
Partially, it went like this:

"Im forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high, nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams they fade and die"

In 1958 Stan Freberg composed a send-up of Lawrence Welk. The song was titled " Wunerful, Wunerful".

The song ended with this phrase:

"Help! Help! Wunerful,Wunerful
turn off the bubble machine. Help! Help!"

Monkeys shouldn't use money. It has the disastrous effect of multplying their greedy traits.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dianne Feinstein: Bad Symbol For Obama Presidency

The estimates of the worldwide viewing audience for Barack Obama's inaguration range to 2 billion. And who's face will all those people see first? It will be the face of Senator Dianne Feinstein ,the senior senator of the eternal Zionists in our senate. It's no accident that the symbolism of a Zionist "Calling to Order" and giving a "welcoming speech" went to AIPAC/Israel poster girl. Israel and AIPAC want the world to know that Obama's administration will be in the embrace of these bigots.

The acrid smell of phosphorus vapors can still be smelled in Gaza after the deaths of app. 1300 Palestinian deaths and app. 8000 wounded and the caricature of a war torn urban scene delivered by our "ally"Israel. Yet Feinstein is the first face of America that the world will view.
Feinstein's remarks will be unremarkable. She's not charismatic nor engaging. She will be seen for what she is-the incarnation of AIPAC/Israel flipping the bird to the world and that includes us here at home.

If they ever go after Feinstein, I won't hide her.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama & The Lincoln Comparison

Why is Barack Obama trying to pass himself off as resembling Abraham Lincoln? Lincoln was the president who rejected "states rights" to the point of Civil War. The carnage of the war between the states in todays numbers would be over 6,000,000 total deaths in the Union and Confederate armies alone. The civilian deaths and wounded, loss of infrastructure, damage to private property and degredation to the environment was immensely untold.

Slavery was legal but on its way out. Morality aside, technology was close to making the business model of slavery uneconomic. The Civil War was an overeach by North and South. Does America really want another anarchistic-type president who will use the power of his office for yet MORE central planning and control? Will the majorities he enjoys in Congress insure more central planning is on the way? Consequently will the divisevness in American society only expand along "states rights" issues which include, education, health care and most importantly the legal paradigm that will prevail.

Why does Obama evoke Lincoln? Can't he stand on his own? Is he just playing a part? I 'm nervous.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remember The Border Fence?

One of the legacies of the spending monkeys in Washington will be the environmentally disastrous and expensive U.S./Mexican border Fence. The 670 mile fence was constructed to halt the illegal immigration flow rather than simply enforcing existing laws concerning hiring illegals. Well with the U.S. unemployment rate heading north of 8% the el norte flow of Mexican illegals has slowed considerably and in fact a lot of the illegals are heading south/sur back to old Mexico.

So how can the conservative boondoggle fence project be made into a liberal spending monkey boondoggle project? How about retrofitting the wall with doors that only have handicapped handles and ramps that open on the north side? What about port o' potties and showers on the U.S. side? Custom agents asking, " Anything to declare AND is ther anything we can do for you before you leave?" If the illegals can't think of anything then a booklet can be provided with a departing benefits list. The book includes a right to a needle exchange; G.P.S. device; 50 rounds of cartridges; water; food ; army enlistment flyer with automatic citizenship; condoms; black orphans; "Joys Of Judiaism" book; Senator Barbara Boxer's private number - studs ONLY; the novella "Barbara Boxer : To Be Young, Hot And Jewish At The Domino Club In San Francisco In The 1970s"; an easy to inseminate a woman lifer on death row kit and the little advertised legal benefits to common law spouses that flow from that legal act; a switchblade knife guarenteed to be manufactured in Iran but operating manual is in Hebrew; etc.


Friday, January 16, 2009

New Sitcom: " The Jews Meet The Mother-In-Law"

Seinfeld's producers have quickly marked up a pilot script for a possible new TV sitcom. The working title is " The Jews Meet The Mother-In-Law". The theme song will be the 1961 hit " Mother-In-Law" by Ernie K-Doe. The story is based on the fact that Barack Obama's mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, will be moving into the White House. There she will confront and engage in" honest opinions" dialogue with the numerous cadre of Jews that surround the new president. It's all about race credentials and promises to be great fun. It will be like the 1970s hit sitcom Norman Lear's "All In The Family". Only Marian will be the bigoted African-American and Chief Of Staff Rahm Emmanuel will be the bigoted Jew.

Part of the pilots script has been leaked to the media and I got it. The scene opens in the White House. Mother-in-law Marian Robinson meets Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel outside the Oval Office.

Marian: Hey boy, where's my son-in-law?

Rahm: Shouldn't you be in uniform? There's someone at the door.

Marian: It's the Reverend Jeremiah Wright coming to call, Jew Boy. And you know what he thinks of your kind. I dated Jerry for a while and he got some of his opinions about people like you from me.

Rahm: Listen you tub of shit, don't you pull rank on me. My slave credentials are longer than yours.

Marian: And rightly so. You should be segregated and enslaved. We Africans were minding our business in OUR OWN COUNTRY when we were boarded on ships. What's that on your head?

Rahm: It's a yarmulke you ignorant cow. It's a head covering of distinction.

Marian: Why don't you Jews pay a little more and get a real hat like the fedora the Kingfish wore in "Amos 'n Andy"? The yami is just the remnants of fedora . The stuff that's cut out. Boy you people are cheap.

Rahm: Listen I have'nt the time to bicker. We both know why we are here. It's to get WASP's. So can't we work together?

Marian: I will think about it.

The picture fades out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Do We Need Banks?

Today Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was pleading for more money. He said banks need more capital if the economy is to recover.

Why do we need banks? What's their value-added? Let them fail. They use other peoples assets and skim more than their fair share for themselves. So why not eliminate these bad managers and their stockholders who can't be trusted and let people be responsible for their own assets? I'm sure people can more carefully protect their assets than the over-paid predators that run our banks. Individuals can loan people money and collect interest just as easily as a bank can. And if they can't, then that's their own problem.

There is way too much financial linkage between people. By definition that linkage grows till it fails because of it's unwieldly size. Time for a new paradigm. I suggest a barter system. Let's get rid of the parasites like the greasers in government and Wall Street that script Bernanke's message.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Roland Burris & Al Franken Promise Heath Ledger National Holiday


In what looks like a public relations coup to seat U.S. Senate aspirants Roland Burris from Illinois and Al Franken from Minnesota, both have agreed to introduce legislation for a Heath Ledger National Appreciation Day.

The pre-announcement has lit up Washington phone banks with gleeful calls from morons around the globe for the immediate swearing- in of the 2 politicians.

Heath's legacy writes yet another page.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Day After The "End Of Days"

According to the believers and vendors in all things related to "doomsday", the date will be December 21, 2012 @ 11:11 G.M.T. This date has been gleaned from disparit sources that include the Book Of Revelations, the Mayan Calander , predictions of Merlin and the Chinese philosophy I Ching.

A simpler explanation of the December date would be that the spookiest dates for these northern hemisphere inhabitants are the shortest and coldest days. And therefore any culture or race would become the most fearful during these times and speculate on the "end days". And so scientists will indeed find what they are looking for if they focus on the winter month. But suppose we all don't perish in about 3 years from now? What will we all do?

More relevantly speaking, suppose the rescue efforts of our self serving central planning politicians fails and our democratic way of government goes the way of the Dodo Bird? What we all do? Frankly I will play the cards I'm dealt. Grand economic schemes by thieving politicians and lobbyists shouldn't succeed anyway. I will take care of me and mine.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama Revisits Past For Future Plan

This is what Obama really said at a press conference yesterday:

O: " We are in an severe economic downturn. It was brought on by years of fiscal mismanagement. Simply we have been living beyond our means both in the private and public sectors."

Reporter: " What do you propose to do about this looming meltdown?"

O: " I am proposing to spend massive amounts of money that we don't have to jump start the economy so that we can have breathing room for fiscal responsible policies in the future."

Reporter: " Why not do fiscal responsible policies now so we can avoid making the same mistake again? For instance why don't you stop both wars and make across the board federal spending cuts now? "

O: " I promise to do what you suggest in my second term."

Reporter: " How will the planet redeem all the demands of the new money and debt? Are we not growing faster than forests right now?

O: " I will address that question in my second term."

Reporter: " I always thought that NOW was always a good time for fiscal responsibility."

O: " NOW spelled backwards is WON. I WON. I will determine when NOW is.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Orphans From Gaza: The Next Jewish Holocaust

The 1978 movie " The Boys From Brazil" speculated on Nazi, Dr. Josef Mengele trying to clone an Adolf Hitler reincarnation. The goal was to start up a Fourth Reich and continue the Nazi's policies which included the genocide of all Jews.

That was fiction. But a fact is the kids from Gaza coming to a Jewish neighborhood near you in the not to distant future. They may be orphans or missing limbs or just traumatized by the Israeli genocide of Palestinians taking place in Gaza now. That's on top of the 40 year occupation and slow- motion genocide that the Zionists have been engaged.

Couple all that with the severe world-wide economic slow down, and Zionist infuenced governments around the globe-the U.S. now has 16 Jewish senators and 30 Reps in the House- and all the ingredients are in place for a revisiting of the run up to World War II.

This time let's get it right. Stay out of affairs that are not important to American security. Let the Zionists meet their personal destiny alone.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Condi Rice And The Watermelon Frappiano

Secretary Of State Condi Rice screams at her assistant, " No more watermelon frappianos till I finish with these calls. I'm determined to be assumed as being part of the Israeli/Palestinian cease fire when it happens. Hell the Israelis are running out of targets and I will be left out".

Condi stomps her size 10 foot. She shatters her 8th Ferragamo high heel. Simultaneously picking her ear and nose she dials George. He picks up the phone wrong way around and answers, " Hi Condi". He mostly always answers " Hi Condi" because she's mostly the only one that calls because George is the only one that takes her seriously.

Condi screams, "Switch the phone around". She continues, " George , how can I be seen to be part of the peace process?"

George blurts out an insight," Condi , you will have a tough time being seen because you are black and don't reflect light very well".

Condi slams down the phone and yells, " Get me a watermelon frappiano ASAP".