Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hedonist Felix Dennis: Deathbed Conversion

Felix Dennis recently passed away . He was 67. Considering his lifestyle staples of cocaine and booze which demonstrated the sine qua non for his type of counterculture writing and publishing which included pornographic takes on the children book "Rupert The Bear". But in the end those habits brought him a wretched death of cancer. And so an enlightenment occurred near his passing. He willed the bulk of the profits of his media empire which amounts to a significant portion of the gross $ 340 million per year to the reforestation of fifty thousand acres in England. Last year saw the millionth tree planted. It has become the largest contiguous tract of forest on the Isle. The tree was there all along. All the while Dennis was making a fool of himself , he ended up wanting to perpetuate the dignity of a tree.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Copper Short: Crowded Trade, Could Be Short Squeeze Coming

Interesting article about "net short" in copper futures contracts reported today in Wall Street Journal .Net short means that of all the contracts "long" and " short" in copper futures the net position is short bet contracts on the physical copper commodity.When did eveyone have it right about the direction of anything except time? The catalyst is the thesis that copper in storage at Chinese port of Qingdao is in jeopardy of being forced to sell on the open market. The reason is the loans have gone bad and crditors will want the collateral sold to pay back debt. Sounds feasible. But what would happen if not as many loans actually went bad? Or what if , and this my gut feel, that the metal in storage is securing more than one loan! The Chinese are known for cooking the books. If that were the fact then from over supply estimates an actual under supply exists. Of course whatever the facts turn out to be the demand for copper now is more because of greedy hedge funds. Time to buy a some copper.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Magazine Vanity Fair : Dull People and Dull Topics

How does a magazine with its historical roots in writing about interesting, educated and dare say cosmopolitan people survive now in its own self imposed choosing of featuring only politically correct people? How could it? What about the rest of the people and their non PC views and lives that could be interesting, educated and dare say cosmopolitan. The magazine precludes expanding its circulation by sticking to narratives about a limited group. This months edition starts with an editorial by Graydon Carter about how California's Proposition 8 which banned same sex marriages was struck down. That sets the tone . It's a tip of the editors hat to the readership. No harm will come to them if they renew their subscription now. More good stuff about gay rights. BORING. That was followed up by a show and tell by Jason Segel. Which to sum up his banal answers only proved to me that if you are Jewish and have a Jewish agent you will succeed in Hollywood. All you have to do is show up on the set. Do Jewish agents put new validity to the saying a star is born! That is if the baby is Jewish. Next comes an article on the best seller " Capital In The Twenty-First Century". It's about redistributing wealth. A book to curl with up on a cold night or maybe take it with you on that cruise around around the world.Then comes a section about teen stars.Questions are kept as simple as the ones asked of Jason Segel. Like Instagram or Twitter? Favorite TV show? Miley or Taylor? And then it gets worse.Then comes an article hinted at in the editorial by Graydon Carter. It's about the usually confrontational lawyers of David Boies and Theodore Olson both of Gore vs Bush Florida court fame.In this article we all are to gush how these two opposite cultural spectrum guns-for-hire joined forces to strike down California's Prop 8.We are encourage to thank the gods or Harvey Milk that we were alive to see this act of gay rights triumph.For me they can go fuck themselves. Next comes an article about the Dubai over the top airport.I thought these liberal types were environmentally conscious? The rather lengthy article show cases why al qaeda has a motivated base.And then there is an article about "artist" Jeff Koons of "Baloon Dog " fame. He appears nude. And that was that. There was an article about Clare Boothe Luce which if one read between the lines told the story of a girl who learned from her promiscuous some say prostitute mother how to sexually please men. Clare parlayed that ability to become sucessful in a number of incarnations.Somethings never change. And that pretty much covers it. By the way my wife will not be renewing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor Loss Is Israel Loss

Last night Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Virginia seat to Tea Party candidate David Brat .It's the first time a majority leader lost his seat in Congress since the position was established in 1899. The popular reason for the upset was Cantor's somewhat liberal stand on immigration reform. But also in my view this is the second time a high profile Israel supporter has been humanely deported from the political scene. The first time was when Obama defeated Mitt Romney. Obama was arms length from Israel. Romney embraced Israel. And the public knew it.Cantor was the highest ranking Zionist Jew in congress. he was unashamedly pro Israel. AIPAC' poster boy Cantor is on record as boasting to Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu that he would personally be a check against Tea party opposition to Israel first policies in Congress. Well it didn't work out. If Israel wants to continue to commit slow motion suicide let them without any sympathy or military or monetary help from the U.S. .

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Democracy: Cost Of Equality Is Too Expensive

Yesterday Obama signed another executive order. This one let students who couldn't afford to meet their student loan obligation a path to legal forgiveness or legal default. It was a kind of dream act. But not The Dream Act that deals with free citizenship for illegals. But dreamy none the less. No reality please. Liberal causes always add up to lots of money being spent or laws being bent or ignored to fit people in who want their rights.Trillions of dollars later Lyndon Johnson's Great Society still has nothing to show for the legislation that promised to deliver equality to equals who were denied through no fault of their own. Fact is if we were in fact equal we wouldn't need trillions to live together.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Negotiating With Terrorists: United States And Taliban

More trite news posing as grave is in the news. The prisoner swap of five "extremely dangerous" Taliban were released from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for prisoner of war Pvt Bowe Bergdalh. Why are the Taliban five considered so dangerous when they have been locked away for years ? And yet we have managed to continue losing the Afghan War without their aid? Bergdahl's suspected desertion and supporting statements by Taliban captors that he was disenchanted with American foreign policy are logical. Who does like the war in Afghanistan? Maybe Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the military industrial complex like the war? But who agrees with them? And didn't that unholy trio get deferments from the Vietnam War? What about the charge that we shouldn't negotiate with terrorists? That's B.S. Negotiating with terrorists is how wars always end. It's called peace talks.By the way, Israel is the true terrorist by refusing to negotiate in good faith with the leaders of Palestine.