Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mozart's " Idomeneo" :Hostage To A Relative Moron

Mozart's opera " Idomeneo" has been canceled by the German Opera. It was to be performed in Berlin. But because of an incerted, potentially insulting Muslim message by director Hans Neuenfels it was pulled. The scene portrayed the icons of major religions in a beheaded state. This included Mohammad. The scene is redundant. It did not appear in the original work.The message of the original Greek myth that Mozart used was sufficient for the moral message. I.E. immoral deeds done on behalf of the gods are still immoral. And the deeds will bring misery to followers of any religion that do those bad deeds.

But Hans Neuenfels who can't compose like Mozart wanted to use Mozart's work as the vehicle for his own artistic/philosophical work. So the opera is held hostage to the relative moron Neuenfels' dreams of fame. The opera should go on. But the incerted scene should be deleted. Neuenfels should have learned the lesson of the myth of Idomeneus. Self-advancement secured by harming Mozart's work will in the end come to no good.

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