Sunday, December 31, 2006

AIPAC And The Conference Of Presidents Of Major Jewish Organizations: The Problems And The Final Solution

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations together control over 50 pro-Israel PACs across America. Why is this a problem? It's the reason why America has a lopsided support of Israel that defies logic . Israel has nuclear arms and an arrogant attitude that is bordering on suicidal. The 50 PACs allows the limits of election contributions to be exceeded by a factor of 50. Most of these PACs are purposely, deceptively named to avoid scrutiny. This effectively allows AIPAC and The Conference to contribute more than $500,000 to each of our 535 members of Congress in each election cycle. The math adds up to a staggering $ 250,000,000 that is dangled in front of our spineless politicians.

Also the U.S. gives Israel each year over 3 billion dollars gratis. This giveawy has been going on since Jimmy Carter's Camp David's Accords in the late 1970's. No doubt some of that grant money is laundered in Israel and returned to America for dispersal to Israeli friendly members of Congress.

Israel is a foreign country that is not a contributing ally to American interests in the Middle East. They are a negative . So what can be done? Israel should be regulated as other foreign countries now are. Israeli agents should not be free to roam the halls of Congress like some quasi-51st state lobbying their interests. Israel's lobbyists should be rounded-up and and registered as the foreign influence that they truely are.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Criminal Poor Judgement: Extinct Baiji Dolphin & Iraq War

This week saw the rarest of all dolphins, the baiji, declared " functionally extinct ". It had existed in the Yangtze River for the past 20 million years. But with the construction of Three Gorges Dam, the dolphin has not been seen since 2003. The hydroelectric dam provides electricity for a portion of the 1.3 billion Chinese that now ravage that part of China.

This week also saw the hanging execution of Saddam Hussein. So far that is the only dubious accomplishment that our country has gotten for it's 500 billion spent in the ravaging of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Poor judgement was used in both cases.The fact that a handful of dolphins were too much and had to be forced out of existence so 1.3 billion Chinese could " advance" their consumerism is a crime. The fact the U.S. spent 1/2 trillion dollars, killed or dislocated millions of Iraqis while killing or maiming tens of thousands of American soldiers in the pursuit of an illegal war is also a crime.

And what will the punishment be for these crimes? The Chinese in the end will meet the same fate of all overpopulated species-they will starve down to a more appropriate head count. And hopefully the architects of the criminal and illegal Iraqi war should meet a similar Hussein-type fate.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Barter: Live Efficiently And Survive

No species has survived that was not efficient or resourceful, i.e. the low cost producer of it's own needs. Relationships are more important than money and are cheaper. Therefore a barter system at the personal and worldwide level will prevail against all competing monetary schemes.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Critical Thinking & Political Correctness

What comes first, paralysis of critical thinking or political correctness ? In other words, does one have to learn to do and say dumb things or does it come naturally? Well anyone can do or say dumb things but they can learn from their mistakes. But with respect to political correctness, dumb deeds and mantras are taught, repeatedly enforced and become part of the culture.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Philosophy Of Military-Industrial Complex: In Growth We Trust

The military-industrial complex philosophy is, In Growth We Trust. This is self-evident. But because of the limits imposed by a smallish planet, the MIC necessarily needs to be proactive. Therefore they will be seen to first blow-up something then rebuild it.

The appetite of the MIC will grow larger. But correspondingly the reasons to blow-up something will become smaller.

Friday, December 22, 2006

What Was The "Forbidden Fruit"?

Was it an apple like the bible says or was it meat?

Charles Dickens had one of his characters, I believe, in Oliver Twist, say, " Don't give meat to children, it makes them aggressive and mean." In the animal world meat-eaters are cunning and aggressive. Sometimes too aggressive for their own good. They end up dead because they exceeded their limitations. In the animal world plant-eaters use memory as their best defense. They are less likely to exceed their limitations. So there are more of them.

Do We Need More Muslim, Islamic Influence In America's Congress ?

Yesterday Congressman Virgil Goode, VA.- R insulted first-ever Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison,MN.-D . Goode said, " many more Muslims will be elected [ and swear on the Koran] unless immigration is tightened."

Consider this. America is like no other country on the planet. It was founded by immigrants and since has extended an invitation to other immigrants to come to the U.S. Whether that is a sustainable immigration philosophy is another issue for another time. The fact is that America has become a microcosom of the earths demographic, but with one glaring exception. Muslims who make up app. 1/3 of world population are not proportionately represented. Notably America's biggest problem has been and is the Middle East which is the homeland of the Muslim/Islamic faith and its politics.

It's in America's long term interest to achieve peace in that region. Therefore more representation of Muslims in Congress will be an excellent non-violent way to further that goal.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Need Larger Military Or Smaller Goals?

President Bush yesterday called for a larger military. Gee George, why would anyone want to give you more resources for your failed policies?

No matter who is the next president, America doesn't need a larger military. It needs smaller goals on the world scene that can be attained by our good example in a non-violent way. Should war ever be necessary, the mechanism for consideration and response should lie with the eletorate. A simple majority-approved vote in a national referendum would satisfy. The executive and the legislative branches of governmaent are not trustworthy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush & Israeli Palestinian Policies Hit New Low

Bush and his Israeli handlers are not satisfied with the pace of the disintegration in Gaza . The constructive genocide by the Israelis and the world-wide economic embargo as enforced by U.S. leadership is not working as quickly as they had planned. So Bush et al have resorted to fomenting a civil war by picking and arming Fatah over the legally elected Hamas political party. Yes, Bush is now arming street fighters as a way to further American foreign policy as per the Zionists approved view.

So what happens when the American-backed Fatah starts to edge out lesser- equipped Hamas partisans? Look for suicide bombers to crop up. How will non-combatant Palestinians know how to stay out of the crossfire? No one wears uniforms.

Bush is leading America to another new low of what's left of U.S. standing in the world. And for what purpose? Israel? It's not worth it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Preemptive Wars Should Be Lost

Almost 4 years have passed since the invasion of Iraq. The unilateral descisions taken by Bush were a breach of U.N. protocols. Since the invasion, facts have emerged to substantiate the charge made by many that Bush's reasons and charges against Saddam Hussein,WMD, al-Qaeda connection, have been exposed as false and even fraudulently constructed.

In any circumstance, the war was and is a preemptive war. Also the policy of preemptive war initiated by Bush still exists in the U.S. . America should not have this policy. America should not win preemptive wars nor should any other aggressor nations, because that will only invite more war.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holocaust, Affirmative Action & Divine Right Of Kings

First there was the divine rights of kings and caesars. After those excesses came power-sharing with parliaments and legislators with a more sustainable governing paradigm. So much so that the British monarchy has become a rubber stamp for England's Parliament.

Then comes the inevitable excesses of demagoguery that markets guilt for perceived past injustices. This includes affirmative action to remedy slavery, reparations to Japanese for internment and the creation of Israel to pay for the Holocaust.

But there is a blowback and resistance by present-day people who resent being dunned for a guilt bill that they didn't run up. So for all who still want something for nothing, the party is coming to an end.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Melinda Gates: Mother Who Adopts Millions

There is a Chinese proverb, " When you save a life, you become responsible for that life." I doubt Melinda Gates, wife of Bill and the philosophical driving force of the Gates Foundation, knows of the proverbs implication. Because when Melinda and Bill spend billions on the prevention of death from, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis they have according to the proverb assumed responsibility for those saved lives.

The facts of life show that malnutrition kills more people worldwide than the 3 scourges put together. Malnutritution is a direct result of overpopulation. If the Gates Foundation really wants to make a long term improvement in world health, then they should spend resources on preventing births in the locales that cannot support further population growth.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why America Lost Iraq

Did you know that an American soldier's personal equipment costs $ 24,800.00 ? That's up from $ 7000.00 per soldier in 1999.

The typical Iraqi insurgent's equipment amounts to $200.00 for a Kalishnakov and $ 100.00 for an I.E.D.( improvised explosive device).

The American soldier is backed-up by helicopters, jets, tanks, humvees, artillery, drone aircrft, missles etc. These and the logistics of a 15,000 mile supply chain cost the U.S. app. $ 9 billion per month. And the U.S. is still losing. In a war it's not about the money spent that makes the difference between victory and defeat it's about determination. America has no legitimate reason for being in Iraq. On the other hand the Iraqis are the low-cost producers of war and are determined to live there without an occupier.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter: Gets No Respect From The New York Times

Today The New York Times' Best Seller list omitted Jimmy Carter's new book, " Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid". Amazon listed the book at #5; Barnes & Noble carried it #10; and the San Francisco Chronicle's Bay Area Best Seller List ( largest market in U.S.) listed the book at #2. What's up at the N.Y.T. ?

Maybe Jimmy stepped over the line. He had the courage to criticize the Israeli policy of constructive genocide against the Palestinians in his latest book. But he knows of what he speaks . He was the president who coaxed, some say bribed, Egypt to sign a peace treaty with Israel in the early '80s. Both countries still receive billions from America to be publically polite to each other. But what has Jimmy done for the Israeli zealots lately? So maybe The New York Times is refusing to acknowledge Carter's best selling book because of spite.

If this is true, then the paper should be more accurately titled The Jew York Times.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Israel's Apartheid Wall Invites Questions

Is the seperation wall to keep people out or keep people in? Do the Israelis agree with the historical consensus that they need to be segregated or do they segregate the Palestinians ?

Before there were the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others there were Zionists. Don't confuse the symptons for the cause.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Does It Mean To Be Queer ?

New York City is about to let sex-confused or NOT confused- depending on who you ask- to alter original birth certificates. This latest mutation in the civil rights movement is certainly breaking new ground. Notably, one needn't have had a sex-change operation to qualify. A simple declaration is sufficient. Evidently the Trojan Horse for this new rule is discrimination against those who could not afford an operation. Advocates cite this as a monetary hurdle that makes the New York Health System " biased".

The question is, who is queer? The poor confused- sexually conflicted individual or the health officials who are indulging them? The latter seem to be more queer. Because presumably they know what sex they are but are willing to let others question and discard the need for truth in the phyical world. I.E passion and emotion trump fact.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Can't Close Education Gaps : Good News And Bad News

Now as Congress looks at reauthorizing No Child Left Behind, reports are being published about results about the program so far. For instance, " The [educational] gaps between African-Americans and whites are showing very few signs of closing.", that is according to Michael T. Nettles, a vice-president at the Educational Testing Service.

Considering how far academic standards have been degraded in the pursuit of integrated education along with affirmative action, that news contains both postive and negative signs. It's negative that blacks still languish. But it is good because it shows an inflexion point in our education system that whites and Asians students can't or will not become anymore stupid to facilitate affirmative action and integration of schools based on political objectives rather than academic objectives.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Homo Sapiens Or Frivolous Primate ?

Recent discoveries at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany show the Neanderthal to be 99.5 % our equal in DNA. Excavated evidence leads to the theory that homo sapiens encountered the Neanderthal about 40,000 ago . About that same time the Neanderthal started on a road of extinction. Notably the Neanderthal had existed for 450,000 prior to their demise. In comparison Homo Sapiens has only existed for about 50,000 years. The reason that is speculated for the waxing of Homo Sapiens and the waning of Neanderthal was the advanced tool-making ability of Homo Sapiens. These tools were not only helpful for hunting and farming but also for war-making. I.E. Homo Sapiens killed Neanderthals.

Well here we are in the 21st century with scant hope that Homo Sapiens with his nuclear bombs , biological weapons, high-tech war machine and general degrading of the planet will last as long as the Neaderthals experience of 450,000 years. What's to be done? I suspect that the longevity of our species would be enhanced by looking to the low-tech model of the Neanderthal and adapting their more more basic and conservative approach to survival versus the high-tech arrogant approach of Homo Sapiens a.k.a. the frivolous primate.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What Price Art ?

This past week saw a record breaking auction at Sotheby's. The gavel went down on $ 491 million worth of paintings. It included a Gauguin that went for $ 40 million and a Klimt at $ 88 million. The month also registered the highest priced transaction ever. Steven A. Cohen, a hedge fund manager, paid $ 137 million for de Kooning's " Woman III". The seller was the equally successful record producer David Geffen.

Why are these paintings selling at exorbitant prices? Is there an intrinsic value? No. The value of the ingredients that de Koonig, Gauguin and Klimt used probably added up to less than a $ 100 dollars . The value-added that propels that $ 100 dollars to close to $ 265 million for the 3 paintings is the painters unique talent multiplied by the expansion of money in circulation since the paintings creation.

The paintings cannot be duplicated. Unlike the world of Cohen and Geffen where monetary transactions are repeated with a margin of profit being produced. The paintings are " one of". Maybe the real value of this uniqueness can better be appreciated by mercantile-types like Cohen and Geffen. Another way of looking at these tranactions is to view them as a place to store production of work a.k.a money. In the future, the Klimt, Gauguin and de Koonig will still be valued in whatever currency is in style but the stock trading and record selling will not be remembered or valued.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Is To Be Done About The Evangelicals And Zionists?

In ancient Rome Christians and Jews were put to death in the Colisseum. How things have changed! The Emperor Constantine in the 4th century A.D. declared Christianity the official religion of the Empire. This act was a recognition of the reality of what the Roman Empire demographic had become. It was an amnesty and path to citizenship for all Christians much like the solutions America is grappling now with its own immigrants.

But some of the subsets of Christian and Jewish religious groups became fanatical. They are known today as Evangelical Christians and Zionists respectively. They both work together to shape American foreign policy in the Middle East. This is wrong and dangerous for American security. The events of 9/11 were an opening gambit of the blowback from some of the indigenous Middle East population.

Christians United for Israel is one such Evangelical political action committee that has a strong influence with our born-again President Bush. The Reverend John Hagee who heads CUFI urged Bush to support Israel's slaughter of the Lebanese in July and the bombing of Lebanon's infrastructure that erased 20 years of recovery. He said, " Israel is carrying out God's foreign policy". And of course most everyone is familiar with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee ( AIPAC) suffocating influence on our executive and legislative branches of governments. AIPAC's agenda is a threat to America's interests and world peace. They must be stopped.

In general, I suspect that in between the Roman-way of handling the Christians and the free rein that the Evangelicals and Zionists now enjoy lies the correct policy for America's general well being.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

" All Politics Is Local": Is It ?

Most attribute that truism to Tip O' Neill. He was the Speaker of the House during the Carter administration. But the world has become so effectively small that a good argument can be made that all politics, local or international make their influence felt. E.G. Pollution knows no boundaries; armaments whether ballistic or suit-cased sized are everywhere; diseases are exponentially propagated by the 6 billion plus human baase, etc. Now more than ever another saying is applicable, " What goes around comes around".

Friday, November 10, 2006

neo-Nazis & Israelis: " Kristallnacht", Palestine & Lebanon

Yesterday neo-Nazis in Germany attacked Jewish memorials that commemorated the November 9, 1938 Nazi pogrom of Jews in Hitler's Germany. That pogram saw Nazi mobs destroy hundreds of Jewish synagogues across Germany and Austria. Also Jewish homes and shops were ransacked along with beatings and some deaths of Jews merely because they were Jewish. This horrible event has been come to be known as " Kristallnacht" or " Night of Broken Glass". It's interesting that the episode was named after lost or damaged home furnishings.

" Kristallnacht" and the subsequent Holocaust shows man at his worst. But crimes of genocide and against humanity are not the exclusive aberration of Nazis past or present. Only yesterday, the Israeli government shelled a populated area in the occupied territories of historic Palestine. Nineteen men, women and children were killed while they were in their beds. This barbaric incident brings the total of killed Palestinians to over 300 in the past 4 months. Over 200 were civilians. Also the Israeli slaughter of 1200 Lebanese this past September and the bombing of Lebanon's infrastructure which erased 20 years of recovery shows that evil lurks in all man but only waits for military superiority so to be set free.

When the Holocaust or " Kristallnacht" is brought up , I will bring up Palestine and Lebanon.

Monday, November 06, 2006

President Bush: Fool Of New York Times & Zionists

The N.Y.T editorial on Sunday implied that Pres. Bush has been the papers fool in pursuing the Iraq War. It said," was endorsing no Republican U.S. congressional candidate....because [the Republican-controlled congress] failed to hold President Bush accountable for the unpopular Iraq War".

The paper has many good qualities but being a shill for Israel is not one of them. The editorial and snub of Bush is a classic example of a Zionist organization who has used, abused and now has discarded a tool because it can no longer push forward the Zionist agenda. The disingenuous motives of the paper are apparent when events prior to the War played out in the pages of the N.Y.T.

Remember Judith Miller? She was willingly used by Israeli- advocate " Scooter" Libby in planting stories about Iraq's WMD and many other lies about the Iraq threat. What about columnists Thomas Friedman and David Brooks constant push for " spreading democracy" in the Middle East? That was only code for neutralizing threats to Israel's security in the region. And then there were all those op-ed pieces that were pro-Israel, pro-invasion and anti-Palestinian justice. Cumilatively the articles demonstrated a care more about Israeli security rather than U.S. security.

Of course that's alwys been the rap against Zionists. Their allegiance to Israel is more important than to the country they occupy. Bush looks to be historys greates Zionist fool. And American voters are even more foolish for allowing the Israeli lobby in America to thrive.

Most people don't need to know about the New York building code or whatever state building codes would apply to their home. Thankfully though if you need to brush up on NYC codes for some reason then you can find state codes of many varieties on the Internet, including New York City building codes and the like.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein : Half-Trillion Dollar Hanging

The cost of bringing America-style justice to Saddam Hussein in lives and treasure is unsustainable. Talk about overkill. This war could have been ordered in Dallas' Neiman Marcus' store and would have been cheaper.

Teaching kids about money can start with some coin worksheets and then you can combine that with some lessons in math by finding a math worksheet that discusses money. If you aren't looking online for educational resources then coloring books are another free resource online, with many coloring pages in a variety of themes.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Who Trusts Richard Perle ?

Richard Perle is in the news, again. The SEC notified him that he will not be a target of prosecution for his alledged " dereliction of duty" that contributed to the collapse of Hollinger Intl. Perle is the kind of guy that seems to get investigated for his activities when he's alone , in power and in high places. Whether it was being investigated for passing top secrets to Israel in the late '70's while he was working for Sen. Henry Jackson, D.,Ore. Or when he was investigated for conflict of interest while at the Dept. of Defense and simultaneously had a relationship with an Israeli firm that just received expensive DOD contracts. He was also forced out of his Chairmanship at the Defense Policy Board for a similar Israeli conflict of interest transaction. And then there is his history of a close personal relationship with leaders of the right-wing, racist Likud Party in Israel.

He has authored and co-authored many books and papers that reflect the Likudnik's view for the Middle East and the world. Particularly Perle's co-authorship of the study-paper" A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing The Realm [ Israel]". This paper is to me unequivocal proof of his Israel first policy. No matter what America has to sacrifice.

And now the latest example of his questionable behavior is in a recent " Vanity Fair " article. In it he faults Bush and Rice for their " dysfunctional incompetence" in the invasion of Iraq. Hey Perle. You counted on that " incompetence" when you helped cook-up bogus reasons for that invasion. Your behavior is quasi-treasonous.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hardwired For Happiness

Marc Hauser, a Harvard biologist, authored " Moral Minds" ( HarperCollins 2006). In a nutshell, he has postulated we humans are in fact neurologically hardwired for a moral and by extension a happy life. In other words, we all have an innate knowledge of what's right and what's wrong. Professor Hauser states that a moral life works and is more sustainable in the real world therefore evolutionary metaphysics selects for that quality. Of course that doesn't mean that everyone leads a moral life all the time.That thesis is at odds with the generally accepted notion by many that parents and religion are the primary sorce of right and wrong behavior. His thesis also implies a "free will".

I agree with his thesis. From Hesiod through Socrates through Schopenhauer through Buddha and including all who follow the Golden Rule will all probably nod acknowledgement of this basic instinct. It would seem that in man's evolution and with his addiction to tools which include language and money, man has stopped listening to the inner voice and overruled fairness with arrogance and greed. Use a tool ,lose your place.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Animal Testing : Why ? Human Testing: Why Not ?

In a laboratory at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, rhesus monkeys are tested for the propostion that calorie-restricted diets lead to longer lives. Rhesus monkeys have already existed on this planet longer than homo sapiens. Rhesus monkeys are not found in their native habitat either obese or dying prematurely from weight-related diseases like diabetes.

On the other hand, tens of millions humans around the "civilized world" are dying prematurely because of eating too many calories. Why are we using the hapless rhesus monkeys for these experiments? We should be using humans. The humans could still watch their TV. They would be tested in comfortable environments and get paid to do what they do now for nothing. But the poor rhesus monkeys could be left in their forests and jungles and enjoy their succesful genetics. As long as the the human doesn't fell the forest to meet the demands of it's increasingly unsuccessful lifestle.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

NASDAQ 5000 And Solar Power

A renaissance is occuring in Silicon Valley . Only this time the silicon is being used for new and cheaper silicon solar panels. The recent landmark California legislation that mandates a 25% reduction in greenhouse gases back to 1990 levels is the catalyst. Also there is the geopolitical backdrop of an unstable Middle East and the resulting high oil prices . Alternative energy, particularly solar energy, is viewed as the response to this challenge. Technology is now in hand to bring solar energy pricing down to be competitive with the $ 1 trillion electric grid and other fossil fuel options.

Wall St. has introduced innovative solar panel partnerships that General Motors, Google and others have signed on. It goes like this. Investment bankers pool capital from investors to purchase solar arrays that are placed on roofs at GM for example. The bankers then get long-term commitments from GM to purchase the power that is generated. What makes it work is the power is offered at below alternative market rates offerd by utilities and the expense of the arrays are payed by someone else. The capital pool gets a return on it's investment and also receives tax credits and all have done something good for the environment. Another bonus are the huge markets that will be developed in trading carbon pollution credits. This is another monetary return to the investment pools.

This is a sea change in the American industrial way of doing business. It's potential is enormous. Just think of it. The retooling of California and the world from a fossil fuel power source to a clean and stable and eco-sensitive power source- the flipping of an 18th century industrial revolution to a 21st century eco-sustainable base. And most of the jobs will not be outsourced.

Incidentally the NASDAQ is the place to take advantage of this budding opportunity. It good easily see it's old high of 5000 within a few years.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ariel Sharon And Israel : Pull The Plug

Ariel Sharon, the former Prime Minister of Israel, has been in a coma for the past 10 months. His brain is partially dissolved and he's on life-support. Why is he still alive ? Is it because of his pension that the degradation of the " Butcher of Beirut " continues?

Israel is also on life-support. Without the help of the U.S. the rogue state would have long ago disappeared. It's peoples would have taken up their more historically correct role of roaming the globe in search of shelter.

Sharon should be allowed to die. And the U.S. should wean Israel of our help. American aid should not be the basis of the Jewish states tryanny and genocide of the Palestinians.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Iraqi Death Toll Cover-Up

The criminal conduct that is everywhere to be found in the Iraqi War starting with it's planning continues through yesterday. That new criminal move was the Iraqi government's anouncement that it will no longer publish or share death tolls with world human rights organizations including the United Nations. This follows the worldwide shocked reaction to the Johns Hopkins report that puts Iraqi war-related deaths at a mean estimate of 655,000. So now the genocide will be kept under a cloud of silence. No numbers will be reported so as to upset people and put pressure on the killers to stop.

That Johns Hopkins'number together with the spiking U.S. casualties and the increasingly chaotic scence has nailed down Bush's poll numbers and has set-up a Congressional rout for republicans.Bush's response to these negative unfolding events and tallies was to pressure the Iraqi government to stop publishing the troubling facts. Hey if you can't win the game then stop keeping score. Bush is the poorest example of a commander in chief. Don't take your men out of harms way, but only cover-up the hell that you have led them into. The man is the lowest form of human. In fact he's the scum that civilized people would hope were not still part of the scene.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brown University : Education On Slavery Issues

Brown University's Committee On Slavery made public it's recommendations to the school's president yesterday. The recommendations included, " The construction of a memorial , starting up a center for slavery studies, increasing efforts to recruit foreigners, particularly from Africa and the West Indies. Also Brown should publicly and persistantly acknowledge it's slave ties paticularly in freshman orientation".

The Committee was formed 3 years ago under the direction of the first black Ivy League School's president, Ruth J. Simmons. She is the great-grandaughter of a slave. She is also a probable example of affirmative action and what can go wrong with affirmative action .

Why is Brown looking backwards on issues that aren't important. Slavery at the time was legal. It doesn't make it morally accepatable but to spend valuable and expensive time on non-critical education issues is a luxury and it's very negative. How do Simpson and the Committee reconcile their preoccupation with 17th century slavery and it's negative connotations with their push for more African and West Indies students to come to America and Brown in particular if America's roots are so bad and cannot be forgotten or erased ?Of course it's better not to ask tough questions to people who got their jobs not based on merit.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Presidents And Morons : " Of Mice And Men"

John Steinbeck's " Of Mice and Men" has a line. Lenny ( Lon Chaney Jr. ) asks George ( Burgess Meredith ) , " Tell me about the rabbits George".

But George is Cheney and Lenny is George ( W. ) . And we're all going to hell if we don't stop morons from getting so much power.

Bush Impeachment : Not Adequate For His Crimes

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recently reported a mean estimate of 655,000 Iraqi deaths that were tied to the American invasion and resulting insurgency. These horrible statistics and the widespread loss of infrastructure eclipes the genocides of Darfur and Rwanda. Also America is poorer in it's image and more than $ 500 billion and still counting.

The Bush/Cheney administration and their criminal associates that enabled the lies and the illegal invasion have much to answer for. Simple impeachment and removal of the moron Bush and the evil Cheney would not be adequate penalty for their crimes. I suggest that our justice system GET A ROPE.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

America Is Being Forced Out Of Iraq

Last Wednesday, the Iraqi Parliament approved the effective break up of Iraq into 3 different regions representing the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites. The Sunnis were vehemently opposed because they will lose most of the power and almost all of the oil wealth. That parliamentary action also implies American occupation is now a redundancy. The Kurds and Shiites used the American invasion to their advantage in dislodging Sunni dominance.

Spiking U.S. casualties are making the point that Kurd and Shiites are finished with America. Also the mortar attack on the Forward Operating Base Falcon was another clear sign. The devastating explosion in the huge ammo dump was a first of it's kind. U.S. spokesman said," civilians aligned with militia organizations carried out the attack". Does that mean that someone inside the base was part of the attack? The losses of of all kinds of ordinance at the dump was so great that troops could not carry out their duties. Other troops from other areas had to be called up. That mortar attack could have been carried out anytime in the past 3 years . But the paliamentary partition action together with the accelerating U.S. deaths and the ammo dump devestation point to an Iraqi message to America - GET OUT.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hedge Funds : Looming Threat To Financial System

Why are hedge funds not regulated? In 1998 the spectacular failure of Long Term Capital Management ( actually in business for a few years ) required the intervention of the Federal Reserve and major Wall St. Firms to avoid collapse and default of catastrophic proportions. LTCM in fact did abide by margin requirements but exceeded prudence by overextending itself in illiquid financial instruments. So when the Russian default on debt occured the fund was trapped and failed. And last month Amaranth Advisors closed up after losing $ 6billion in natural gas futures. They literally bet the company on natural gas . Normally funds in a regulated environment place many diversified financial bets because anyone can be wrong.

In years passed legislation would have been passed to tighten up on margins and oversight particularly in respect to the liquidity and size of positions. I.E. after the '29 Crash, The Glass-Steagall Act of 1932 and The Banking Act of 1933 were passed to seperate banks from the brokerage business. Incidentally Glass-Steagall was removed by Congress about the same time of LTCM collapse.

Without regulation hedge funds have grown exponentially in the past 5 years. Assets under management now total $ 1.2 trillion which is a double in that time period. Hedge fund charters have mutated to include investments into almost any financial vehicle. Lately those financial vehicles include buying sub-Saharan junk bonds, real estate in the Middle East, motion picture financing, commodity momentum investing, etc. Kind of makes LTCM's investments relatively prudent.

With no up-dated regulation and friendly banking relationships, aided by Glass-Steagall's removal, margin and adequate equity are a problem right now. Who's going to watch out for money borrowed on junk African bonds to finance Middle East property speculation to parlay into motion picture production so there will be funds for commodity momentum investments?

Troubles a'coming. It's spelled with a capital H and that stands for hedge fund.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fencing Tip

My own short experience in fencing has produced an insight. No matter how fast your opponents are , they aren't faster than a blade that is already there.

Israel: Nation of Cowardly Murderers

More murder in Gaza today. Israeli gunships killed 6 more Palestinians. Three were supposed to be militants and the other 3 were civilians . That brings the total Palestinian deaths in the past 3 months to 230. At least 1/2 half were civilians. Airstrikes in the largest and longest -lived refugee camp are equal to murder.

Who still has sympathy for the cowardly Israeli state?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

America And The Iraqi Genocide

An estimated 655,000 Iraqi civilians have died since the American invasion in 2003. This tally was published today by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It is an extrapolation of the sample results from the interviews of 1849 Iraqi families across the country. It's margin of error ranges from a low of 426,369 to a high of 793,66e deaths. It's the same sample method used in the tallies of the genocides in Darfur and the Congo. But Iraq's grim experience eclipses these other two atrocities in number.

The Iraqi government says the number of deaths is much lower. The Iraqi government uses actual body counts at the morgue. But suppose the body or bodies were vaporised by an explosion or incinerated by fire or buried without a trace? How do they count those fatalities?

The American invasion has been usurped by militias of Shia, Sunni and Kurds. Of those 3 the Sunnis are losing the most. America has become the de facto underwriter of this genocide and civil war with it's weapons and logistical support. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle et al should be tried for their part in this crime of the century.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google, YouTube, eBay & America's Democratic Government

What does a democracy need to sustain itself ? Participation and assets. Without participation a democracy will wither. But there is only participation when there is an incentive. Namely a voter can hope to improve his or her's life by voting for a share of the national assets..

But what will happen when people can improve their lives without voting ? In other words, suppose they can get what they want through more efficient, less costly and more predicticably without the help of government ? Well we all may be on the threshold of finding out.

Google, eBay, YouTube, Blogger and all the other low-cost producers of information and access to the necessities can largely preclude the high-cost of America's government and it's untrustworthy politicians . Want to school yourself on foreign affairs, environmental issues, financial alternatives, get an education etc ? Search Google or any of the search engines. In foreign affairs, get real time videos and news reports and commentary from people on the ground around the world. In personal finance, make a better deal for yourself with Craigs List or eBay. Maybe even barter your needs and assets and completely shut out governments role and take. How about an education that is tailored to your interests and intelligence without the politicians and attorneys interference?

Let's all try to cut out the high-cost and increasingly dangerous government programs.

David Frum & Michael Rubin:Friends Of The Weak And Ignorant

Bush is surely weak and ignorant when the likes of David Frum and Michael Rubin are among his fawning inner circle.

Frum is the 2002 " Axis of Evil" speechwriter. Rubin is another American Enterprise Institute hack that continues to make excuses for Bush's failed forein policy because America isn't trying hard enough. So $ 500 billion in war expenses comes up short? Remeber the members of the "axis'. They were North Korea, Iran and Iraq. Well N. Korea was a red herring. Iran and Iraq were the real targets. They were a threat to Israel's security. And that's the real reason for the " Axis of Evil" foreign policy as per Frum, Rubin and other Zionists in the Pentagon at that time.

But yesterday N. Korea went nuclear and marked yet another failure of the moron president and his parasitic handlers. Rubin reacted to the N. Korean nuclear test by commending Bush's " prescience". Yeh right. Both Frum's and Rubin's motives and actions are much clearer when seen through the eyes of an Israeli -security first American foreign policy. One can see this preoccupation with Israel in the extensive writings of both .

But it looks like Americans are fed up with Bush's ignorant policies. It looks like a change is coming this November. So Frum and Rubin will have to do some fawning on ignorant and weak democrats. I am sure there are many.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Allais Effect : Points To An Active Gravity Based On Motion

In 1954 Maurice Allais, a Nobel Prize winning economist was indulging his hobby of physics. He was observing a pendulum over a period of 30 days. Coincidentally during the observation period a solar eclipse occured. When the moon moved in front of the sun, the pendulum unexpectedly speeded up. He personally confirmed the results again in 1959. He was then joined by NASA and scientists around the world in recreating and confirming the pendulum did in fact speed up during eclipses. Hence the phenomenon was given the name of the " Allais Effect".

Well? According to Einstein's General Relativity Theory, the pendulum should not have speeded up . If any influence was to be predicted, it would have been a slowing influence. An eclipse's influence on the gravitational balance of the earth and sun should not exert an active force to speed up the pendulum. But suppose gravity is a active force based on motion rather than based primarily on mass? Isn't gravity on our own planet a function of a spinning motion? Suppose gravity exerts an active force of leverage created by the spinning of the body or its movement past another body? Then the " Allais Effect" could be explained in terms of resonance- I.E. the sun's spinning motion enhanced and enlarged by the addition of the moon's own spinning and passing motion combining together to speed up the pendulum. Like a breeze passing through the blades of a windmill. Another example would be a parked large truck. A bike rider passes it without consequence. Start the truck and then have it catch up with the bike rider and then pass it at a significant faster speed. The bike will be dramatically effected. The speed of mass is a more active force than mass at rest.

Friday, September 29, 2006

How Will Israel Pay For The Lebanese Slaughter? America's Cranston Amendment ?

Hear that ? Of course you can't. It's the quiet sound of Israel opening up the doors of America's treasury. The key is called the 1983 " Cranston Amendment".

Israel latest challenge is plugging the $ 2 billion hole in it's budget. The extraordinary costs were incurred by Israel's slaughter of mostly Lebanese civilians and the barbaric bombing of Lebanons infrastructure.. Well over a 1000 innocents were killed. American -made weapons were the enabling devices. This included hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs. These are bombs that contain an additional 644 bomblets.Many of these bombs still lie unexploded in large parts of Lebanon waiting to explode when some unsuspecting creature disturbs them.

But Israel doesn't scruple about that kind of evil. When one is "chosen" then one can do anything. But they are concerned about how Israel will pay for the $ 2 billion budget gap. What they will probably do is turn to America's " Cranston Amendment". This will allow Israel to borrow money with the U.S. as the actual underwriter. The alchemy of this bill provides that any repayment of indebtedness of Israel to the U.S. on a yearly basis should be offset by an amount of aid to Israel from America that equals or exceeds those repayments. In effect Israel has a blank check from the U.S.. Every "loan" ends up becoming a grant.

Such a deal. Aside from the death of 100 or so Israeli soldiers, Israel doesn't suffer the full burden of it's criminal behavior. They are absolved of the finacial burden by America's complicity.That's why their rogue behavior has only gotten worse over the years. America should revoke the Cranston Amendment and stop funding the gangster behavior of some of Israel's criminal class.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mozart's " Idomeneo" :Hostage To A Relative Moron

Mozart's opera " Idomeneo" has been canceled by the German Opera. It was to be performed in Berlin. But because of an incerted, potentially insulting Muslim message by director Hans Neuenfels it was pulled. The scene portrayed the icons of major religions in a beheaded state. This included Mohammad. The scene is redundant. It did not appear in the original work.The message of the original Greek myth that Mozart used was sufficient for the moral message. I.E. immoral deeds done on behalf of the gods are still immoral. And the deeds will bring misery to followers of any religion that do those bad deeds.

But Hans Neuenfels who can't compose like Mozart wanted to use Mozart's work as the vehicle for his own artistic/philosophical work. So the opera is held hostage to the relative moron Neuenfels' dreams of fame. The opera should go on. But the incerted scene should be deleted. Neuenfels should have learned the lesson of the myth of Idomeneus. Self-advancement secured by harming Mozart's work will in the end come to no good.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Culture Wars In America

Bill O'Reilly is offering his lateset book titled " Culture Warrior". He promises to " fearlessly confront the serious [ culture ] issues". My question is , what or whose culture ?

My own observation is America's culture is still being formed. It would seem that with each new immigrant and with each new civil right, America is still groping for the bottom of the lowest common denominator that we can all call a cultural model.

America's grand experiment of equality for all ,and never mind the contribution of each, ignores and mocks the metaphysics of a sustainable social paradigm. Also the euphemism of " multiculturalism" clashes with a quick glance of any globe or world map. All those countries that make up the quilt of the planet are positive proof that people and countries are different. Which fact by extension argues more for a segregated society rather than a integrated one. That is in general and there are exceptions in symbiotic societies. But that doesn't mean that all peoples should not be respected.

Do Schools Benefit Teachers And Politicians More Than Students?

Does the question sound flip? Consider this. The U.S. spends more money than any other nation on education. Yet American student performance trail almost every other nation, no matter the wealth. Does that indicate that there is no relationship between money spent and postive educational results? Did the monies spent benefit the teachers, booksellers and school bureacracies more? Were children left behind because of the greed and disingenuous motives of others?

Does our present educational system provide basic skills like math and reading ability? Well according to recent SAT scores, today's students are not as competent as their predessors in pre-Civil Rights times. It seems that affirmative action and the lowering of school grading guidelines has trumped giving children what they really need. I.E. a challenging and rewarding educational experience. So have politicians made a handsome living for themselves at the child's expense?

Need some anecdotal evidence of what some people think of the U.S. educational system? Well homeschooling across all demographics including earnings has been growing at app. 18% per year since the 1990's. Homeschoolers now number well over a million-app. 5% of total school population according to the U.S. Census.

Schools are for children. Parents should have input. Teachers and politicians are not as important.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

America Should Cultivate An Iran Understanding And Relationship

Former Secretary of State and close Bush family advisor and friend James Baker III has been been cleared to meet with a " high representative" of Iran's government. Baker is co-chair of the bi-partisan Congressionally appointed task force called the Iraq Study Group. ISG was launched by Congress and endorsed by the White House this past April. The mission is to try to get America on the right footing in foreign policy in the Middle East.

Add that prospective meeting to the actual 2 hour meeting of Iran's President Ahmadinejad with the Council of Foreign Relations on Friday. The CFR is America's foremost nonpartisan foreign policy think tank that was founded in 1921. It also publishes " Foreign Affairs" which is the leading forum for opinions on American foreign policy.

Then just to show what those 2 initiatives add up to, consider the reaction of the Israeli ambassador . After the normal drivel about anti-semitism he scolded the CFR's President Haass for just talking and listening to Iran's president. Israel's ambassador said it was a "terrible mistake". Never mind that Iran has 75 million people and is the fourth largest oil exporter compared to whatever Israel offers or represents.

Gee Mr. Ambassador, if we have normal relations and talk to the gangster leaders of Israel, then isn't the bar sufficienly lowered for the U.S. to speak with absolutely anyone? Ahmadinejad has a point about Zionists. Just because he resents their tactics and government doesn't make him anti-semitic. It's comparitively the same as resenting the Mafia but not disliking Italians.

Talking is better than fighting. America should cultivate a normal relationship with Iran. Even if means upsetting Israel. After all what has Israel ever done for America?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bush And Ahmadinejad Mostly Agree

Although the presidents of the U.S. and Iran didn't physically face each other in a debate they debated nevertheless. But as debates go this confrontation had actually more areas of agreement than disagreement.

They both agreed on the need for peace in the Middle East. Both said the Palestinian/Israeli conflict was key to that peace. Both agreed that the region should be free of occupiers. But they still differ on Iran's right to nuclear power via Iran's own enrichment process.

Well. Doesn't that put the ball mostly in Bush's court? America should pull out of Iraq and pressure Israel to give up the occupied territories. And then maybe the nuclear issue between Iran and the U.S. will become less important.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Air America Radio & Al Franken : Failing in The Best of Times

Rumors of imminent bankruptcy by liberal Air America Radio were acknowledged by a company spokesman today. Also Al Franken, lead host, confirmed that his checks that amount to $ 2 million per year stopped coming last week. Two million? He's not worth it. Cash flow problems have plagued the company since it's launch in 2004.

How could they be failing? George Bush's criminal and irresponsible handling of foreign policy has caused an explosion of internet blog sites, books and movies that have made money and careers for their participants. Also the gap between rich and poor has widened while Bush has been in office. And yet Air America Radio has not been able to cash in on the circumstances. This is unlike the experience that Limbaugh, O'Rielly and many others who capitalized on the mirror-image experience during the Clinton years. Why?

Maybe it's because the liberals and democrats in spite of their criticism were behind the war in the beginning and with respect to domestic issues have never been able to offer any policies that most people could identify with, get behind and sustainably worked.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gorillas, Bill Gates And African Population Dependency

The Bill and Melinda Gates Fondation just plunked down another $ 100 million to help starving sub-Saharan Africans that add up to a majority of the 800 million population.. This new program is titled " Alliance For A Green Revolution". It's about developing more foodstuffs for malnutritioned Africans. This is a new direction for the Gates Foundation. Prior grants dealt with disease prevention and control. The Gates Foundation's ,with $ 60 billion in resources, is constructively creating history's largest dependency program. The intentions are certainly well meant. But I have my doubts about trying to feed the greater part of 800 million of anything. Even if they were ants at a picnic.

I wish them well. But that is not reason for this essay. The reason is to put along side the problems of humans , problems of other inhabitants of Africa. Particularly the problems of the gorillas. There are only 700 mountain gorillas left in the wild. The primates are split into 2 groups living in Rwanda and Uganda. The gorilla shares 98% of our human DNA. We split from the common ancestor of the chimpanzee and gorilla about 500,000 years ago. The rest is history. But now there are only 700 gorillas versus 800 million Africans.

Gates should earmark some of his many millions for truly endangered species. Not in the form of dependency programs but in land conservation so the primates have a place to live. They have been around for millions of years and know how to care for themselves.It would be an excellent investment in keeping the world more balanced.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stock Market Is Going Up

The market has been climbing a " wall of worry" these past weeks. It may have not advanced much in real terms. But the mere fact that it didn't collapse under the weight of rising interest rates, the war in Lebanon and sabre-rattling by the U.S. and Iran was quite a weight-lifting event.

I believe peace will slowly emerge for the Middle East. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict hit bottom by the virtual collapse of the Palestinian Authority. The annoncement over the weekend of a new unity government by the PA and the defeat of Israel in Lebanon, taken together, will force Israel to accept peaceful steps as the only path.

Also landmark legislation in California to limit grenhouse gases could and I think will launch a new eco-sustainable industrial base that could well replay the boom days of Silicon Valley's launch of the microprocessor and personal computers.

The market could advance by at least 10% by years end.

Peace In The Middle East ?

Usually when a situation can't get any worse it gets better. Sounds like a discription of the Middle East. Of course we could still have an invasion of Iran and Syria. And also Egypt, Saudia Arabia and other moderate countries in the area would then disintegrate because of American/Israeli agression.

But something happened that changed that perceived next step by Bush and his criminal administration. What changed? Israel lost to Hezbollah in Lebanon. As long as there was progress by warfare then there would be progressive war. But now Israel has shown vulnerability to the assymetrical Middle East-style warfare like it's partner in crime the Bush administration has experienced in Iraq. It also showed Israel's true colors. It wasn't the colors of the "victim" that it has carefully marketed for the past 60 plus years. It was the colors of the Nazi-like barbarians that they claim to despise. They copied the Nazis in their constructive genocide of the Palestinians and the murder by aerial bombardment of over 1000 innocent Lebanese civilians. So they lost the war and lost a lot of any good will that yet lingers for the Jewish state.

Ergo peace in the Middle East could be the path of least resistance for all parties concerned.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

William Kristol : A Jew's Defense Of Israel

William Kristol is editor of " The Weekly Standard" magazine and also co-founder and Chairman of The Project for the New American Century an ultra-right wing think tank that seems to have a template for empire that the Bush Administration has followed. Both organizations are way more than normally influenced with pro-Israel security concerns " uber alles".

Mr. Kristol yesterday wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall St. Journal titled " Anti-Judaism". He argued that Jews and Israel were under attack because they were basically merely Jewish. He was playing the race card. His examples included Professors Mearshiemer and Walt's paper on the improper influence of the " Jewish Lobby" on American foreign policy. Also he attacked Norwegian Writer Jostein Gaardner's " end of Israel " article where Gaardner indicts Israel's rogue behavior toward the Palestinians for the last 60 years and the recent Lebanese slaughter. Kristol also continues to misquote Iran's Ahmadinejad statements on Israel. Kristol also stoops to pick on a racial slur on MoveOn's ActionForum about "Jew" Lieberman.

In each example Kristol dishonestly critiques others about what they said but fails to address what they criticize. In other words they are wrong because they had the audacity to criticize a Jew and/or the Jewish state. Kristol wants the reader to ignore the death of over 1000 innocent Lebanese by Israeli aerial bombardment which amounts to murder. He also wants the reader to ignore the constructive genocide of Palestinians by Israeli policies in the occupied territories.

He like many of his ancestors when criticized change the subject. The topic of conversation shifts to a more convenient anti-semitism offense/defense for which he has been more effectively raised.

Friday, September 08, 2006

N.Y. City Ad Firms & African-American Quotas

New York City's Human Rights Commission reached an agreement with several ad firms to remedy a discrimination charge by the Commission. According to a prepared statement African-American pay and position status at some of the City's advertising firms has " seen little progress from the situation found 40 years ago". The Commission directive effectively forces the ad firms to impliment a quota in favor of African-Americans in management postions and increase the salarries also. The Human Rights Commission evidently forgot that it's title is Human Rights Commission not African-American Rights Commision. What of all the other races rights?

In reference to the Commision's statement, " Little progress is seen from the situation found 40 years ago". Forty years ago the U.S. went through a costly legislative revolution with the Civil Rights Acts and the launch of the Great Society. That monumental period targeted particularly African-Americans. And yet African-Americans still require special help. So who is to blame now? Quotas are not the answer. The answer is to be supplied by African-Americans themselves.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Education, School Affordability, Money & Grades

The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education in San Jose, Ca. just published it's biennial " School Affordability" index. It showed there are now 43 states, up from 36 two years ago , that received " F's". That score means that to support 1 student in higher education it will take over 30% of total family income. Consequently less students are going into higher education or have the resources to stay in school. Patrick Callan is president of the non-profit. He said, " Perhaps for the first time in our [ America's ] history, the next generation will be less educated."

This dismal prediction is despite America's spending more on education than any other nation. Also U.S. students test scores have continually lost ground to other industrialised nations . So not only do we as a nation spend more on education than anyone else but our students get less from their school experience. One fact is certain. Large amounts of money spent on education does not mean better education or higher test scores. So what's the problem?

America has the most ethnically diverse school system in the world. But across all student nationalities the U.S. school system has less than a satisfactory effect on their education . I suspect here is the problem. Our school system is a chaos of different cultures, languages and values. Consequently education can literally get lost in translation.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why is Katie Couric Being Paid $ 15 Million Per Year?

Beware of TV anchors who are paid exorbitant amounts of money. News reporting should be straightforward. BBC 's World News is an excellent model . But when someone like Katie Couric is paid $ 15 million per year there is something else in play. Ratings and market share of CBS is that something else. If the ratings aren't high enough then sponsors will not spend millions to advertise on CBS. If that happens then CBS will not make millions in profits and Couric will not make her millions either.

This market share and ratings game also has a direct influence on how and what news will be presented. For example, in the pursuit of viewers, the nightly news will be presented in an unchallenging, dumbed down type of format. I.E. the 9/11 terror attack was presented as a validation of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Question. Wouldn't a better U.S. foreign policy have precluded such a disaster? Had the news over the years about the Middle East been doctored to retain popular American concepts ?But the requirement of keeping market share prevents challenging the viewers with questions about national direction and the goals of foreign policies in all its intracies or who is setting policy.

Lying or deceptively reporting the news may aid sales of detergents in a mass market but it isn't a way to inform about issues of life and death.

Monday, September 04, 2006

FILM : " Death of a President", ( Bush)

Last Saturday, Brits opened their newspapers to a front page picture of a digitally manipulated assasination of President G.W. Bush. He was supposedly killed by a Syrian sniper. It was a scene taken from " Death of a President"It will be shown next month on the British TV independent channel More4. The White House was asked to comment. Emily Lawrence replied, " We are not commenting because it [film]doesn't dignify [sic] a response."

Ummm. Wouldn't dignify it, huh ? What is worse? Bush lying about Iraq's WMD and complicity in 9/11? Or manipulating a Bush image to open a discussion of America's aggressive, barbaric policies in the Middle East ? Some might object that the protocols of good taste and customs were breached with the film. But what about Bush breaching custom and protocols with a "preemptive war" against an innocent country?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why The Record Opium Production In Afghanistan?

Afghanistan's opium harvest this year is up 50% over last year and is at its highest level ever. It's actually 30% above current demand . It is effectively being subsidized by U.S. eradication money. Why? Because there is lots of money to be made in the growing and the eradication of opium. Only the U.S. taxpayer loses in this zero sum game.

It's like the Department of Defense. If there wasn't a threat, real or imagined, then the Department wouldn't get funded. Ergo there is always a threat. And there will always be opium.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Impeach Bush And Stop Worldwide Terrorism

Never confuse symptons for the cause. Most worldwide terrorist acts are symptons and President Bush et al are the cause.

Meanwhile back at historys largest and longest existing concentration/refugee camp a.k.a the Gaza Strip, another 3 Palestinian " militants" were murdered by Israeli airstrikes- any airstrike in an urban area is constructive murder. And then to make it perfectly clear that the genocide of the Palestinian race is Israel's objective, they then proceed to demolish the building that the " militants" were in.

Israeli zealots are 90% of what's wrong in the Middle East. In fact the word " zealot" was used by the Romans to describe the Jewish fanatics in the first century A.D. Well they are still at it..The counrtry should be disarmed of its nukes and converted into a theme park.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Military-Industrial Complex Replaced By Eco-Sustainable Industry

" Wouldn't that be loverlee?" as Eliza sang in " My Fair Lady".

The landmark California legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% to 1990 levels has the potential to reorder U.S. national goals. If other states and the feds follow and there is a symbiotic change in attitude towards war as a driver of jobs and profits with eco-sustainable industries replacing those war-mongering jobs, then America could lead the world to a better place.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Students Should Be Taught More Critical Thinking In Schools

The College Board reported yesterday that scores on the reading and math segments of the SAT ( Schoastic Assesment Test) had their biggest drop in 31 years in 2006. A perfect score in reading and math would be 800. In 2006 reading and math hovered around the 500 level. SAT scores have never been as high as the pre-Civil Rights legislation SAT results!

Notably the recent tests included a new writing and critical thinking part. It is made up of a 25 minute essay that tests the student's ability for comprehension, critical thinking and the ability to communicate those personal evaluations. The officials at the College Board explained that this was particularly weak.

Why is critical thinking withering? Why aren't the teachers focusing on this basic key to learning and success ? What replaced critical thinking in the school curriculum ? Probably the answer is that in the interest of integration and affirmative action in the post Civil Rights legislation , objective teaching goals have been replaced with subjective political goals. In this shift other considerations are weighed, i.e. race, where one lives and family income. Therefore what students learn becomes a secondary goal. Ergo critical thinking would effectively stand in the way of implimenting those political educational quotas.

Critical thinking is the most important subject a student can be encouraged to excel. Because life contains many surprises and challenges that are not described in a text book. Only critical thinking will equip students to be able to think on their feet and meet future obstacles. We are known by our differences. We are not all equal.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wealthy People & Corporations : What Is Their Future ?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that the current U.S. business expansion is the first sustained period of growth since World War II that failed to provide a prolonged increase in real wages ( inflation-adjusted) for most workers. It also reported that wages and salaries now make up the lowest share ( 45%) of U.S. GDP since the government began reporting in 1947.

Simply, the wealthiest people in America and the corporations now depend more on other countries for their operations and profitability? What an awkward position to be in. Living in one country that is increasingly becoming estranged and depending on other countries in a world that is increasingly becoming more dangerous. It's like straddling a ship and dock that are moving in opposite directions. No, hedge funds are not the answer.

The answer is establishing an industrial base in America that is both planet and people friendly and eco-sustainable. The industrial base would produce cutting edge sustainable products and systems that solve our own needs and that can be exported to other countries. This new eco-sustainable base will replace the mischevious military-industrial complex and all the wars that it thrives on.

Ahmadinejad vs. Bush In T V Debate ?

Yesterday at a press conference in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, " I announce that I am fully prepared to debate world and international issues with George Bush in a televised debate." A White House spokesman immediately dismissed the challenge as a " diversion". Diversion? What could be more important than avoiding deaths and violence? Isn't talking about differences a better way to go than launching preemptive war attacks ?

Bush didn't respond personally. He had an aid do it. This method is both cowardly and rude. Is our mental midget president involved in a more pressing, important engagement that he can't talk to the President of Iran in public or private about so timely an issue like war or peace? Could Bush say anything that wasn't pre-scripted? Does Bush have the ability to speak extemporaneously and intelligently about foreign policy or other peoples cultures? The answer to those questions is sadly, no.

The world's view of America and it's president fell another notch yesterday. Iran's president offered a humane and intelligent gesture to avoid misunderstanding and possible violence. But our so-called Christian-values president declined. Bush would rather be alone and unmoved with his feelings of hate and paranoia about other people who are different from him and his kind.

Congressman Tom Lantos Wants To Freeze Lebanon Aid

Congressman Lantos told PM Olmert of Israel that he wants to freeze the $ 230 million aid package to Lebanon. Lantos is the ranking democrat on the House Foreign Relations Commitee. Lantos said, " The [Lebanese] aid package should be witheld until the Lebanese government displays responsibility."

Responsibility ? Israel is guilty of war crimes in their cowardly attacks in Lebanon and this whining, arrogant Jew wants Lebanon to show responsibility ! This is yet another example of how the many Jews/Zionists in our Congress use the U.S. for their own selfish purposes without regard for America's reputation or security.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Beirut, Lebanon : Oil Spill & Wildlife Damage

On July 15, Israeli jets bombed a Beirut power station. It also deliberately included an oil storage tank that held 15,0000 tons of heavy oil that ran the station. The tank was located within spilling distance of Beirut's famous beaches. Well the normally azure Mediterranean water is now black anf filled with the foul oil. The viscous oil has also settled into the sand beneath the waves and saturated the shoreline. Birds, turtles, shellfish and fish which are the valuable staples to Lebanon's economy are dead and continue to die. The oil slick is now 90 miles long and on its way to Syria and Turkey. Who is served by this barbaric act of Israeli rage? Why did Israel kill over 1000 civilians? Why did Israel obliterate Lebanon's infrastructure? Hezbollah would not be affected by this wanton disproportianate destruction.

These Israeli actions amount to war crimes and constructive genocide. Israel's future is tied to its character. Based on recent events in Lebanon Israel future is appropriately and deservedly grim.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Why A New Planet Definition ?

The Astronomical Union will be voting today in Prague, Czech Republic on a new definition of of the meaning of "planet". The new definition says a planet is " an object massive enough that gravity has formed it into a sphere and that it circles a star and not some other planet." The immediate implication will be an addtional 3 planets added to our 9 with the posibility of another 50 being added if the Kuiper Belt is included.

Who is served by this new definition? What is gained by this new definition? The original word " planet" comes from the Greek and meant " wanderer". But the planets don't wander. They are in a perpetual eliptical course around our own sun. The celestial bodies would be more accuraetly described as "corsairs". Why didn't the Astronomical Union address that? But what would be gained by that new name?

In the pursuit of new and more " scientific definitions" of the heavenly bodies we are going to lose something more important. We will lose our sense of place and with it our sense of personal identity in our spot in the universe.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Iran Invasion ?

It looks like the Bush/Cheney next step in their war on Muslims in general and the Middle East in particular is proceding as per plan. The recent slaughter of Lebanese and the decimation of most of Lebanon's infrastructure by America's cat paw Israel will drive an intense hatred of Americans in general and American soldiers in Iraq in particular. The Shia in Lebanon will only be supported more by Iran, Iraq and Syria. Consequently any further action by Israel or America against Iran, Syria or Lebanon will probably bring a fierce backlash by the Iraqis of all militias and tribes against U.S. occupying troops. Is this part of the Bush/Cheney plan?

Depending on the American casualties in Iraq ,this could be the second " 9/11" if you will to steamroll through Congress a "draft' of Americans into a new conscripted army. Too cynical? If one believes the worst of the 2 murderers Bush/Cheney then one will know their next move.

Only massive demonstrations of all kinds and forms will turn around this looming catastrophe.

Why Haven't The Democrats Condemned The Carnage in Lebanon?

Why haven't the democrats condemned the slaughter in Lebanon? Why haven't the democrats warned the administration about invading Syria and Iran? Thier silence on these very important issues speaks volumes. Simply the democrats are in the same cabal that Bush/Cheney belong to. Namely both parties are subservient to the war-mongering special interests and/or pro-Israel and pro-Christian Evangelical zealots that control our government.

Sadly the coming elections in November will offer no real choice. The only sure way to break the grip of war-mongering special interests on our government is to take away a power that the U.S. government now enjoys. That power is to declare war. It has been proved time and time again that this power has been abused. For example, the Vietnam War was declared on bogus, altered intelligence and again in the Iraq War. Therefore the power to declare war should reside with the people only. War shouild be authorized only through a majority voting in favor through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

Then the Lockheeds , Northrups, General Dynamics etc would be forced to diversify into people and planet- friendly industries and away from their core arms making.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Israel Lost in Lebanon : A Turning Point ?

Old western movies had many stagecoach hold-up scenes. The bandits would say or imply with each encounter, " Gimme your money or your life".

America and it's cats paw Israel in the Middle East " hold-up" for territory, power and money are finding out that the indiginous people of the targeted nations are answering, " Take my life , if you can". From the Palestinians to the Iraqis the decision to fight rather than be occupied is made easier because of the little assets they have left to surrender. All they have left is their life and the lack of joy and dignity in their living. America and Israel are up against the low-cost producers of resistance and war in suicide bombers and guerilla troops.

Israel lost in Lebanon. Of course the casualties suffered by the Lebanese were greater- over 1000 killed. But they were mostly unarmed civilians killed by murderous and cowardly airstrikes. But the Hezbollah guerilla troops inflicted over 100 deaths to the invading Israeli soldiers in a fair fight. Also Israel lost 21 tanks, 2 helicopters and 2 gunboats. Hezbollah losses were by all accounts much lighter. An accurate number has not been published yet.

Hezbollah's high motivation was the margin for victory over the Israeli weapons superiority and troop numerical advantage. This American/Israeli tactical move into Lebanon was a prelude to an Iran and Syria invasion. This failure should be a turning point. America should rethink it's whole strategy of empire and occupation in the region. Also the U.S. should drop Israel as an ally and any future unconditional support for the Jewish state. Israel is not worth it and has turned out to be weak military asset.

The indiginous peoples of the region are fighting for their lives. America and Israel are fighting for only money and power.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mission Impossible : Empire and or Nation-Building

Israel lost 13 tanks and 15 soldiers yesterday ! So much for empire Judeo-Christian style. Terrorists, insurgents, resistance fighters or any name you choose are the antidote to empire and or nation-builders who bomb a countrys infrastructure. The bombings only plant the seeds of infinite resistance. That is the reality of man's war-making technology taken as a whole and the response at the individual level.

We have to learn to live together on this very small planet. There is no other way.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lebanese People Experiencing Nation, House Arrest

Israel has told the Lebanese people to be off the roads after 10 P.M. or they will be killed. But Israel regularly bombs buildings of no military value around the clock. So where are the Lebanese people to stay and be safe ? Israel is assisted in this ultra-Nazi technique by Lockheed-Martin drone aircraft that spot moving people even in the dark. Then Lockheed-Martin F-16s scream to kill unarmed people. This is national- house arrest that is followed up by murder.

The sub-human Israeli government is replaying the same events that produced the occupied Palestinian territories. America's sub-humans in the military-industrial-congressional-executive complex are supporting them.

Just say no to sub-human policies no matter what flag they fly.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Racial Sterotypes in Advertising : Equality, Acceptance and Laughter

A recent article in The New York Times covered African-American stereotypes in advertising. The particular controversial example was a fat black lady. She was an obvious caricature. But she was funny and effective in promoting the Dairy Queen Company. Some in the advertising field said that the ad was degrading to blacks and a set back for gains made from the Civil Rights movement.

It seems the bigger and more appropriate question should be whether caricatures are a good way to go when advertising.? Put another way, would a company who was about to spend millions on ads want the ad to be remembered or not remembered ? Caricatures, humorous distortions and exaggerations are clearly more provocative and memorable.

Civil Rights activists are still fighting the wars of inclusiveness and acceptance some 40 years after the landmark legislation. These activists will have to learn that inclusiveness and acceptance means allowing others to laugh at and with you within the norms of our society. It goes with the territory of equality. Anything short of a sense of humor about the human condition necessarily breeds hate and exclusion.

Bye, Bye Israel ?

The whole world can't be wrong. Only the occupied territories of the U.S. government support you. And you have to continualy buy that support. You should convert to human norms and forgo the " chosen " path.

Carlyle Group : Follow-Up

"Speak of the devil". My last post concerned the Carlyle Group's new venture into launching it's own hedge fund. Today the Group anounced a textbook example of how the military-industrial complex works and thrives on war. Carlyle is near completion of a sale of it's 70% stake in the Italian aeropspace firm Avio SpA. Avio now supplies U.S. fighter jets with components. If completed Carlyle would receive $ 3.33 billion for it's original $ 1.1 billion investment in 2003. It acquired Avio from Fiat.

Consider this. Do you think Fiat would have sold Avio if it knew that the U.S. was about to invade Iraq and the greater Middle East ? Or, do you think Avio would have gotten contracts for American jet fighter components if it still belonged to Fiat ?

That's an example of how the military-industrial complex should be better described as the militar-industrial- congressional-executive complex.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carlyle Group : A Sure Bet ?

First blow it up and then rebuild it. That is the implied corporate charter description of the $ 50 billion Carlyle Group. It is the politically well-connected firm that has a board of directors and investors that include former President George H.W. Bush, Former Prime Minister of Britain John Major, former Defense Secreatary Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of State James Baker and other financial omnivores who thrive on war and peace.

Recently Carlyle launched a new venture. It's a hedge fund. The moves suggests that the flow of valuable information ,some might call it inside knowledge of government policies , would be better used and implimented/leveraged by dealing in securities, real estate trusts and in the futures markets. This has the added advantage of hiding behind anonymous corporate shells with off-shore addresses. Hedge funds are largely unregulated.

Carlyle opportunities could come in many ways. For instance, Bush I knew that Bush II was going to try to remake the political map of the Middle East. Therefore crude oil futures and war -making vendors would be a nice place for investments. How about base closings? Real estate trusts could be set up on an ad hoc basis for land acquistions from the government at friendly prices. How about knowing when to start acquiring Iraqi or Lebanese real estae.? Knowing when peace was near would be a sure bet.

So what could go wrong with this Carlyle scheme? Maybe one day the criminals who thrive on war will organize one but no one will show up to fight it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's OK and It's Healthy to Criticize Israel and It's Pro- Israel Lobby

Criticism of Israel's influence in American government is required and healthy for U.S. citizens to practice. Israel is a foreign country. Charges of anti-semitism are a transparent tactic to change the subject or to deflect objections to foreign policy decisions that compromise U.S. security to benefit the Jewish state. If Israel wants to be a world power and live in the " fast lane" then it will have to absorb the dissent. It goes with the territory.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israel : Created by a Rigged U.N. Vote and Maintained by AIPAC Bribes

" O' Jerusalem" is a book by Collins and Lapierre. It was published in 1972 by Simon and Schuster. The book has an excellent discription of the events that led up to the 1947 United Nations vote to partition historic Palestine and create Israel.

The book records President Truman's warning to the U.S. Ambassador Herschel Johnson, " Damn well deliver the partition vote or there will be hell to pay." Truman was being lobbied hard by Zionists. Super--Zionist Bernard Baruch got himself appointed by Truman to manage the Israel- creating project. Baruch was a very successful stock market operator . Baruch also had a hand in writing the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. That treaty put enormous reparation burdens on post- World War I Germany. Many say that treaty had a lot to do with the start of World War II. Remember the old biblical saying, " You reap what you sow" ?

Want to know a persons true charcter? Give them money and/or power and see what happens. Well Baruch didn't disappoint the other greedy Zionists. To get the necessary votes he went after at least 5 countries who did not want to partition Palestine. France was threatened with a cut off of post-war U.S. aid ! Other countries that were blackmailed included Greece, Haiti, Liberia and Philippines. They were similarly economically threatened. So the vote for partition was passed in 1947 and the world has become unstable because of it.

Since that vote till today, Israel has been supported by American assets and money. This has been accomplished by pro-Israel lobbies like AIPAC who effectively bribe our Congress . They say that gambling is a Jewish disease. Q.E.D.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel's Prime Minister Agrees With Historical Consensus

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert now wants a security zone in Lebanon. He's also the guy that supported the apartheid wall in occupied Palestine. In sum he implies an agreement with the age-old consensus of segregation as a remedy for immature and barbaric Zionist behavior.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Israel / Zionism : Got Land, Got History, Got Culture ?

Israel's ancient history is remarkably non-existant outside of self-serving biblical stories. All cultures reflect the historical lands where they lived. Since Israel had a questionable, paucity of historically legitimate land, Zionists have compensated with acres of lies.

America should defend worthwhile causes that reflect moral norms. Dying for Zionist lies are not a worthwhile cause.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Zionist Prayer

And the Zionists asked their heavenly father, " How will we sustain ourselves in other lands?"

And God answered, " I will give you hate and paranoia to sustain you and clear away others. And with those tools your work will be a slam-dunk."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hillary Clinton : Bitch in Heat and Israels Slave

The junior Senator from New York rallied her single-purpose Jewish constituency this past Tuesday. They wanted to be reassured about Hillary's intentions for their beloved Israel. She didn't disappoint them. She said, " [ America will take ] whatever steps are necessary to defend Israel against Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria." She added, " We [ America ] will stand with Israel because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones." What values? Israel is a rogue criminal state that should be tried in the World Court. They are engaged in ethnic cleansing like the Serbs practiced against the Muslims and are now being tried in the Hague.

This bitch is in heat for her Senate job and a possible run for the presidency in 2008. She would be as bad as Bush in her blind support for Israel. The rally by the United Nations building showcased her greed for money and power. She said she would happily commit American lives and treasure to support the foreign country of Israel. She obviously approves of " Israeli values" that include running the worlds oldest and largest refugee camp , population of app. 5,000,000 in the occupied territories. She also approves of the " Israeli values' of collective punishment and constructive murder in the occupied territories and now Lebanon.

Her husband's presidency gives one a view of what her's would be like. In a word " criminal". Kick her ass out of politics and put a collar on the pro-Israel lobbies that threaten America's security.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lobbies in America : U.S. Democratic Experiment is Challenged

There is a line in the movie " Casablanca" that goes, " He's like any other man only more so." It was the answer Rick ( Bogart) gave to a young Bulgarian woman refugee who was offered a deal by Police Captain Reneau ( Claude Raines). And so lobbies in America are treated like individuals "only more so". The rights of lobbies and corporations to be treated like individuals stem from a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the 19th century that protected their freedom of speech. That recognition coupled with enormous amounts of money crowd out individual voters interests.

So what ? America , you may have noticed has become a microcosim of the worlds demographics. Every known race and culture live here. All are fighting for their special interests . Our politicians are only too happy to play the part of the overly-paid broker to allocate Washington-controlled assets to the most powerful lobbies and ignore individuals and the commonwealth.. This has the potential to break-up America and fracture it along tribal lines.

An example is AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ). This lobbies pushes pro-Israel initiatives. Israel is a foreign country. Most of the times these intiatives compromise America's best interests. Look at the Middle East and how our lop-sided support of Israel has put us in conflict with the rest of the world. This lobby has the potential to spend over $ 300,000,ooo per election cycle. This dwarfs any other lobby. But just as dangerous and unhealthy our foreign policy has become because of AIPAC our own domestic democratic experiment is fracturing. Many voters in America resent powerful lobbies particularly the ones that represent foreign interests like Israel.Our country is losing its cohesiveness.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Special Interests and War : How to Control and Slow the Growth of the Military-Industrial Complex

Right now in America there is too much profit in defense and war. The special interests of the military-industrial complex, even in peace times is 6% of GDP. And with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq it is approaching 8% of GDP. How do we slow , stop and reverse this ugly and dangerous part of our economy? There is only one realistic path. The jobs and profits that are created by the likes of Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics etc have to be replaced . Preferably replaced by an eco-sustainable industrial base that is earth and people friendly.

A legislative move that would start the U.S. on that sane and sustainable path would be the establishment of a new mechanism for authorizing war. It would be taken out of the hands of the president and Congress. War should only be authorized by a majority of voters in favor through a NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Surely wars would become more rare. That new hurdle would cause the military-industrial complex to wither and shrivel. They would have no choice but to deversify out of their present armament industry focus.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Advice to People of The Book : Bible, Koran, Torah

It has been said that people of the BOOK ( ancient scriptures with common root source) are to be respected and honored in their beliefs. The BOOK that is referenced includes the Bible, Koran and Torah. These books represent the foundations for three religions-Christian, Islamic and Jewish respectively.

But it has been noticed by many that people of the BOOK are the ones mainly involved in regional and world wars throughout history. Is there a connection? Maybe if people of the BOOK were to read and believe to some degree other books to offset their preoccupation with the one BOOK of their respective religions then there would be some mitigation of the BOOK-sourced wars that keep happening over and over and over and over and over and over.............

Friday, July 07, 2006 & Actionforum: Anti-Defamation League Wants to " Frame" Debate on Israel

Events that surround the recent Israeli corporals capture by Palestinian militants include the killing by Israeli forces of 37 Palestinians of all ages and sexes. Most of who were non-combatant bystanders. Actionforum ( affiliate ) comments have correctly criticized Israel for this asymmetrical and brutal response.

Enter Jewish Anti-Defamation League. They say that these comments are anti-semetic. ADL is trying to change the subject. These Actionforum comments are not anti-semetic they are about being against collective punishment and against constructive murder.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

H.I.V./ A.I.D.S. : New Legal Liability

On July 3, 2006 the California Supreme Court made a landmark ruling regarding liability of people who infect others with the deadly virus even if they don't know they have the virus.

Justice Marvin R. Baxter wrote the opinion for the four-justice majority. They found that even if one doesn't know if one is infected with the H.I.V/ A.I.D.S virus one can still be sued for being constructively aware of its possible or actual existence. Simply if one leads or has led an H.I.V./A.I.D.S prone life-style one can be sued .

This is an excellent judgement. Homosexual behavior and the fallout of the diseases that accompany it should have been treated as an health issue long ago rather than moving the whole phenomenom into a civil rights venue. On balance this better serves the homosexuals and society as a whole. This also has ramifications for teaching children in schools about alternative life-styles. Now teachers will have to adjust to the fact that they may be promoting a dangerous life-style sampling and be held accountable for any dieases that are transmitted by their unwise counsel.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Israels Profit Angle From Palestinian Misery

A classic Israeli goal is to profit from the misery of others , particularly the Palestinians. Here is a recent example.

1) The first terrorist act in Israels collective punishment was to blow-up the Gaza power station. That leaves 1,000,000 Gazans at risk to a humanitarian crisis. Electricity is needed for water recovery and purification along with the other obvious needs.

2) Today Israel is voting for power to be restored to Gaza through the Israel Electric Corporation. It will certainly pass because then Israel will have complete control over the power grid in Gaza. It will also allow the Israelis to shut off vital services instantly. This is also pshychologically distressing to the Gazans.

3) The profiting from misery is obvious. Now Israels Electric Corp has a new large customer with a guarentee that its bill will be paid because of the access Israel Electric has to the stolen tax receipts of the Palestinian Authority.

4) Who will pay for a new power plant if Israel ever allows its reconstruction? America as usual is holding the bag for Israels murderous and collective punishment actions.. The power plant was insured by a U.S. agency named the Overseas Private Investment Corporation for $ 48 million.

How does the U.S. get out of this stupid situation ? A start would be to get AIPAC out of our halls of Congress where they behave like a 51st state. Israel should be regulated by the Foreign Lobby Registration Act. Please support the Council for the National Interest

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Whales Song and Navy Sonar

Who wouldn't be misanthropic with the latest news? Yesterday the Defense Department granted the Navy a national security exemption to use sonar during Naval exercises off both coasts for the next six months. This executive legal manuever allows the Navy to get around the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

So the U.S. will trade endangered species protection for Navy sonar war games. It's a bad trade off. The U.S. is not threatened by terrorist submarines. They don't have any. And why should they acquire them when they are winning the war without them?

I suspect the primary reason has to do with the lucrative contract for such testing. Members of Congress, weapons systems contractors join with the military for jobs and profits. Tragically the innocent and more valuable marine life will have to suffer disorientation and possibly death for these trivial pursuits.

So no whale singing while the ghetto-blasters of sonar are blaring.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Does AIPAC Launder American Foreign Aid Into U.S. Lobbying Funds ?

AIPAC is suspected and is challenged to open its books regarding the suspicion that it launders American foreign aid. Israel receives over $ 2.5 billion in cash from the U. S. yearly. It is alledged that over $ 250,000,000 of that sum finds it way back into U.S. lobbying efforts under its direction and the other 126 PACs that it influences. That staggering sum is over 11% of yearly lobbying funds spent by all the other lobbyists combined!

AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobbies should not enjoy access to our Congress as if they are a 51st state. With less money and influence in America, Israel would be forced to make peace and stop murdering Palestinians.

The Foreign Lobby Registration Act would expose and end the the spider-web of Israeli influence. The Council for the National Interest which is running a full-page ad this Sunday in the N.Y.Times is heading this lobbying reform. Please support them

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stop Funding Israels War Machine

Gaza is being invaded this morning by hundreds of Israeli tanks and thousands of soldiers. Airstrikes have already knocked out power and water to histories largest refugee/concentration camp. Approximately 1,000,000 are threatened by a humanitarian crisis with this Israeli collective punishment technique. But it will get worse as the tanks and planes start their massacre.

America's congress and executive branch are held on a short leash by AIPAC. Not one person in those 2 branches of government has spoke out against the asymmetrical Israeli barbarism. I am ashamed of our government.

America should stop funding Israel as a country. It should be converted to a theme park dedicated to the myth and lie of religions net positive influence in the real world.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Gates and Buffett: Friendly Advice on Philanthropic Goals

Warren Buffett announced today that he was going to donate over $ 37 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That would more than double the Foundations size to over $ 67 billion. Staggering sum ! I offer some friendly advice.

Please remember Messrs. Gates and Buffett for every life you save they must then have a place to stand, food and water. Therefore birth control and land conservation will make your generosity actually effective and long-lasting. Otherwise you will appear to do good but it will only get worse for the most vulnerable.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's Wrong With " Cut and Run " ?

To " cut and run" in todays political debate has a negative connotation. But there is nothing inherently wrong with changing directions in any enterprise. Whether it be war , business or personal affairs. If war was a normal state instead of an aberration then to " cut and run" would be a nihilistic response to an imperative for living and survival. But war is not a lifestyle for the most of us. Especially wars of choice like Iraq and possibly Iran. Only the loathesome like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Rice and AIPAC supporters see war as normal and peace as an aberration.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Story of Rachel Corrie: Israel's Guilt On Stage

The Off Broadway play " My Name is Rachel Corrie" , which is based on her notes and journal, is opening at the Minetta Lane Theater in Greenwich Village. It will run from October 5, 2005 through November 19, 2005.

This play is about the Jewish/American protester who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer on March 16, 2003 in Gaza. She was protesting the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. To this day her killers have not been charged.

The play was originally to have opened in March of this year. But members of Jewish lobbies stopped the play because of it's negative view of Israel. Israel is a rogue state that doesn't obey U.N. laws ( in spite of being created by a rigged U.N. vote in 1947) .It also largely ignores normal human customs, I.E. it demolishes homes and kills innocent bystanders in the administration of it's policy of collective punishment of Palestinians. In these actions it reminds of similar Nazi tactics that were used against Jews in Germany.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Israeli Murder in Gaza Yesterday.

Yesterday, Israeli missles missed their target and killed an innocent Palestinian woman and seriously wounded 8 bystanders. This incident brought the weekly total of innocent bystanders killed to 16. Israel uses U.S. supplied F-16s and Apache gunships to kill the Palestinian fish in the Gaza barrel. These disproportionate Israeli responses add up to murder and remind of Shylock's "pound of flesh" demand. Somethings never change.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blacks, Whites, Swimming & Thinking Differences

Yesterday the N.Y. Times had a piece titled ," Closing Swimming's Deadly Racial Gap". Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention, black children and teenagers aged 5-19 are 2.3 times more likely to drown than whites. Black children 10-14 are 5 times more likely to drown than whites.

The article then had quotes and opinions from social workers, disadvantaged parents, black demagogues et al. Their explanations all had "racism" or "racial gaps" as the primary underlying reason for the drownings. Reasons included swimming was not an historic African cultural trait so slavery exposed Africans to unnatural hazzards. Blacks were segregated in the past and so did not have equivalent access to pools like whites. And then there is the supposed fact that the chlorine in pool water is particularly unfriendly to black skin and hair and therefore blacks had a genetic aversion to the white man's hygiene procedures associated with swimming so they avoided the pool !

This black race card and guilt marketing has become unbelievable. Stupid accusations like those above increasingly antagonize more than they generate sympathy. A lot of blacks are going to have to grow up. They must take responsibility for their actions. Simply, people who can't swim for whatever reason should not go swimming. Drownings will then go down dramatically. People who want to go swimming should take lessons. Then drownings will go down dramatically.

Black drownings are not about "racism" or a " racial gap" problem. It's about using one's head and learning to think on one's own. If people whether they be black or white do stupid things then they are the one's to blame . It's not about a larger cultural or historic racial issue.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Zionists Giving Up on Iraq! Hope for U.S. Gentiles

Senator Dianne Feinstein said yesterday that democrats would introduce legislation "for a timetable for phased withdrawal from Iraq". She voted for the war and her husband Dick Blum has made millions from the war. But she is also the lead Zionist for AIPAC in Congress. So it may mean that the criticism of the Jewish Lobby is finally getting some positive results. They don't want to be associated with this loser and risk their other interests in occupied America. Speaking of losers who will Bush turn to now ? Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.George and Barbara are stuck with this embarassment.

Spanish Great Ape Project: Support This Good Start

There's hope. Of all places Spain is debating the Spanish Great Ape Project. Spain is home to bull fighting and is known for the many extinct animals that once roamed its beautiful lands. But they are trying to do the right thing. The vote is scheduled for later this month. But I encourage people to send supporting e-mails to the Spanish legislators. E-MAIL:

The legislation elevates the primates to a status equal to their distant cousin . That be us. It doesn't mean we have to adopt them, build homes , give out food stamps or let them vote. But the new law would stop inhumane treatment, torture and killing. The Project is led by Pedro Pozas and Peter Singer. The Project will stop the use of primates in medical testing. Why should they feel discomfort, pain or die for their cousin the frivolous primate ( humans)? Why should they be killed so sodomy can be pursued without the inconveniece of a condom?

If we need testing for new drugs then we should use death row inmates instead of having scruples about discomforting murderers from lethal injections. With near 7 billion humans on the planet surely we can find a good medical use for some. I personally would give a list of candidates for medical trials if anyone wants one.